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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Feb 12, 2009
mine will be epic (but still beatable)
I am lvl 60 death

Name: Genral Zapbones (couldnt think of better name)
Species: skeletal dragon
Health: 8,995
Rank 7
School: Death
Opening statement: turn back from this castle, or face the power of the mightiest of the bone drake!
Closing statement: You may pass worthy foe. Any tricks however, and you'll be dealing with me again!
Cheat 1: if you blade or trap, or shield he will say this: no weapons may be used against me! then he removes them
cheat 2: he will use a convert if at a disadvanage in school
3: the closer you are to max health, the more his attacks do. (if you are at full health, attacks do no less than 4000 damge. note some ice wizards can survive that)
Cheat 4: if you attack with a spell over 2 he will say this: if you wish to defeat me, you better watch the power of your spells. (he will then use satyr which heals exactly 100,000)
Cheat 5: if you use any global spell(the bubbles) he will destroy it and hit you with a skeletal dragon counter that does 2000 damage on the first hit. and then goes up by 1000 each round (i.e. first round does 3000 damage, next does 4000 damage, and last does 5000 damage.)
Cheat 6: If you heal, he will heal as well and hit you with a wraith that does damage equal to his health before he healed.
Cheat 7: he does not rely on pips
Cheat 8: if your deck runs out of cards, he says: game over. and then he hits you with a skeletal pirate that does damage equal to your max health
Cheat 9: if you pass in any round, he will use a 100,000 damage ghoul.

player tip: if you do not break any of his rules you will live. he will not attack if you do not break his rules. attack only with 1 and 2 pip spells and do not break any of his other rules. it will take forever to win, but thats the only way. :(

Jul 21, 2009
Lvl 48 Nichalos Darkblade

Name: The Fearsome Scarecrow

Spells: All except Buguile and Skeletal Dragon

Class: Death
Rank: 7 boss (If player is less than lvl 40, Rank 5 boss All spells up to Skeletal Pirate, If less than lvl 15 Rank 3 boss all up to banshee)

Health: 7000 (lvl 40 5800, lvl 15 2600)

Cheats: If you heal or steal health you get a -75% charm. (-50% to vl 40, no cheats to level 15)

I did what I did to lower levels so they have a chance Bye!

Jan 16, 2011
Name: Walking Fate
Rank: 6 boss
Health: 8000
Speech: "The last face you will see is mine!"
After Victory: "Enter."
School: Death
Its a red Wraith

Jun 10, 2010
I am level 50 Storm

Name: Kralin Stormdancer
Speech:You shall now fall to the greatest of the ravens!
Cheats:If you heal:" You shall not be happy of healing anymore! "
Heals with Rebirth no absorbs.
If you do more than 2,000 damage:" You will not see your spells doing more damage! " casts tower shield for two turns.
When down to only 25% health:" Noo! fellow ravens assist me! "summons storm minion(s) (depends on how many fighters)it has 200 health and uses storm shark
Final Speech:"You have showed true power please enter the home"
I'll edit it if its too hard.

May 25, 2009
darthvaderalex20 wrote:
im level 60
name: hyperion
species: fire colosus
class: fire
heath: 8,885
cheats: every time you take 500 hp from him he says "you will not pass, even if i do not destroy you myself" then 3 fire elfs come and help him and they have 1000 heath each.
you know how bosses say something to you before you fight them, well my boss says " leave or i will tear you apart" then the narrorator says " the guardian starts talking randomly about how strong he is" then you attack him.
he also has a 2000 heath satyr. my guy is invicible!!!!!
ooooooooh i like it i'm lvl 57 fire and i'd want a guard like that O_O beat the power of [insert spell here or the boss or whatever XD]

Sep 27, 2009
I would make a team of bosses. One at the Spiral Chamber, one at the pathway outside the Spiral Chamber, four in a square shape in front of the castle, two at the entrance to my outside part for the castle, and the toughest boss would be the one guarding your home entrance. Also if somebody ports to your house, they should appear at the Spiral Chamber. When they arrive it should send you a notice that says (I'm just making this name up!)

Joseph Ironhunter has teleported to you. Which bosses would you like him to fight?

And you check the bosses that you would like him to fight. Here are my bosses...

Spiral Chamber boss: School- Myth
Class- Orthrus
Rank 8 Boss
Name- Bonehunter and Wildbone
Spells- All Myth Spells
Speech: (in a rasping voice doubled, like how Bastilla Gravewynd sounds just with a male voice in a rasping tone)
Entrance- "You won't get past me without a fight! Once you lose I will collect your bones and use them to make you serve me!"
Defeat- "Ha! *cough* I can't believe I was defeated by such a small and measly Wizard! *cough* My Master shall be disappointed in me...

Pathway outside the Spiral Chamber boss: School- Balance
Class- Sand Spirit
Rank 8 Boss
Name- Groundstrider
Looks like a Sand Colossus in the Palace of Fire
Spells- All Balance spells
Speech: (In a tough voice how you would imagine a Colossus sounding)
Entrance- "Ha! Puny Wizard! Your loss is my gain! You will sink below the sands while I watch! I smash you now!"
Defeat- "I become sands where I was born and rise to greet next challenger..."
Health- 9,875

The four bosses:

1. School- Fire
Class- Oni
Rank 8 Boss
Name- Yukoa Warblade
Looks like Plague Oni
Spells- All Fire spells
Speech: (What the Jade, War, Death, and Plague Oni sound like)
Entrance- "Wizard, you shall fall before us. Do not try to pass, we guard with our life..."
Defeat- "You are powerful, move on, but you shall be defeated soon..."
Health- 9,730

2. School- Ice
Class- Ice Wyvern
Rank 8 Boss
Name- Snowslitherer
Spells- All Ice Spells
Speech: (What the Ice Wyvern sounds like for the Ice quest on Colossus Boulevard)
Entrance- "What we guard is our home, the place we were raised. Flee now or face us in a duel..."
Defeat- "Our friend is unbeatable, run now or you will find a darkness that is waiting to strike..."
Health- 10,350

3. School- Death
Class- Skeletal Dragon
Rank 9 Boss
Name- Hindyr Soulguarder
Spells- All Death spells
Speech: (Deep voice like General Akilles)
Entrance- "We will crush you so that you know not to interfere, Master will be pleased..."
Defeat- "He will strike when he sees you, not waiting for a minute. Move on now if you want to feel real defeat..."
Health- 13,565

4. School- Life
Class- Forest Lord
Rank 9 Boss
Name- Sinithyr Lifebane
Spells- All Life spells
Speech: (Low grumble)
Entrance- "Master told us to come for intruders, that includes you! Do not trespass on our home!"
Defeat- "The time has come, we have been defeated, move on to face the last two before or friend strikes you..."
Health- 15,000

The two bosses:

1. School- Storm
Class- Storm Lord
Rank 10 Boss
Name- Stormcaller
Spells- All Storm spells
Speech: (What a Storm Lord sounds like)
Entrance- "Halt! You must defeat us in battle before you move onto Master's Guardian!"
Defeat- "Move on! You are powerful to have come this far!"
Health- 9,200

2. School- Storm
Class- Kraken
Rank 10 Boss
Name- Thundertamer
Spells- All Storm spells
Speech: (What the Kraken sounds like in Wizard City)
Entrance- "You shall be defeated by us! Do not dream of seeing our Master!"
Defeat- "You are strong, but not strong enough to defeat Master's Guardian!"
Health- 9,050


School- Every
Class- Giant
Rank 15 Boss
Name- Master's Guardian
Spells- All spells
Speech: (What Malistaire sounds like)
Entrance- "I am Master's Guardian, the unbeatable one! You shall go no farther to fall to me, I am the tough, the brave, the strategic, and the only to never be defeated. We clash in duel now!
Defeat- "You have now earned my title, of the unbeatable. You...are...a...Wizard..."
Health- 30,000

Hehehehehehe! Took you a while to read that right? Well took me a while to type it too! Thanks for reading this!

Mar 24, 2009

Name: The End of All
Class: Death
Rank: 11
Health: 11,250
Look: Black wisp
At start says "I will end all those here."
After death says “And I did, but it backfired
1. Triggered by any spell over rank 4 and all healing spells "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!" Will copy the last spell used.
2. Triggered by health dropping to 5,000. "You think you have a chance at me?" He starts casting a death spell... "Good luck with that..." Summons 3 death minions: Names: Demise, Decay, Doom.
Health: 5,000 each
Look: Black wisp
Rank: 7
End says: “Because I’m not alone”
3. Triggered by death. Teleports to tower full of the minions, 10 stories, 3 have health and mana, 2 have health and boss named: The End of Some:
Rank: 9
Health: 9,000
::::-) Smiling spider

Jul 08, 2009
maybe you should have a "on/off" setting to your guard, just incase you're expecting a trustworthy friend and don't want to cause them trouble. And if things get out of hand or you just want to fight something, you can turn it on.

Jul 08, 2009
Name: Grim Reaper
Species: Wraith
Rank: 6
Class: Death
Cheat: When killed he says, "The dead cannot be killed...But the living...CAN!!" and he becomes revived half health. Every time you heal he uses Bone dragon or Wraith; should he have insufficient pips, he automatically gains the required amount. his next turn he uses Sacrafice on himself
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330
Says before fight: "You have defeated my undead brethren...And now...You will...PAY!!!"
Looks like: a grey wraith with yellow eyes, and gaslike black hands, holding a transparent macete. when hit he does the traditional recoil of his species and sends out a ghastly wail, like a misty "yeaaaagh!" and his wings upright him.

lol, ultimate guard and super good looking, XD

Jul 12, 2010
Name: Lord DarkCaller
Species: Human w/ Swiftshadow Wings
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Casts an extra spell (Says, "The Destroyer Is Manifest!!"), then casts Bone Dragon which deals 10000 Damage.
Health: 8,666

Pre-Battle Phrase: "Do you remember me? I was once a Wizard of Ravenwood School. Not long ago... you invaded my home. In two thousand years, I will remember none of this..."

Suddenly, Carlos DarkCaller began to grow huge wings and his armor became black and red robes!

"But I will be reborn again here. So even as you die, I will live forever, as will my legacy!" Then the battle begins.

Aug 25, 2009
Boss Name: Fjord Wyvern (My house is a dragons fjord)
School: Ice
Rank: 7
Health: 5555
Resistances: 80% to Ice, 20% to Storm and Death
Boosts: 50% to fire
Criticals and Blocks: 7 out of 10 spells will be critical, all criticals will be blocked
Spells: Iceblade, Ice trap, Ice armor, Evil Snowman, Ice Wyvern, Snow Shark, Ice elf, Ice kraken, Colossus, Frostbite, Steal Ward, Tower Shield, Natural Attack (150 per pip), Ice Drake (Mutated Fire Dragon, 500 damage and stun to all enemies for 7 pips), Snow Angel, Weakness, Plague, Smokescreen, Satyr(1000 HP)
Opening statement: None shall pass, for I am the defender of this place. My master only allows those that play fair to enter. Just remember, Ice rules above all.
Cheat 1: If you do a fire spell, he says "How dare you try to burn me! Ice rules above all!" And he does a Snow angel that Does 200+800 over three rounds to all enemies (and he will most likely get a critical).
Cheat 2: If you heal with any spell that heals over 600, he says "A heal? I'm afraid that is against the rules." And he casts a Frost Drake on everybody that will most likely be critical.
Cheat 3: If you get a critical with a spell other than ice, he will say "How dare you perform a critical, and it isn't even ice!" He will automatically block the critical and attack the person who casted it with a full blast natural attack that does 2100 damage (150 times seven power pips, but he uses no pips.) and he will often get a critical.
Defeat 1: "How did you defeat me? The master will not be pleased. But no matter, you have only defeated me in my mortal form!"
After that, the Fjord Wyvern disappears, and a Frost Drake called "Dragon Defender" appears.
Resistances:100% to ice, 50% to Storm and Death (No boosts)
Criticals/Blocks: 9 out of 10 hits are critical, all criticals are blocked.
Spells: All ice spells and mutations, as well as Frost Drake, Ice Helephant (Mutation, 800 to one enemy for 6 pips),Satyr (1000 HP; Two pips), and Natural Attack (200 damage per pip).
Opening: "You may have defeated me in my weak form, but now I am at my full power! You will not be so lucky this time, young wizard."
Cheats: Same as Fjord Wyverns, but spells are stronger.
Defeat 2: "How is this possible! You truly are worthy to visit the mighty (and handsome) Rogan Hawkbreath after all. Safe travels, young wizard."

Oct 09, 2010
I'm a level 57 conjurer and this would be my boss

Name: Stheno ( one of medusas sisters)
Rank: 11
Spells: Cyclops. Minotaur, Orthrus, Medusa, Talos, Myth Blade, Myth Trap, Humongo Frog, Earthquake, Spirit Blade, Stun ,and Time of Legend
Critical rating: 200
Critical Block rating: 200
Health: 7,550
Cheats: Whenever you cast a spell under four pips she'll either cast a really strong Medusa or a Talos minion. Also if you beat her she'll say you are strong wizard but not strong enough for all of us and when your exploring the house all of a sudden Medusa or Euryale. Medusa and Euryale are the same as Stheno except they dont have the second cheat.

Dec 19, 2009
My boss:
Link Lord
Type: all types.
Weakness:+ 10% to all : resistance: - 2000 damage to all
1,000,000,000 Health
Minion-3 malistaires
Spells: all fire, life, and storm spells, and every rank 7, and 8 spell.
Is reborn at half health twice
Starts battle with 8 power pips, 70 tower shields, and 20 spirit armors
Also, 5 power links start on every player. if you put up a bubble, he puts 17 weakness on you. if you use a wand, he puts infinite weakness on you, and 2 on himself. If you heal he gets full health. If you one hit kill him he gets 2,000 life back. Every 10 turns, he casts a 0 pip rebirth. Also has link lord: 500 damage to all, + 1,500 over 3 rounds.5 pips. Heals him the same as the damage. Every time you use any spell below rank 7, he shouts. Do you think i am weak, and makes everything, including himself, 2 times as strong. HI level 1 teleporting to me... have fun! Also, if they are below level 60, he casts another 2 power links every turn for 0 pips. I any malistaires are killed, they become 3 jade onis, that take up space on your side, and are regenerated. Only works with one malistaire once.

Jan 21, 2011
I am a level 60 sorceror.
Name: Son of the Sun.
Looks like a short Ra.
Rank:6 Boss.
School: Balance.
Says at the beginning of the battle"I was born of the sun. Its power will not beat me. My master trusts me to protect his home. I WILL NOT FAIL!" He cheals by negating fire and balance spells and healing himself by the amount of damage he would have taken. Also if you heal he steals your heal. His third and final cheat is against him fire is ice, storm is myth, life is death and vice versa. (He is the son of the sun god Ra after all.)
When he gets down to 4000 health he says "If I lose my master and my father will never forgive me. TAKE THIS!"Then he casts my favorite combo. (A Ra with gargantuan and a balanceblade. He doesn't need 8 pips and it doesn't take up his turn.)
He uses all balance and fire spells.
when defeated he says "Master forgive me. As for you, you may enter.

Jun 18, 2009
Alright um.... in the Options Menu, there's a setting called "Limit Home To Friends".... You don't need a boss to guard your house.

But you could have a boss somewhere in your home to practice on.

May 09, 2011
Awesome Idea! Here's mines:

Name: Dark Scarecrow
Species: Scarecrow
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: (Level 43, when I hit Level 45 I will edit this) 'Alright, planning for a big hit? Well, let me help you.' (Either puts weakness, tower shield, or heals)
To Necromancers like me: He has death prisms.
Life gets a boost on him.
When he dies, he says: 'Alright, you are worthy enough to step in this home. Enjoy your stay. You are truly a strong wizard' And, when you make the killing hit, black death smoke comes out, and he steps away.
Health: 8,000


Jan 16, 2011
Name: Anubis
Species: Wolf
Rank: 10
Health: 8850
Cheat: He casts a Satyr that heals him fully when you strike a hit under 110
School: Death
Speech: Ugh, another one?
Defeat Speech: N- N- NO! Impossible!

Dec 21, 2008
I think that is an awesome idea! This is my boss idea.

Name: The Conquering Frost Giant
Species: Frost Giant
Health: 8,995
Rank: 7
Class: Ice
Cheat: Says, "You know that I am invincible!" then he uses Snow Angel.
If you beat him he says, " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This can not be happening! But dont worry I will beat you next time!" then he turns into powdery snow and gets blown away.

Well thats my idea. Blaze Darkvault level 48 ice

Feb 17, 2011
name Evil angil

tipe deth

shpech you will not see my master in till u defeat me

ceat when u get her down to 100 helthe she will use the spell shacrufice whth
a deth blade

helthe 8660

rank 7

finile shpech you may pass then she falles to the ground

Feb 17, 2011
ur87 wrote:
my castle would have a tower.

Floor One: # of Baddies: 2
Name: Frost beetle
Type: Bug
School: Ice
Rank: 7 Elite
Cheats: if you attack with less than 4 pips, it will heal with satyr

Floor Two: # of Baddies: 2
Name: Evil Snowman
Type: Snowman
School: Ice
Rank: 7 Boss
Cheats: if you heal, he will Colossus you.

Floor 3: # of Baddies: 2
Name: Colossal Gaurdian
Type: Colossus
School: Ice
Rank: 8 Boss
Cheats: If you use wand, he will sprite himself.
Health: 5,000

Floor 4: # of Baddies: 1
Level: 60
Name:Stephen Frostrider(creature form of me)
Type: Wizard
School: Ice
Rank: 11 Boss
1: if use same school twice in a row, he will attack you with level fifth ty eighth spell of the opposite school, without losing any pips(minotaur and orthrus count as same school twice in a row)
2: if you use a spell under 4 pips, he will cast snow angel on you and also rebirth on himself.
3: if you heal he will use Wraith on you, one that does 1000 damage.
4: After you defeat him once, he will respawn with half the health and 3 Colossus minions, each with half of his respawn health.
5: if you trap him he will remove the trap and feint you without putting a trap on him.
6: if you blade, he will hex you
Health: 8,000
2nd health: 4,000
Resist: 50% resist to ice, 25% boost to Fire.
Cards: All ice spells, and all level 58 spells, rebirth, and wraith.
Opening statement: "Halt! If you wish to continue in to this area you must prove your worth in battle! Fight me, or leave this place!"
Losing statement: "You have proven your worth. I will let you pass."

Floor 1: # of Baddies: 2
Name: Blood Bat
Type: Bat
School: Myth
Rank: 7 Elite
Cheats:if you attack with less than 4 pips, it will heal with satyr
Health: 1,500

Floor 2: # of Baddies: 2
Name: Cyclops
Type: Giant
School: Myth
Rank: 7 Boss
Cheats:if you heal, he will Minotaur you:
Health: 3,000

Floor 3: # of Baddies: 2
Name: Mean Minotaur
Type: Giant
School: Myth
Rank: 8 Boss
Cheats: If you use wand, he will sprite himself.
Health: 4,000

Floor 4: # of Baddies: 1
Level: 48
Name: Isaac Griffincatcher(creature form of my myth wizard)
Type: Wizard
School: Myth
Rank: 9 Boss
Cheats: 1: if use same school twice in a row, he will attack you with level fifth ty eighth spell of the opposite school, without losing any pips(minotaur and orthrus count as same school twice in a row)
2: if you use a spell under 4 pips, he will cast medusa on you and also rebirth on himself.
3: if you heal he will use Wraith on you, one that does 1000 damage.
4: After you defeat him once, he will respawn with half the health and 3 Minotaur minions, each with half of his respawn health.
5: if you trap him he will remove the trap and feint you without putting a trap on him.
6: if you blade, he will remove the blade and hex you.
Health: 6,000
2nd Health: 3,000
Resist: 50% to Myth, 25% Boost to storm.
Cards: All myth spells, and all level 58 spells, rebirth, and wraith.
Opening statement: "Halt! If you wish to continue in to this area you must prove your worth in battle! Fight me, or leave this place!"
Losing statement: "You have proven your worth. I will let you pass."

Floor 1 # of Baddies: 2
Name: Storm Serpent
Type: Serpent
School: Storm
Rank: 7 Elite
Cheats: if you attack with less than 4 pips, it will heal with satyr
Health: 1,000

Floor 2 # of Baddies: 2
Name: Storm Titans Pet
Type: Leviathan
School: Storm
Rank: 7 Boss
Cheats: if you heal, he will Triton you
Health: 2,000

Floor 3 # of Baddies: 1
Name: Storm Titan
Type: Triton
School: Storm
Rank: 8 Boss
Cheats: If you wand, he will sprite himself
Health: 3,000

Florr 4 # of Baddies: 2
Name: Austin Stormcaller
Level: 60
Type: Wizard
Rank: 11 Boss
Minion: Stormzilla
Type: Giant
School(for both): Storm
Rank(for Stormzilla) 4
Cheat: if you cast a spell for under for pips, he will cast a critical leviathan that ignores resists, shields, debuffs, dispells, and critical blocks on you.

that is going to be to hard to beat ok 4 lev60 woud have hard

Jul 08, 2009
Oooh...Pet Guard!

Name: Millie
Species: Firecat
Spells: Firecat (with cheat +110% boost), Effreet, Fire trap, Wyldfire, Scald, Fire Wyvern, Magma Collossus, Fire Dragon, and Firezilla. Can use Black cat, Storm Cat, Ice cat, and Firecat.
Cheats: When hit with a spell that does over 1,000 damage, she recoils and says in a silky catlike voice, "Mreeeow! I will not give in, I will guard my Master with my life!" And then she gains any needed pips and casts Efreet. If defeated she says, "Mrooow....No...I won't let you hurt my master! Meee-ow!" and comes back half-health, this time gaining two power pips plus the pip/power pip she was getting that turn. first thing she does is use the highest spell possible. If you heal, she says, "Hiss! I hate healing!" and uses Fire Dragon.
Speech: "Hiss...You are not welcome in my master's home! I will fight until I can't fight anymore! MREE-ow!"

When defeated for the last time: "mrrrow...Oh no...Master isn't going to be happy. Oh, well. You won't make it past me again! Mrow-hahaha!" She disappears.

When the intruder comes up to the front step of the house, Millie reappears, saying, "Back off! You will not defeat me this time! I will make it up to you, master!"

This time around she becomes twice as strong. (Her original health was 4,550. now her health is 9,100.) She has the same spells with double damage or boost, and if she is hit with over 2,000 damage, she summons a minion called Soulscorcher, a mini version of herself. She summons another just before your turn and then Efreets. Her minions can cast Sprite, Pixie, Satyr and Dryad. They can also cast Fire Hex and Ice Shield, and time to time a fire elf.

When defeated 1st time: "Hiss! Deafeated again?!?! How can this be? I...I won't fail you, Master!" she comes back with three Soulscorchers, same health and damage/boost. But this time the minions know stun and use it VERY often-allowing Millie to gain pips and use Efreet or Dragon.

Defeated 2nd time: "No...I'm sorry, Master! Please forgive me!"

If you get defeated, she says just before you go, "Mrow-ahahaha! You will never get into Master's house! She is my friend, and I will not let you hurt her!"

Complicated, I know, but I'm not about to let intruders bust my door down.

Jan 31, 2009
no that would take way to long to script, a simpler solution to get people out of your house would be able to lock your home/allow friends only. or able to force them into pvp against you (they can't do the same) and if you win they leave, if they win they gain acess to your house for the next hour or so.

May 22, 2009
thrashers wrote:
i am level 60
name: Pan
species: centaur
rank 7 boss
cheat: heals 345 everytime you use a spell ank 5 and up
health: 13,339

Pan is a Satyr, not a centaur.

May 22, 2009
i am myth level 60

Greek God
Quote:I will shake the Earth under your feet!

Greek God
Quote:Welcome to Death, Spellcaster!

Greek God
Quote:I will reduce you into nothingness!

Greek God
Quote:You cant kill the lord of storm itself!

Greek God
Quote:I will destroy you wizard!

Greek God
Quote:I will fly to victory!

Oct 11, 2009
GAUNTLET: Palace of the Fire Lords

Boss 1

Species: Phoenix

Name: Lord of Redemption

Starting Phrase: "Strike me down and my redemption will strike."

Cheat: Second Chance

Cheating Phrase: "I am a Phoenix! I will rise from the ashes!"

Losing Phrase: "Fear me, Wizard! For I will redeem myself!"

Health: 4,500

Second Chance Health: 2, 250

Boss 2

Species: Helephant

Name: Lord of Strength

Starting Phrase: