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Feedback Friday 6-3-11

Nov 04, 2009
Blue Frost Snapdragons: A blue snapdragon that gives out ice school objects such as ice treasure cards and ice school pet snacks. :)

Apr 02, 2011
Hydrangea would be great, make it with Hydra heads and give it treasure cards pertaining to balance, Ice, storm, and fire,

Chimpanzuchini would be cool too, Chimp like green thing that does flips when harvestable

anyone like these ideas?

Apr 09, 2011
Croconut Tree: a tree that looks like a crocodile
Green Reaper: a plant that gives death spells

Mar 06, 2011
Nov 25, 2009
hi i think this should be a plant a babe Ruth plant a random base ball would fall from the sky and the babe would hit it when at elder you get power nova but this plant is hard to get because it is in winter tusk you find it in a random boss. and that's what i think should be a plant i really hope you like the idea thanks bye. javascript:emoticon('');javascript:emoticon('');

oh and it would need bees magic water music sun and have rank four pests.

Mar 06, 2011
Feb 06, 2010
i was thinking of a plant called a gobble king it is a gobble king eating a building and when you harvest it it would give you a gobble king treasure card that when you used it a gobble king came with two towers and the gobble king would pick them up and throw them at you. it also gives you a spell deck that is a suprise,hat,robe,shoes,dagger,ring,and finally a houseing item of choise.(rank 6)

my last few plants are called balence plant or called the balence tree(rank3)
fire plant(rank3)
life plant(rank3)
death plant(rank3)
storm plant(rank3)
ice plant(rank3)
myth plant(rank3)
the master plant(rank 6)

the fire plant is a plant that sprouts dalia flamea the fire teacher and gives 8 fire treasure cards.

the life plant is a plant that sprouts moolinda wu the life teacher and gives 8 life treasure cards.

the death plant is a plant that sprouts dworyn the death teacher and gives 8 death treasure cards.

the storm plant is a plant that sprouts halston balestrom the storm teacher and gives you 8 storm treasure cards.

the balence plant is a plant that sprouts arthur wethersfield the balence teacher and gives you 8 storm treasure cards.

the ice plant is a plant that sprouts lydia greyrose the ice teacher and gives 8 ice treasure cards.

the myth plant is a plant that sprouts cyrus drake the myth teacher and gives you 8 myth treasure cards.

the master plant is a plant that sprouts master ambrose and gives you a spell deck 30 power full treasure cards a exact replica of master ambroses robe hat and shoes.

Jul 15, 2009
I say a Ratberry Bush (it looks like a bush with rats hanging instead of raspberries) for lv 7 gardeners. It gives you 3,500 xp when elder and 5,000 gold. I think it would squeak every time it gets harvested or taken care of. When adult, it gives you 1,000 xp each time with a 6 manna treasure card. It costs 15,000 gold or 150 crowns.

Sep 26, 2010
For a plant name I would choose "belladonna". The plant itself would be green and the actual bells that replace the flowers would be either silver or purple.

Jul 05, 2009
Couch potato
Holiday wraith (wreath)
Evermean (Evergreen)
Glue (blue) Spruce
Rockoli (Broccoli)
Call-iflower (Cauliflower)

May have more to come. Thanks.

Mar 15, 2011
I'm thinking of a more like a strawberry and/or bush I'd might call it "Strawbeary Bush" (get it strawberry and bear combined).

May 25, 2009
My idea for plants tend to be based on horrible puns. Some of them are below. The idea behind them though is to try and give the treasure cards for some of the enemy spells or mutations that aren't normally available. like White Rat Magician and Life Cyclops, or just some of the middle cards.

Care Bearries - I groaned at this one. I almost didn't submit it. Plant for life wizards. Prob won't get made anyway because of copyright issues, but the pain this pun causes is worth it.

Eye Pods - Pea pods with eyes in it. Would be a plant for myth Wizards.

Doom Bloom - I haven't come up with a good idea for this one, but maybe a black rose with a mawed center. Plant for Death Wizards.

Dragon Fruit - Fruit in the shape of a dragon head that spits small bursts of fire. Plant for Fire Wizards.

Shock Poppies - Poppy flowers that spark with electricity. Meant for Storm Wizards.

Cool Cucumber - A cucumber with a face that's covered in frost. Plant meant for Frost wizards.

Catcus - A cactus in the shape of a kitten. Meant for Balance wizards.

Star Fruit - Fruit tree with stars on it. Maybe with faces. Meant for the Star School.

Sun Flower - A plant with a large stem and a burning orb on top. Meant for the Sun School.

Weretree - A tree in the shape of a werewolf. Meant for the Moon School.

Jul 22, 2009
Christmas Cactus - with little presents instead of flowers

Contrary Carnations - like the fickle pickles they don't look at you but sometimes they do. Get big rewards when they do else little rewards for big work.

Tea Roses - Rose bush with tea cups and tea kettles. Tea pours from kettles to cups.

School Trees - requires Grandmaster Gardner and extra large but permanent plot.

Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange woods - special school focused trees. Large plot offers school based traps, blades and shields. Does not require same school as gardener.

Apr 23, 2011
How about a prayer plant that drops a healing treasure card. A prayer plant has leaves that when they fold up some looks like it is in prayer with a seraph head on it. :)

Dec 29, 2010
A Pitcher Plant of course. ^^
Hey batter batter, hey batter batter, SA-WING! Yerrout!

Or Honey-Do Melons.
Did you fix that squeaky hinge like I asked? You need to fix that hinge, a squeaky hinge needs oil you know. And don't forget to make your bed on the way out, a well-made bed needs tight corners. Oh! And Barbara called, she needs pixie dust for a crafting project. Would you be a dear and take Barbara some pixie dust? She'll be ever so grateful. By the way, I noticed the windows are a little dusty...

Sep 11, 2010
Why not use Witch Hazel? It is an actual plant like many names you use and could be fun to create.

Dec 02, 2009
Maybe a

~SILLY LILY it would giggle every once and a while
~SAVAGE CABBAGE it would have fangs
~BLUE BERRIES(sad berries)
~CAT NIP(has a cat face)

It would be neat to see these plants come to Wizard 101!

Feb 22, 2011
I think Seemor...A bush with lots of little eyes all over it that blink, frown, look wide eyed , etc.

Dec 13, 2010
I have a few to suggest hope you don't mind

lady slippers..... Have the plant grow ballet slippers and/or fuzzy house slippers

Pet tune ias (petunias) This would be a special plant for schools. The flower would be the head of a school pet ( ie maybe vampire for death, phoenix for fire) and when it is ready to harvest plays a tune that is specific to the school as well (scary music for death, maybe a torch sound for fire, etc)

Guelder's rose AKA SNOWBALLS.. pretty self explanatory .... make it have giant snow balls lol

Snakeroot _ this would be a HANGING plant, which lets face it is so needed in this game ( at least for those of us who are obsessed with decorating!) it would come in different colors red blue green.... roots would be coming out of the bottom of the planter, and would of course the roots would be writhing snakes :)

Croakus (crocus) this would be a giant frog plant.... and of course it makes a croaking noise. and would be hilarious if when it was ready to harvest it laid down and had x's over its eye like it had "croaked" (died)

Cowslips__ Giant cow in a slip ( thinking pink tutu here)... or a cow sliding down a vine ... either way awesomeness!

Peariwinkles- Pear tree .... pears have giant winking eye balls

Last one I promise :)

BULBS it would be really awesome if when you first started planting you got a "bulb" instead of a dandelion. It would grow into a LIGHT bulb and come in different colors just like the dandelions do.. though please... more blue and purples... too much pink and yellow already :)

This was a lot of fun thanks for giving us the opportunity to express our ideas!

Morgan Willowhaven Legendary Necromancer

Mar 14, 2010
I think they should be a plant that is like a triton. It's would drop money gold, mounts, pets of any kind, drops wands, any houses in the crown shop. clothes from the crown shop, and if your lucky 20 thousand crowns. 8) 8) 8) 8)

Mar 29, 2010
Mine would be called Phoenix Plant after you harvest it you'll get a Phoenix Treasure Card and 1250 Gold after you harvest it on elder it will give you:

5 Fire Blades
5 Fire Traps
1 Phoenix

I just came up with this idea and it might work for Fire Wizards
so if you want to give anymore Fire type Ideas come to me I can Figure out what would come to the idea

Hope you Like my idea

Aug 31, 2010
For Death, it would be nice to call a flower "PoisonDeath" the flower would look like a rose but black petals and poisonous thorns, innocent looking but deadly ...and if the flower becomes old, or elder plant, black rose petals fall out and the "Death" school sign shows in the middle, and grew more petals all around, so now it would look like a sunflower, but grayish color to look old

Jan 05, 2011
i would make a snowyboom shroom it gives 400xp and it would give training points and 7 day mounts and very rare pets and pet mixes when its elder it would give 4000xp it would be rank 6+ and it can give crowns [2500 minimuim] i hope you guys at wizard101 network like my request i am wolfskulhead a fire wizard i wont type my lvl cause i lvl up so fast

Jun 30, 2009
Aug 13, 2009
Well guys i think the new sword we should have is waterword swords it like an ice sword lvl 60 only 60% crit on wand and 60% block :) than people can be very storng at lvl 60 and level should get to lvl 70 and new badge should be epic thank you.