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We need your ideas!

Nov 30, 2010
Hello, I know it is a little late but this is not about halloween. this is for a new idea that may help wizard 101 become a more populaur game! my friends at school was talking about wizard 101 and kingdom hearts! in my school them are the most popular games! so we were thinking my be you could add some one in the game! and a new world! destiny iland! the most perfect place in kingdom hearts! and you can also add ansem he is a evin and no one stands in his way! you can also add xeamnes he and his buddys has black jakets. you can look him up on the internet to see what all these people look like! sora, and riku are best buddys! so they are really important! and that is it! thanks! ps. plz read this and send me back!

Dec 06, 2009
What I think you guys should do is a cool new quest just for Death Students. Halloween is like the "Celebration" of All Death Wizards, so wouldn't it be cool, since it's their time to celebrate, they can celebrate with a cool new Quest (or two).

In fact, I think that should be applied to all schools, for about every holiday, I think there should be a cool Quest for that Specific School of Magic. Here's the layout.

Fire- Quest would be an annual one just for Fire Students, it would only show up during the Summer annually.

Ice- During the Christmas season, I think you should have a cool quest for Ice Wizards only. Again like the other Quests, it would only happen annually.

Storm- This quest would probably be done during the Spring, early probably. Just use one of the months that would usually rain the most.

Balance- This Quest should also be happening during the summer.

Death- Specifically during the Month of October, near Halloween.

Life- During the heart of Spring.

Myth- Sometime in Fall.

Hope you like the ideas!!

-Oran Titanrider

oh and P.S. Just in case this won't be able to fit into this topic and get removed. I think for Halloween, There should be a cool sell for Crowned items that gives Death Cards. They would probably have somewhat of bad stats, but they would give all death spells.

Oct 01, 2010
Feb 07, 2010

how about a hat that takes the form of a white sheet that strecthes all the way to the ground, eyeholes are optional. name it whatever you want,

Oct 05, 2010
ok iknow that this is way to late but how about randomly at peoples houses when there are a ton of people, make a ghost of malistaire show up and terrorize evorybody, then, make him blow up and a little kitty can be seen with a controler, craking up ( he was controlling malistaire). i would lol if that happend. andother one, do something like that on christmas if there are enough people in a house make santa claus show up and during easter,the easter bunny

Dec 08, 2010
Feb 17, 2011
im thining a angil costom is a good idea.i like angils who
dos not like them and a pumkin with legs for a pet cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 08, 2008
You mean things we will have to spend our real money on outside what we already pay for subscription and crowns?

I really like the costume idea that you have. Instead of something temporary, make it permanent. An item that let's you change into a random monster (or undead monster) for 1 day. That item will contain endless charges.

Mar 27, 2010
Hmm, lets see. Here are my Idea's:

1} We dress up like our oponents in the game like we all ready got one, the ninja pig clothes

2}A new world called Dark magecia or something, Here are the spells

Fire, Comet; 1,200 damage to one person
Ice, Iceicles; 850-900 damage to all enemy's
Storm, lighting flash; 1,350 damage to all enemys
Myth, Bull; 950-1,150 Damage to one person
Life, Joining tree's; 600 hp to all friends
Death;Moon bloom; 850 damage to all enemy's, description, Moon comes up, spooky souns attak the enemy's
Balance, Desert goon; 785-950 damage to all enemys

Hope this helped :D :D

Master Pyromancer
Hunter Wildhorn

May 11, 2009
Jan 18, 2011
MasterForm wrote:
1. Pumpkin Mask

2. Random Hell Hounds popping up roaring, "Happy Halloween!"

3. A wand/staff topped with a Pumpkin.

4. Ambrose dressing as Chuck Norris :)

5. The Ability to change yourself into a Hopping Pumpkin! :-)

Thats all I got.
Ambrose dressing as chuck norris that was funny :-P

Sep 01, 2010
New clothes idea.
Maybe there could be some clothes available to all players that are level thirty and up.
Some clothes that give wraith or vampire or feint.

Jun 04, 2009
Zombie; 50 health, 5% resist to all, and one ghoul card 200 damage and half back death damage
Lost Soul; 5% to all, 50 mana, and one lost soul; 100 ice damage
Jack Skellington; 100 health, 50 mana, 5% power pip chance
Skeleton Pirate; 150 health, 50 mana, and one skeletal pirate
Vampire Bat; 100 health, and one vampire bat 300 and half back death damage
Deathly Ghoul; 150 health and one ghoul 160 death damage and half back
Let me know what you think of the pets

Clothes: Deathly Hollows pack
deathly robe: 360 health, 180 mana, 50% more death damage, 10% power pip chance. deathly shoes: 180 health, 60 mana, 35% more death damage, 5% power pip chance. deathly hat: 400 health, 200 mana, 20% more death damage, 3% power pip chance.
Let me know what you think of the Deathly Hallows Pack.
Those are all of my halloween ideas so far, so, yeah thats it. cya, peace out yo!

Jul 06, 2010
How about the black cat mount,
black cat drop on lord nightshade,
a grubb pet throws one grub natural attack card.
OMG the clothes that actually make you look like a skeleton!
Skeletal pirate costume
a wraith costume or robe, that looks like wraith.
also to look like inathane(?) spector.

and can we have more than one pumpkin in our house? A feild full is a cool way to decorate for the season :-) and using both kinds together looks better than one of the free pick up and all the rest the same. :?

Mar 28, 2009
A legendary pack
There should be a legendary hat that gives 10% damage
05% accuarcy
20% resist
50% critical
10% critical block and 250 health
and a card called death hound 130 per pip death and gives spirit shield to self

There should be a legendary robe that gives 40% damage
03% accuracy
10% resist
40% critical
20% block and 500 health
and a card that gives a tower shield -55% next damage spell

There should be legendary boots that give 30% damage
02% accuracy
40% resist
20% block and 255 health
and a ghoul, sacrifice, and weakness card

A legendary amulet that gives 50 health and dragon blade, sprite, and feint card

A legendary ring that gives 200 health
150 mana
50% power pip chance
05% critical block
10% critical
08% stun resist
a card that gives deathzilla

A legendary death bat pet that gives a poison card and 10 health

A mount that looks like a bony fish with vampire fangs

A staff that gives a ghoul card and 20% critical block and gives an extra power pip in beginning of battle

And gives a random pet snack, random minion treasure card, and random house item thank you for reading it took me an hour to think of all that :)

Mar 28, 2009
level 5+ gear called halloween gear

Halloween hood level 5+ only
50 health
20 mana
2% resist
1% accuracy
5% boost
gives two black cat cards

Halloween robe level 5+ only
75 health
25 mana
5% resist
2% accuracy
7% boost
gives one weakness card

Halloween boots level 5+ only
30 health
15 mana
3% resist
1% accuracy
2% boost
gives one death leprechaun card

Halloween athame level 5+ only
10 health
25 mana
5% resist
1% power pip chance

Halloween ring level 5+ only
25 health
5 mana
1% resist
2% power pip chance

Halloweem amulet 5+ only
1 mana
10 health
1 dark sprite card 1 death shield card

Halloween staff level 5+ only
1 halloween hit card hits 55 death
2% power pip chance

Halloween pet dragon
Gives dragon blade at adult
Gives hex at teen
Gives 5 health at teen
Gives 5 mana at ancient
Gives 2% accuracy at teen

Blood bat mount

Hope you like my idea
:-) :-) :-) :-) :) :-)

Mar 28, 2009
Wrath of the wraith helm level 35+ only
50 mana
10% power pip chance
5% accuracy
15% stun resist
7% resist
30% critical block
15% myth resist
15% life resist
15% death resist
gives one wraith card
gives one feint card
gives one gargantuan card
great deal

Mar 28, 2009
Octobers pack legends only

Death hat of the hidden level 60+ only
400 health
100 mana
20% boost
10% death boost
30% resist
5% death resist
67% critical
20% critical block
5% accuracy
10% stun resist

Death robe of the hidden level 60+ only
500 health
110 mana
30% boost
20% death boost
10% resist
5% death resist
33% critical
10% critical block
10% accuracy
15% stun resist
Gives 1 Gargantuan card

Death boots of the hidden level 60+ only
200 health
50 mana
15% boost
5% death boost
10% resist
5% death resist
30% critical block
5% accuracy
10% stun resist
Gives 2 Feint cards

Athame of the hidden level 60+ only
100 health
30 mana
7% boost
5% resist
7% critical block
2% accuracy
5% stun resist

Ring of the hidden level 60+ only
200 health
150 mana
3% boost
15% death boost
7% resist
4% critical block
10% stun resist

Amulet of the hidden level 60+ only
150 health
5 mana
5% stun resist
1% resist
Gives one elemental shield card
Gives one spirit shield card
Gives one amputate card

Wand of the hidden level 60+ only
Gain 1 more power pip in beginning of battle
Gives one Hidden spec card 130 death damage
30% critical
10% critical block
10% resist
5% accuracy

Ghost pet
May cast sprite spell
Gives dragon blade
Gives one weakness card at adult

Evil ghost mount
40% speed

Deck of the hidden level 60+ only
Max spells 70
side deck 40

Hope you liked it :-) :-o :x

May 24, 2009

These are some ideas that we could do some quests with some new card rewards!

Frankenstein Manor: Location -Wizard City

Mummy Trouble: Location - Palace of Fire Krokotopia

Werewolf Blues: Location - Wizard City

Capturing Jack the Ripper: - MarleyBone

Curing Dr Jekyll - MarleyBone

Defeat the Night Scourge (Dracula) - Wizard City

This is all I have, I was thinking that the cards could be about Halloween but not be Treasure Cards. This way we could show it off in years to come.

These may be the best quests i have ever seen. i would also like to add a quest.

hunt for the loch ness monster (kraken) - Crab ally

Dec 14, 2008
how about a masks that you put on and you turn into that creature. like a screamer mask that allows you to turn into a banshee, like a transformation, and it also gives you the card.

also, what about a wand that allows you to pull a trick. you could use it to turn the wand of everyone around you into a carrot. or one that allows you to make a Vampire follow you around. or one that makes spiders pop out of the ground and crawl around for a little.

for pets i think that there should be a jack o lantern. a witch yould be cool too. and a bat or vampire bat. there should be a shadow pet that looks like a black mist.

i think that to get this cool stuff without buying it you should be able to "trick or treat" where you go from house to house getting money and other stuff and occasionally a monster will pop out of the house, pulling you in to a battle.

May 19, 2011
Why hello there professer maybe the harvest lord costume ~Heather SoulStalker~ :D

Dec 04, 2010
Creating costumes from other games or media, enough alike that people would get the joke, but different enough there is no copyright issues.

Fred & Wilma Flintstone
Scooby and Shaggy Doo the Dog

PACMAN and his ghosts


May 02, 2010
More morphing potions like turn invisible or into your pet or mount, and spooky mounts like a death broomstick, spider etc...

Jul 15, 2010
How about removing spirited , gifted , durable , dashing , etc from pets I for one do not do pet derby and these are very unsatisfied talents that I'm receiving , and how about upping the percentage rate of getting pet , I just spent 3 hours switching pets to boost my 1 pet I did it on 4 of my wizards at 45,500 = 182,000 coins I just used to get back my sea turtle.

Sep 25, 2010
A pumpkin pet,a witch costume,a candy pet,a Malistaire costume,a Merle Ambrose costume,a Gamma costume and pet,a skeleton pirate costume and pet,an alien pet and costume,and a colonial girl and boy costume.