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Announcing Wintertusk

Jun 29, 2009

First: You will have to finish GH

Second: There will be no increase in lvl caps

Third:. . . . . . . . . . . . I CAN'T WAIT

keep rocking, your favorite wizard, Alyssa Moonriver

Jun 29, 2009
one question Professor Greyrose, if other lvls can do this world, won't it be too easy for them?
And i so can't wait to see those cool pets on my friends

And prospector Zeke and Eloise, please ( please please please please! ) give us something good to wear, wizard101 needs some fashion 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

I wanna fight with flare and defeat peoples with my beauty

love ( your so hot and cool ) Alyssa Moonriver

Oct 16, 2010
fly4eva wrote:
OMG this is sooooo exciting!!!!! :D

hopefully the lvl 68 spells will be awesome. for myth it should be from a greek or roman legend....like... HERCULES! :D and for life it should be mother nature, for death it should be frakenstien :D for fire it should be a fire hawaiian god that comes out from a volcano and shoots out lava out of his hands. and it should do it to ALL players besides one person. for ice it should be the abonoable snowman and for storm like samaster said a blackhole and balance..........hmmmm........thats tough. but my excitement is so big i litteraly cant feel my feet
thats a preety good idia :D

May 20, 2010
Mar 03, 2010
WINTERTUSK! cant wait :-). i've seen almost all the new spells and they are awsome! i love the power link but does any body know if one of the new fire spels, fuel, stacks with the regular fire trap or not?

Morgrim Icetalon, lvl fifty nine pyromancer :D

Dec 02, 2010
To Raise the Level Cap or Not to Raise the Level Cap!
That is a question before us all as Members of Wizard101.
Arguments For:
1] To raise the Level Cap would get folks more excited to get in and play.
2] Increase Revenue for KI aka Wizard101.com
2.a.] Buy more Crowns
2.b.] Buy more stuff
3] It gives the players a more incentive to play more.

Arguments against Raising the Caps per KI:
1] They will have to Charge more on Memberships, currently we are paying for a regular membership for a level 60 cap.
1.a.] To raise the Caps it will also have to Charge a higher fee for the new increase. {This is a Bogus and they know it!}
2] No incentives to do so! {Plenty of incentive to raise the Cap and they know it!}

So the Question remains and this is for the Managements to answer here before us all:
1] Why will you NOT raise the Level Caps on XP to give us Legends and fellow players a Reason to Play more on Wizard101?
2] Are you afraid that you gonna lose more of your Customers?
3] So throwing out a new world and new Pet and new Spell is gonna keep us on here more! If you do not raise the Cap, then basically its not worthwhile to keep investing our Money to KI aka Wizard101, is it?

Here is my Arguments before the Members and the Managements:
1] Raising the Cap will get more of us members and non-Members to play more.
2] Us playing more will generate more Windfall of Revenues: i.e. Purchasing Crowns, Extending Memberships, etc.
3] To not do this will cause you a big drop in Revenue: Less Crowns Purchases, Less Playing by all Players. Plus all your Gaming Awards from other accredited Games Commission will drop.

To summarized:
1] It makes more Sense to raise the Level Caps;
2] It'll increase Revenues;
3] More SATISFY Customers;
4] Increase in Memberships and new Players!

As you can Guess I do have a B.A. in Business Management/Information Management. What you told us before is unacceptable.

Raise The Levels Caps!


May 05, 2009
blazer5900 in the first area of winter tusk there are no mammoths i haven't got to the rest yet so there might be mammoths.

Jan 03, 2010
thx for the info! i cant wait until it comes out :D both the test realm and wintertusk!! I hope it comes with some new beginings for all of us at the sprial and many more happy days!! :-)

Jul 02, 2009
Mar 03, 2011
I finished grizzleheim a long time ago and now I am trying to finish wintertusk on test realm it is awesome

Feb 17, 2011