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The First Five Levels of Wizard101

May 02, 2009
At the end of the tutorial, Ambrose should mention about the free trial, subscriptions, and crowns (and crown gear).

I also agree that players should be shown how prisms work, how it benefits, and when is the best time to use it (besides in getting big damage).

I also agree that the Dueling Diego quest could be moved up a few levels, maybe to at least level 5, since that's when players get to use crown gear.

Mar 24, 2010
After you've reached master or grandmaster status with one wizard, there should be something unlocked on your account that lets you skip the first 5-15 levels with a new wizard. Some of the early stuff gets tedious because there isn't much strategy involved (level 1 spell, level 1 spell, level 1 spell, etc) and it would be nice to skip it.

The new wizard could start out as your grandmaster's already partially trained apprentice, or something like that, to keep the storyline intact. Importantly, the new wizard would inherit your friend list, so that you can enjoy a new wizard without losing track of your friends.

Only for those who've reached level 45 or something like that. Everyone should earn their way through at least once.

Feb 17, 2009
i think that in the tutoral, ther should be something more about tresure cards, and about how you can delete them from your hand or let them fizzle without them disapering forever. there should also be something more about how to accsess your treasure cards. there should also be how to get out a tresure card in battle. you should explain that they need to activate there new decks after buying them because for two months i couldn't dule because i didn't know to due so!! you should explain how to use the friends list and text chat(text chat still confuses me a bit) also, about the quest arrow. and how offten you get training points.

most of these things i did not learn untill kroktopia or marley bone (some even mooshoo) it would be realy helpful to add the things.

p.s.: this was great question to ask. thank you so much!

Mar 27, 2009
The dueling quest should be a required quest (like right after unicorn way is completed)

Apr 21, 2009
i wish i knew about accuracy, when i first played i didn't even know what taht 75% was doing on my card, i didn't find out that it had to do with fizzling until late krokotopia. There should be tips on accuracy, it prevents wizards from gettting frustarated, this will help them understand the game more and to keep their eyes peeled on the little things :)

Jun 21, 2009
Diego has a lesson on treasure cards, but he could go into more detail and maybe teach it more than once, so people remeber.

Jun 21, 2009
Dispell is another card that needs explained. Maybe, tell them how to use multi-shields and health properly on yourself and others.

Oct 21, 2008
I think the Tutorial should also teach you about Global Spells (i.e. Darkwind, Balefrost, etc.) as well as teaching you each school's weaknesses. Diego's Tutorial should also teach you about Traps, and should explain the Prism spells more, because at first, I'm sure most people (me as well) had not a clue of their purpose.

Dec 20, 2008
I say that it should explain about training points because I thoguht training points were for extras in your school when you reach a certain lvl

Dec 09, 2008
I think that the Dueling Training fight with Diego should be offered to the new players as soon as they finish the fight with Malistaire in the tutorial.

Jan 28, 2010
I think that we should be told about the training points and that to spend them carefully because weather you have a sub or not you have to pay real money aka crowns also should be gave basic rules on reporting i have seen so meany kids on here report because they were angery and had no reason i ask them if they have read the rules and they said no! or reading is for lose err lol around filters again. anyway i think that should be included and they shouldnt be able to skip over it either

Master Balance Wizard level 46

Feb 10, 2010
ProspectorZeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd know in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!
I wish i knew that the storm beetle pet is expired and that bosses could drop pets.

Apr 28, 2009
Well most people (unlike me) don't listen to the people talking.

Jan 17, 2010
:-ook i think it should of been pointed out to each wizard what there main quest for there school should be right at the start and that everyone of the wizards end up with the same health by level 50
i have two 50 and there health is totaly differnt one is over 3000 and the other is just above 2000 and they have finished the same amount of quest and have the same level 50 out fit one is a girl te other is a boy there should never be any diffences between eather

Dec 13, 2008
My son suggests more instructions on how to use "mutate" type treasure cards. I agree with the earlier post about in-game manners. Especially this: New players need to understand that it's great to jump in and help another wizard in battle, but ASK FIRST. If the battling wizard is low on health, another wizard joining in and adding another enemy is more of a problem than a help. Also, they need to understand about feints and traps so that they don't blow another wizard's attempt to build his big spell by using a low level spell at the wrong time.

Oct 04, 2008
I think that dying and the fact that you can be healed even after you've died should be a little more emphasized, because I've been with so many novices who thought as I did that 0hp is final.

Also, I'd love if the difference between regular dungeons (e.g. the Labyrinth) and towers (e.g. Sylvia Drake's Tomb) should be a little clearer, because you can leave a dungeon, but leaving a tower is final. Also, it would help if there was a sort of "exit" sign so you know which way not to go in towers.

Feb 13, 2010
how explaning pips
when i first started playing i didnt exactly know why some of my cards were grayed out. Please try to explain it more in the tutorial.

Jacob Raingem
adept diviner lvl 23

May 22, 2009
I think that everything important is covered, and then in Diego's the rest of more advanced stuff is covered. However, I think that it should be explained that enemies drop items, because before i actaully played i was just playiing minigames so i could have money for a pet, clothes, and recoloring, when i got enough money for all that after Unicorn way. Thats the only thing i think should be added.

Sep 27, 2009
You should be taught how to draw a treaure xard, i didnt learn until lvl 25 :(
You should also be taught what taunt does, that was rather confusing too

Dec 24, 2008
1. Merge the Advanced Combat tutorial with the main one. Otherwise, it may get skipped over.
2. A school-specific tutorial as part of the first school-exclusive spell quest for each school, including a run-through of the school's major spells and Prism.
3. Send all report-enabled accounts a tutorial tip about reporting, with instuctions and a list of reportable offenses.

Dec 13, 2008
Jun 28, 2010
Pips, Prisms, Discarding, and have a less detailed version of "Advanced Combat". Also, this has nothing to do with it, but maybe you should add some guidence of what Feint does when you get it.

Apr 15, 2010
hi i am wolf wildtail grandmaster pyromancer, and
i would just like to say that in the lower levels when you see Eudora Tangletree to get your first crafting quest and do it she should say something about giving you a hint to be on the look out for reagents because you are really going to need them.
i have notice that a lot of people pass up reagents because they do not know what lies ahead.
maybe if we had a hint we would surely pick up each and every one.

p.s. wizard 101 is the best game ever!!!!
thank you.

May 27, 2009
Yes, I think that Mr. Lincoln's message about the dorm room being ready needs to come way earlier than it does. Since you can jump to it as a Level 1, why not tell us as Level 1's?

Each of the Shopping District Vendors could have a small tutorial on what they sell and what it may be good for. Also, they need to warn new wizards that there is no confirmation after they click "sell" -- perhaps that would help with people accidentally selling things they wanted to keep. The deck shopkeeper could remind wizards to EQUIP their new deck (that's a mistake I made a few times after buying an upgrade...)

I agree that there should be a short instruction on how to discard cards from your hand and then draw treasure cards.

Is there a tutorial tip about leaving a mark somewhere and how to get back to it? If not, there should be one.

May 02, 2009
The start should have more info about shields and stuff like that! Some more help on pips too!

Molly Level 19 Ice 8)