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Feedback Friday 6-3-11

Jun 27, 2009
I think the sunflower idea is great! :)

Also maybe something like a dandelion but be like, "Dandy-lion" or keep the original spelling, and have lions incorporated into the plant.

A silly idea, but I was thinking about King Parsley (a play on words of Presley I presume :) ), and you could do things like, Justin Bean-er, have like a singing beanstalk or something.

This one might be a stretch, because I am not sure how many people have heard of him, but one like the previous one, but like Sigmund Freud, maybe be like Fig-mund Freud and be like a fig plant with glasses (looks really smart).

Or something like Petunia Pig (Porky Pig's girlfriend), and it be a Petunia with a pig snout that says that little thing like Porky did at the end of all the cartoons (Something like, b-deh b-deh b-dat's all folks! Or however he said it :) )

Hehe, those are all kind of silly, but its fun. :)

Aug 10, 2009
Okay I have several ideas:

:-oApe Grapes:-o
Description: there would be a curly vine that grows out of the ground and have several ape grapes(like the pet snack) with arms and legs.
difficulty level: 3 spades
harvest Items: Ape Grape(pet snack), golden grapes, green grapes, troll treasur card, fish scales, and Ape Grape(seed).
Needs: sun and rain
Rank: 4

Crazy Corn
Description: there would be a corn stalk with corn on it, and the corn would have crazy faces on it.
difficulty level: 4 spades
harvest Items: harvest corn(pet snack), sunbird treasure card, onix, fire blade treasure card, and poison treasure card.
Needs: magic and music
Rank: 4

Cheery Cherries
Description: there would be two cherries with eyes(with eye lashes) and big lips, grow on a palm tree(no leaves) like plant.
difficulty level: 3 spades
harvest Items: life banshee treasure card, vamire treasure card, choclate straw berry(pet snack), blond straw berry( pet snack), ore, and diamonds.
Needs: music and sun
Rank: 4

Jul 04, 2010
Tiger Lily! A plant with the head of a tiger, and at mature roars like one too :)

Apr 07, 2010
I would make dogwood. Like the tree, but with leaves shaped like different breeds of dogs.

Jun 16, 2009
I dont know if someone has already said this but, i think it would be cool if there would be a special plant you get for going to each different world, like right when you get to the world, like:
Krok: mums (like mummy hands as flowers)
MB: woof/bark plants (a bush with a that pops up once and a while)
MS: samuri tree (the whole thing made out of sliver knives/swords)
DS: a fire breathing plant (like flames for leaves)
CL: bubble bush (bush with bubbles for leaves, and sometimes the bubbles get little fish in them)
GH:Bear paws (like the pastries, pet snacks for rewards)
WT: tusk tree (A tree with big tuskes coming out of bushels of leaves for flowers)

Just a suggestion!! :D

Mar 16, 2011
how about deadly nightshade? (a plant that has wraiths for berries) ps. deadly nightshade is an actual plant. plud, this may be off the topic but could you make this NOT in the crowns shop? also i think some pants should be some school only. like fiery boom shroom could be for fire school only, malestrom snap dragon should be balance school only. and frozen fly traps should be ice school only.

Aug 02, 2010
wolf weed a plant with wolf heads and gives garden and treasure cards and gives amulets and mounts.

May 24, 2008
Pixie Puff - A plant that has the puffs like dandelions when they are past bloom and in seed. Perhaps they could sparkle a bit.

Ravenwood Rose - A flower that has the faces of the different Ravenwood professors.

Sep 18, 2010
Ah, wish plants, eh? I saw someone mention a vampire flower with description, and I thought AHA, an undead venus fly trap!!!!
My idea for a plant would be something along the lines of a living, petrified wood plant, that grows into a tree for Elder and gives a diamond or two!!!
We have living rock creatures, why not a living, growing Petrified Wood plant? 8)

Jun 08, 2010
Jul 22, 2010
I like the Demonic Rose type thing. It could be like a Black-Red Rose and it
has some white fangs kind of like a Vampire. That would be nice!
From: Levy S.

Community Leader
Palm Trees - hands that do the wave or jazz hands.
Dog wood trees- little puppies that bark
Sweet pips- Look like sweet peas a climbing vine with pips on them.
Morning stories- looks like morning glory but have books that open.
Forget me knots- Plants with rope knots
Magic beans- can grow giant bean stalks
snake grass- although I love the crab grass.
Fire and Ice roses- The roses at mature stage can either be frozen flowers or flowers full of flames.

If I think of more Ill edit this post.
Thank you again Professor Falmea For another wonderful Feed back Friday.

Mar 14, 2010
how about a shoe tree that lets you harvest shoes? or how about cat nip that nips at you when gardening? or how about pumpkins that allow you to harvest a scarecrow? how about a rain tree that makes it rain on your house once in a while? or how about a chinese lantern tree that lights up when happy? or how about a dogwood tree that lets you harvest hell hounds? or how about morning glories that help you cast gardening spells for half in the mornings? it would be nice to harvest housing items, maybe something for the holidays.

Feb 18, 2011
ok i have multiple ideas

Petree, a tree that gives a rare pet when harvested-rank 4 only, Large Plot, Harvest Time:15hrs 26mins

Poison Berry Bush, a bush that gives beries that contain a poisonous fluid-rank 2 only, medium plot
, Harvest Time: 6hrs 30mins

golden daner, a dancing flower that gives a random amount of gold each time it is harvested- Rank 3 only, medium plot, Harvest Time: 12hrs 45mins

xplant, a plant that levels you up each time it is harvested-Rank 5 only,Large Plot, Harvest Time: 48hrs 33mins

May 25, 2009
Wolfsbane. A plant with small wolf heads as the flowers, and it would howl as the animation.

Jan 09, 2011
Turtle Plant, it would be a bush with a turtle head on and in it. When harvested the turtle head should come out :D

Mar 04, 2011
Bleeding heart (Dicentra Eximia) - when harvested should give healing treasure cards

Snake Root (Eryngium yuccifolium) - ???

Spider plant ( Chlorophytum Comosum) - ???

Feb 20, 2009
I think a good plant would be a Evil Bartleby.... or possibly something like the school tree like Ivan etc. :D :-) :) :(

Jun 01, 2009
Here are some ideas i have,

These ones just give regular drops: Money Tree , and a DeathVine -(the things that are in nightside and the haunted cave),a bird tree that gives the treausre card pacify and could be called "The Best Nest",school bushes that have the school sign and other school related things,

These are based on and give regular and mega pet snacks: A Star FruitBush, A Chip Bush, A broccoli plant(gives mega or cheese broccolie),Callie Flowers(cauliflowers),Golden Apple Tree,Golden Grapes (or regular grapes),Peanut Bush,Bananna Tree, Squash Vines, WaterMeleon Vines, CornStalks.

Here are some other things that i have been wanting to tell you guys:

Statues: a statue of Gama, a statue of the school teachers, a statue of GrandmotherRaven, a staue of school pets, a staue of the school trees.

Thanks! signed your #1 player JessicaPeralGlade Lvl60 Ice :-P

Dec 02, 2010
A love tree sounds good if you stand under it it'll drop a mount, gold, a pet, cards, and training points maybe an apple tree :) or any farm plants like weak wheat :? also maybe a pet snack tree and all it drops is pet snacks then all the money you would earn could go to breast cancer awareness or something like that i am a very helpful girl i would like too help anyone i can and the love tree will cost 1,000 crowns then the pet snack tree will cost 1,500 crowns :)

Thanks for listening too my post

Sophia DawnThief aka Sophia ThunderBringer :) 8)

Dec 21, 2008
Jan 11, 2011
Jun 13, 2010
If i could name a plant it would be lazy daisy just a regular old daisy except it is lazy.

Check Realm: Blossom for Paige legendSheild

Paige Legendsheild Lvl. 46

Jun 25, 2010
I think we should have a plant called one of the following:

1. Cheeseweed- a bush with cheese for blooms
2. Stinking Corpse Lily- a ghost in the shape of a flower... hard to explain. Other plants do not like, like the Stinkweed. Crowns item.
3. Devil's Walking Stick- a thorny bush with fire all around it. Crowns item.
4. Four-o-Clock's- a tree with clocks for fruits.
5. Monkey Puzzle- a tree/bush with monkeys on its branches.
6. Lamb's Quarters- You guessed it. A flower with lambs on its petals.
7. Cock's Comb- A chicken flower! Crowns item.
8. Ressurection Fern- A death fern (looks dead but itsn't) that gives healing cards. Also crowns item.

Jul 27, 2009