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Announcing Wintertusk

Jan 22, 2011
A few comments,

First, I believe people over the level of 58 will still be able to get the pet. Just like you can wait to do quests for a new spell. When it does come, you will probably get that little quest bubble thing at the side of your screen.

Second, for the person who said the horn was a tusk, tusks are usually smooth and white in color and are full, not hollow.

Third, I think you will be able to go up to level 70 or at least 65. Just like when Celestia came out, you went to level 60. So there's no reason to freak out about that.

Fourth, agreeing with most people, take your time with Wintertusk. Celestia had a ton of things wrong with it. I won't be too specific for those out there looking for glitches, but there is one in the Trial of Spears. Take your time please.

But I'm very exited about the new world, pets, and everything else.

Wolf-Level 43 Necromancer

Jun 03, 2009
Nov 10, 2010
Hey wow that's great a new world. will have something to do with a max level wizard again. a couple of questions though. are you even looking at the issues being raised about pvp? it seems as though the thing people post most about is getting over looked or pushed to the side. why is this? really apart from farming that is all a level 60 wizard has to do. all i can hope is that a lot more thought has gone into the new school spells unlike the idea of giving every school a ridiculously high 7 or 8 pip area attack that makes it a much easier win if going first.and just not fun if going first seeing how tragic it is for the team on the other side.

Nov 08, 2010
Sep 10, 2008
Will Wintertusk be an ice world? Also, is there any evil elephants you have to battle or something, because the word "tusk" in the name makes me picture elephants :D

Dec 21, 2009
ICECOOL360 wrote:
i actually want her to be evil, because maybe she did do something to the spiral and that caused all the myserys, also she would most likely have good boss drops __________________________________________________

Ya im with hop4242 if she is a boss i hope for good loot drops like pets i know that one of the bosses on unicorn way gives pets if she has to be a boss i would like good loot drops 8)

Well if she is a boss I'm all for her having good drops. I just hope she isn't.

Jul 27, 2010
OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I never really liked grizzlheim and considering how high the life in celestia is i can't imagine how much life there will be in this world but i still can't wait. And i'm wondering if we have to complete GH to get in here cause my storm legend has but my fire is in mooshu and still hasn't done the first part. 8)

Dec 15, 2009
I would really like an official answer as to whether or not we need to do all or part of GH to access Wintertusk. If it's still undecided, then I really hope the decision is that it is NOT a requirement.

Angela ShadowGarden x 6
Legendary Fire
Legendary Balance
Legendary Death
Legendary Storm
Legendary Life
Level 25 Myth

Apr 13, 2009
Oct 20, 2009
just wondering will we have to done with cl to get to wintertusk and THE HORN IS HADE OUT OF A TUSK

Eric Redstaff level 53

Jul 06, 2010
i was wondering if you get the lvl 58 pets if you already finished the lvl 58 quest

Mar 20, 2011
random1self wrote:

First thoughts: how will the new level 58 pets work? Will I just wake up one morning and find I've been gifted a new pet or will there be a new quest for it?

Grandmother raven looks younger than the raven bosses imo.

How will they fight at the new world? I hope they fight like the enemies do in celestia, sticking with in their own class but not so brutally efficient.

Thats is what happened when lvl 48 pets came out

Jun 14, 2009
christopher62597 wrote:
Is Wintertusk going to be exactly like Grizzleheim or will it be completly different, cuz if it were exactly like GH it'd be boring. Peace
i just hope i dont gotta beat gh cause i cant find my quests in gh for my legendary the like dissapeared on me

Aug 16, 2009
Is lif a Sylvia Drake spell!!!??? I hope
ps. Morganthe the Umbra gave away the secret she is the boss

Jun 15, 2009
Dec 03, 2010
OMG! I sooooooo cant wait for this! i've always have wondered what happen to salena gomez but on the other side, i just really wanna go under water again

Feb 04, 2010
First thing, if you look around her neck she is wearing some type of diamond. Maybe that diamond is the eye of bartelby? Second, the horn is totally the morganthe thing. (I hope I spelled her name right ) Finally, I think she is a teacher of some sort of magic. I say this because if you look around her belt, you can see potions. If any of you have a card crafting station, most of the table is potions. Anyways, i am very excited for the new world, and I hope it comes soon! :D

Aug 05, 2009
Can't wait to see the New World

- Cameron GhostHeart
Level 56 Necromancer
Add me

Apr 26, 2009
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i soooooo excited now! Now i realized she was holding a horn and i remembered parts of morgathe's prophicy! ( the horn was one of the parts i remembered lol..... :P ) i very very very eager! I gonna be impacinte untill it comes out. P.S. thats gonna make me hay wire lol

Bradley Blade, legendary Pyromancer

Aug 17, 2009
Dec 19, 2008
i am excited about the new world but sad if the storm spell is a damage over time

Jul 01, 2009
Aug 27, 2010
Napotad wrote:
Garrett15141 wrote:
hunt1199 wrote:
eioofh wrote:
sunsword44 wrote:
Okay this is my second post following my earlier fangirl outburst...
First, I LOVE IT!
Second, I'm so happy to hear about another world! I was hoping there would be more to Grizzleheim, lol wish granted!
Third, a few questions. Will Grandmother Raven be on our side or will she be like the majority of the ravens we have dealt with in the past (somewhat evil)???

Lol, I was I too excited by your last comment that I didn't look down more.

Since Grandmother Raven helpid create the spiral with Bartleby, I guess if she were to be evil she would be corrupted or charmed. But I hope she isn't and hope that she is on our side.

Thomas Swiftthistle, Legendary Ice.
lol i am guessing that since bartlelby is on our side, the good side, that we have to fight grandmother raven since the spiral could not be created between good and good but rather balance between good and evil. Since bartelby is good that must make grandmother raven the evil one. Of course this is just my thought but i think i am right in my mind becuase i think of a world created by both good and good then there would be no evil which is not good because there would be no balance. Just a theory of course......btw does anyone know if we have to beat all of GH to get here or no????????? i need to know so i can get started in savarstaas pass!

Not necessarily grandmother raven will be good because she's Bartleby's sister. Malistaire was Cyrus's brother and he was evil. Well sort of.
um who in the great spiral said she was bartleby's sister? BARTLEBY IS A TREE HELLOW grandmother RAVEN she is a bird! so just get the idea of them being siblings outta your head.

you forget with magic anything can happen

Feb 01, 2009
omg can't wait i have a fire and death waiting maybe a balance if i move fast on him :D

Jun 09, 2010
Let me follow up with a little more information.

1. Yes, you will be required to complete Grizzleheim before you can enter Wintertusk.

2. No, there will not be a raise in the level cap.

3. Yes, players who are over level 58 will be able to obtain their pet.

4. No, the Selena Gomez quest/rewards will not be returning.

5. Yes, players who have reached Legendary will be able to obtain their new school spell.

6. Wintertusk storyline has nothing to do with the Morganthe story line. The horn in Grandmother Raven’s hand has no bearing on the prophecy.

I am Baldur GoldPaws, a trader from far-off Grizzleheim. I have sailed across the great sea of skies to guide you in all things related to my home world.