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The Band of the Brave

This series was written by Mindy IronCaller. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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Band of the Brave (Part 2) by Mindy Ironcaller

A Piscean stared at us with purple eyes. I was sure they even radiated heat. “What’s all the secrecy about?” he asked in a gruff voice.

“That is Kirby O’Lockman,” Gilleth said, “and he says hello!”

“I repeat,” Kirby probed. “What are you two talking about?” His accent was strange, not like those of the other Pisceans.

“My!” Gilleth exclaimed, feigning surprise. “The fires in your forge may go out if you are away much longer!” Being a blacksmith, Kirby swam away.

“Now,” Gilleth let his exasperation show through again. “The Band’s Watcher is a legendary death wizard.” I perked up. “Her name is... Kayla Ruby!”

“That’s my sister!” I exclaimed.

Gilleth was truly surprised now. “Really?” he asked. “Then your quest shouldn’t be too hard. Simply bring her here. Since I would like to present a challenge to you, I will make you find another member of the Band – the Lurker. She patrols in the shadows, and she is named Jasmine Spiritbreeze. She is-”

“Myth,” I finished for him. He raised an eyebrow. “She’s my other sister,” I admitted.

“Then bring her here too. Best of luck on your mission!”

And then I was off.
“It’s right up here,” I explained. Luckily, Kayla had a death dragon mount that we could ride up to the hatch. Piranus grabbed us and we were on our way to the Piscean city when a gust of water swirled around us. Piranus swam away, muttering to himself “When currents shift, minds drift.” So he’s superstitious, I thought. Oh, well.

Boy, was I wrong. A crustacean seized us and we were off to his camp. Optio Snelleth, his name tag read. A crab Optio had taken us! I was so absorbed in my thoughts I barely heard Jasmine’s cry.

“Nine thousand!” she screamed.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that:
1. We were in battle.
2. His Crystal Health Indicator was plastered with a 9,000.

“Feel the wrath of balance!” Snelleth called out, and proceeded to use Ra.

Jasmine was the most intellectual in terms of Celestial bosses, since she had defeated the final boss, completing the storyline, while I was in the Science Center and Kayla was still stuck on the Portico. “Any boss in Celestia, even balance, can’t use Ra,” she reflected.

So that was how I knew this boss was not from Celestia.

The three of us made quick work of the Optio, but we were even more stunned when we saw what he dropped.

“A spiral key,” the three of us whispered in unison.

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