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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Feb 25, 2013
Necromancer Mark D... on Aug 26, 2012 wrote:

When you go to a swamp, you kill all the crocodiles there.

Force your siblings to name thier pet lizard Zanne.

When you see a cat, you call the cops.

Name a wolfhound pet Sherlock Bones.

When you think samurai, you think samoorai.

Call a elephant Oni and kill it.

When you are playing Pokemon Black/White, you pronounce Dragonspiral Tower as Dragonspyre Tower and the Giant Chasm as the Grand Chasm.

If you see a guy named Drake, you hope you will fly it to the Great Spyre.
I do the Pokemon thing...

May 05, 2012
I've done Professor Greyrose's #10. I've convinced about 5 people to play W101 by doing that.

Jun 02, 2013
1. If you have dreams about wiz101 (I had one. My grandpa randomly bought me 50 wiz 101 gift cards all of various lengths and features)

2. In any time you are bored and waiting you drift into a daydream about wiz101 for 20 minutes and you don't notice.

3. You download Wiz101 at another house so you can play it there

4. You've looked at the computer so much your sight is getting worse. (I may need new glasses again!)

5. You end up memorizing EXACTLY what each school's wizards are called (ex: Fire=Pyromancer)

6. You do it for half the time your awake

7. It's hard to keep yourself from playing


9. Some other crazy thing

10. Omg gotta get away..

Jun 02, 2013
Also another thing is when you are addicted to something, then start playing this, it's like you we're never addicted to the first thing.

Also, you read the HP books and now play this and you go extremely Wizardly and do weird stuff.
( ex: doing muffaliato on annoying loud people, or burning them with Fire elves.

Oct 11, 2012
1. You dream about finding a crazy hacker who will hack you unlimited crowns and mega snacks.
2. You stay up late trying to find a way to trade the pvp commander robe.
3. Your dreams are crushed because they fixed the mannequin bug and you cry for a week.
4. You keep yourself from eating to finish a dungeon.
5. You have multiple chars and you don't hate azteca anymore.
6. You reply to this topic on the message boards!!!!

Feb 04, 2009
One way you know is when you go to the library and look for the books titled "Life Magic" and "The Art of Fire Spells" just like the two housing items!

Oct 26, 2010
When someone has a birthday, you tell them what spell they would be getting in wizard101.
Ex: When my dad turned 48, I asked him what school he wanted to be and told him he was getting fire dragon... then when he turned 50 I told him he was a grandmaster...

Feb 02, 2013
1. When you think you will become an actual wizard one day ( i think i will one day )
2. When You dream about battling malistair.
3. When you see sticks you scream out " I FOUND SOME MISTWOOD "
4. When you wonder why the park isn't called the Commons
5. When you see someone wearing green clothes you ask them if they can heal you
5. When you stand in the curve you scream out " CAN I JOIN?

Isabella firegem

Jul 03, 2012
I'm guilty.... even after taking 5 months away from w101. Its soo addictive though o.o

Dec 18, 2009
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Not the song from the commons, but the battle theme for fighting

From Diana Swiftfountain lvl 84,

Mar 12, 2013
When you're asleep and your cat jumps up on the bed, you dream that the cat is trying to balanceblade you during trap rounds in Waterworks and go "nooo kitty nooooo" <--actually happened

You have a yard sale and put some nice looking clothes that don't fit you anymore on a rack labeled "Great for stitching"

You go to a train station and see the icon for the automatic defibrillator thing and think "Healing Current"

You play for so long at times that when you go to train your pet and it's time to feed him a snack, your tummy growls when you scroll through all the Dagwood Sandwiches and Spicy Drumsticks in your inventory. Because you forgot to stop for lunch.

Your daughter comes home from school and says the class is doing exercises on the balance beam, and the first thing that comes to mind is Ra.

Jan 01, 2013
You Know You've Been Playing Wizard101 to Much When You Grab Your Guitar And Try to Push A Button to Play Itself. Which I Have Actually Not Done.

Jasmine SparkleHeart

Dec 28, 2011
start132 on Sep 30, 2009 wrote:
hi one of the ways to know you have been playing wizard101 to much is that you have been playing wizard101 all day insted of doing homework or other things you got to do that is very imporant. by madison thunder crafter :P
That happens to me to all the time!

Sep 21, 2011
CamBen24 on Oct 16, 2010 wrote:

1. when you start a dueling game on your driveway and try to get everyone in the neighborhood to play

2.when you want to say ty np lol or stuff at work/school

3.when you have 3 school castles and filled them all.

4.when you talk to someone on the computer that's sitting right next to you.

5.when you have w101 hallucinations or music stuck in your head.

6.when you feel outbursts of w101 sayings coming through your mouth.

7. if you are still reading this

8. if you ask if they have Wild Bolt in the local electronics shop

9. if you start parties for everyone who plays w101

10. if you have to go eat soooo badly from playing w101 and starving it for hours, you have to stop reading this!
i talk to my sister on the game all the time even though she is ten feet away from me

Mariah RainbowDust

When life gives you pips, cast a spell (just made this up )

Feb 25, 2013
wizardrokz on May 18, 2013 wrote:
Hmmmm I have some more......

1) You put on a harry potter movie and as soon as one of them says the word "wizard" you start thinking about wizard101 for the rest of the movie
2) In school, you finish your homework in study hall and you have extra time, and you write your own dungeon and quest
3) You have a dream about being sultan of your sultans palace and it connects to history you are learning about at school
4) You have another dream about Cyrus being in this weird room of your sultans palace from the other dream
5) You explain all of wizard101 to your friend who doesn't play and you look at their face and they are so confused
6) You convince a friend at school to play and they get addicted, but not as much as you
7) You walk carefully down the street on the sidewalks
8) You find yourself drawing your school symbol
9) You respond to your wizard name and your real name
10) You see some old guy with a long beard and think "ambrose!"
11) Your watching some show your dad watches and there is this sneaky guy who keeps getting away, and you go "Wow he is like meowiarty!!!!" and your dad goes "huh?"
12) You wanna be your wizard for one night and do all the quests and no one has to know
13) You consider slightly for one little moment changing your first name to your wizards first name
14) You learn about acient Egypt at school and all you think about is KT
15) You hear "one hundred and one" and you go
16) You study/do homework while playing wizard101
17) Before school everyday, you check and tend on your garden
18) You hear the word "boss" and think oooo which?
19) A wizard101 commercial comes on and by the time it's over, you are logged on and questing
20) You consider a collection of regents
21) Last but not least.......Your friend is talking about getting new cloths and you say "what stats?"

The sad part about this post is, it has all happened to me, no jokeXD
I seriously do a few of those!

When watching harry potter, I always think, what if Catherine/Destiny (my wizards) were their friends?

I make sure to walk on the sidewalks, and i'm always quick when crossing the street.

When a new commercial for Wizard101 comes out, I feel like screaming out loud and run to tell my sisters.

These all actually happen to me!

Feb 25, 2013
I got pet parakeets, and I that made me think they should make parakeet pets on Wizard101. Also, I try and match my cats to the different cat spells (black cat, storm cat, fire cat...).

Dec 18, 2010
paigeysand on Jun 17, 2013 wrote:
1. You dream about finding a crazy hacker who will hack you unlimited crowns and mega snacks.
2. You stay up late trying to find a way to trade the pvp commander robe.
3. Your dreams are crushed because they fixed the mannequin bug and you cry for a week.
4. You keep yourself from eating to finish a dungeon.
5. You have multiple chars and you don't hate azteca anymore.
6. You reply to this topic on the message boards!!!!
i have done #4 once except is was sleep, for an hour, it started at my bedtime limit.

Jun 04, 2011
One way is "If you find a salimander, and go 'NO, I will not help you again!" you have been in krokotopia TOO much.

Anna Ghostheart

Apr 13, 2013
vicsuri on Oct 6, 2009 wrote:
Here's a few:

Quitting your job to play

Being a subscriber and buying $80 worth of crowns every time you buy crowns

Insist to be called the name of your wizard

Have millions of accounts filled with grandmasters

Imagining casting a spell and damaging someone's health when they tick you off (I know I've done that)

Making your own wizard101 commercials

Sending repeated invites to your friend and family for the crowns

Buying every single crown item there is all over the spiral

Trying to create a hallusionation in your mind of merle ambrose giving you a quest

Pressing the enter button and looking confused when a chat box doesn't come up

Screaming "I NEED HELP FIGHTING MALISTARE" in a busy street

Dressing up in wizard clothes

and last but not least: Trying to find a troll and when you don't saying "HERE TROLLY TROLLY TROLLY!"
All of the above...
And if you make a blog about your stats.
Or if you make a YT video or Social network page on it or follow it on a sn (eg google+)

Dec 01, 2012
1: You say your wizard101 name is your name(i once did this on my test in school,got in much trouble)
2:You start drawing wizard101 spells and things
3:You start playing with yourself like you are a wizard101 and you're casting spells.
4:Dreaming of wizard101(i was dreaming i was fighting Malistire with a troll face and he casted a troll face O.o)

Hope this helped!

Nicole lvl 21

Apr 04, 2012
You know you've been playing too much when you respond to messages on the message board in your free time! :P

Colin GoldenStone, level 19
David DuneStrider, level 51
Allan IcePetal, level 39

Apr 20, 2011
You know you have played Wizard101 when you are buying any type of clothing and you ask the cashier how much critical does this have.This happened to me the cashier was like what the heck.

Jun 17, 2012
I think one way you can tell if you've been playing to much is if you start thinking of other worlds after Azteca. Justin firethief level 75

Mar 12, 2013
when you go to the store to buy cat food and you're looking for the "fire candy" aisle

when you pick all the dandelions on your lawn hoping one will drop a piece of parchment

you put food coloring on your dog so it will be a brave hound

you actually have an argument with a friend over whether leviathan is a bony fish or a giant reptile, or maybe even a seagoing mammal

Jul 20, 2009
Destiny Dodger Dra... on Mar 10, 2010 wrote:
You've been playing to much when:

1 You go up to some older person in the store and say "Did I get called back to Grizzleheim yet Mr. Ambrose?"

2 You point at someones scarf and say "I got mine from a pixie!"

3 Instead of laughing you just say "LOL".

4 Point to a car and say "I want a mount like that!"

5 Someone gets hurt and you throw a toy unicorn at them.

6 You dont know why they didnt like getting hit with a unicorn.
I sometinmes do number 3.