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Level Requirement for Worlds

Aug 05, 2009
I said of course no. I have been playing the game for quite a while and i have become aware that when low levels go into dungeons to level it ruins half the fun but regardless it should be up to them right? I think the great things about this game are the endless options, dungeon leveling was one of those options it was so fun IMO so why would you want to make the game worse?

Jul 20, 2009
I don't like this idea. Ever since I make new wizards, I tend to finish worlds when I'm a really low level (by not doing side quests.) If there was a level requirement for an example being level 30 before going to Mooshu, there would be less people in Mooshu and that would mean that I would be forced to do side quests on my balance since he's only level 27 and is on Mooshu. It all comes down to the point that I don't like this idea. It took about 3 months for my ice to be level 48 to go to Celestia and it probably took 2 and a half months for my ice to get to Zafaria. All I had for an option was to do GH (which barely gave me exp.) To my point, if there were level requirements for worlds, more worlds would be underpopulated, and if a person barely has any friends and can't really solo, they wouldn't have any help.

Mar 15, 2012
Here's my beef. 3 times I've been with a friend finishing up dungeons and at the end of the fighting he's had under leveled people he's previously "friended" teleport in with no warning and scoop up the experience we just fought an hour to earn.

I have no problem with people power leveling with friends but the "highjacking" of other peoples efforts is reprehensible. The only way to stop this is by turning off friend teleporting which inhibits our support of each other.

This is a tactic I've seen more and more lately. Low level players sending friend requests to every higher level player they come accross so that they can later stalk them.

We should be able to turn friend teleporting off on an indevidual basis and the default setting on friending someone should be "No".

This has gotten so bad that me and several other players I've talked to just automatically decline all friend requests unless we expect them, ie; through conversation of working together in an area.

May 05, 2009
My answer is yes, but the requirements should not be too high. I am in Zafaria and letting a level 1 friend there to do quests would boost levels very highly, which is absurd. I see tons of youtube vids reccomending this strategy. It is ridiculous that level requirements don't already exist and they need to be added. When I was doing Malistaire with my three friends, I lost connection and when I ported back a low level had taken my place. Please, KI this is something you can and should do.

May 05, 2009
uune wrote:
A level cap isn't the perfect answer, but something needs to be implemented.

As I see it, two simple things could form a pretty nice compromise:

1) Players need consent from their friends to teleport (i.e. some button or other)

2) Players need consent from those already in battle in order to join it.

Yes thats a great idea!!!

Aug 01, 2009
I vied yes, though a finish the main quest to get there requirement would be nicer.

If I REALLY want to go somewhere to spice up my day a bit though, I go
Pop to
A higher world to my friend and stick with him to just explore a bit, not battle, since I'm normally lazy when doing this XD

And I'm a rude player sometimes, I get my poit across, especially if it's a menu chat and I can't communicate well, I simply use pacify an let them deal with their monster they dragged in and just kill my own and heal and wait, if they die, it's their fault.
Better them learn the hard way than just prance along
Dragonspyre after a quick port to my storm
Wiz (I carelessly accepted Friends with him, I'm far pickier on my death only real life friends with true friend code get added or people Ive talked to a bit and got to know them more XD)

Jul 28, 2010
If you're trying to help a friend, then by all means, teleport to them, and try to help.
If you're not, and you're just trying to level up, then that's not right, mainly because they'd just end up fleeing, and leaving you with an extra monster to fight.
If all of the quests in that world was disabled to less able wizards, then that would be better.
Also, items and experience that lesser wizards get would be average to their level, then that'd be great.
- Miranda Shadowblade Adept Necromancer

Jun 20, 2010
octagig wrote:
I think it would be a good idea to place level requirements on the worlds, reasonable levels that a person would be at when they reach a new world. Lately I am seeing more and more people taking lower level friends through high level worlds to get them to level up faster.

It just seems like it takes away from the game and isn't really fair to those of us who actually worked to get to where we are. It would also cut back on the number of noobs who teleport in, add an enemy, then leave because it is too overwhelming for them.
Ahem. Tecnacly there ARE NO NOOBS. You were one too. And i'm level 49, and even I like to go explore the other worlds. And, like some people below me, are lower levels than they 'should' be. I don't understand why you're mad about this. YES! Lower levels sometimes do teleport in then leave. But once you get a new monster/enemy thing, YOU get more xp. And about letting lover levels in the higher worlds, and helping them level up, wont they help YOU out in the long run???? And when you show them a peice of the higher worlds, they're gonna want to get themselves up the ladder to that world, so these people helping the lower levels are helping the wizard comunity.
Thank you for reading my rant
Keep Dreaming!,
Olivia JadeTail
Master Thurmatage
P.S. sorry if i misspell, just my bad spelling qurk.

Jun 24, 2009
Totally agree with you on having a level requirment for worlds, but players who dont do side quests and only do the storyline should be able to go to the next world without having to do the side quests.

Jul 31, 2011
Although this is a very old post now... I completely 110% agree there needs to be preventative measures put into place... level requirements is a great idea.

I have never power leveled but, I have had friends who play the game that way... they were my friend, as I found out, just so they could power level when I was in high worlds. They would port to dungeons where they could do so and then earn all the EXP early. I can say now, I no longer have those friends.

I feel that is cheating the entire system. (consider this, wizard101 staff are very clear that this is a school, we must study and follow our lessons etc) I will not go into my anti-power leveling speech here. BUT let me say simply I am against it 100%.

So, as far as worlds go, no one should have ANY access until they are of the required level to reach that world. Period, they must get the key from professor Ambrose.
BUT we have the port to friends issue. SO, let us say a wizard is low level and wants to port to a celestia questing friend, the friend is in Floating Lands... the low level clicks to port, they either get the your friend is busy right now message or a professor message stating that area is not accessible to you young wizard until you have studied to that point, please get back to your studies.. type of thing. OR when they port they simply appear in the common area of said world.... no more getting access to any battle areas, no dungeons nothing but the common area.

I feel access to ONLY the common area of a world is fine, with a simple invisible barrier in Bobab Market so no one can get to the lower dueling areas in Zafaria.

IF someone has a spell/pet quest to an unopened world, I see it fine that for that time ONLY the area immediately surrounding that door, cave or quest should be open so they can port to a friend there.... but it is only open for the quest and they can not go any further than that one small area.

IF NOTHING ELSE, I suggest that Wizard101 and our professors simply stop the power leveling by blocking all drops and EXP in worlds we do not have open yet. So If a lower level wizard ports to a higher level world dungeon, they get nothing but a little bit of gold, no epic drops and certainly NO experience points.... until they have opened up that world/dungeon quest. Taking of Experience points early is cheating.

We simply need to do all of our quests mains and sides and we will reach those big dungeons in no time at all and do so the correct way.

Dec 16, 2009
I would have to agree with this because oftentimes I will be in a duel and then a person that is forty levels below me will join, flee and leave me with extra enemies to take care of. I think that level restrictions could be similar to this:
Krokotpia- 7
Marleybone- 17
Dragonspyre- 35
Celestia- 45
Zafaria- 54
Avalon- 64

Feb 07, 2011
Here's my theory~ if you haven't unlocked the world yourself, you should /not/ be allowed in, unless you're specifically invited there by a friend who has gained access.

My wizards do not port to worlds they haven't unlocked. There has been only one exception~ my Balance wizard was getting ready to run Mirror Lake with 2 friends, when one went AFK; while we waited for her, the other took me to see Avalon, but we didn't join any fights and I was level 70 anyway.

I should also add that, if you port to a world and can't hold your own in combat, you probably shouldn't be there. Spamming "I need healing" at me is the fastest path to defeat~ if you're a "friend", I'll delete you, then flee the duel and switch realms; same goes if you're someone else's problem (meaning that you didn't port to me, but joined my battle anyway).

When I need to take out mobs quickly, I can't afford to waste pips and time healing you; therefore, you are an inconvenience, and I'll gladly open up the extra space on my friend-list to someone who shows me respect.

Porting etiquette:

1. ALWAYS ask before porting;
2. Stay with the person you ported to;
3. If you "accidentally" join a battle, don't flee~ finish what you started, and help your teammate with the extra monster you dragged in.

That is all.

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010

just simply no thats completely unfair to both the low lvl and the high lvl
you pick if ya want port on in higher lvls its YOUR pick

Aug 05, 2012
I agree with whoever said it would be a better idea to require that the wizard to whom you are teleporting give their consent.

I'm also wondering why people are adding non-friends to their friend list. Personally, I don't really like doing it. If someone attempts to friend me after one battle or even less than that, I usually reject them. I also make it a note to "prune" my list every so often. If there are players listed who are way behind me, I remove them. I don't know them, they aren't friends, and I have no idea whether they'd teleport in on me or not.

Currently, my main has three friends - two real life friends and one in-game friend who I've hardly spoken to but I battled with and I know she's good. She also keeps up in terms of level so I have no problem having her on my list.

Oct 29, 2011
I put yes on that but you should allow true friends or family members to port in.
And yes it is annoying when I add a noob(I accept all friends despite their lvl cause they might feel bad)and he ports to me in Avalon and destroys my chance if winning by bringing in one more minn and then fleeing.But there should also be an option that lets you let them port to you if you want.

Lvl suggestions
Krokotopia 12
Marleybone 22
Wysteria 25
Mooshu 26
Dragonspyre 37
Celestia 46(not 48 cause most people finish ds at 46 so ki plz change that)
Zafaria 57(same here)
Avalon 68(perfect changes)
Grizzlehiem 20
Wintertusk 42
Next world 79
Next world 90
Next world 100 then 110 and keeps increasing by ten per world

Feb 25, 2009
Dannysonic2 wrote:
No, because I tend to go to the world underleveled.
Like im level 23 in marleybone.

The only reason you are going to the next world underleveled is by doing storyline quests only. If you do all of the side quests, you will be higher level when you get to that next world. I have a myth wizard in Mb that is Lvl 34. But I did not take her to Mb before she was level 28 to 30. I do not like being underlevel in any world and will do ALL quests available including Crab Alley and any others I can to raise my wizards level as much as possible.

As for a level Requirement for worlds, ummm, rather hard to say yes or no. I don't think a wizard should power level for any reason but I know that many do. KI has made some changes especially in the dungeons that does reduce the power leveling some. Now they have one or two more issues to deal with to reduce it again.

Jul 11, 2011
wizard city: any level

krock level nine

marleybone level 20

mooshu level 30

dragonspyre 40

celestia 48

zafaria 50

avalon 60

aztecca 70

Sep 03, 2012
Jul 27, 2011
I half agree. I mean, yeah it's VERY annoying when a level 10 person telports to me and I'm in Avalon. But, let us not forget our other friends. My bestie who plays wizards too is only level 60, yet she comes to Avalon all the time to help me!So in a way, it's half good, half bad.

Feb 24, 2009
Sorry, no. What if you are taking a friend to farm for gold?

Feb 07, 2011
lioner15 on Oct 29, 2012 wrote:
I half agree. I mean, yeah it's VERY annoying when a level 10 person telports to me and I'm in Avalon. But, let us not forget our other friends. My bestie who plays wizards too is only level 60, yet she comes to Avalon all the time to help me!So in a way, it's half good, half bad.
For me, it would depend on the person~ if I know someone well, am familiar with her strategy, and can trust her not to bail on me, I have no problem with her porting, as long as she asks first.

As a general rule, though, I still think that those who have /not/ unlocked the world by quest progression should not be there~ I don't mind helping low-level wizards (since I was, and still am, a noob myself), but I can't stand people who leech off my hard work and effort.

I know this will be an issue when Azteca goes live, so I'm hoping KI does something about it before dino droppings hit the fan. If I see a level 2 in the common area there, I'll scream so loudly that the elves in Firecat Alley will hear it.

Mar 09, 2011
MrOwl on Aug 26, 2008 wrote:
I'm so-so with this idea.

It annoys me to no end when Novices jump into duels, pulling another monster in with you in Marlybone mind you, and then flee because the monsters are too hard.

I, however, like to have support from a couple of lower-leveled True Friends in Instanced Areas in certain worlds.

Maybe a way to keep them from jumping into your duels is that they get a busy signal if you're in a duel. But if you want help you could send an 'SOS' that the friend could click on, and then and only then, could they jump to you.
This is extremely clever, 'cause sometimes i desperately need help and the only ones to help me that are available are my lower level friends. And sometimes, (since i don't have Text Chat) they don't know how bad the situation is and they don't come and help. I know. Shocker. If i could have a sign thingy (i did indeed just say thingy) that said 'SOS' than they'd know the situation is desperate and they'd come and help. I am, however, against the level restriction idea for new worlds or already created ones. I completed Celestia at the beginning of level 59 (in fact i turned this level when i turned in the quest) and at the time Zafaria was new and i really wanted to get in but i couldn't. Luckily that did not happen to me with Avalon.

Jul 30, 2012
Progenitor on Aug 25, 2008 wrote:
I'd love to see a sign next to the entrance of each zone, that contains a warning stating the appropriate level that a wizard should be to venture forth.

That way, if you want, you can press X to read the sign or just skip it and run blindly into danger.

But it would be nice to know if you are just too low level for the zone or just need to reorg your deck.

The only problem is that some schools might have different thoughts on what is a good level. A Life wizard might have more difficulty than a Storm wizard or vice versa .

I think this is a great idea. A simple warning when you are porting to an area that is beyond your wizard's expected ability ("Danger Young Wizard! You are porting to an area where you are certain to die! This is not advisable.").

I think the biggest issue is with less experienced wizards who really don't realize where they are porting too, that they are in over their head until its too late.

Oct 04, 2012
as natestar98 put no! i think its fine for smaller levels to go to bigger places

Jul 30, 2012
Last night a level 20 ported through a friend and team member of mine into a Celestia dungeon I was actively questing on. I spoke to the wizard (nicely told him he doesn't belong) and he was adamant he could survive just fine. Well.... okaaay....

Which he did as a leach, entering boss battles late and being totally useless. Worse than useless. In hindsight I should have loaded my deck with pacify spells. Would that work? Never tried it before.

I finished the dungeon and never saw the guy again.