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new spell ideas that the wizard101 creators WILL c

Dec 10, 2008
Actually zeke, i didnt say that i has insider knowlage. I just they are ideas i THOUGHT of. Where did you see that i said that, id like to know.

Dec 10, 2008
Wizard101 level 78 spells

Storm- Storm Knight. 2075-2135 and - 80% accuracy to next attack for opponent.

Ice- Glacial Ending. 1450

Myth- Akuma. 1840-1910 and stun.

Fire- Blazing sun. 1435-1510 and -45% accuracy to next attack for opponent.

Balance- End of time. 1660-1725

Death- Haunted graveyard. 1600-1685

Life- Nature God. 1100-1170, and heal 300 per pip to your choice of friend.

Wizard101 level 88 spells

Storm- Zeus. 1900 and + 200 for each additional pip.

Ice- Khione. 1580-1660

Fire- Hephaestus. 1500-1570

Myth- Ares. 1900 damage and 2 stun.

Balance- Asteroid. 1550 and -90% to next 4 spells.

Death- Demonic Soul. 1690 and +70% next 3 attacks.

Life- Angry tree warrior. 1335 and heal your choice of friend 400 per pip.

Dec 10, 2008
Wizard101 level 100 spells. (fake)

Storm- Poseidon. 2795-2845 and 4 stun to enemy.

Ice- Ice age. 2090-2145

Fire- Burning Fright. 2100-2185 and -100% attack to enemy.

Death- The grim reaper. 1900 convert half to health (950).

Myth- Cerberus. 500, 600, then 700 myth damage.

Life- Life finality. 1750 and heal 1900 to friend of your choice.

Balance- Final frontier. 1500 and and 100 per pip to all others.

Jun 21, 2009
name: ultimate thunder
accuracy: 100
effect: has a 50-50 chance of doing 10,000 damage to the enemy, or killing your character for the rest of the duel
apperance: your character stands in the middle of the field and holds up his wand/staff/sword, then storm clouds spiral around into the field. lighting crackles around it, then five bolts crash together above the player, sending a thunder bolt crashing down to the wand/staff/sword. if this doesn't kill you, the character then brings the now electricly charged wand/staff/sword down, pointing to the enemy, and launches a bolt of lightning at the enemy, which spirals around from bottom to top, then collapes into it, sending a pillar of storm energy into the air that then takes the shape of a storm lord.
other: can only be obtained once reaching level 60.

Sep 20, 2009
Sadly you only made a spell for Myth and they already created Level 48 and 58 spells. Yea. I made my own card ideas but they were Rank 9 spells so. Here are the Level 48 spells and 58 spells

Spell Name School Level Learn

Storm Lord Storm 48
Frost Giant Ice 48
Fire Dragon Fire 48
Rebirth Life 48
Scarecrow Death 48
Orthrus Myth 48
Power Nova 48

Leviathan Storm 58
Snow Angel Ice 58
Effrent Fire 58
Forest Lord 58
Skeletal Dragon 58
Medusa 58
Ra 58

Jun 20, 2009
MasterColeman wrote:

BALANCE: Balance BLade Wielder-700 to all plus 200 for evey blance blade you have.
effect: if you have balance blade or bladestorm or both it takes that blade from you like normally and gets it in real time and slashes to enemies of your chosing with it/them

FIRE: Flame Core-
effect: Something like power nova just a little more on the fire side is spotted coming from the battlefield then more come depending on how many enemies there are then it hits them and they take 1200 over 3 turns

ICE: Blizzard colossus-700 to all
effect: a colossus comes and it has ice spikes and a blizzard comes and as each giant piece of sleet comes he waves his sword at each enemy.

Storm: Thunder Storm-1400 to all
effect:clouds come and waves like tempest are on the grounds then lighting links the sky and ground together and hits all enemies and stunning then for every blade you had when used.

Myth: Orthuros Pack-400 to 600 to all
effect:An orhorus smaller then normal howls and makes more come and they bite all players 2 times like then normal one.

Death: Undead Army
effect: A Wraith, Ghoul, Scarecrow, and Banshee all appear and take 1200 from all and heal 3/4 of it to all.

Life: Natures Healing, Natural Order, Natures Purest
note: ya ya ya i know hey this isnt fair I'm not life but life reeally does need attacking cards and they arent as strong
effect 1: A giant forest appears and green lights come from everything surrounding the users team and healing 100 and armor 700
effect 2: When you use it nothing happens except everyone is surrounded my flowers on your team, then when anyone is attacked they show centaur and satyrs and sprites and natures wraths come out and tackle all enemies for 1000
effect 3: Basiccall the first to combined all teammates healed 1200 shielded 800 and enemies attacked with 700, call it a major game changer.

I find that kind of unfair to ice and myth bc the fire spell does TWICE AS MUCH as the myth spell, and the storm spell does TWICE AS MUCH as the ice spell, and they are all for the same amount of pips. It's also unfair that life does 300 more damage than ice for an 8 pip spell, and for a 6 pip spell life does 35 more damage than ice. There's a big difference between 35 more damage and two pips down the road, 300 damage. If you're gonna give life a stronger attack spell, give ice and myth stronger attack spells too.

Jun 20, 2009
Ovelence wrote:
You want crazy? I can give you that. HEHEH!

Black Knight: Ice: Pips: 7: Accuracy: 100: Puts up a free elemental trap, elemental blade, ice trap, and ice blade on all enemies and you + team then does 1000-2000 ice damage: What does it look like?: Summons a huge knight in obsidian armor. The knight then with draws his spear, which is made also from obsidian but the blade is made out of the most sharpest ice! He then turns a lot and shockwaves come out of his spear, cause you and your friends to have blades and all of you foes to have traps on them! Then he jumps in the air and his spear stabs the ground, which then explode and hit your enemies with a massive ice explosion right under their feet!

This is my ice idea, they won't make it unable for arena, sadly. I went as crazy as anyone can go! I'll post my next idea as soon as one hits me!

Okay I'm glad you gave ice a nice attack spell and I totally understand that by saying 'crazy' you know that this is very overpowered. This would fit better as a 14 pip spell, not a 7 pip spell.

Mar 06, 2009
Hi Wizard101 Ryan DeathHeart here and i think you should make a spell called hybernate for life and myth schools only, it will (Stun) Make the target fall asleep for 2 turns. it will cost 2 pips and you will get this spell at level 33. iT WILL HAVE 95% Accuracy
Also there is one more, you should make a spell called ghostly revenge for death people only and it does 200 damage per pip, you can only use it after you get attacked and it must be used on the one that attacked you. you will get this spell at level 50. it will have 90% Accuracy]

Mar 06, 2009
Spell: Final Act, Damage: 2000, Rank: 8, Accuracy: 75%
School: Death Only

Intro: A dark cloud spins around you and lifts you up as it rises then it covers you up then a beam of light soots out and a magician apears (turn yourself into a magician) and it uses his magic wand and he spins it around and throws it in the air. it explodes and tons of lost soul's come out of it and than goes strait for the opponent.

Dec 10, 2008
Rotted Tree Warrior
Does 255+600 over 3 rounds.
What it looks like: It looks like natures wrath, but the tree is dark and his eyes are glowing red. He picks up a rock and throws it doing 255. Then he roars at the enemy which does 600 over 3 rounds. (855 damage)
7 pips.

May 09, 2009
If we can have dragons as pets why cant we have awesome dragon spells too? I dont have an idea for one though. :(

Jun 04, 2010

Balance spell- it makes a shield or blade into whatever it is, but it makes minus that. For example: if An enemy had a Storm blade or shield, It would make it the opposite.

Polymorph-Fire Elf.

Myth-Temple Appears with an eye on top, and the eye shoots lazers.

Death-ReDead-Zombies appear and stuns 2 rounds and adds 600 for 3 turns. (Puts the thing like poison or fire elf on.)

please reply!

Dec 20, 2008

storm destructo
what it does:600-1200 to all enemys and puts storm trap on all of them
cannot be used in pvp because:would be unfair to weaker wizards
what it looks like: there is a city and then a storm comes and a storm monster it formed out of half visible clouds the storm monster swipes at the city with its huge claws then the city is destroyed the monster goes hahahahahahahhah ( in a deep voice ) and then goes like huh? and looks at the wizards it is supposed to hit and swipes at one then he moves on and swipes at the other wizards

glad i got that out of my head well cya

Aug 04, 2009
training points:3
effect:u cast the spell and storm clouds appear over all the enemies and do 500 damage for 6 rounds
name:stormy day

Aug 08, 2010
Well my character on wizard 101 is Ryan nightshade and my friend(Marcus Hawkthorn) think they're should be 9 pipped spells and for myth we think that nine pipped spell should be called griffen, what happens in this spell is the battle field turns into a castle then a griffen flies out from behind the castle and it squaks with the voice of an eagle then swoops down and rams itself into the opponet, it attacks all enemys.

May 05, 2009
OK. Ice

Damage:210 per pip
Looks: The ground slowly freezes and a tree pops up. It starts to snow.
An icicle falls and cracks the ice. A huge ice shard comes out at the enemy,
Allowed at pvp
lvl 20

Jul 28, 2009
i think there should be a zeke spell like he takes out something out of his backpack and then he like throws stuff at you ( no offense to zeke i thought this would be a cool spell ) then it does like 100 damage per pip so if you load up on pips it could be like more than 1,000 damage then it would be like a mission for myth school ( my school ) so only myth wizards could get the spell so the card would be more like rare then if wizard101 wants to change it a little ( but not the school cause i made up the spell ) that would be fine with me so please make this spell i really like my idea i hope you do to!!!!!

Destiny DeathBlade Myth School

Feb 14, 2010
ok so here are my crazy but cool idea

name: Sun God
school: Balance
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 970 damage to all enimies and 360 health to all friends.
what it looks like: a dude comes out of the sky that is covered in golden armor and a sword and slashes the enemies with the sword.

name: Storm Basilisk
school: storm
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 980 damage and 880 damage over three rounds to all enimies
what it looks like: a huge storm dragon comes out of a cloud and yells and attacks all enimies.

name: Ares
school: fire
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 335 damage and 685 damage to all enimies
what it looks like: a warrior comes out of a pit of fire and slashes all the enimies with his his sword.

name: Ice Age Blast
school: ice
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 580 damage and stun to all enimies for two rounds
what it looks like: a cube of ice comes out and has prehistoric creatures in it and blasts the enimies.

name: Hercules
school: myth
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 680 damge to all enimies and removes all shields and blades and 450 health to all friends
what it looks like: a guy in a white tunic with blonde hair shows up and hits the enemies and then turns around and holds his hand out and heals the group

name: Zombies
school: death
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 650 damage to all enimies and converts half to life to all friends
what it looks like: a zombie pops out of a grave and walks like a zombie to the enimies and pops his arm off and throws it to the enimies and then goes back in the grave and then the grave heals you

name: Royal Life Lord
school: life
pips: 9
lvl you get it: 75
what it does: 720 to all enimies and absorb armor to all friends
what it looks like: a king apears on a throne and uses his scepter to attack all enimies and turns and give you an absorb armor.

well i hope you liked my idead respong if you like them or have any comments

May 11, 2010
My idea here is a spell that will evolve according to the level of the character, and that will probably follow the character for the entire game. And with dual purpose. I could only think of Life, Death, Fire and Ice spells of this kind for now. I will try to continue later. I hope you enjoy! :D

These spells should not be able to be learned via trainning points. The initial idea is primary school only. Also, they were made based on a maximum Level of 60. If this changes they should be re-balanced. Base accuracy follows each school's default.

- Jade blade -
Obtained: Merle Ambrose at level 1 as soon as you first talk to him
Pip cost: (Level / 10) only using integer part of the result. For levels below 10, pip cost is zero.
Effect: (10 x Level) Life damage to single target when used on enemy OR (28 x Level) healing when cast on self or allies.
- Onyx blade -
Obtained: Merle Ambrose at level 1 as soon as you first talk to him
Pip cost: (Level / 10) only using integer part of the result. For levels below 10, pip cost is zero.
Effect: (12 x Level) "Broken heart"damage to single target and convert half to self when used on enemy OR takes (10 x Level) Death damage to give (28 x Level) healing to target when cast on self or allies.
- Ruby blade -
Obtained: Merle Ambrose at level 1 as soon as you first talk to him
Pip cost: (Level / 10) only using integer part of the result. For levels below 10, pip cost is zero.
Effect: (5 x Level) + (7 x Level, over 3 rounds) Fire damage when cast on enemies OR heals (3 x Level) + (5 x Level, over 3 rounds) when cast on self or allies.
- Sapphire blade -
Obtained: Merle Ambrose at level 1 as soon as you first talk to him
Pip cost: (Level / 10) only using integer part of the result. For levels below 10, pip cost is zero.
Effect: (10 x Level) Ice damage to a single target when cast on enemies OR adds an armor to absorb (20 x Level) damage when cast on self or allies.

Nov 17, 2009
Wackyantman10 wrote:
man this hasnt been posted on for a long time well i got a new idea for a spell

effect:you summon sylvia as a minion
other details:none
other details not related to topic:i play toontown way more than wizard101 now.

sylvia was the life professer, so it should be life not myth

May 11, 2010
Idea for Astral Magic:

Sun magic
- Sun Bless -
Pip cost: Zero
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Next damage spell (not drain) will deal maximum damage.

Nov 24, 2010
fire: volcano 1,000 damage to all enemies and -45% accuracy to next spell to all enemies effect: a giant volcano comes out of the ground and shoots lava and fiery rocks at all enemies then smoke shoots out of the top causing all enemies to have -45% accuracy

death: headless horseman 850 damage too all enemies and gives half of damege to whole party effect: a pumpkin shows up in the middle of the battlefield and lights on fire from the inside then the headless horseman comes in and holds it's pumpkin head in the air and shoots fire out of it at all enemies

life: giant fly trap 750-800 damage too selected enemy +heal 300 too everyone in party effect: a small plant comes out of the ground then grows into a giant fly trap and goes into the ground then comes up underneath the selected enemy and closes it's mouth on the enemy

May 09, 2009
you should make a poly morp into:
merle ambrose
all of the teachers (molinda wu,cyrus drake)
and a saytr

Feb 13, 2010
OK this is a awsome idea for all schools


takes 4 pips

does 500 damage

you get it at level 35(or near the middle of mooshu)

what happens:

when you cast it, you get this armor on you ( like literally it covers your clothes) the armor is made out or silver metal, with trim of the color of your school. you walk in to the middle of the field, and you get a weapon(again, depends on your school storm:lightning bolt fire:spear with a tip made of fire ice: sword made out of ice(wicked sharp) Life: a pointed staff myth:two daggers with inscriptions on them death: you get the stuff that comes out of the wraiths hands balance: staff with a bottle of sand on the top) whatever your weapon is you use it one the enemy again does five hundred damage and then you drop your weapon, the armor fades of you, you walk back to your spot, and then you get a blade for your school.

I think this would be a wicked cool spell. please respond with FRIENDLY suggestions. It would be amazing if they actually made this spell! :) :-) :) :-) :) :D :D :-) :)

Jan 21, 2011
well here are a couple ideas

balance: advantage pips:0

desc: charm makes next spell you cast the weakness to opposing player/ monster ex: monster is storm it turns spell into myth monster is ice turns spell into fire

balance: team protection :pips2

desc:shields of all schools to all team members exept self

storm: great wave pips: 4

desc: a giant wave thrashes down on all opponets causing 400 dmg. to all opposers

life:gaurdian angel pips: 5

desc:angels descend from the sky behind yourself and team and give them all full health and shields tht deffend fromm majoritie of opponets magic

death:reaper pips: 5

desc:hooded figure comes from below with fire where his eyes shuld be the fire shoots out of his eyes and energy is taken and given to the person who used it dmg 1250

hope you like my ideas some of them might be a little cheap but i like them