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The First Five Levels of Wizard101

Jul 21, 2009
There should be a completed quest list which checks off which quests have been completed and if it doesnt mention exactly which quests still need to be done, if we could know how many incomplete quests we have in a general area that would be helpful. My son finished dragonspyre but he is still only a level 49 so he obviously missed some side quests but I have no clue where to tell him to look.

Dec 15, 2008
annah321 wrote:
I'm not sure if this was in the tutorial or not... but it actually took me awhile to figure out that you could delete cards when you right click on them :-P

Yes it took me forever to figure out discarding and how to use treasure cards. You should put something for that in.

May 10, 2009
i think you need to explain that you automatically get pips cause in my first levels until levl 14 i thought that you had to discard a card to get pips because when i have discarded the number of cards one per round i was able to use the spell.... lol i wasnt smart but now i have made many characters get to lvl 20 a grand and a lvl 39 so i am smarter

Aug 21, 2009
I think you need to explain to players that opposite schools do more damage against each other. For the longest time I couldn't understand why I would do more damage as storm with a prism on a storm opponent in comparrison to a storm opponent without a prism on it. I thought prisms were damage bugged or something as opposite school weeknesses weren't explained.

It should also be spelled out to players whether they have a higher or lower chance of getting drops and experience if they solo or play in a group with others. Many will try to solo everything cause they think they may get more experience or drops or others will complete their quests without them getting to play them themselves (it is irritating to join a group and see message after message pop up saying quest has been completed, and you have no idea of whether your quest line has been messed up or tossed out of order).

Definately needs to be a group verses solo play tutorial explaining experience, drops, quest lines, and even how to cast shield and blade support onto others.

Jan 25, 2010
Hmm, as a lvl 48 pyromancer I think I can think of some things.

- In the tutorial, I think they should learn how to talk BEFORE the fight.
- In WizardCity, There should be a quest named 'My Weakness?' or something and It will be going around the city talking to characters about the school weaknesses.
- I think everyone will agree with this... ADD A BALANCE SHIELD AND DISSPELL! The only thing that weakens their spells are weakness, tower shields, armor shields, ice armor shields, and balance bosses! AND EVERY SCHOOL HAS A DISPELL EXCEPT FOR BALANCE!

Aug 10, 2010
After reading everyone's comments I have to ask..What is a prism? and how do you use it?


Jun 21, 2009
A prism card inverts the element so you can attack like elements. Example: I have a life charater, so if I want to attack life I would need a death card for boost. A prism does change the element, so I could get the boost.

Jun 21, 2009
As I said before, I would to see the first five levels expanded.

Mar 25, 2009
in the first 5 levels i think the tutorial in the beggining needs to be way more realistic. really? minotaurs that do that little damage? and draconians that are rank one? it just makes no sense to me!

Mar 13, 2010
PRISMS! Too many people use prisms without knowing what they do, as well as boosts and resists

I just started a new Fire wizard with this topic in mind.

I remembered how long it took me on my first wizard to learn about boosts and schools that were opposite. When I understood these concepts, my playing improved immensely.

Also, young wizards should be advised to seek information from these forums. I still would not understand how to play if I had not started reading here. (And I am an older player, experienced in this type of game.)

Jul 21, 2010
They should really say something about prisms. i am a level 10 sorcerer ( william LegendSword) and i dont even bother with prisms cuz i dont even know what they do!

Jul 12, 2009
I wish I would have known each school's specialty. I have posted a few other posts like this and I think life doesn't have enough damage cards. It's not a big deal but if I knew how each of the schools worked, I wouldn't have choosen life. :?

Abigail Spiritrider

May 22, 2009
Over the course of several days, I have encountered people who does not realize you can sell NO AUCTION items at regular shops. Many of them believe the only place you can sell items is that the bazaar. Having the shops and bazaar explained better would help.

Hannah Lifebringer level 50 Life

Jun 19, 2009
like others have said,
-oppisetie school weakness
these all need to be explaind more becuse i was in dragonspyre and a grandmaster casted a prism on a myth guy and and converted his storm to myth and just weakend it.when i first started i thought the school boosts were from just the type of enemy like i'll get a boost on a dark fairy but not a field guard cause of their names then i started to figure it out after triton avenue.But for now new people will just have to figure it out themselves.

coyleghosthammer level45 master necromancer(working on crystal grove)
ericcrowhunter level18 journeymen sorcerer(working on grand arena)
taylorgoldenshield level14 initite diviner(working on palace of fire)

Jul 05, 2009
I wish I'd have known that you could sell things.
On my level 10 Storm, I had filled my bank with clothes... then chucked them all out!
Maybe there could be a tutorial tip saying you can sell stuff.

May 31, 2009
I would agree on an explanation for the shops and class weaknesses and resistance so you dont make any mistakes when you get your prisms, also i would recommend a school based tutorial so you learn your school's strategies and how to maximize its use

Chase StormSword
Grandmaster Diviner
Aedan Dawnglade
Grandmaster Theurgist

Jun 16, 2008
1) I think that choosing a secondary school should come later on ... maybe level 5. We are given a wand that has all of the school spells but we don't have enough time using them to figure out accurately if we are suited for a high fizzle rate, etc. ... and, more importantly, we don't have enough experience seeing how one spell interacts with a boss or monster's school.

2) I think that the book quest should return to level 2 or 3. There is no reason for us to have to go back to do the bosses. To much grind. I know that we learn more about the game with the new level at which we do this quest, but ... we just don't have enough time in "real life" to devote to grind.

3) I think we desperately need more guidance in deck building. It is vital to have a well stocked but minimized deck when you get in the "tougher" worlds. Something so vital should be explained more.

We could have quests devoted to this ... for extra credit ... if we feel we need more experience. This way other wizards who caught on quickly need not do the extra tutorial. They can choose something else to study ... perhaps PVP tips.

May 29, 2009
I think we should've known in the tutorial that Malistaire stole Barteby's eye. Because when I walked into Ravenwood I thought, 'does the biggest tree have a black eye or something?' And then when I got the lvl seven quest to give Bartelby potion I was like 'Aww come on we should've known already Malistaire stole Bartelby's eye!' cuz come on that's important.

Feb 08, 2009
Well it should talk about resists and how everyone but ice people use HeckHound later on in game and how everyone uses Weakness

Apr 02, 2010
Maybe power pips should start off at level 3 instead of 10. Just a one of a hundred chance, just to get a taste of it.

The percentage on the cards and fizzle are not explained well either. Once you get it, on Unicorn way, you obviously want to cast Imp if the health of a monster is less than the lowest hit of Imp. Also the range of a spell is explained no where. Is it uniformly distributed or is it a truncated Gaussian?

And yes I agree, the prism is not explained well at all. I didn't understand it until a Grand Master yelled at me for not using a monster from my own school - up until then I just kept plugging away at it, and the resists were not that strong anyways.

What I find especially strange is that myth and storm are opposites. For example, a spirit blade is life, death, and myth. An element blade is ice, fire, and storm. Yet Storm's prism is "on the other side" as I call it.

Dec 19, 2008
Penguin77 wrote:
Hmmm great question and I'm up for helping other wizards. Let's see...OH I think this wasn't in the tutorial but the Pips. Lets say I have 6 POWER pips and I'm Life and Fire (Life being my first) and so I have 6 POWER pips; I can use Centaur but NOT Helephant. In order to use Helephant I have to have 6 pips period, power pips or regular it doesn't matter I HAVE to have 6. That's it I hope it helps those young wizards out there. Good Luck!!!

you said 6 power pips so yes you can use helephant because if you have 6 pips period you can cast helephant lol

Apr 19, 2009
How about if you could practice a spell to see what it did ...say in the training towers near the schools? Would let you see what the spell did ... especially for some of the zero spells, taunt, pacify, etc.

Dec 15, 2009
On my first character i tried to save up training points untill i got to lvl 12 pyromancer and i saw the girl in the minigame fairgrounds thats teaches the sheilds and i used up all my points.

p.s. dueling diedo says pips is short for power points so would power pips be 'power power points' lol

p.p.s mention the shopping district i didn't find out untill lvl 5 when i had a quest in olde town and i was looking all over Unicorn way for a shop.

Mar 03, 2009
Prospector Zeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd known in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!

you should explain mana a little more. i didnt understand mana until i was like level 6. in the tutorial they should explain that each pip counts as 1 mana, and if you dont have enough mana, then you can't cast the spell. that confused me for awhile.

and something else, you should explain power pips more, cuz when i was on my first character, i was myth and fire (myth-focus, fire-secondary) i was trying to cast a sunbird (yes, i was level 11) and had 1 power pip and 1 pip, and i knew that one power pip counted as two, so i was like, dang, why cant i cast it, i know i have enough mana! SO FRUSTRATING!

Jan 10, 2010
Yes, When i was a starter wizard i thought traps were shields LOL also i couldnt figure out why i couldnt cast a snowman when i only had one pip which you need three pips to cast.

Jack iceshard

Lvl 46 thaumaturge