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Oct 03, 2010
A tip i can offer to balance wizards is for pvp. When you get mana burn; one way to make it even better is to use power play to get your enemies pips high, then you can pop the pips. Most people think power play isn't good. If you use it right; it can be the best bubble spell.

Jul 28, 2013
My tip would be to go to the bazar every five levels because if you need some equipment eg. A robe with more health but you can't find it in the world go to the bazar because I have a lvl 36 Pyro and I was in Marlybone and I couldn't defeat a certain boss so I went to the bazar bought all this stuff and I owned him. Also don't quicksell or feed to pet save up your inventory and then go to the bazar to sell all of it. You'll make a nice profit and be able to make a bit of money.


Jan 02, 2012
Have any of you wizards ever wondered how on Earth to get the "One in a million" badge? I struggled with it for a long time, and it was extra frustrating because I would spend all my gold on TC and then fail, and have to try again. But here are some strategies I figured out for earning this badge.

1) Battle a boss of the same school you are in; that way, when you use convert, it will boost.

2) Get a pet that has at least one good trap or blade, and some damage for your school always helps!

3) Use either the Berserk or Vengeance aura.

4) Use gear that gives good damage, critical rating, and if possible, blades/traps.

5) Put only one of everything in your deck, so you don't forget what you have and haven't already used.

6) If you're going to use a spell that does damage to you and then gives a trap or blade, use that first.

7) Get as many TC as you can find, one of each.

8) Use convert, and have traps of the opposite school. Ex: If you are death, have death traps and blades, convert to life, and have life traps, too.

9) Put on the weakest traps and blades first; that way, it will do more damage.

10) Don't forget about your health, and heal if you need to.

11) Turn off friend teleports, or even be hidden to friends. If someone is helping you, tell them to do the same.

Hope this helped. Have a wonderful day!

Rebecca Shadowbreeze Lvl 66 Megan Sunsong Lvl 51 Ryan Lvl 44 Haley Stormcloud Lvl 43 Sophia Rubyflame Lvl 35 Isabella Rose Lvl 32 Thank you for your time.

Jan 12, 2012
ultimatewizard wrote:
FINALLY someone who does battles this way. And i thought i was alone in the world. :D
I do this as well

Jan 23, 2011
The Wise One on Mar 12, 2013 wrote:
Dont be afraid to ask for help. Wizard102 is not meant to be soloed through the whole way. It is ok to ask for help, why do think dungeons have enough room for 4 people?

SLoan Nightgrove Level 4 Fire
yah I think you are right I ask for help all the time if I get defeated. because you can friend people to help them with quests or they can help you

GraceDaisyHeart lvl 51

Mar 12, 2013
Make friends with people higher and lower lvl than yourself.

This way, when you need guidance and mentoring you can ask the higher lvl people. Show them respect and listen to what they have to say. If you have good judgment and work hard, occasionally they may invite you into battles and worlds you would have to wait weeks to see. This can help you level up fast and watch how higher lvl wizards work together.

When you have reached a high enough lvl, you can help other friends who are lower lvl than you. Pay it forward. If you would ordinarily solo a boss or a group of minions, you can invite your lower lvl friend in so he can help you and you can show him a glimpse of things to come. These up and coming wizards will be a lot more eager to come to your aid than people on your own level or above.

If you are a good mentor and use good judgment about who to invite into higher level worlds, you will have made a strong, capable friend and ally for life.

Few things are stronger than the bond between a hand reaching up for help and a hand reaching down to give it.

Mar 17, 2012
banzai wrote:
i agree 100%, and try to explain this to people who battle with me. the best way to increase your chances of survival is to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF THINGS ATTACKING YOU. you will be able to kill the enemies with the least hit points fastest. therefore, always attack the weakest guy first.
I agree to 100% ive been doing that almost since I started.

Apr 01, 2011
1. If you can't defeat a certain boss and minion at the same time, place down a mark before you enter the battle, defeat the minion, then flee and come back to get rid of the boss (Make sure you have potions!). Though there are a few battles that won't let you do that, I'd say about 95% of them do.

2. Make sure you keep a reshuffle in either your deck or treasure card deck, just in case! I cannot stress that enough

3. Try to keep a smaller deck when your not fighting a boss. Don't add cards that you most likely won't even use.

4. Keep a satyr or two in your treasure card deck.

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Dec 27, 2011
Start the battle with casting 0 pip spells like tower shield and save 0 pip healings for later.

Antonio, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Jan 27, 2010
A tip for solo players is to always have a full deck of treasure cards on hand

Sep 19, 2010
I try to never use a power pip on a spirit or elemental blade. The pip cost for those blades is 1, so why would I spend 2

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Jul 22, 2011
buy a lot of the tc "tough" to help schools with lower attack
it is very cheap only 22-20 gold

Jun 27, 2013