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new spell ideas that the wizard101 creators WILL c

Dec 31, 2010
COOL Ideas! 8) Here are mine:

Crypt Spider
800 drain damage and convert half to heal and stun 1 round to all enemies.

"A tomb laced in cobwebs rises out of the ground. Screen zooms inside and 3 pairs of red eyes open one pair at a time. Screen shudders and tomb explodes. Giant spider appears, lots of tiny spiders escape from a mound of web behind the giant spider. Spider rears back and strikes enemy. Blue energy runs up the string connecting the spider and its fangs. Spider turns to caster and spits a giant ball of blue energy onto the caster. Spider turns to opponent, raises its abdomen and squirts silk onto the opponent and spins it around the enemy while little spiders scurry towards the foe. Then stun" ( to all enemies )

Deathworm: 20% pierced 700 damage to all enemies and destroy all wards

"A little village in the desert sprouts up with little people running around (similar to stormzilla). Then a giant toothed and spiked worm jumps up from the ground and devours the village and faces it's head to the opponent. First it dives head first onto the opponent and keeps borrowing under them, causing damage. Then, it comes out of the ground again and spits acid (like humongo frog but faster) and destroys all wards (repeat to every enemy).

Sincerely, Jeffrey Spirithunter
lvl 70 Necromancer
"Death is for the past, Life is for the future..."