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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Mar 24, 2013
I once dreamed of Ra burning the elephants alive in Stone Town.

Sep 02, 2012
A way to tell you've been playing to much? Going to school and walking up to the kid you hate and grabbing a fake wand, and do the sign you do with a wand and try to defeat him with a leprechaun. Another is when you're on the sidewalk, you're scared to cross the street because of getting pulled into battle. One more is having a dream you got every item in the crown shop, and then log on first thing the next day to find all you have in your inventory is a stray piggle.

Sep 02, 2012
I'm guilty of #5.

Jun 29, 2012
I don't play that much, but once, right after fighting a storm wizard, I told my siblings that I was watching Stormzilla on the T.V. He was really confused. I quickly corrected myself and said Godzilla, but I he was really puzzled .

Feb 26, 2012
I cant use my Blade aqfter two and I dont have enought power to kill Bosses Can any one help me!!!

Apr 04, 2010
Hey guys. Ok, some f these are realistic, and some are funny. Read on...

1- you can't play wizard101 on weekdays because you skip your homework to play.
2- you buy a computer/laptop JUST for wizard101
3- instead of saying "I'm going to my room" you say "I'm going to my dorm room"
4-you think of school and chores as really hard big battles.
5- when you go to the mall, you think that you're going to the bazaar.
6-you see a bunch of sticks on the ground and think, wow someone dropped a bunch of mist wood (which I dont find very much since I'm in celestia)
7-you find a stick, put on Some glitter, and think, woah, someone dropped an amazing sparkly wand!
8-you think you'll get some major xp for doing homework.
9-you wish the world is like wizard101 (I totally make that wish every single day not exagerating...)
10-you're at the beach, and when you find some shells, you think, yay! I'm going to the bazaar to sell these!

I hope you enjoyed these. Happy wizarding! Magicing? I don't know... Just um... Have fun... :)

-Mindy Goldpetal, grandmaster diviner

"Failing is one thing, giving up is another."

Apr 07, 2012
Making your wizards school ur school

May 22, 2011
Here's a few I'm guilty for.
1. Crossing the street thinking you got lucky that you didn't get pulled in
2. Picking up a stick and saying "I got a staff"
3. Playing all day and night
4. Saying "Hold on" to your parents so you can finish you dungeon
5. "Where's the quest arrow when I need it?"
6. Thinking that if you ever met a genie in real life, your first wish would to be in Wizard101
7. Wishing you had a Spellbook to tell you want to do
8. Wanting the pets in Wizard101
9. Wanting the game to be real.
10. Having dreams about the game

To much. To much gameplay.

-Wolf (Better than Mason Mythflame)

Oct 30, 2010
one way to know is that when you wake up in the morning you try to cast your self with pixie thinking that it will give you energy

Mar 07, 2012
In gym at school you stand on the top row of a bleacher and wave your pencil around trying to draw the little symbols and yelling "You take that malistaire," to the people at the bottom row. "My stormzilla will defeat you all! Bwahahahahah!"

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 36 theurgist

May 02, 2009
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

yes, 100 times yes

Darby SpriteDust, lvl 50

May 02, 2009
i have one:

When you are doing something and your friend/parent/relative says you have to go do something and you say let me finish this battle instead is let me finish what ever you were doing.

Darby SpriteDust, , 50

Jun 01, 2009
10.) You have dreamed of the game at least once
9.) You have wished to have your outfit in wizard101 in real life
8.) You have complained to you friends that do not play wizard101 about something that happened in wizard101
7.) You have screamed and jumped up and down when the new world came out
6.) You have seen a turquoise necklace and thought Oh! I need to buy that for my crafting quest!
5.) You have said "Just let me finish this dungeon" to a parent or relative or whoever when they tell you to get offline
4.) You have involuntary whistled or hummed commons music
3.) You have thought "why does wizard101 not have toilets?"
2.) You have talked about your wizard101 friends to your real life friends
1.) When someone says they'll do something when pigs fly, you have said "Pigs do fly! Piggles exist, don't they?" and when the person gave you a weird look, you were confused

I am guilty of all the above.

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth

Jun 10, 2010
tdog20346237 on Nov 3, 2013 wrote:
I once dreamed of Ra burning the elephants alive in Stone Town.
I think that might just be because you're a little violent, not any fault of w101.

Dec 27, 2011
I guess I really like it but I'm not "too" addicted to it.

Antonio Sandshade, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Nov 24, 2013
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

my teacher says that every day
Alexander StorySinger Level 18

Nov 24, 2013
Windlilly wrote:
Oh! That totally happened to me and my friends the other day! My sister saw a huge rock lying on the ground and said to our other friend (who also plays the game, luckily) "Look! I found a Stone Block!" And then she threw it at me. O. o Lolz, and then for the rest of the day we collected rocks to see who could get the most reagents.
should have been ore

Feb 07, 2011
Dr Von wrote:
The last two are hilarious- I just burst out laughing, and am still in stitches because I can see my nephew doing this. He used to love this game, and I still do. :-)

Since I'm an adult, and don't have any restrictions on how much time I spend on the Interwebz, I can go at this all day... literally. That's how my Balance wizard went from grandmaster to legendary in the span of about three days. I should also mention that I soloed almost every dungeon, with few exceptions, and one day spent 6 hours farming Big Ben- I also stayed up all night doing it, so coffee was my best friend at work the next day (what, no energy potion?). :-P

Here are my signs that I play too much:


I recently finished a 6-month contract job, and am now unemployed (sadly, my dismissal was not w101-related). I spend a couple hours a day looking for work, and the rest playing this game or perusing the forums...


I also have a w101 playlist on my computer (I disabled in-game sounds) and my wizards have theme-songs. Yes, you heard correctly... is that sad? Some may seem random, but that's possibly because I'm writing a book based on characters I created in-game- perhaps another sign that I'm way too into this. :-P

Balance: "Battle Ready" by Otep; "Unbreakable" by Fireflight.
Death: "Feint", by Epica.
Life: "It's For You" by Niamh Kavanagh
Storm: "Familiar Taste of Poison" by Halestorm.
Myth: "E.T." by Katy Perry/Kanye West
Ice: "Ice Queen" by Within Temptation
Fire: "Out of Control" by Hoobastank


I have two accounts, twelve wizards between them; both have a full year's subscription, just in case I get bored or decide to retire my legendary, and crowns. All twelve wizards have mounts, and I'll admit to buying at least 3 dragon's hoard packs.


I somehow amassed 200,000 gold, and proceeded to spend it in a day, on pets and a new house in Marleybone.


I like to farm the Kraken on low-pop servers late at night, for no other reason other than that he's my favourite boss.


As I mentioned above, I am creating a book based on characters I've created here ( I do the same with TS2 and 3, my other guilty pleasures :-P)- this is partly because I'm a fan of both w101 and the Potter series, which came out when I was in the sixth grade. I've never written fantasy, though, so I'm interested to see where it goes.


When it rains or snows (and it does a lot of both here), I've been known to point at the sky and yell, "ELEMENTAL DEFUSE!" or wonder where my storm shield is.


While getting hit by a Tempest in Waterworks, I actually asked my dungeon-buddy if, "because we're already in water, do we get more wet when this happens?" I also once cast a Meteor Strike at someone and thought, "that really shouldn't work in here".


I also have two shirts from Zazzle. Both have the Balance scales on them, with "Ra is my homeboy" and "got Judgment?" underneath, and my non-wizarding friends have no idea what any of it means. :-P


I actually went back over this list 17 times and edited it, to make sure that I'd included everything.

I think I'm an addict, but I don't want to be saved. :-)

Laura Shadowsong, Legendary Sorcerer,
& her 11 aliases, 42 pets, and counting...
This is my original post from 2011, when I first joined... Here is an updated list:
(sad, yes. but that shows just how much more time I spend here than i should).

10. i still play the game, though i am no longer with the guy who introduced me to it;

9. i have written wizard101 fan-fics for national novel writing month... 3 years in a row;

(i am the author of spellbound, halflife, and magic happens, as well as co-writer of the wizard bff diaries (with alura bh from these boards) and owner of dr. von shadowsong's literary asylum (fan-fic writers' group on central. for the older set, there is dr. von shadowsong's progressively-worse flip-book, which is definitely not for the kidlets).

i have also written w101-inspired poetry, submitted screenshots to the game's fb page, created several fan-fic related videos, and have plans to dress up as mally for halloween.

8. my wizards (and a few npcs) have all been recreated by me in the sims 2, 3, and medieval;

7. dr. von's roommate has a new girlfriend, who's got a 4-year-old daughter... when they left dr. von on babysitting duty, can you guess what she did?

6. once said roommate moves out, i am replacing him with cats: one black and one orange, to be named malistaire and sylvia;

5. my nickname is dr. von;

4. i own several shirts, a mug, and dragonspyre concept art.

shirt #1~ red, with mally; "i'm evil and you love it"
shirt #2~ black/white, with balance rune; "we like it Ra"

3. i hugged my computer when i found out malistaire was back, leading me to believe that the ensuing breakup was wizards-related;

2. i bought a how-to-draw book just to be able to draw fan-art (since von doesn't have an artistic bone in her body);

1. i have 3 prometheans;


still no end to the madness!

promethean sorceress

(& her18 aliases, 300+ pets, and counting...)

Apr 13, 2013
Here are some ways to tell to lay off wizard101 for a day.
1. You look for wizard pets that do spells.
2. If you pick a fight, you look for a random spelldeck.
3. When it snows, you shout "It's Clossas Bullavard!"
4. You stop driving cars and look for animals to ride.
5.When you visit your granma, you look for a world portal.
6. You look for packs and are upset to find that they containe Pokemon cards instead of seven random items.
When I get SUPER INTO wizard101, I will look at these posts and stop playing for a day.

Mar 14, 2009
TopGearFTW on Mar 12, 2012 wrote:
my top ten are:

10: you try to ask the local clothes store for a raven's pack

9: you ask your friend " you got any crowns"

8: instead of saying "fail" or "epic fail" you say "fizzle

7: you find a branch on the floor and say "I GOT A WAND"

6: you say "LOL" instead of laughing

5: you find a dog and try to ask where Watson is

4: you tell your friend about a billion times to play wizard101

3: you skip school to lvl up 3 times in wizard

2: you write down your wizard101 character's name,stats and school type (that happened to me once ) on your very important test

MY #1 FAVORITE WAY IS: you think that your cat is Meowiarty and hit him with cat food. XD

Padric WildBane- lvl 27 Thatamurge or whatever you call it
Those are all awesome! :D here is mine:
10. You ask your parent if you could have a piggle or wyvern for Christmas, resulting in a blank stare and a confused expression (guilty)
9. You try to make yourself look exactly like your wizard, with costume and wand included (not guilty yet)
8. You constantly pester your parents to buy you more crowns so you can finally get the coolest looking armor, wand, or pet (guilty)
7. You try to make your pet look like any wizard101 pet like a firecat, heckhound, or sunbird (guilty)
6. You imagine what life would be like if Wizard101 was real (guilty)
5. Your friend list is full, your quest book is empty, and you are the highest level you can get (not guilty yet, except for the friend list, that part is true)
4. You have had more than one Wizard101 marathon, where you play all day and night (totally 100% guilty)
3. You have more than ten friends in real life that play because you pestered them so much they finally agreed to join (guilty)
2. You only answer to your Wizard101 name, any other name is forbidden to you (guilty)
1. Finally, you have constantly talked about Wizard101 to your non Wizard101 friends. You involve quests that you have to complete when you get home, and the latest stuff that is being sold at the Bazaar. This results in confusion, which gets you frustrated (guilty)

That is all Folks!
~Lauren Unicornhorn Level 52 sorcerer
"Remember what your mother taught you, patience is a virtue"

Nov 14, 2010
when your in the commons with friends you added trying to figure out what the next arc/world will be for 15 minutes and don't get bored of it

Jun 17, 2011
Professor Greyrose on Sep 18, 2009 wrote:
Diary of a Wizard (a now closed fansite) has a wonderful post from Postcards from the Spiral about the Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Much Wizard101

(As if there IS such a thing!)
10. You’ve convinced your child/parent/significant other to create their own account so that you can battle together.
9. You’ve purchased a new computer so that people in your house can play together or play online at the same time.
8. You’ve set up a wireless network, after procrastinating for at least five years, so that people in your house can play at the same time.
7. When driving or riding in a car, you keep looking at the dashboard for a yellow arrow to tell you which direction to go and how many more steps until you get there.
6. When you reply to a text message sent to your phone, you press the “r” key and don’t understand why you don’t immediately see a text box.
5. You’re on a first-name basis with the employees at your neighborhood 7-11 (or wherever you buy Wizard 101 gift cards).
4. The employees know the name of at least one of your wizards, and ask you which wizard will get the pet from this particular gift card.
3. You’ve had a dream about leveling up.
2. You’ve had a dream about Merle Ambrose summoning you to his office (bonus points if he does NOT have a yellow exclamation point over his head).
1. You’ve had a dream about Wizard 101 announcing a seventh chair will be available in each player’s classroom, and you rushed to your computer the next morning to finally start a wizard from the seventh school on your account.

The only one I would add would be you see a stick on the ground and think -ooh! Mistwood!

Thank you both for the article and we encourage our players to list their own below!
one time i was with some friends and saw a stick and said hey, "mist wood IS real!"and they just kinda looked at me. I wonder why...

Apr 06, 2011
You know you've been playing wizard101 to much when one day you're a level 56 and the next you're a level 68 and your like O.O what did I just do and how?

Oct 04, 2009
Awgeewhiz on Sep 24, 2009 wrote:
7 When a friend of yours does something embarrasing and you exclaim: "Boy, you just fizzled!".
That is something i would do even without playing Wizard101 too much

Jan 08, 2011
If you play Pokémon, you name some of your 'mons after bosses in W101 (I have a Gyarados named Eeglis and a Charizard named Malistaire....)
You've started to use W101 words as profanities ("Fizzles! Where's my glasses!?")
That's all I can think of at the moment, and I've done both.