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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Dec 20, 2010
crunkatog on Jul 8, 2013 wrote:
you set your alarm 40 minutes early so you have time to garden and run mirror lake before going to work.
You said it!!! Do it all the time! (well the gardening anyway)

Jun 27, 2010
When you arent fond of walmart yet you go there for the w101 card.

Apr 21, 2011
You forget that it is your little brother's birthday because you have been on the computer.

When you have four computers just for playing W101.

When you get a crowns card for every holiday.

Jul 25, 2012
MikeStrath wrote:
I think these ought to be the #1 and #2 indicators.

Though maybe having Dreams about your characters should slide in there someplace.
Dude that happened to me the other day ....... i mean night :P, The dream was about my wizard swimming extremely fast through the commons pond and then getting band for speed hacking. ( After i woke up i rushed to the computer to make sure i was not really banned :p)

Sep 12, 2009
1. All you think about is the next spell you learn...
2. You send tons of E-mails to KI demanding 7 characters...
3. You give your cat to the kennel because you think he/she's part of the O'Leary gang!
4. You say "Keep it cool and stay in Ice School "
5. All your wizards are Celestia leveled

Devin HexFlame, level 28 Pyromancer
Chase IceBlade, level 5

Dec 03, 2012
10. You call your pet your wizard101 pet name ( my pets name is jack and sometimes I call him lord Jackson)
9. When somebody wants to be your friend, you say sorry my buddy list is full.
8. When you get grounded for not getting off the computer when you're supposed to (guilty)
7. All of your friends play the game but you have the highest level (guilty again)
6. When you get off the computer, you get on to your tablet that's faster and post here (Hint- I'm on my iPad.)
5. Your parent tells you to clean your room and you say a few more minutes then they ask you again and you say "I said 5 minutes!" Then they say "that was 2 hours ago!"
4. The only way to get your attention on the computer is to say "want 60,000 free crowns?"
3. You make a wand.
2. You sign a paper with your name rank and school.
1. You make money to buy crowns by selling posters- about wizard101.

Jun 20, 2013
you beg your parents to play it and you talk about it everyday

Jun 18, 2013
OK, I have a ton of these.

1. When you call the street you live on, "Triton Avenue".
2. When you go to a graveyard and expect to find a Rotting Fodder.
3. When you go into a cave and think it is the Haunted Cave.
4. You name your dog after your heck hound.
5. You want people to buy you a pack of trading cards.
6. When the only breed of snake you want to buy is a Thunder Snake.
7. When you ask for permission to go on the next street
8. When someone asks you why you always walk on the sidewalk and you say, "So i don't get in a fight."
9. When you get hungry, you say, "My mana is low!"
10. When your next-door neighbor is Harry Potter.
Thanks for reading guys!

Coming up with excuses, Duncan WindLeaf, Level 33 Magus Diviner

Sep 09, 2012
1 You wake up and think you see Merle
2 you think your two dogs are combined
3 you see your brother with wizard clothes
4 you go to school and call your teacher, "Mr. Cyrus Drake.
5 you say you live, not in the Milky Way, but in the spiral.
6 you starve yourself cause wizards don' t eat

7 you feed your pet soup thinking he will become epic
8 you want to become your character
9 you get a tabby cat and call him prince Cosmo
10 you legally change your name to Wyrmheart.
Emma Emaraldsword lvl 49

Oct 15, 2010
You see your Frosted Flakes box and think that it says "Frosted Drakes"

Apr 04, 2010
Randomperson16 wrote:
I'm guilty of all of these, LOL! (Except the get 5 People hooked to the Game thing, still trying tho lol, my Parents think that anything that is Computer involved is boring )

Calamity Orgeblossom Level 48 Theurgist

May i add that....?

You know you are also Addicted if you spend 14 Hours on Wizard101 on Weekends. Heck, if i could, i'd play the whole Day, everyday, lol. (Guilty!)
Yep...totally guilty there too!
Gabby 90

Feb 19, 2013
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

I do that sometimes... It's pretty awesome music so i see your point

Katie Duskleaf, Level 27

May 13, 2012
Awgeewhiz on Sep 30, 2009 wrote:
6. You are walking down the street and randomly pick up sticks, rocks and pieces of scrap metal.

5. You come to a Yellow Yeild sign and get ready to cast a spell.

4. You have a bumper sticker that says "I do not break for golems."

3. You favorite soda is anything that dosen't fizzle.

2. You make a cardbaord sign that reads "Need Help?" and go stand on a street corner.

1. You request to be paid in Crowns in real life.
I have 3 and 1

Dec 18, 2012
You know you been playing wizard 101 when you say oh fizzle. That what i say when something happens and i didn't want it to happen.

Jul 02, 2009
You know you've been playing Wizard101 when you try to set a teleporting mark in your office

Malorn Ashthorn level 72

Christopher Wintersword level 5

Oct 15, 2010
You start to call your clothes "gear."
"Mom, can we buy some new gear?"

Mar 13, 2012
Destiny Windgem on Jul 9, 2013 wrote:
10: You make a whole deck of cards, exactly like your wizards.
9: You make a copy of your favorite wand, and try to use it with your cards.
8: You keep getting so annoyed because you need one more level for your next spell. (Happening)
7: You wish you could teleport back to your house after school. (Happened)
6: You want your own computer- partially for homework, but MOSTLY for Wizard101. (Happening)
5: You have dreams about Wizard101. (Happened)
4: You are good at sewing, so you try to make your wizards outfit.
3: You get up early, just to play.
2: You get upset when a computer breaks down, and your dad blamed it on Wizard101. (Happened)

And last, but not least...

1: You go to a Halloween party, wear your outfit and bring the wand and deck, and try to show everyone your new spell.

See ya in the Spiral!

Destiny Windgem
"Crusher Crusher"
Wow. I took over the oldest computer for wizard101 and other stuff, which I am on now. Awhile ago I kept getting a virus that my dad blamed on wizard101, but I found out what was causing it, which was not wizard101.

Aug 15, 2012
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Omg I do that all the time lol. I also hum Wysteria music and Dragonspyre battle theme :P.

Jul 05, 2013
trying to be a death student and and whatever your wizards school is. mine are ,,and.

Dec 21, 2008
you know because you are broke and because whenever someone annoys you you find the nearest stick and start poking them with it

Jul 04, 2012
you use a knife or something as your wand and a hockey stick as a staff and pretend to cast spells.

Jun 14, 2009
  • When you have to BEG your parents for a W101 membership
  • You know you should log off but you don't want to so you keep playing anyways
  • You level up five-ten more times because you've been playing for so long
Can't write more now... have to go play Wizard101
~Jordan Mistheart lvl.30

Mar 13, 2012
When you're playing Wizard101 as you are reading this (Guilty.)

Aug 08, 2010
one of the ways you have been playing wizard101 too much is when you go to your dad and see an exclamation mark on top in your dream then ask "what quest do you have"?

Mar 13, 2012
When you just went/said "Uh huh, I'm not the only one." Even at the joke ones.