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We need your ideas!

Jun 20, 2009
Well personally for me. I want to look like the Wraith. I would like to have robes drop forthe lvl 50 players. I hate the graphic of vest and pants. Sorry, just do. I like the robe look. I am a death wizard. When I look at my pet which is the wraith and he is decked out more than me, I get saddened. All I am asking is the programmers please implement new robes for the lvl 50 wizards. Another small asking, is that head gear, staffs and gloves become revamped. The graphics get outdated when you see fellow lvl 10 wizards wearing the same thing as you, but in different colors. Just my humble thoughts. Or better yet,make a wardrobe. have two sets of options clothes with stats that you wear and clothes you pick up that you can slot for the fashionable look. Thanks

May 24, 2009
I think school should have there quest that sends them in to a scary cave and have to fight a hallowen themed boss acording to there school :D

May 24, 2009
I think death students should beable to look like a vampire with the wings and suite

May 23, 2009
All the ideas these guys and gals thought of are amazing I love them. I say the black cats should be a definite maybe a cute little tiger who roars at people who walk by you would be cute too. As far as the costumes I say a scary theme this year I mean I haven't been on wizard for years but maybe each year should be a different theme like a classy theme scary etc maybe some ghouls, ghosts, maybe we can look like lord nightshade that would be nice, some scary pumpkin scarecrows with the burning eyes and I love the idea of making another street for everyone to go trick or treating and as someone said I recall them saying not to make it too expensive because I mean what fun what it be if not everyone got the chance to get what they wanted and show it off. And sometimes people have a time limit on the computer so to sit there and try to get mounds of money can waste all their time and they won't be able to get the items they want. And maybe a card that we get to keep not a treasure card something we can show people for years to come. And also I have a really important request it really would be nice if the halloween theme is not a one day thing where you have to go and get all your items today or there won't be anymore tomorrow cause I mean some of the kiddies here go trick or treating and I mean my son likes to go trick or treating and we take out to get some stuff and then it wouldn't be fair if some people miss out on all of these special occasions I mean halloween comes once a year and we have to make the best of it. Anyway back on topic lol, so yeah maybe KI can even make some new monsters to fight for quests and stuff who may drop some treasure cards and some event items that would be nice. AndI also like the idea of some monsters like orthrus or so just popping out of no where and giving you a good scare or even a laugh maybe and them saying happy halloween and stuff. So yeah these are just some ideas I thought of I'm sure other people thought of it too but yeah, so good luck and hopefully you guys and gals will be able to add a little bit of everything from all the amazing requests we thought of

And sorry for the essay I wrote lol get a bit carried away at time you know? alright see ya.

May 08, 2009
As for a pet, I'd say a Werewolf, as many people suggested. It could give a Death version of the Heck Hound. You would need to do a quest for it, in my opinion. Or possibly just buy it.

Jun 27, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

Ok I dont know why but I would like a pet Deathzilla! You know like one made out of bones and stuff? It should start with raining bones and suddenly come together into a Deathzilla only to roar and explode hitting the other character for 750 life and returning half. Please Please Please! Just seeing one would make this game all the better. Ok um by the way the game is awesome.

Feb 07, 2009
I'd think it'd be nice if all our teachers and Merle Ambrose could dress up for Halloween! They could all have different costumes that fit their personality! That would be so cool! :D

Jun 17, 2009
You can transform on enemies and have the card of the ennemies that will be cool!

Ennemies walk everywhere! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :-)

Apr 28, 2009
ferret (girls)
vampire (girls)
vampire (boys)
frankenstein (boys)
penguin (both)
ninja (girls)
ninja (boys)
pirate (girls)
pirate (boys)

wizard city: a halloween party at the headmaster's place, trick or treating in the commons and shopping district, a haunted house in sunken city, scary stories in olde town, and a haunted version of ravenwood with all the teachers as ghosts. plenty of awesome decor too.
krokotopia: a viewing of a snippet of some mummy's curse movie, manders with their heads "turned inside out", a lot of krokomummies, a HUUUUUGE krok skull in the oasis instead of the locust swarm guy, and free dives into the green goop in well of spirits. plus trick or treating in the krok bazaar.
marleybone: the graveyard near wolfminster abbey is now open, trick or treating everywhere, really good costumes, and bungee jumping in newgate prison. oh yeah, and meowiarty has left the big ben and now a powered up version of the agony wraith is there. spike the crusher is gone because he is a chicken.
mooshu: trick or treating at the jade palace, party in the throne room, a secret clay soldier army at the burial grounds, and the death oni at the jade palace doing a goofy, stomping elephant style dance.
dragonspyre: already real gloomy and haunted so i cant think of anything but trick or treat.
grizzleheim: trick or treat at northguard, and imric gloomlight has opened up the crypt for a party, haunted house, and secret arena.

WC: firecat brand cinnamon thingies, cyclops eye gummies, unicorn mints, stormy sourballs, licorice, and jellybeans from the gobbler king.
KT: balance jawbreakers, coconut swirls, krok gummies, and edible palm tree leaves.
MB: caramel, toffee, hard candy, giant lollipops, candy bars, and gummy gears.
MS: gummy lotuses, ninja pig hard candies, fruit sushi, and lollipops that taste like hot berry tea.
DS: ???? uh, you make these ones.
GH: chocolate, bubblegum flavored popsicles, pumpkin pie, gummy bears, and mint leaves.
please accept these ideas!!!!

Apr 28, 2009
oh yeah, i forgot: PET COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Apr 28, 2009
and of course a giant pumpkin.... trying not to make to many messages because last time i did that the whole topic was deleted.....................................

Jun 01, 2009
Jun 01, 2009
ill like a giant costume or ice wavern and maybe snow man and ice colosuss
plz put these in mrs greyrose.lets so them the cold!

Apr 28, 2009
Llylandra wrote:
How about random candy corn drops, that you trade to Zeke or a treasure card vendor for special limited items and/or treasure cards. The more candy you trade in, the better the item/card you get in return. Or put the candy in wooden chests instead of mob drops.
cool! here are more ideas about what to do with candy:
- give it to hilda brewer and she will give you your choice of a special potion. for example, it could turn you into a monster/animal, make funny special effects happen around you for a while, or turn you into a giant bouncing pumpkin.
- eat it to permanently boost certain stats. for example, eating licorice boosts death attack and defense, chocolate boosts all attack and defense by a tiny bit, et cetera.
(in august but still! :p)
potion list:
kibble potion: giant sable ferret
fishbone potion: black cat
bone potion: yellow lab
horrific to the max potion: barney (boy) dora (girl)
underworld potion: orthrus (myth only)
potion of death: scarecrow (death only)
glacial potion: frost giant (ice only)
draconic elixir: fire dragon (fire only)
tempestral elixir: ZEUS (storm only)
sanctuary potion: bartleby (life only, miniature of course)
elixir of the divine form: power nova (balance only)


actually, how bout one for every monster .... and pet of course.... that is real life pet

Jun 25, 2009
May 06, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?
i think there should be some wicked costumes and get cool stuff like black cat mask and robes with a tail or we could get like a pair of shoes that are just shackles and robes that are all ripped and white for a ghost
or a hood that makes our eyes go red and i am calk full of ideas

lindsey hadowcaller lvel 17
and rock and roll

May 06, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

another idea not just for halloween like sinco de mayo a mexican dude (this one's for you dylan) sells things for gold like an acustic guitar i love music so this would be perfect for me and how you use it you would strum the guitar and boys would get a poncho for robes and girls would get a mexican dress and there would be a celebration like a fiesta quest or something and the manders in krok would want you to translate the spainish

lindsey shadowcaller lvl 17
and rock and roll

Mar 28, 2009
ok now here is what i've seen, i saw the pumkin heads that were out last year and they looked awesome and yea if we could dress up like the grim reaper that would be cool too.. lol just a suggestion...

Feb 15, 2009
satyr hood) +10% all outgoing heals
wraith hood) +10% death damage
cyclops eye) + 10% myth damage

satyr shirt) +15% all outgoing heals
wraith robes) +15% death damage
cyclops kilt) +15% myth damage

satyr shoes) +5% outgoing heal
bone feet) +5% death damage
cyclops shoes) +5% myth damage

satyr pipes) gives 6 minor blessing cards (restore 65 hp)
reaper staff) gives a new card i mad up called take (50 death damage and resotre 25) 6 of them
cyclops hammer) gives 6 golem minion cards

(costumes) if you wear a full costume (inclucding the wand) you can got to a shop wear you can choose to transfor your character for 5000 gold into that creature forever.

May 24, 2009
Jun 22, 2009
What about having a Halloween Land that we have to port to with NPCs and houses to go trick or treat in and get quests and towers to defeat the Halloween Boss the Great Pumpkin. This would be something that is patched in each Halloween for say a week or two then removed. The items we get would be regular items we can use in game for person or house. Maybe special item for house when we defeat the main boss of Halloween. Each year the speial item for our house would change making it rare after a few years. these items not sold for anything unless someone sells theirs in the bazzar.
Destiny Mythbreaker
GrandMaster School of Myth

Apr 05, 2009
I think that that we should have a street that people give us gold or Halloween only treasure cards.Here are some ideas for some costumes.

malistare's wand death school only level 15+ gives 5 cards

evil snowmen ice school only 50+ health 50+ mana
malistare costume
professor wu costume
professor grey rose costume
pumpkin costume
professor halstorm costume
professor drake costume
lord nightshade costume
danger pumpkin
lord nightshade

Jun 15, 2009
A "Trick or Treat" card would be funny..... it would have a 50/50 chance of doing damage or giving life to your enemy... you never know what might happen when you use it!

May 31, 2009
scarecrow pet
BOO spell
hockey masks
candy bonuses
trick or treat at houses that aren`t usally open but be ready for random fights
loads of treasure cards that do funny things

Aug 10, 2009
I would love to see an underwater world. students could run around... floating just off the ocean bottom, and stay as long as they had life (air). If defeated they would be sent back to the shore where they started.

The whole place could be filled with fish people.
Bazzar that sells water realted clothing. Items that looked like they had scales, seaweed decoration and lots of sea shell both as clothing but also as household items.
A student could win a pair of fins in battle that would make move around a bit faster.
A few of the regular monsters would fit right in. Others could be just the same except a fin instead of legs.
The health spells could like big air bubbles

I think it could be a lot of fun.