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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Sep 29, 2009
My level: 60

Name: Shadow Avenger

Species: Wraith

Rank: 7 boss

Health: 4,673

Class: Death

Cheat: He will say " There will be no light in the shadows!" which means you cannot use any life attacks or a death prism on him or he will use Skeletal Dragon you.

Opening words: " I will not let you bring light to the shadows!"

Closing words: " I have failed to stop you!"

Jun 17, 2009
As much as that seems you can limit your house to only friends in the privacy menu.

Dec 07, 2010
I am Sophia Starcrafter, level 40 Pryomancer, and here is my boss: Name:The Guardian School:Fire Looks Like:a giant tiger that breathes fire Health:7,444 Cheat: none When you start he says: You'll never defeat me! When you defeat him he says: NOOO! I cannot be defeated! Go,Wizard,go.In the door!

Jul 09, 2009
Name:Blazing Guardian

Cheat: Summons minions the second minion uses meteor strike with deals 4,000 damage. When you heal he uses that healing move with twice the power, he also says "You just made my day". When you shield or trap (includes thing likes: wyldfire, convert, absorb) he says "You are a coward hiding behind shields and setting up traps take me head on!" He destroys the shield adds and three 70+ fire traps on each player and uses a fire dragon with base 800 attack.

Health: 8,680

Spells known: Fireblade, feint, rebirth, sprite, pixie, satyr, elemental blade, efreet, fire dragon, fire kraken, 90- tower shield, fire elementalx3, absorb

Opening words: Master Drakewalker has been loyal to me from his start. I am in debt to him for ever and as long as I draw breath I will fight for his protection in my honor!

Last Words: Master Drakewalker I will continue to fight

Second time: 4,340

Opening Words: I said I will fight for his protection and I will minions join me in this fight!

Last Words: Master Drakewalker has let you in one foolish act and ill finish you

Jun 11, 2009
Here are my stats: Level: 60 School: Life

Now, the Boss's stats: Rank: 7 School: Life

Forest Lord Elite

Says"It growls and roars:"

Cheats: It can heal with any spell, it can put a weakness on you, smokescreen, etc.

Health: Max

Spells: Regenerate SmokeScreen Weakness Natural attack( 200 damage per pip) Ingrain ( Forest lord digs it's claws in the ground, and absorbs energy, 100 health per pip) Dryad Rebirth Centaur Tower Shield Sprite Smack Attack ( What the Forest Lord animation is, LOL, 540-620 damage) Satyr Guidance Triage Brilliant Light Sanctuary Seraph LifeBlade Life Trap Spirit Blade Spirit Trap Fient Balance Blade Bladestorm Hex

Okay, I'm done now. And occasionly, it'll randomly attack with a natural attack that ranges from 500-600 damage. Hey I'm legendary leave me alone. And someone can come in with my OK if they can't fight the boss. :D

May 05, 2010
May 05, 2010
Sorry If I broke the rules on the morganthe boss :P well anyways heres my other boss

Name: Hexbreaker
Health: 8,995
Minions: Hexbreaker Rank 8 Boss (1,375 Health)
School: Death
Speech: I will not Surrender myself willingly!
Cheats: Even if your going first he will say "Time is ticking"
and will summon his weaker copies of himself. You must Defeat the minions
under 8 rounds or you will be hit by a Skeletal dragon that does 1,625 Damage per round, He will say "Too Late try again".

Jan 28, 2009
My castle is gonna be dungeon like. I feel like having a tough one.
I'm Ben iceshard Level 60 ice. my castle is massive sultans palace.
First boss
Name:Private Ice Bones
Appearance:Rattle bones but shield and armor is white and blue
Known spells:Skeletal pirate, Ice cat, Ice wyvern, Ice beetle, Snow serpent, Ice blade, Ice trap and natural attack(Swings sword)
Cheats:Double health after first defeat
Minion:Skeletal pirate rank 1 ice.
First health:700
Second health:1,400
Minion health:Same as regular skeletal pirate
Entrance:Walks out of a dark stone tower
Entrance-So you want to get into my masters house? Well you have to get through me first!
First defeat-Ye haven't defeated me yet!
Second defeat-Seems like you've beaten me. but you'll need to defeat the groundskeeper if you even want to get inside the castle!
Defeat:Like skeletal pirates and rattlebones defeat.

Second boss
Name:Mander worker
Species:Ice Mander
Appearance:An ice mander
Known spells:Ice elf, sandstorm, ice beetle, Ice blade, scarab, scorpion, Snow serpent and summon balance minion(Mander)
Minions:Mander servants. Rank 2 ice. two of them.
Minions health:900
Entrance:Is working in a zone where part of the castle is being constructed.
Entrance-So you want to get into the castle? Well the guardians forbid that!
Defeat-Defeated? By you? IMPOSSIBLE!
Defeat:Like regular mander defeat

Next bosses will come a little later because i'm busy right now.

Dec 21, 2008
Name-Satyr Monk

Cheat- When you attack he says, "You me much." He will say this after every attack over rank 4 and will then heal himself for half you hit him for until he is at 5,300 hp.

Known Spells- Satyr,Seraph, Life blade, Rebirth, Forest lord, Death shield, Natures wraith, Dryad, Leprachaun, himself, regenerate, (200 per pip)

Minions- None

Hope you like even though the cheat is long :) :) :) :)

Apr 26, 2009
You can just limit your house to friends or send people, you know. You dont need to set up such anti- social defences around your house so people won't come in.

Diana Dragonpyre
Life: Legendary

Jul 27, 2009
level 52
Name: Efreet God
Rank 7
8,500 health
Cheat: When someone hits him with a spell that does 2,000+ damage, he says "nice try" and absorbs it and attacks with the same spell at double the damage.
The Efreet God is an efreet with black flames and an orange flaming sword. He has red and black eyes. His robe is silver.

Aug 09, 2010
Ok, Im lvl 51

Boss Name: Son of Ceburus
Species: Orthrus
Class: Myth
Health: 9,000
Rank 8

Spells It Knows: Blood Bat, Troll, Cyclops, Humongofrog, Minetor (sp?), Earthquake, Natural Attack (80 dmg per pip), Myth Blade, Myth Trap, Wyvern, Blizzard, Weakness.

Cheats: On first turn, it summons 2 Minions via Earthquake (like the MB Warehouse and Casts a Tower Sheild that wont leave till they are killed. Both Are Burly Troll with 1,000 Health Each. When ever the boss is attacked, the Trolls both use HumongoFrog. When the minions are killed, Players have 3 turns to attack until the boss summons the again and renews the Tower Shield. If the players heal, the Boss will casts a one pip Earthquake.

Rewards on Defeat: Othrus Treasure Card, Gold, Pet Snacks, Dragonflies Treasure Card, Orthrus' Choker, You get to stay until i feel like kicking you.

Jun 29, 2011
I am death lvl 60

Name: Necrospector
Species: Whisp (first round)
Shadow Wizard (a wooden golem made of black wood)(second round)
Rank: 7 elite
Class: Death
First round: Has 90% Resist of all schools and casts sprite every 5 rounds the battle commences
Second round:Has 20% resist to all schools exept Life witch has a 20% boost. Has the ability to Cast any Minion spell in the game for 1 pip. Whenever you heal he uses a wraith that does Exactly the same amount as you healed (Unless you heal with a drain or a "Heal all" spell witch doesn't activate a cheat)
First health: 666
After the first time he dies he says "Death only makes me stronger"
Second Health: 6666

Aug 17, 2010
Health:7000 Name:Screamtranz Speicies:Life banshee rank:7/spells:lifeblade,lifetrap,dragonblade,satyr(can only use 3 times),life banshee,screamtranz attack(rnk.3 spell life dmg.340)FOREST LORD!(only can use it 9 times),spirit blade.

Aug 17, 2010
I would turn my castle into a dungeon,but in some way I would need a sigil outside of my castle...I've got it! My dorm! The dungeon is called,Palace of The Corrupted.Here are the bosses!
looks:a fire elf wearing black robes
Lolipop Squire
looks:fire elf wearing dark blue robes and has a sword,not an arrow.
spells for both,all death spells up to lv.10

dungeon helper:Conner Ogrehorn

speicies:rat magician
looks:green rat magician
this was part 1 of my dungeon

Apr 29, 2009
Boss name: Frost Blaze
Species: Frost Giant
Rank 7 Boss
Class: Ice
Cheat:Whenever someone heals he uses ice giant that does 2,500 damage and says " Meet EVIL SANTA! " And if someone uses a ice, fire, or death spell he puts a weakness that is - 60% on everyone on your team and says " You cannot defeat me Weakling! "
Health: 8,995

Try to beat my boss now! :) ( i am a lvl 56 ice wizard named amy dragongem )


Jul 10, 2009
bome1 wrote:
sparky1233334444 wrote:
I am level 60

Name: Eluxir Denyia
Species: Efreet
Rank 1 Elite
150 HP
Cheat: Kill him and he says "I am POWER unleashed!"
Now he has:
Rank 20 Boss
20,000 HP
Cheat: Use something 400 damage or under on him and he says: "You're weak. Let me healp out" He gives you a blade that does +600 damage to next spell you use

You should be able to pick the boss up and put it down too. Buying this should be 500 crowns.

Tebucky11 is my brother, and he has fans!
It can't be rank 20 or have more than 8,995 health. Plus, that's an odd cheat and you can't cheat if you're under level 50.
dude, he said he's level sixty, not level twenty

-Blaze Duskstone legendary conjurer

Feb 03, 2011
Well before i make the list, i think that you should be able to make your boss attack because if you dont have time for a fight or if your the persons friend the fight could just be annoying, so i think that before the fight begins a thing should come up and say "Enraged Helephant challenges you to a fight!" and you could accept it or decline it. If you decline then you are sent away. If you accept a fighting circle appears. If you loss you are sent away, if you win the boss bows and you are accepted. I think that you should be able to change your boss and that you should only be able to use bosses that are appropriate for your lvl, like a lvl 5 death has a dark sprite, a lvl 23 fire (like me) gets a fire boar from grizzleheim, lvl 60 myth gets a minotaur, etc. no one should be able to assist in the fight but every one else in the house automatically get teleported to the fight unless they turn this off at options. if more than one person are new at your house they are held next to the battle and given turns to fight. Also, your boss should wait by your door all ways and bow to you when you pass. theres all so an option to edit your boss which you can do all the time. you should have to be lvl 15 and up to get a boss and have to have a house.

ok here it goes :)
type: boar
name: loyal boar
rank 7
type fire
health 4,000
cheats: when ever you use fire spells on him he laughs says, "nice try wizard!" and -200 attack from the spell

great idea tebucky 11! I hope this comes true!

Mar 06, 2010
:x Dude i already had the idea for house enemies
But i like the idea of being able to set a boss as house security! :)

Feb 25, 2011
What the heckhound, guys! I'm surprised no one has brought you all to reality-- all you have to do is check the "Limit Home To Friends?" option in the settings! Geez! Greyrose, will you close this?

Sophia AshHeart
Level 46 Balance

Jul 08, 2009
Name: Inkwill
species: black cat
opening: "Hiss! What are you doing here? My masterrr didn't invite you! Go away! Mroow!"
cheats: first thing before either one attacks, she summons three copies of herself. Each are called "Inkguards" and resemble miniature versions of her. before each turn one will say, "Can't catch me!" if you fail to attack it then it will either heal or, if it is full health,cast bone dragon. You MUST kill the minions before even hitting Inkwill, or all four will cast Bone Dragon. If you hit her before her minions are dead she will say, "Too early! Let's play dirty!"
Health: maximum for house boss
rank: 7
closing: Ohhhh...Master will not be happy...No matter, when you come out I will be right here to destroy you! Mrooow!"

if you lose, before you are brought back to the commons (or wherever you are), she will say, "Ha! I knew you weren't worthy to enter!"

Mar 19, 2009
tebucky11 wrote:
I am getting angry that people keep coming to my house and inviting their friends over then they invite their friends and yeah and then when i try to send them away they run into an out of the house so it won't work so i am thinking that before anyone comes to your house they have to fight a boss so here are the rules!

Can't have over 8,995 health
Can't be over rank 7
Has to be your class
Species has to be a species of your class

Cheating rules

If you are level 44 or under you may NOT make a cheating boss


Extra spell
Puts a buff on himself or a weakness on you
Makes you have to kill him again but only this time he has half health
(Level 50+ only can do that cheat and once he used his/her cheat may not do it again)

Here is my boss! ( i am level 53 )

Name: The Dark Wraith
Species: Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Says "You can't kill me!" then makes you kill him again with half health
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330

So there you go hope you like my ideas! reply and make your own follow the rules :)

Well, now bro you are level 58!

Name: Mr. Hardie
Species: Efreet
Gener: ♂
Rank: 12
HP: 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999
Class: Balance
Resist/Boost: Resist Everything 99%
Cheat: If you heal, he says: "Must kill healer!" and uses a Fire Elf that does 50+99,999 Fire Damage over 3 rounds
Cheat 2: If you hurt him with storm or fire, he says: "Ouch!" and casts a Lightning Bats that does 100,049 Storm Damage. This cheat can be disabled.
Cheat 3: If you hurt him with ice, he says: "Freezing!" and casts a Snow Scerpent that does 100,049 Ice Damage. This cheat can be disabled.
Cheat 4: If you hurt him with balance, he says: "This hurts my breathing!!" and he casts a Scorpion that does 100,049 Damage.
Cheat 5: If you hurt him with Myth or Death he says "Spooky..." and casts Troll that does 100,049 damage if Myth, and a Ghoul that does 100,048 Death damage heal half to self, then does 1 death damage if Death. This cheat can be disabled.
Cheat 6: If you hurt him with life, he says: "No biggie." and heals himself the damage. This cheat can be disabled.
Cheat 7: If you kill his partner, he says: "Mr. Fluffy!" and disables Cheats 2-6, lowers his max HP to 9,999, and lowers his resist to 10%.
Cheat 8: His spells require 2 pips lower than normal, and may use two spells 20% of the time.
Bladestorm 15%
Balanceblade 15%
Hex 10%
Judgement 10% (He uses all his pips, then gains one power pip extra next round)
Ra 10%
Hydra 10%
Power Nova 10%
Feint 10%
Curse 10%
Name: Mr. Fluffy
Species: Rabbit
Gender: ♂
Rank: 1
HP: 1
Minor Spark 100% (1 damage, 0 Pips, 100 Accuracy, Physical)


Mar 19, 2009
Name: Dr. Relive
Class: Life
Species: Cat Doctor
Gender: ♂
Cheat: If you kill him, he comes back to life with health listed below.
First HP: 4,096
Second HP: 2,048
Third: 1,024
Fourth: 512
Fifth: 256
Sixth: 128
Seventh: 64
Eighth: 32
Ninth: 16
Tenth: 8
Eleventh: 4
Twelfth: 2
Thirteenth: 1
Rank: 5 for 1, 3 for 2 and 3, 2 for 5 and 6, and 1 for 7-13.
Satyr 10%
Guiding Light 10%
Sprite 10%
Fairy 10%
Pixie 10%
Rebirth 5%
Minor Blessing 5%
Lifeblade 10%
Spirit Armor 10%
Centaur 10%
Leprachaun 10%
(Only on 1, 2, and 3)
Name: Astral Fighter
Class: One is Star, one is Moon, and one is Sun
Species: Pox
Gender: N/A
Fortify 10%
Amplify 10%
Vengeance 10%
Infallibale 10%
Meteor Strike 10%
Phoenix 10%
Fireblade 10%
Sunbird 10%
Fire Trap 10%
Fuel 10%
Stormzilla (With Tough) 10%
Kraken (With Tough) 10%
Storm Shark (With Tough) 10%
Stormblade (With Cloak) 10%
Kraken 10%
Stormzilla 10%
Stormblade 10%
Storm Shark 10%
Storm Trap 10%
Supercharge 10%
Polymorph Gobbler 10%
Polymorph Mander 10%
Polymorph Colossus 10%
Polymorph Dracon 10%
Ice Wyvern 10%
Frostbite 10%
Iceblade 10%
Evil Snowman 10%
Ice Trap 10%
Legion Shield 10%


Oct 15, 2010
good idea i am sick of my level 43 friend keeps going to my house i have battled and won 3 times then kicked him out great idea

Jun 19, 2009
I am a level 60 Death named James Skullwielder

Name: Malistare's Ghost
Species : Ghost
Rank: 7
Class: Death
Cheat: "Feeling Dead yet?" Takes away half of your health if you heal
Health: 7,580
Second Health: 5,400

I would also like to make it to where I can let my friends, or other people, if I wish them to, pass.