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The First Five Levels of Wizard101

Feb 24, 2009
annah321 wrote:
I'm not sure if this was in the tutorial or not... but it actually took me awhile to figure out that you could delete cards when you right click on them :P

Oh, and also, I think that extra damage hits need to be explained more...
Example: I use a storm card on a myth monster.

o my gosh yah i didnt figure out you could discard cards until lvl 35 no one probably understands how furious i was when i noticed that was possible, most people figure it out by accident. :?
Yea, for the second thing, I thought it was like a mini boosts things that came into play just whenever and i had luck against ice or death (i am mainly fire, my second school is life) IT NEEDS TO EXPLAIN THAT STUFF! do this by:
give the enemies just like 5% boost to life, and make you use a life spell, so add more health to the enemy and the extra turn they have, (the enemy), they can pass
PASSING should also be included in the tutorial.
with prisms, you need to understand the following:
Boost, resist, traps, school weaknesses, and shields.
Thx for reading!
-Nicholas RubyShard, level 55 pyromancer at the moment :)

Dec 10, 2010
bubba1997216 wrote:
i think in the tutorial you should help each wizard by letting them know what the weakness is to each school 'cause i had trouble figuring that out until kroktopia.

Me too
Also , I wished to know about the other spiral worlds. I didn't realize until I made this account. This is the farthest I got. I got into Marleybone on this account. On the other account , I didn't even make it to Krokotopia.

Jan 04, 2010
My friend always tells me that the taunts give damage over rounds so i think you should explain that somewhere. No matter how many times i tell him they take it as a threat and attack him MORE he says it does damage. And the pips thing people need to pay attention to diego!