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Announcing Wintertusk

Dec 08, 2010
yay this is gonna be fun i hope there's allot of secret spells can't wait!!!! :) :D 8) and cool 8) posted by: taylor draketail : ice wizard lvl 37 right now that is.

Oct 24, 2010
Sep 12, 2009
This is the most exciting thing that's ever happened since Celestia! Can't wait!

Marissa ThunderWraith 50

Courtney LifeHaven 12

Vanessa Death 5

Feb 02, 2011
Dec 29, 2009
OMG! This so awesome! Can't wait to explore the new worlds, and to learn new spells! :D

Dec 12, 2010
Nov 02, 2008
Awesome, I have taken mine my family, and a number of friends through Celestia and look forward to more challenges. The pets part is interesting, and my daughter will give a whoop when she gets home today. My son will happy with a new world to tear up, get lost in and I am thrilled for new spells.

Keep up the good work KI, My family, both immediate and the other 18 that play appreciate it.


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pixiepants legendary life

Sep 06, 2010
Aug 15, 2010
eioofh wrote:
sunsword44 wrote:
Okay this is my second post following my earlier fangirl outburst...
First, I LOVE IT!
Second, I'm so happy to hear about another world! I was hoping there would be more to Grizzleheim, lol wish granted!
Third, a few questions. Will Grandmother Raven be on our side or will she be like the majority of the ravens we have dealt with in the past (somewhat evil)???

Lol, I was I too excited by your last comment that I didn't look down more.

Since Grandmother Raven helpid create the spiral with Bartleby, I guess if she were to be evil she would be corrupted or charmed. But I hope she isn't and hope that she is on our side.

Thomas Swiftthistle, Legendary Ice.
lol i am guessing that since bartlelby is on our side, the good side, that we have to fight grandmother raven since the spiral could not be created between good and good but rather balance between good and evil. Since bartelby is good that must make grandmother raven the evil one. Of course this is just my thought but i think i am right in my mind becuase i think of a world created by both good and good then there would be no evil which is not good because there would be no balance. Just a theory of course......btw does anyone know if we have to beat all of GH to get here or no????????? i need to know so i can get started in savarstaas pass!

Aug 08, 2009

I'm very happy with the fact that there is a new world coming out, I just hope that you don't have to finish GrizzleHeim to get in it.
Because in my opinion, GrizzleHeim is very unbalanced, you get long hard quests for just a little bit of experience, that's why I also hope that when we're questing in WinterTusk, the difficulty of the quests will match the amount of experience we'll gain.

Tyler Dreamwhisper, lvl 56 Storm

Apr 28, 2010
sooooo excited!!!!!!! :D but i'm a lvl 45 balance wizard so i still have a way to go to get to wintertusk. like someone else said, do you have to finish grizzlehiem to go to wintertusk? when i got to lvl 35 i got a call from merle ambrose saying there was something happening up in gh, but when i got to ambrose's house, he didnt have anything for me. i would like to know what merle needs for me!!!!! so would i have to finish gh??? anyways i'm still excited for wintertusk!!!!

-rachel iceheart lvl 45 balance wizard

Dec 21, 2008
What about my two wizards that are legendaries already? Will they get the pets?

Aug 14, 2009
:D Excellent Professor Greyrose! this is the greatest news ever for us legondaries. Thank you for introducing us to this new world. Just a few suggestions lol. One is please increase the level cap from 60 to 70 at least. This will give us legondaries something to work for. Also please make enemies stronger where the use legiondary spells. We need more challenges lol. As for the 58 pets, sweet idea, but please make sure they can all heal you during battle. include sprity in everyone of them. That will make sure we all have equal chance in battle and pvp also. Thank you for listening to my suggestions.

Dec 21, 2008
daisie456 wrote:
i don't think there should be a level cap. they probably will let the level 58+ wizards do this new pet quest else they will have too many peeps upset. too many peeps upset = quit game = loss of $. it will be nice if they thought this new world through and not just rush it. it would make sense to finish GH to go to this new world since it is a follow up story world. it will be cool with new pets and new hybryds!! this is so exciting!! thanks KI!!!

I agree. I need more time to level up my wizards before the level cap is raised.

Sep 09, 2009
I'm super excited too but please don't let this timeframe be a repeat of waiting like CL!!! All that time just felt like a waste of money paying for a subscription that I basically had nothing to do. I mean you can only do the same quests so many times. First we were told a few months and then it actually took about six or more. In the meantime, my wizards had all reached the top level and because of the rudeness of many people in pvp, it wasn't my favorite place to be. I wound up paying all those months for a game that I could barely play with any real interest. I don't mind helping people level up but its gotten to the point where too many people won't do the quests! They just want an easy way out so they port to Legendary wizards in order to level up. I wish you guys would put a stop to this practice. I'm constantly removing friends who are too lazy to level up by doing the quests. like everyone else and want an easy way out. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the game, play almost everyday but KI needs to address these issues.

I also hope the wait isn't long because once a person reaches top level, boredom sets in like a harsh winter in Alaska!

Professor Greyrose wrote:
We're very excited to tell you about the upcoming Wizard101 World: Wintertusk!

Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards.

Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets* for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez.

Have a sneak peek at Grandmother Raven, and for those of you following the story, Grandmother Raven's appearance will solve many outstanding mysteries of the Spiral!

*look for new quests from your Professors!

Mar 19, 2010
I was just wondering. If there are new pets and new hatches will KI also raise the limit of pets you can have at your home?
And please tell me there will be more than a ten level cap addition. I have 2 accounts now because the first one has all legendary wizards and i needed something to do. Not everyone has that option.

Dec 21, 2008
Very excited... i want that lvl 58 fire pet so bad lol

when is it supposed to come out? around may? june?

Nov 07, 2009
Feb 18, 2011
Jul 04, 2010
sunsword44 wrote:
maxitola2009 wrote:
I noticed there wasn't a thing that said, "increased level cap." There is going to be one right? And do we have to do Grizzleheim to be able to get here? Any answers would be apppreiated!
There probably will be, just not with this world

If the level cap isn't raised then the new pets and spells need to be something very special for me to give up even more xp. But, after seeing a couple of the new hybrids (nightmare and egg pet) I'm not too hopefull :(

Jun 09, 2009
sunsword44 wrote:
O: O: O:
She is holding a horn!!!
(Morganthe's prophecy anyone???)

I think i no what morganth ment when she said in her prophecy the horn will call. it ment the horn of one of morganths foes aka lady nightstar aka grandmother raven aka bartelbys sister will use that horn. i think it's to call us to the aid of wintertusk to help protect them from morganth its gotta be :)

Dec 24, 2008
I remember when DS came out and i must say, i'm almost as excited now as i was then. Just please no rushing, i didn't like all the bugs in CL but i am still incredibly appreciative of all the hard work you guys put into this game. CAN'T WAIT! :D

Nov 26, 2010
Feb 01, 2010
WNewman001 wrote:
Prospector Zeke wrote:
Just a reminder - this is NOT in the Live Game. This is NOT in the Test Realm - will will continue to make announcements about this update in the future.

Fine we hope you also fix it where other lower Level students cannot port into higher level Worlds. They all need to finish their World they are on FIRST, not try to level up faster on a higher world they aren't ready for yet! This will solve many Issues.
Thanks Wizard101 and Zeke.

P.S. I can't wait till you guys FINALLY allow us Legends something MORE! WinterTusk is just a beginning, and I hope we all get more VERY SOONEST!

William ThunderSword
ugh i keep telling everyone this but i guess i will have to say it again. Kingsisle will not put level caps on the worlds unless they want to lose players cause players pay at least $10 a month kingsisle will not do this alright

Jul 18, 2010
[color=darkblue] Im happy to hear about the new area but I would also like to know if Grizzleheim has to be completed fist as well. I have 2 legends and 1 grandmaster and only the grandmaster has completed Grizzleheim. Please let me know so I can do grizzlehiem on the two legends.