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We need your ideas!

Jul 27, 2008
Guardian1995 wrote:
MasterForm wrote:
1. Pumpkin Mask

2. Random Hell Hounds popping up roaring, "Happy Halloween!"

3. A wand/staff topped with a Pumpkin.

4. Ambrose dressing as Chuck Norris :)

5. The Ability to change yourself into a Hopping Pumpkin! :-)

Thats all I got.

i like the idea about the wand but it should be available for every school

and I would like to add a pet like a dog on fire with a pumpkin head it would be very cool.

May 22, 2008
I second (third, fourth?) the door-to-door trick or treating. Instead of candy, hand out gold and gold treasure cards.

Jul 05, 2008
Yeah, I'd Like the Trick or treating idea, I'd Be kinda nice to have School based costumes..
~Death - Ghoul for guys,Banshee for girls
~Balance - Maybe as the Kroks?
~Life - Leprechaun for Guys, Pixie for Girls?
~Fire - Fire Elfs, maybe Sun Birds?
~Ice - Evil Snowmen :P
~Storm - I guess they could go as the Kraken or Stormzilla
~Myth -Troll, Cyclops, Minotaur..

Two Cents...

Jun 07, 2008
Thas i good idea i tink like scary thing i tink peole shoud pick from alfet you put like dragons pirate ect but i tink thas i good idea :-)

Jun 29, 2008
i like the trick or treating ideas except it should be for treasure cards and exclusive halloween items!!! :D :D

also this is the best idea in the entire world i thought of this all by myself. The teachers should turn golem tower into THE SEVEN FLOORS OF MAGIC! AND INSTEAD OF REGULAR MONSTERS YOU SHOULD HAVE THE TEACHERS FACE THE STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IF YOU WIN YOU GET ONE PIECE OF SPECIAL CLOTHING THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN GET!!!!!!


Jul 09, 2008
Jul 13, 2008
i think that for pets they could have there own costums and pets that can give you a spell card like a necklace gives you one so that would be cool and i heard that was done some time during the game but that is not fair to some people who was not on when it was on wow well you should do it again thx lol plz do it i want a pet that gives a spell like stormzill thx lol :D :D 8) 8)

Jun 21, 2008
I agree with all of the requests to turn into your pet or other shapeshifter costumes.

Ohhhh, how about changing into inanamimate objects or different citizens in different worlds. For example, Star blazer comes up to me and I'm rock and I change, lol or I have the title of a professor but then I'm not. That'll be really funny. Quests to gather different items sound pretty cool too.

Jul 21, 2008
i really like the skeletal horse pet idea...that would be very cool. even better if it was on fire and left a trail of ashes....

headless horsemen
kings and queens

hobo staff- gives more money when you open treasure chests..

masque and carnivale-style clothes

sombreros would be cute

cowboys and indians
of course, yes it IS obligatory, pirates and ninjas
wench outfit
devils and angels
pumpkins walking around WOULD be very cute...all wobbly and stuff ;)

dueling shop where we can buy special enchantments for arena-only duels.
...turn into a frog
...make someone dance
...give them the hickups
...give them horns
...just random fun stuff like that (of course they all cause a bit of damage too)

quest characters can give out candy as rewards also, and those in turn can be used to buy things in the dueling shop....

i'm pretty sure all of this has been said, but yeah. :)

skinny black cat
tiny bouncy pumpkin
a little walking candy corn, hahaha
aww, how cute
a remote-controlled car
a little robot
or...miniature versions of your own costume...

Jun 30, 2008
Morph into things, like a Bat or a Pumpkin, and have some new kind of cards, Green Cards or Orange Cards, which only are working and given during the holidays. It would be kewlz.

Jun 29, 2008
instead of having costumes we should turn ourselves into monsters of any kind in the game

great idea

Jun 06, 2008
Aug 06, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

i think we should have
lights in the city should flicker
it should be night time in every city and town
there should be jackolanterns
in front of every door
every house hands out a low card to charactors that dress up
there should be 1 shop that sells halloween costumes like
a skelliton
a witch (gretta)
a ninja pig
a scare crow
a tin man
a lion
a vanpire
a zombie
a clock work golam
merle ambrose
there should be more emotions like
trick or treat
i think people should be able to designe their outfit
and the best wins something like a special hallowlen pet
i think we should dress up our pets also
i think there should be staffs with pumklin heads on them or a severd head
i think there should be a party where the fair grounds is and a special mini game for halloween

Jul 05, 2008
well I am more of a Christmas gal but I would like princess out fit for halloween.

But heads up for christmas I want a reindeer for a pet :)

Oh and please do not make all the costumes evil and scary looking.

Jul 15, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

A way to make you look like your a pet and your pet look like a wizard, or maybi a costume to make you look like the creatures.Example A Ghoul costume.

Aug 20, 2008
For a "costume", are you able to substitute a random NPC model for the player's character model? Another online game I play did this last year at Halloween. They even gave a badge if you managed to collect all of the "costumes".

So, actually, one thing I'd suggest is a Halloween badge, fairly simple to complete (it being a kid-oriented game), that you could keep after Halloween is over.

Replace the Sorceror's Stones with Halloween icons. Jack'o'lanterns, goofy skeleton faces, etc...

As far as costumes - pirates, jack'o'lantern head, skeleton, prince/princess, fairy/pixie, Undertaker/ghoul - like the ghoul necro spell, knight in shining armor, jester, animal heads.

Pets - mini-ghost, owl, black cat, black bat/vampire bat, heck hound (hey, it's got a card!), troll, goblin

Wand - broomstick, shovel, sword, etc...

Candy or Halloween themed treasure cards.

Jul 15, 2008
You should have each schools strongest monster like stormzilla for storm, helephant for fire, and ice collusus for ice.

Jul 18, 2008
for girls:

witch hats,shoes,broom(staff),robes (i dont know design)
pummkin mask,blackboots w/ pummkin design,robe w/pummkin & codwebs
sprite costume (no bun hairdo)


skelloton horse w/ flameing feet
jack'O lantern

for boys:

werewolf costume

selare you have a wonderful idea!
i should of thought of it!

Jul 16, 2008
Silverwings wrote:
How about a pumpkin suit? Watching pumpkins wobble around town would be good for a laugh, and it would neatly explain why our characters don't jump very high.

It might also be fun to be able to "be" a monster for a while. It would likely be purely cosmetic, but it could be fun, and it could be made into a quest very easily.

you say our characters can jump but i don't know how plz explain

Jul 16, 2008
nanoentity wrote:
Fairy Costume and I mean has to have WINGS and be blue :)

Pumpkin Staff - Pumpkin wand

- Black Cat
- Scary Pumkin Head with fire comeing out of its eyes and mouth that maybe has wings and flys as you walk like the Pig
- A green Frog
- Scare Crow

maybe not a fairy costume but a skeletal costume
maybe swords instead of wands and thats all i have

Jun 12, 2008
I think that everyone should get free stuff and special stuff to buy at the shopping place. Maybe pick from a ghost costume, a pumkin costume, a wicked witch costume, or a wizard (ha ha, jk), maybe un-dead pets, scary wands, hats, shoes, and patterns of colors (halloweenish.) BUT THE BIGGEST THING WOULD TO BE A HALLOWEEN MINI GAME! BUT THE BIGGEST HUGEST ENOMISE THING WOULD BE TO PUT A CORN MAZE IN THERE AND YOU GET A SPECIAL PRIZE AT THE END

P.S. Sry for so much words and big print :p

Aug 22, 2008
I like the idea of a black cat as a pet, however maybe you could take it one step further and make the black cat a wizard that can only be created on Halloween. A boy and girl version. If not a black cat, maybe some kind of wizard such as a witch or a vampire that can only be made by solving some special puzzle or speaking a certain word to the headmaster during the tutorial. Those wizards/characters can have access to crowns that would allow them to purchase a black cat as a pet only on Halloween.

ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

May 22, 2008
Well since we had the recent player wipe, and I no longer have my pretty little fairy (the green and yellow one we got in the last player wipe) I would LOVE to be able to get her (with her treasure card) as a pet again!! I also really liked the fire elves we had back then too.

New pet ideas: black cats, mini version of humongofrog would be super fun to have hoping along side of us and an evil (or cute) little monkey!!

Fairy, Cowboy, and Sock Monkey Costumes

Jun 04, 2008
I like all these ideas so far. The trick or treating idea is great. I like the idea of decorations.

I would like to make a request that whatever costumes/items/pets, you come out with be available for purchase and use by all schools. Please don't make the stuff "xxx class only". That way everyone can enjoy mixing and matching stuff up.

Also that the costumes be released and decorations put up early in October, so we have time to enjoy them. Please don't make it a "one day only on Halloween" sale.

Also please take the decorations down the week after halloween so we don't have rotting pumpkins for Christmas

Ok here are my ideas:


I would love to have a Pegasus as a pet. :D
Black cats would be cool
Flaming Mane Lion
Floating Pumpkin


Prince & princess costumes
Fairy with wings
Medusa hair (little snakes) (hat-since we can't change our hair)
Flaming hair (hat)
Skeleton costume
Clown Costumes - evil and happy kinds

Special haloween rings/knives/amulets and Wands!

I am sure I will think of more as soon as I post this, but that is it for now.


Aug 29, 2008
i think you should have just maybe a couple basic costumes that all people will like. maybe have a zombie, a fire cat, a scorpian, ninjas, pirates, and a few others that the majority will like. just my opinion, thats all!