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We need your ideas!

Jan 03, 2009
Someone said skeleton horse, which I like, and a scarecrow pet. Also maybe a snowman pet made of pumpkins, and candy/pumpkin styled pet snacks.

Jun 19, 2009
I say that in all the worlds were it's all sunny they should turn dark like at night with mist floating around.

May 25, 2009
fairy costumes! devil costumes! wich costumes! skelaton costumes! vanpire costumes! hope you like them!

May 01, 2010
OK... just thinking 'out loud' here... The first idea is my favorite and would be so much fun potentially.

A set of 'Trick or Treat Treasure' cards... you have no idea what any card will do... they all just say 'Trick or Treat Treasure' on them.... once cast they could do almost anything or be any card.... this could be particularly amusing for dueling... you could have trick or treat duels with only these cards... or someone suddenly just throws in one of these cards in a battle circle in the PvE game... maybe it does something that helps the wizards... maybe it does something that is just amusing, but has no real effect, like it casts a costume on you or a teammate, or even an opposing player/mob for the fight or maybe longer... maybe it does something that helps the mobs... stuns your entire team for a round... heals one of the baddies, etc... summons another baddie... you know, trick or treat cards... maybe you get these through a set of trick or treat quests where you have to go trick or treating all across the spiral to all the main NPCs... and they give out random Trick or Treat Treasures!! I like this idea a LOT... :)

OK, random ideas about costumes and such... really random...

I notice that some of the hats come with a 'veil' or face mask so I assume you can make masks.

Glowing masks and masks with particle effects.
Animal Masks.
Just the head of some NPC or mob.

In general modular pieces that can be mixed and matched. This would allow making all sorts of unique hybrid critters and entities... head or a triton, body of..., legs of...

Costumes of the Teachers, Zeke, Gamma, etc.

Costumes of the villains, e.g. a Malistaire costume.

size costumes/potions that make you bigger or smaller.

movement costumes/potions that make you dance or constantly be doing some animation.

Costumes that make you switch places with your pet... that is the pet is big and the wizard is small and follows the pet around.

Maybe a one day stitching/dye amnesty where stitching is free so costumes can also easily be made functional as well.

costumes of objects... rocks, trees, flames, reagents,

card costumes so you can look like your favorite card... flat with a with legs and arms and a head that stick out of the card to match the card. It would be really cool if this was a robe that actually cast that card.

A costume of the Spiral.

Celestia costumes will no doubt be a must.

Trick or treat quests where you get pet snacks, or tricked!

Mana and Health Wisp costumes.

Special mystery reagents and chests.

Morphing costumes that randomly change over time.

Spell effect costumes so you can look like you are being effected by any spell, i.e. stun, wand effects, etc.

Oh... this is not exactly a costume, but how come there aren't magic carpet mounts?

Randomized teleport portals. They tp you someplace, but who knows where?

Scavenger hunts.

Costumes that make you walk or move funny.

single day Halloween pets.

Costumes in a completely different animation style... you know how anime will change the animation style completely for a scene?

Rock band/musician costumes that you play music...

sound effect and musical instrument costumes in general... screams, whistles, evil laughter, spell effects, NPC voices bytes... (erm... I would make these 1 day costumes so they go away)

Costumes for mounts... or special halloween 1 day mounts.

Crowd/doppelganger costumes that make you look like you are several people... or make your equipped pet look like a crowd following you around... this could be made into a vanity pet or costume with some emotes... cheering, clapping, a tiny moving party etc.

costumes that give you multiple heads, arms legs

age/gender costumes... grow a beard walk with a cane, wear diapers and toddle around...

hmmm... a week of appearance amnesty in which you can retake the appearance part of the test, or a crown barber shop or something... ok.. not a costume, but still...

dance/animation potions for parties

do you make a spook house or spook house ride?

in general you could have a Halloween carnival with rides and games and such... once coded it could be re-used...

a vanity potion that changes the camera angle so you are always looking at yourself

a pet POV potion so you see the world through your pets eyes

Apr 02, 2009
First of all:


Now, my ideas for costumes, Make a costume for each school, something like:

Fire: Helephant

Ice: Colossus

Storm: Stormzilla

Life: Centaur (Might be a little hard) or Seraph

Death: Wraith

Myth: Minotaur

Balance: Judgement Lady

And when I mean Available to everyone, I mean you buy them with GOLD not crowns.

Dylan ShadowTalon Lvl 46 Diviner

Apr 02, 2009
Stephanie101 wrote:
Biochemie wrote:
I actualy think that for Halloween only the death school people should be given quests and associated bonuses.
For the other schools they each have their own days as well:
Ice: Dec 21
Life: March 21
Fire: June 21
Balance: September 21
Myth: April 1
Storm: July 1
Everyone gets stuff on Feb 29

That's a really cool idea...I think I'd put Fire in July (could have a fireworks themed week), and Storm in April. ^_^

That'd be awesome! On Storm Day Wizard City could be flooded and everything was under water with fish and storm sharks swimming around. Every Storm wizard would get a free pet, a free wand, and a free clothing set, and a mount.

Pet: Storm Shark that flops around on the ground when you are on land and swims when you are in the water.

Wand: A lightning bolt that gives you 10 cards that do 120 damage for 0 pips at 100% accuracy


Hat- A roman crown made of golden leaves, +3% Storm Accuracy +5% Storm Damage +8% Storm Resistance

Robe- A Toga with a lightning bolt on it, +4% Storm Accuracy +7% Storm Damage +10% Storm Resistance

Shoes- Sandals!, +3% Storm Accuracy +6% Storm Damage +9% Storm Resistance

Mount: A Storm Cloud

Jul 05, 2010
i think we should all get a new tromsformation for free.like a wraith tramformation.

Nov 24, 2009
ok we should have ninja pig costumes and a code called haloween that gives us stuff and we should have a huge party and yeah

costumes should be : ninja pig
: ambroses clothes
: malistares clothes

pets should be a death bird : pirzate : giant rat


Jun 25, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

greyrose i hope your ready i bet this will top all the other posts ( me and my friend came up with this stuff ) we thought maybe a wraith costume would be nice the wings on the cloak would make you fly gives you 40% faster the shoes would be like bone feet we also though a banshee costume would be cool the hat would be like a banshee's hair the cloak would be either red or white gives you a 40% speed boost pets: hmm black ghost pets maybe some black banshee pets would be cool we also thought of these cool things a secret trainer for halloween he gives you a spell of a cost of 0 training points but to learn the spell you must fight the trainer rank 6 boss 4,000 health ( you must complete mooshu to begain this task ) and the spell he teaches is spectre 70% acuuracy 400 damage 4 pips to cast one last thing if you have completed the final countdown quest merle summons you and says that you can learn a special limited edition spell for death magic you must go into a tomb in the necropolis and fight malistare's soul! rank 20 death boss 20,000 health yes people can port into the building it will also have a sigil on the outside when you defeat malistare's spirit he teaches you a spell called dark burst it looks exactly like malistare's natrual attack i hope you like me and my friends ideas

hunter legendwraith level50 necromancer i live my life quarter mile at a time

Feb 07, 2009
I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how to make a malistair staff in real life, I got the rode and the things to help me look like him just need the staff....Any ideas how to make one or buy one??

Jun 17, 2010
Well i cant think of any transformation. BUT IF WE COULD HAVE SOMETHING FOR HALLOWEEN i want a black cat mount :D

Nov 12, 2009
How about witch transformations? Then people with brooms could actually look like witches flying around, or for the people with no mounts how about a vampire transformation? Tha'd would be cool. 8)

Jun 13, 2010
Personaly it would be great if you could take some kinda potion when ur an apprentice wizard then choose ur favorite spell in ur school and press... I dunno,
maybe T to turn into it and again to turn back (this way it won't time you out and turn you back like it does when you do the transformation of the ninja pig). Then when you duel at the bottom where is says "pass" "draw" and "flee" there will be another key that makes you in your creature form "attack" (kinda like how the lost soul in Unicorn Way doesn't normally use spells it just uses ITSELF to attack) and the attack will look the same as how it looks when you summon it. Lets say you press T and turn into a evil snowman, then run into a skeletal pirate, and press the new button under "draw" and your "evil snowman character attacks like it does when you summon it with a reguler old spell( it doesn't have to be an evil snowman it could be any spell in your school). When you get bored of it just press T again and turn back. But since it doesn't and can't time you out and turn you back, to make it fair it should cost maybe a bit more crowns as the "Thunder hound in the petshop." Oh and by the way, this game rocks it's the best I've ever played.

Jul 04, 2010
I would love to have the outfits of all the females on Dragon Spire. Specially Zanetta Stormbreaker.

Aug 07, 2009
I think the best hallows eve pets you could ever get would be the scare crow and of course the centaur "aka half horse, half man guy,the life school spell" :D. So how bout making them wizard101? I'd never forget that hallows eve for sure!!!

Jan 11, 2010
For costumes, I think a couple choices from each world would be nice, and as for pets, I think a grendel would be great!

Jun 26, 2009
How about the old Big Nose Funny Glasses costume hat. I also like the Pirate idea costume. Maybe like a Martian costume with a Big green head. How about an Evil Pumpkin pet that would be cool. Maybe a Zombie getup with a free zombie gift pet on Halloween. How about a Ghost costume. Maybe even a nice old Jack-O-Lantern housing item with Hanging Skeletons housing item. A Skeleton wand with 2 Skeleton heads one on the top the other on the bottom. (Maybe a amulet that gives a Scarecrow. JK, though that would be nice.) This is all i could think of.

Sloan Windthistle

Aug 17, 2010
I think those are all awesome ideas! Personally, it would be awesome if you could buy little costumes for you pets only for Halloween!!

Oooh oooh!! Mrs. Greyrose, can I dress up my Ice Mander as a pirate and take him to school with me?!

-Myrna Dragon

Oct 21, 2009
How about a "field guard pet" that gives you a field guard spell of level 5; 300 damage and gives you 150 back as a baby, adult level 22 spell; 350 damage and you get 175 back and at ancient you get a level 48 spell it attacks for 494 damage and gives you back 245.

DefeatThe Kraken in wizard city to get this pet.

Oct 21, 2009
I would like to see a "life kraken pet". (he should be green)

Level 30 Life kraken spell at Adult with damage 700 to 800. pips 5.
Level 40 Life kraken spell at Ancient with damage 800 to 900. pips 6.
Level 48 Life kraken spell at Epic with damage 1000 to 1200. pips 7.

And a "Ice Centar pet". ( he should be light blue)

Level 48 Ice Centar spell, needs 7 pips to cast; Ice 1000 damage then it attacks with life for 500 damage at ancient.

To get these pets it should be from the ice and life school only at level 40 with a mission from the teachers.

Jun 06, 2009
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

I'd love to see a scythe Wand, held as a Staff.

Possible example (by the way, I've wanted this as a Wand effect for some time):

Pandemonium Thresher
Gives one 85-Damage Wand Flare from each School.

As for Familiars (you call them "Pets," but since they grant a Wizard magical energy, the technical term is "Familiar." That would make for a nice touch), I believe you can't go wrong with coloring a HeckHound brown and slapping a shirt, a vest, and trousers on it; call it a WereWolf and you're good to go. :D

Costume-wise, the best costumes would be Elixirs that you ended ("took off") at your leisure. This way, you look like what you intend to look like, and keep your Clothing bonunes. Just my two cents.

Jul 03, 2009
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Halloween will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure all of the wizards are dressed appropriately. What costumes, clothing items, or pets would you like be able to purchase in the shopping district for your character for Halloween?

Here is something much more useful for you to work on. Figure out how to Penalize wizards from fleeing from battles in Celestia. I have been in so many battles and some ignoramus gets caught and pull in a 3rd enemy to my fight then flees. D0 YOU KNOW HOW INFURIATING THAT IS. CAUSE IT ADDS ABOUT 10 MIN TO MY BATTLE, ASSUMING I LIVE!!

Instead of goofy Halloween costumes how about find a way to penalize wizard for this action or once i get to Legendary status, that is all I am going to do is go around the game and jump in to fight and then flee. I am not going to lose mana, cause I can escape, quit, or I can hit house preview, or heck I can really flee wont matter then. If KI dont figure out a way keep wizard from doing this in Celestia, I am going to take a few days off just the cause problems for all the other wizards, especially the solo one.

So, you need a report for fleeing button. PLEASE. Make them Sit out for 10 MIN if they Flee or leave a battle and get Reported.

Isaac dreambringer

Sep 26, 2009
I know this is a bit late for halloween but maybe for next time.

The witches costume is great but personally i like the boys one better where it is a skeleton. Maybe you can make it optional for the witches or the skeleton. I had to make a boy wizard to figure out that it was the same thing cause i havent really ben paying attention alot last halloween anyway maybe you can take that into consideration. <(^^,)>

2 grands
1 lvl 23ish
1 lvl 1
1 lvl 12?

Feb 18, 2010
i think an awesome costume would be the sailor scouts!!!!! from an old tv show for those who dont remember lol. all of them including the inner and outer sailors. i would love a super and eternal sailor moon costume to wear on halloween. same with the rest of the sailors and their transformation wands. like mars could have a 110 fire attack, jupiters 110 storm attack, venus 110 life attack, mercury a 110 ice attack, and sailor moon, which you could buy all of the ones she ever had, original to eternal, would be balance. neptune could have ice too and uranus (not a joke) could be balance too. saturn and pluto could be death. OH. maybe instead of the transformation wands you could use their super sailor attacks like mars flaming arrow and mercurys aqua harp or whatever it is. same with the rest of the sailors just to be clear lol. and when you change into the outfits assuming you put them in which you most likely wont, you could lose the hats and get the tiaras earrings and hairstlyes but still in the color you originly chose. oh and for the attacks maybe you could use the tranfermation wands and in sailor moons case the brooch and her transformation, to start off the attack, then in the middle of the duel field you could do the super sailor attack that i mentioned earlier. as for the guys they could be tuxedo mask and throw roses lol. OH and you could also do the princess serena neo queen serenity and the serenas mothers dress, the first queen serenity that they mentioned in the series. that would be awesome!!!!!!!! i saw a site that had real life neo princesses of the other planets but idk if they just made those up or if the creaters of sailor moon made those. maybe if they are real you could put those in too. ok thats all the ideas i have no but ill be back if i have any other ideas about sailor costumes. PLS PUT THIS INTO CONSIDERATION KI. i recently got back into sailor moon and i would love to have costumes on this game. maybe even a new world about it. at least think about it.

Jan 29, 2011
Borme wrote:
Yeah, I'd Like the Trick or treating idea, I'd Be kinda nice to have School based costumes..
~Death - Ghoul for guys,Banshee for girls
~Balance - Maybe as the Kroks?
~Life - Leprechaun for Guys, Pixie for Girls?
~Fire - Fire Elfs, maybe Sun Birds?
~Ice - Evil Snowmen :P
~Storm - I guess they could go as the Kraken or Stormzilla
~Myth -Troll, Cyclops, Minotaur..

Two Cents...

I like that idea with morphing into things like that :) :-) :D