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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Apr 16, 2011
When instead of wanting to play "Dolls", your little sister wants to play "Wizard 101 battle" with you. :-o

Sep 05, 2010
purdueman71 wrote:
another top ten ways you know you play wizard101 TOO much:10: you buy an iPod just to download every peice of music in the game9: you spend three days building a wand to fail an atempt to cast a spell8: when you're cooking you ask for reagents instead of ingredeints 7: you don't respond to your real name, only your wizard's name6: when walking down the street, you never cross the road unless you're with friends5: you covince your teacher to get an account so you can correct them for once4: you convince your athletic administrator to get an account so pvp matches becomes a school sport3: no one asks you what you're doing when you're drawing magical symbols because they know you won't answer in english2: when you burn someone, instead of saying "BURN!" you shout "FIZZLE!"1: when someone is bothering you, you look for their little menu so you can ignore themI have all these symptoms, HELP ME I'M ADDICTED!

You actually tell your teachers to make accounts. O_O lol

May 31, 2009
maxitola2009 wrote:

8. You are not at your house and you find a genie who says he will grant you any wish, and you say, "I want to be back home so I can play more Wizard101," when you were just about to leave the place you were at and it's a 1 minute drive home.

6. You get really hurt then curse at your dog for not using spritely.
5. You give your pets lots of ham and yogurt because you think it will grow to epic fast.

2. You think everyone older than 60 is either a hacker or a ghost, because it's impossible to go higher than that.
1. You say to babies and young kids, "HaHa noob I can go to Celestia and you can only go to Wizard City HaHa noob!"

I haven't done any of these things... yet!

I've done them... MUAHAHA!

Especially no.1, I do that eeeveryday. Lol, the parents get mad at me tho I: I do that to random babies and kids and stuff so yea :P

I also have dreams about my character getting all the awesome boss drops in the Spiral. That's a great dream, because I rush and check to see if I have Crowns. I end up being totally mad because it was only a dream.

Last thing: I dream about finally defeating Nilbog for my Ice pet. (I always die when I'm so close!)

Legendary Thaumaturge
Author of The Chosen Three fanfic

~See you in the Spiral!~

Jul 14, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

I'm always humming the commons tune! Nowadays i turn the music off to listen to the birds! XD I can almost hear them even in my room. O_O

Sep 14, 2008
I got one, you put off dinner because you are in a dungeon and you are "almost done"


Aug 15, 2009
This hapened to my friend: i started playing three months before him and he was already two levels below me then in a week was higher than me!!!

Jul 09, 2011
Wait!!! You can play Wizard101 too much! :?

Apr 23, 2011
When you dream of being your pet from playing too many pet games and your typing skills have diminished some what due to late nights and finding new ways to say numbers for none members.
My two's have been replaced by too's. As an example.

May 02, 2009
you know you've been playing to much if you know every spell amd weakenes used by the busses and monsters.

Jun 11, 2010
Nov 16, 2009
Instead of saying "i dont know" you say idk.

Jan 25, 2009
You know you're playing Wizard 101 too much when you forget to do your homework and come to school the next day saying: My heckhound ate my homework.

Justin Titanwraith, Legendary Pyromancer

Jun 25, 2009
Not me, I honestly take breaks from time to time because I have other things that are important (That I will not go into details) plus I now play on adveradge a month now like 8-9 times, pretty amazing huh?

Hunter LegendWraith level 60 necromancer

May 13, 2011
you know you played wizard101 too much when you

7: drive a car and think its a new mount

3: open and close your front door then get mad because it doesnt take you to dragonspyre

1: you change your lucky number to 101

Mar 16, 2010
1.You make a wand.

2.You scare your cat because you think he is a burglar.

3.You think your dog is a fierce hound and say to it,"Why arent you casting spritely"?

4.You say to a person who wears all black,"WHY ARENT YOU DEAD, MALISTAIRE"?

5.You get "mist wood" and "sandstone" and other reagents and try to make a ring.Then you say"Why am I not stronger?"

6.You saw your friend get hurt then you say," dont worry, i will cast this unicron on you"! and throw a unicorn made from scratch.

7.You call your friends irl who play wizard101 by there game name.

8.Your driving with wizard101 on a laptop, you dont know the directions, and then you follow the yellow arrow.

9.You see some one riding on a horse and say"I want that mount"!

10.You had a dream of there being a seventh seat then woke up then looked if there was then got dissapointed because there was no seventh seat.

BTW, this is my first long message with my name on it( IN GAME!).

Belgrim MoonDreamer,Level 60,Fire

May 13, 2011
woot000 wrote:
8.Your driving with wizard101 on a laptop, you dont know the directions, and then you follow the yellow arrow.

lets just hope you dont do it

May 28, 2009
you ask your parents if you can paint the wizard101 logo on your wall(which i did like a million times )

May 31, 2009
matinils wrote:
you ask your parents if you can paint the wizard101 logo on your wall(which i did like a million times )

I TOTALLY ASKED THEM THAT! Lol, they kept saying 'No. No. NO! FOR THE LAST TIME, NO.' and they got quite mad.

But you can never play this game too much... It's awesome that way XD I had a W101 Party recently with all of my friends. They surprisingly all showed up (36 people total!) and were wearing these crazy outfits! I was so happy I nearly cried XD!

Sabrina, Legendary Thaumaturge (I hope to meet Rogan Dragonflame someday...Any day...Right now?)

Jul 30, 2009
jasmine1232123 wrote:
Sign that wou have been playing Wizard101 too much: You buy a brand new Hard-Drive because Wizard101 is sort of slow.

Omg ive done that hehe! :)

7: you'll look up at the clouds and see wizard101 stuff :D

Jul 21, 2009
Hmm. You know you're addicted when...

1. You Run Throught A Hedge Maze Screaming :" Where's Lady Oriel?" (Guilty)

2.You wonder why your cat isn't meowing in an accent. (Guilty)

3. You ask anyone who comes over: "Do you have a W101 Account? I need help I need help I need Help!" Only to find that they're looking at you like a freak. (Guilty XD)

4. You have a dream that you get a really rare pet drop, (I'm a pet collector) and wake up with a start. You rush to get to the comp. to find that you only have (#) number of pets. (Really guilty)

5. You buy a tweed hat for your dog and call him Sherlock Bones. (GUILTY XD!)

6.You consider moving to Barker Street. (Guilty XD. Sadly there is no Barker street where I live!)

7.You feed your pet cereal (Amber-o's anyone?) and try to give them fruit. (Large Watermelons XD) (Guilty. They hate them.XD)

8. You stay up till 3:00am farming. (Guilty XD!!!!)

9. You try to tame a spider (I need a pet spider XD)

10. You try to see if there's a yellow arrow on the street. I actually programmed one into my GPS. It's not really accurate, but hey!

Hope you enjoyed. I'm guilty of every single one XD

May 13, 2011
you really know you played wizard101 too much when you

have models of every single wizard101 characters ( a lightning bat, a minotaur, a banshee, a fire dragon, a drake etc.)

May 12, 2009
when you start thinking of your characters as different people

May 13, 2011
Wryan12345 wrote:
10- 6- You save up 20k gold in less than 2 days.

oh come on, its not that hard to make good money. all you have to do is collect awesome gear from monsters in DS and CL then sell it at the bazaar

May 13, 2011
you know when you played wizard101 too much when you have to sleep and accidentally press "play wizard101" instead of "sleep" or "shut down" (guilty)

Jun 16, 2009
when your having conversations with your friends outside the game, talking about how much you love wizard101, then start explaining the game, when suddenly you realize their faces are like: "What is this girl talking about??? ????