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We need your ideas!

Jun 04, 2008
I forgot something very important:

For my good buddy Angus:

We need an indian costume with a Full Indian Head Dress!


May 22, 2008
Aug 02, 2008
I so want a hat that makes my head look like a jack-o-lantern... like the Field Guards.

Sep 01, 2008
Probably the only thing I would do, is add more starter quests. Right now (I am an alt addict) its very linear and it becomes a bit tedious when trying out new schools. It can be for subscribers only if you like... just a note for survivability of the game.

Sep 01, 2008
Can we get a lock on the teleport home button? I seem to be zapping home by accident every now and then...very annoying!

Aug 04, 2008
A Frankenstein pet.
Maybe a quest to get it or drop from a boss.
Gives a card of one spell from the death school.

A quest to get a complete set of The Wraith's suit:
hood, robe with black wings, shoe, and the sickle
as staff.

For a week, students from all school can wear
Death-school only clothings, wands, and daggers.

Jun 24, 2008
I LUV Halloween! :D Big List Time!

Like the first Beta Wipe, there should be a vendor that gives free pets. There could also be Limited-Edition pets that can only be received on Halloween and give cards when equipped as well. Examples of some pets could be Scarecrows that gives a Scarecrow card, Skeletal Pirates with a card, and even a Wraith!

The Wand Shop in the Shopping District should sell wands and STAFFS that can only be purchased on Halloween.

There should be a shop that opens a couple days before Halloween that sells costumes. These should be clothes that can be bought in other worlds, all come together in Wizard City! There should also be cotumes that you can dress up as monsters you fight and monsters you summon.

On Halloween, a training point is given to each player to use for a Limited-Edition, once in a lifetime, spell that can only be received THIS Halloween! These spells are ones that can't be learned in any school, like treasure cards received after defeating enemies. Or, you can get school only spells, such as Judgement, which can only be learned if you're a Balance Wizard.

Remember, these are ideas and I hope my ideas and everyone elses ideas are accepted. Staff and Teachers, try to include as many of these ideas from our Wizard Students as possible! Happy Halloween, Everyone!
(early that is)

Aug 19, 2008
A black cat with a super spell card that would make me want to use that black cat all year.

A broom if I could zoom around on it! Then I could run over those goons on the streets in nightshade!

An invisibility cloak! So I could slip through the temple of storms real fast and not get caught!

Jul 21, 2008
How about random candy corn drops, that you trade to Zeke or a treasure card vendor for special limited items and/or treasure cards. The more candy you trade in, the better the item/card you get in return. Or put the candy in wooden chests instead of mob drops.

Sep 15, 2008
I Have Some Idea

New Cards... (You Can Only Get 2 Also Only Avabile Only On Halloween)

Undead Soul DEATH Lv 10 400 - 440 Damage
Stormy Fodder STORM Lv 10 425 - 465 Damage
Sun Witch FIRE Lv 10 405 - 445 Damage
Spooky Laugh LIFE Lv 10 Heal 550 Damage
Skeltal Minion MYTH Lv 10 250HP All Dark Spells
Frozen Vampyre ICE Lv 10 390 - 430 Damage

New Pets ........


Vampire Impling

Baby Goblin

New Clothes........

Hat Of Spooks Plus 5% Damage To All Types Plus 1% Accuracy All Types

Staff Of Dark Base Attack "Infinte Attacks: Random Types Each Time 55 Damage

Those Are My Suggestions

Sep 23, 2008
Ok here is what i think should beable to buy

Body: a costume for the death school that looks like deaths robe

Boots: boots that are for death school and look like deaths boots

Hat: a hat that looks like deaths hat that is for death class

Weapon: A sycthe for death class

Those would be cool :D i like death or you could do scream :P

Sep 03, 2008
I read the newsletter and the extra October cat and stuff is great. But why on with crowns? It should be open with any paid prescription on only w/ crowns.

Sep 03, 2008
I would like to suggest and way to add real friends by email address. Also to search to see if they are a online player with the same methods. I have a friend who always online playing when i am not. So I can't add her to my friends list.

Aug 24, 2008
-=Love the idea of being able to purchase different wings, fairy, angel, devil

-=Pumkin heads is a cute idea another game does this and gives two kinds one short round one that has an evil face and one long face that is cute

-=Would LOVE to have a witch pet that rides around on a broom dressed in black of course heh heh

-=Would love to have a black cat pet maybe only the beta testers can get a specialty pet again. That would be fun

-=Being able to purchase specialty costumes from Zeke would be awesome even if we did have to buy crowns to do so. I'd like to see a fairy costume.

-=What about a special wand, staff or blade that can only drops on halloween

-= THIS ONE IS GREAT! Create a one of a kind wizard that can only be made on halloween each year. A Male or Female Black Cat... They can get dressed up just like everyone else, but they can only be made that one time a year and then they go away. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Aug 13, 2008
I would love to see costumes of bunny rabits, fairies, cats, angels, super heros, fireman, police officers, military and different countries. This would make it more exciting than just having spooky costumes. It would also be nice if firecat alley, which is already in a halloween setting with colors of orange and black be a nice place to go trick or treating. It would be lovely if the staff and teachers of each school would be in houses or a set up outside of the houses in the alleys to give out candy treats that can be traded later for gold or crowns or cool once in a lifetime pets. That would make most kids have a safe halloween without leaving their home and who needs candy anyway, you get cavities, lol.

Jul 21, 2008
Oooooh.... How about a quest(s) for the three parts of a special costume that when the entire outfit is worn you get a card for your deck. And the card casts a spell of that outfit. I.e. If it's say a witch costume the added card causes a witch to swoop in on her broom to attack the mob. Or appear stirring a cauldren that she spills causing random effects. Possibly healing your party or hurting the mobs, maybe even hurting the caster on some occation. Pumpkin costume would summon the great pumpkin that eats a mob and then depending on the mob it ate you would get some kind of bonus item at the end of combat. Or again a random effect. So you could recieve a treat or a trick. Isn't that part of Halloween after all. Instead of a fizzle your spell turns on you!! Would spice things up a bit.

Sep 23, 2008
phoenixstorm wrote:
-=Love the idea of being able to purchase different wings, fairy, angel, devil

Lol the wings idea nice but i know where you got that idea from you got it off of that one game called MU online lol That would be cool though.

Also add:

Robe:For each class have it like a scary guys robe like For death school have deaths robe and for life school have like a evil thooth fairy :D and fire have the devil and so on same for the rest of the stuff lol

Dec 23, 2008
You could have a monster that has a pumpkin head and a black cloak that you have to defeat to finish a quest.

Dec 14, 2008
Pets.ghosts, fodders,fairies,feild guards,and a halloween snowman
Costumes.ghosts, fodders,feild garuds,trolls,cyclops,fairies,dogs(marleybone)death(sorry if you don't like it)
clothing.Shirts.death(sorry) a pumpkin head.
hats,animated tri cons.

wands,death staffs and wands.

what do you think?

Mar 28, 2009
give us a malistare costume that will be funny
knight outfits
angel wings (white and black ones)
night wear (casting spells in pajamas!)

and make the other colossus pets also

Have a special armor for wizards 45+ that you can fuse with your pet.
like i have a firecat pet with the armor it can give me extra fire power.
and would work for other elements

what about pets can sit on your shoulder. instead having the dragon flying around, it can be sitting on you shoulder looking cute.

Dec 16, 2008
For Triton, could you please consider adding a light, misty spring rain ambiance? All those rooftop spouts need a source for the water...and it would go nicely with the blowing snow on Colossus...


Oct 19, 2008
here is my list...


Ninja pig outfit, includes headband, fat suit, and pants and shoes like a ninja pig.

Draconian outfit, includes dragon head helmet, wings and claws.

Gobbler outfit, includes a pair of overalls and all that other stuff they wear.

Krok outfit, includes all that stuff they wear.

Dog outfit, includes cane, a big dog head, and a pipe.


floating pumpkin. It's as simple as that.


pumpkin wand

candy sword

trick o' treat staff

That's all, enjoy ye halloween!

Michael Lotusblade, Lvl. 32 theugist

Feb 11, 2009
Not only for Halloween but for all holidays, there needs to be activities to go with the holiday. Trick or treating is an example. Decorating the towns for the holiday would be nice as well. Many other MMOs have activities and decor and it makes teh holiday fun. Being able to buy special gear is alright but getting holiday gear from an activity or quest (most times these items do not have special properties but look real cool) like a field guard costume or the like, let people know how long you have been playing because these items do not repeat.

Mar 07, 2009
Orange and black clothes are a must! (they are the holloween colors, so ya need em) [And some cool halloween pets like a scarecrow or raven
and a trick or treat quest in the sunken city!
but nothing scary enough for a heart attack, ok?
(not like im old or stuff like that! )


Apr 10, 2009
Rather than keep it with familiars and cards, i think it would be wonderful if it had more of a holiday feel to it, so you would want halloween to come back around next year to do it again.

The costumes and candy are good ideas. Perhaps the school teachers could send their students looking for goblins and spooks bearing candies, perhaps they could be hidden like the dwarves. maybe to make it more interesting each school would have candy goblins in a different place? Maybe depending on how youre dressed, if you have a hat, robe and shoes of a different world, a different prize?