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Announcing Wintertusk

May 17, 2009
I noticed there wasn't a thing that said, "increased level cap." There is going to be one right? And do we have to do Grizzleheim to be able to get here? Any answers would be apppreiated!

Dec 21, 2009
eioofh wrote:
sunsword44 wrote:
Okay this is my second post following my earlier fangirl outburst...
First, I LOVE IT!
Second, I'm so happy to hear about another world! I was hoping there would be more to Grizzleheim, lol wish granted!
Third, a few questions. Will Grandmother Raven be on our side or will she be like the majority of the ravens we have dealt with in the past (somewhat evil)???

Lol, I was I too excited by your last comment that I didn't look down more.

Since Grandmother Raven helpid create the spiral with Bartleby, I guess if she were to be evil she would be corrupted or charmed. But I hope she isn't and hope that she is on our side.

Thomas Swiftthistle, Legendary Ice.

Um, YAY! Lol this makes perfect sense. I was really hoping she would be on our side, she's too cool looking for me to want to battle her :D


Feb 16, 2009
If anyone's wondering, the Grandmother Raven's name (last name at least) is Lady Nightstar. We learned this very early in the game.

And Wintertusk sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear more about it.

And I can't wait to see my new Level 58 pet! I'm hoping for either Efreet or a Drake. I'm fine with either, and I won't mind if its none-of-the-above, but here's hoping!

Feb 07, 2010
If I may ask a somewhat off topic question, what kind of spells are there going to be, I noticed that the moon school has a polymorph for EVERY school EXCEPT myth (and the astrals) also, myth REALLY needs a new AOE because earthquake has in fact been around since the game was first released.

If these are not among the spells you plan to release, and you dont have time to add them, at least consider them for the next batch of spells you release.

Feb 25, 2010
So do we know what we're gonna get for pets? Like for Balance, do we get a pet Judgment or maybe a pet Niles? And new spells? OOH! I can't wait!!

May 28, 2010
Jan 10, 2011
I have the same question on this one, considering haven't even finished gh yet (still need to finish Ravenscar) and less then half way through CL, and already lvl 56. By the time i get a little past half way, i'll hit 60 no problem. Adding an entire new world to explore (which is great by itself) would be awesome, but need a lvl cap increase to go along with it as well.

Jun 01, 2010
I really hope we dont have to do gh to do this new world , everything else is awesome! can't wait for new spells and pets

Level 60 Necromancer ~Blaze Hexstaff~

Level 33 Pyromancer ~Blaze~

Aug 10, 2009
When will it be out in the test realm???! I cant wait KI! It sounds like it will be loads of fun.
Will there be new hybrids??


Mar 07, 2009
WOOOHOOOO! <-Spam it million times xD
All these messagaes are filled with excitment. PEOPLE! if ya didnt finish gh drop yer things and start at gh! And once finished, become lvl 60!

Will the spells be added WHEN we get to Wintertusk such as Celestia when we learn it from the trainers at 50, 52, 54, 56, and 58 or will we have a spell quest towards our specific class?

What will be the theme? Will it change or stay the same as GH?

Is it going to be a side quest world or a main world?

For the spells, i recomend looking in the Dorms section and look for a topic that say "Rank 9 Spells" his ideas are really good!

Oct 06, 2008
People were talking about the horn. I predict there will be a portal to the Underworld and then you go in the portal and vs Malistare (his revenge) and he may have 100,000 health and will be a lot more challenging. Or Malistare might help you defeat a new boss. Maybe Grandmother Raven will be evil and will summon a portal with the horn.

Sep 12, 2010
Feb 15, 2009
You should make Crab Alley permanent and also bring back the Selena Gomez questline and when you finish it, you do the other questline.

Dec 21, 2009
maxitola2009 wrote:
I noticed there wasn't a thing that said, "increased level cap." There is going to be one right? And do we have to do Grizzleheim to be able to get here? Any answers would be apppreiated!
There probably will be, just not with this world

Sep 12, 2010
Dude, I'm STOKED about this new release! New pets, new spells, new world... OH MY!

As for finishing GH before doing Wintertusk, I'm going to guess that you will have to finish GH before Wintertusk. Also, with the release of Wintertusk, any way you can add a few mini-games for the potions fill ups?

Besides all that, i'm literally on the edge of my seat about this! HURRY HURRY HURRY! I can't hardly wait!

Lvl 49 Morgrim Starthief
Lvl 52 Angel Firestrider ( I think lol )

Jan 10, 2009
Dec 14, 2008
i have beated GH i am really happy i cant wait for it!!!!!!!! i am level 53! so i cant wait to see it! and i think it is a side world, and it might be easy like GH was

Jun 01, 2010
What will the new fire spell be? I'm still working on mooshu, already excited for cl, and you already are making a new world! How long do you think it will take for me to get to cl if i'm lvl 33 and on the second set of main quest in ms. :D :D :D :D :-) :D :-) :D :-) :D :-) :D

Sep 28, 2010
WOOOOOOOOOOT :D :D :D yay lol I must get those pets.

~Chris IceBlade Lvl60 Ice.

May 11, 2009
This sounds sooo exciting!!! But I have a few questions I need to ask...

Would we have to complete Grizzleheim before starting Wintertusk? I havent even got very far on any of my wizards on Grizzleheim.

I am looking forward to the test realm

Malvin ShadowMancer level 60 fire
James Stormslinger level 60 storm

Jan 31, 2009
i think this would be awessome for a new world. and with the new pets and spells. but what about level 60 wizards getting to level up some more. :D

Mar 28, 2010
Mar 20, 2009
Dec 02, 2010
Prospector Zeke wrote:
Just a reminder - this is NOT in the Live Game. This is NOT in the Test Realm - will will continue to make announcements about this update in the future.

Fine we hope you also fix it where other lower Level students cannot port into higher level Worlds. They all need to finish their World they are on FIRST, not try to level up faster on a higher world they aren't ready for yet! This will solve many Issues.
Thanks Wizard101 and Zeke.

P.S. I can't wait till you guys FINALLY allow us Legends something MORE! WinterTusk is just a beginning, and I hope we all get more VERY SOONEST!

William ThunderSword

Aug 22, 2009
samaster wrote:
We finally get to learn our new lvl 68 spells. :) :D :D :D I wonder what the pets will be like. Especially before cl we only had 61 pedigree pets. Maybe now there will be 87 pedigree pets (I'm adding 13 cause thats what it was in Dragonspire).
Remember Morganthe's prophecy: The mirror shall break, and the HORN (Grandmother Raven is holding one) shall call! From the shadows i strike and the skies shall fall!!!!!
I hope Storm gets a spell like a black hole :D :D :D :D :D
That would be so awesome.

Taylor DragonTamer lvl 58 myth

uh they didnt say that, or did they, but i bet they are making it like the astral schools because they didnt say anything about new lvl cap, but how will we get or pets? do we have to do the quest again? (i sure hope not)