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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Sep 02, 2010
How about instead of having a boss in which some people can beat and get in, have like a pop up things where you choose if that person can come when they teleport.


May 11, 2010
Name: The Monster

Species: Zombie

Rank: 5

Class: Death

Cheat: HA! Then heals

Health: 2,609

Sep 29, 2011
bass rank : 7
name : gobble them up
life : 6,995
cheat : all spells
reword : 1 crown and go in home
say : beat me you will never win ha ha ha

more of reword : member for a day
as again my lvl for my wizard is 30

Jun 06, 2009
damon24681357 wrote:
bass rank : 7
name : gobble them up
life : 6,995
cheat : all spells
reword : 1 crown and go in home
say : beat me you will never win ha ha ha

more of reword : member for a day
as again my lvl for my wizard is 30

You spelled 'Reward' wrong

Jun 26, 2010
name: terminator
school: all
spells: all
cheats: whenever you damage him one thousand or more, he summons 3 minions with 1 health each. if you kill them, he would use a rank 8 move according to your school that does 3900 damage to all.
2. he will use a tower shield that shields 100% for 10 rounds
health: 2790
Rank: 7 boss

notes: he will have 1345 health second time.
no speech
minion name: fire elemental
health 1
spells ra, forest lord, levy, skeletal dragon, efreet, medusa, snow angel

Sep 03, 2009
i thought you meant guards roaming the house like on the streets in the worlds but this is cool too, heres mine.

Glork (katzenstien monster)
Spells:every death spell, some random non deaths
Cheats: (here we go) if you blade he or trap and says "you need those to beat me huh? lets see how you deal with out them!" and removes them, every few rounds he ra's unless you shield (any shield) in which he says "UGH! no bother doing it now" and he heals if you attack him that does over 5,000 he says "woah dude, cut me some slack!" and heals with satyr that heals 2000. When you kill him he says "woah your tough, now for the actual fight! oh you thought that was it? please, and can my litlle brother join this one? Master (me) just made him and wants to test him out"

Same fight with some extra cheats i haven't thought of and his henchman AKA little bro

Katzenstien monster
rank 10
every death spells,
only one cheat, every four rounds he says "Brother! look what i can do!" and in order to impress his big bro, uses the oppisite spell of katzenstien monster,GNOMES!

Tell me what you think.

Sep 19, 2009
i'm level 36
Name: Magma
class: fire
rank: 7
species: Heckhound
spells: all fire spells
Speech when you come in: Grrr... Get out!
Defeated Speech: Grrr... When you come back, just you wait!
Winning Speech: *Howls* I have won! Now you leave!

Sep 08, 2008
Boss: Harbor
Class: Life
Species: Humanoid/Spectral (Same type as Sphere of Trials boss)
Rank: 10
Health: 20,000

5 pips: Rebirth 40%
4 pips: Seraph 80%
3 pips: Tree 80%
2 pips: Sprite 80%
1 pip: Charm/Ward/Trap

Cheat: There is no cheat.
Drop: A random treasure card, and 1,000 gold.

This boss is optional. Players could fight it by simply clicking on a sign.

Apr 02, 2011
mine has 13310 health. When you get there he says ''I'll save my master Scot!''. Every 2 rounds he uses a 1090 damige kraken. Every time you use a sheild or blade he says ''no fair!'' and steals it. Aperince: a ice collosus (thats me ice) he is rank 10 and uses collosus, snow angel, woolly mammoth, freeze, ice armor, frozen armor, fire sheild, ice blade, ice trap, ice wayvern, icezilla, frost giant, choke, feint, snow sheild and what ever the level 78 ice card will be. He has a 90 resest to all schools has 100 of all advanced traits and blocks bugile. He has a 5 chance f fizzleing and - acuricy does not work on him.

Feb 12, 2012
yes i like it but could you have more than one boss? and you should be able to have the ability to admit certain friends into your home without having to fight the boss anyway here is my boss

Name: Island Guard
Species: Wizard
Rank: rank 11 boss
School: Fire ,Life ,Death And Star Combo
Cheats: can heal himself using any healing spell (this includes rebirth) ,can summon minions (3 as long as their from different schools) ,says "blades do no good here you cannot enter my masters home unless you prove yourself by defeating me as many times as i can battle you!" and makes you battle him 3 times before admiting you into the home
First Health: 20,000
Second Health: 10,000

Feb 26, 2012
Name: Elemental Guardian
Species: Hydra
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Balance
Cheat: Has 50% block against ALL elemental spells. (ice,
Fire, and storm)
Health: 8,000
Second Cheat: if you beat him a first time, you have to kill him
2 more times. Like a real hydra and the heads keep "respawning"
But each time he losses half his health. 8000, then 4000, then 2000

Mar 11, 2011
This is my (awsome) boss.

Name : SoulSapper

Class: Wraith

Health : 24000

Spells Known : All death spells

Cheats. On first round he says "Your soul will be mine!!!" and adds a -50 damage to next spell to all.
When has 3/4 of his health (18000) left he cast a 700 vampire on 2 random people. And says "The spirit of death cannot fail me.
When he has half of his health (12000) he cast a 1200 wraith on 2 random people. Says "I cannot die... but you can!!!"
With 1/4 of his health left (6000) he cheat casts a 1000 rebirth with 400 absorb. Says "I shall not fall!!!"
When he dies he says, "Death cannot be undone... but it can for me!!! and comes back with 48000 but with no cheats except a effret he cast each 4 rounds on each person.

My Boss cannot be defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 24, 2009
I think that now that [Insert spoilers here] is coming out, the max boss health should be 13,000 :)

Boss: Happiness
Species: Applesauce (???)
Looks like: Applesauce in a little bowl with eyes...
Rank: 13 Boss
Health: 12,850
'I like candy also.' Use a heal and well... He uses a 1000 base damage natural attack on the caster.
'Stop bothering me!' Every 3 rounds, he will use a storm lord.
'Stun? I DONT THINK SO!' If you use a spell that causes a stun, he will be stunned but use a 3000 damage scarecrow
'No boosting!' Traps, Globals, Blades, and shielding will be earthquaked and the global will be changed to a doom and gloom.


Dec 17, 2008
name:The Dark One
cheat:comes back with half health
if you heal he uses a self spell that deals the same amount that you healed

cheat saying:i am not going to go that easily
if you want to live i suggest you dont't do that again

battle beginning:I guard this place with my life

battle end:master is not going to be happy with me

Rank: 7 Boss :D

May 23, 2009
Level 59
Name: Island Guardian
Species: forest lord
Rank: 7
Health: 7,000
Cheat: when you use a spell over 7 pips he says, "Think your so tough?" And casts a forest lord.

Nov 22, 2008
2 bosses here the hard one and the easy one. Kill them both and come on in, or I give you a pass and you may enter
Name: Tusky
Species:Wolly Mammoth
Cheat:When you use fire or myth he says "we are in the ICE age,the age if the Storm!" Then attacks you with Storm lord and stuns you. He also comes with a rank 1 minion. If you kill that he says "fight the heard!" and three more come out. Otherwise nothing happens
Species:Evil Snowman
Cheat:The battle starts by him saying " Thanks for the revenge." And you get a blade. If you use fire, myth, or any rank 9 spell three mammoths rank 1 come. He gets mad and uses an Ancient Wyvern.

Nov 22, 2008
Now for my life wizard... 4 bosses.
Name: Bailey Pearlblossom
Species: Seraph
Class: Life
Rank: 7
Cards: All life
Health: 8,950
Name: Tiny
Species: Imp
Class: Life
Rank: 5
Cards: Imp, Seraph, Centaur, Leprechaun and Rebirth
Name: Mine Mine Mine
Species: Leprechaun
Class: Life
Rank: 6
Cards: Seraph, Regenerate, Rebirth, and Forest Lord
Name: Chiron
Species: Centaur
Class: Life
Rank: 4
Cards: Natural Attack, Centaur, Seraph, Satyr, and Regenerate

Nov 22, 2008
thrashers wrote:
i am level 60
name: Pan
species: centaur
rank 7 boss
cheat: heals 345 everytime you use a spell ank 5 and up
health: 13,339

Guess you don't know the Myths real well. Pan is a Satyr!!!!!!!

May 03, 2009
Name: Katzenteins perfection
Species: ketzentein monster
health: 8995
rank: 7
class: death
cheats: can summon a minion that summons another minion everytime he is defeated. this minion constantly heals the main man and once the main man is dead the minion will stop regenerating.
saying: "ruuugh ... RUUGH ... I AM PERFECTION!!!"

Mar 11, 2011
Ronster55 iI think you should read before you type or just get off the post my boss can have as much health as you want I did that because you can't come to my house. :x :x :x :x :x :x

Aug 10, 2009
Okay.... I suppose this idea is good... but sometimes you want your friend to come over then they have to fight then they lose.... so.... half yes, half no.

May 30, 2009
Name: Eldritch Master
Type: Myth
HP: 5000
Spells: All Myth spells.
Appearance: Dragonspyre Knight
Cheats: When taking over 750 damage, he summons a Minotaur Minion, saying "By my sword or his axe, you shall fall!"

His master:
Christopher Mythcaster.
Level 52
School(s): Myth, Storm, Star.
Notes: Devilishly handsome, impossibly statuesque lol.

Also, you should be able to have people who don't fight the boss.
EX: (Ok, boss programming, can't attack, hmm, Galen Griffinflame)

Apr 19, 2010
Here is my guardian. By the way I am a Level 70 Pyromancer.

Name: Flaming Flame (A rotating ball of fire)
School: Fire
Rank: 8
Cheat: When someone heals he says "I'll be the judge of that!" and heals with exactly the same heal and same health received from the heal. If he gets hit with a spell from a certain school, he puts up a shield that matches the school and decreases the next incoming damage by 70% and says "You weren't planning on using that again right?" . And if someone gets defeated, a second minion appears. The second minion is a Sunbird rank 7 fire and does not cheat but has 8,000 health and starts out with 3 power pips and one regular pip and the flaming flame says "One down, another one in!" .
Health (of Flaming Flame) 10,000

Try to quench his flame!

May 10, 2011
level 33 name the hardest centaur to deafeat speices centaur rank 6 boss class life cheat says ill keep using healing spells health 1536,5843637 thats it if you want to find me in the game heres my name oliva rainbowleaf

Apr 02, 2011
i'm level 68
school: ice
health: 16,100
name: the frozen snow angel
rank: 13
blocks stun and spells that would make him help you
minion: frost caller (like the pet with 3450 health and is still ice)
type: colossus

speach: ''I shall pretect my master scot from intruders! the sky parts when you use a ward or blade and you may not pass for I'll come back 4 so in all i have 5 lives!''

1st time: uses 10950 damage blizzard every 4 rounds and when he does that he says ''bye bye for now!'', and any heal he says ''here is all that health back!'' and casts a frost giant doing as mucd damage as you're heal

2nd time: uses a snow angel everey round, if you heal he uses a 4321 damage wolly mammooth on all and stuns them for 10 rounds (stun resist does not work you at this stun)

3rd time
uses a 95% tower shield every time atacked of distroyed when he says ''ha ha ha, and when he says ''no dubles!'' a duble hit will only do one hit instead, and if he says ''time for the sky to part!'' he uses a 100000 damage livithan on all

4th time
seams like the last boss in water works only with sheilds and negitive charms in stead sheilds when he says ''to tixic with out shields!'' blades when he says ''toxic with negitive carms!''

5th and final time
uses a 10000 damage blizard everey 5 rounds

hard huh?