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We need your ideas!

Jun 19, 2009
I want more masks!
Animal Masks
Blank White Face Masks
Vampire Mask
Frankenstein's Monster Mask
Banshee Mask

Ghoul costumes

Wigs would be nice too!
Medusa's Snake Hair
Powdered Colonial Wig

Tons of fun, festive ideas are out there. :)

Mar 28, 2009
Halloween Robe of Defence 10+ only 3600 crowns or 360,000 gold
300 health
150 mana
+10 power pip chance
+5 damage
+15 resist
+30 stun block
+20 critical block
Gives 1 weakness card
Gives 1 Tower Shield card
Gives 1 Elemental Shield card
Gives 1 Spirit Shield card
I hope you like my idea :-)

May 02, 2009
i think there sould be hounted house world just for october like my ghost town thread.

May 02, 2009
i am bored so here are some weird ideas

1) live action role play skit about the staff at revanwood(that you can watch in dorm/house)

2) screaming claw( it's for level 30 give one gold pip and has 6 blank spells(you pick the school spell when you use the spell)

3) pintable cards for costume.

Mar 09, 2009
What about Harry Potter costumes!!!!!! or maybe bring some hp characters to W101!

-Dustin RavenBreath aka Country Gamer
Level 60 Myth

Dec 22, 2008
MasterForm wrote:
1. Pumpkin Mask

2. Random Hell Hounds popping up roaring, "Happy Halloween!"

3. A wand/staff topped with a Pumpkin.

4. Ambrose dressing as Chuck Norris :)

5. The Ability to change yourself into a Hopping Pumpkin! :-)

Thats all I got.
LOL! Love the idea about Ambrose as Chuck Norris! :P

May 30, 2009
Here are my costume ideas (they act like skins do in Ps3 and XBox games, and can be bought at the stores)

1. Malistaire
2. Vampire
3. Robot
4. Anubis

I also have ideas for events which include:

Wizard City: Scourge of the Manor you have to defeat Dracula.
Krokotopia: Sewer Crocs. You have to go through the aqueduct to find and destroy whatever is mutating the crocodiles into boat size monsters.
Marleybone: Gang Fight. Baxter sends you undercover to flush out a pocket of the ghoul gang: a tower where you must fight Lord Nightshade, The Krokomummy champion from the Arena, and the Agony Wraith.
Mooshoo: Tree's Roots. You try to find out how the Oni could so quickly corrupt the tree of life, and find the well of demons: fight the war, plague, and death onis (in seperate fights)
Dragonspyre: Essence of Decay: A trip into the Atheneum's Wild Book Room proves more dangerous than you could imagine.

Jan 09, 2009
How about a werewolves versus vampires thing, at the beginning of the month (you can change that part) You get to choose between being a vampire or a werewolf. Then while running aroung the streets you can battle your opposite, and you can also bite people and turn them into your species. The more of the opposite creature you defeat, the stronger you become, but the more that beat you, the weaker you get. Orrrr... A vampire and were wolf transformation. Actually, even better! For balance, you get to transform into a hydra or Ra, for myth you get to become a troll, cyclopes, gorgon, or minotaur, for fire you could become a werehound heckhound, a draconian, or a helephant, for ice, you could become a colussus, or a werehound icehound, for death you could become a vampire, a banshee, a ghost, or a zombie, for life you could become a satyr, centaur, forest lord, or leprechaun, and last and certainly least, for storm you could become a werehound stormhound, triton, or a storm lord.

Rogan Dragonflame, Legendary Pyromancer and author of The destined Ones.

Jun 11, 2010
Relik wrote:
Here are some suggestions from me:


Skeleton Horse

Jack O' Lantern

Witch (floating on the broom)

Undead Pirate





Skeletal Staff:

Damage: 55 cold
Level: 5+
School: Death Only

Staff of Horrors:

Damage: 55
Level: 5+
School: Myth

Dark Flame Staff

Damage: 55
School: Fire

Black Ice Staff:

Damage: 55
Level: 5
School: Ice

Squall Staff:

Damage: 55
Level: 5
School: Storm

Quick Sand Staff:

Damage: 55
Level: 5+
School: Balance

Staff of Thorns

Damage: 55
Level: 5+
School: Life

Robe Sets





Pirate Bandanna

Pirate Hat

Bunny ears

Jack O' Lantern


These are some ideas that we could do some quests with some new card rewards!

Frankenstein Manor: Location -Wizard City

Mummy Trouble: Location - Palace of Fire Krokotopia

Werewolf Blues: Location - Wizard City

Capturing Jack the Ripper: - MarleyBone

Curing Dr Jekyll - MarleyBone

Defeat the Night Scourge (Dracula) - Wizard City

This is all I have, I was thinking that the cards could be about Halloween but not be Treasure Cards. This way we could show it off in years to come.

Sorry, there is already Jacques the Scratcher in MarleyBone year round, but I like the Dr. Jekyll idea.

Mar 06, 2010
1. Creature transformations (I gonna do at least three for each school; the ones that would be huge will be smaller) : Sun bird, phoenix, efreet, giant thunderbat (lol), kraken, storm lord, stormzilla, triton, (i had tons storm ideas) collosus, snow angel (just the creature that rides, lol), frost giant, ice wyvern, ghoul, banshee, wraith, centaur, forest lord, sprite, minotaur, cyclops, troll, medusa, maybe even talos (the minion), judgement, hydra, krok, mander.

2. Mounts: Skeletal Horse (or nightmare, like the pet), The Pegasus from snow angel.

3. Wands: Bone Sword - 6 tiers- any level, gives 5 65 damage death cards, 10+_75 damage, 20+_85 damage & norm pip, 30+_95 damage & norm pip, 40+_105 damage and power pip, 50+_115 damage and power pip, 60+_125 damage and power pip plus 20 critical and 20 block rating.

4. Pets: Have the nightmare on sale, plus a bonezilla pet, that gives a bonezilla card, that takes 6 pips, 85% acc. and does 620 damage

5. Equipment: X-ray Suit! A skeleton that glow's green. X-ray Mask w/ plague card, X-ray outfit w/ feint card, X-ray Boots w/ doom and gloom card. Wraith suit, like wraith transformation except it's three parts, plus you can see character face and hands instead of bones. Haunted Hat w/ Scarecrow card, Death's Robes w/ Wraith card, Deadly Boots w/ skeletal pirate card.
Also, for these, you can decide the stats yourselves, except for cards.

Also, make these crowns OR Huge amounts of gold i mean like 50000 for pets and mounts and 40000 for each wand or piece of equipment.

Dec 17, 2008
Here's a really fun idea. I made a thread about cool new ideas for equipment, emotes, and text chat stuff. ( look it up, and post on it plz! :D ) Anyways, it would be also cool if their we emotes for like jumping out at people. There could also be potions the would allow you to turn into all the spells there is, just wizard-size. Wouldn't it be fun to run around as a leviathan, or a ghoul or storm lord or something? Another cool idea, in dark cave, you could make a quest or tower or dungeon or something, that at the end, their would be a trick or treat basket. You would be able to choose from a few different prizes, like maybe 1000 gold, or a holiday pet, or or a set of clothes or wands. or a devil costume!

Andrew Life garden, Level 60 life
Andrew Ghost wraith, Level 43 death
Noah Storm sword, Level 29 storm