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The First Five Levels of Wizard101

Apr 27, 2009
yea i hadf troble because i did not relise that the cloth that you wore could efect your health and mana unil krokitopia :roll :!

Sep 09, 2008
What I would have wanted in te first five levels, was a warning that I couldnt unlearn spells (without paying. ugh), which caused me to learn Thunder Snake and Lightning Bats (not very useful in MooShu).

Aug 01, 2009
debsering wrote:
:-ook i think it should of been pointed out to each wizard what there main quest for there school should be right at the start and that everyone of the wizards end up with the same health by level 50
i have two 50 and there health is totaly differnt one is over 3000 and the other is just above 2000 and they have finished the same amount of quest and have the same level 50 out fit one is a girl te other is a boy there should never be any diffences between eather

well the differences might be what type of wizard they are ice wizards have the most health and storm the least. so if they were the same type i would be mad at wizards

Nov 17, 2009
Penguin77 wrote:
Hmmm great question and I'm up for helping other wizards. Let's see...OH I think this wasn't in the tutorial but the Pips. Lets say I have 6 POWER pips and I'm Life and Fire (Life being my first) and so I have 6 POWER pips; I can use Centaur but NOT Helephant. In order to use Helephant I have to have 6 pips period, power pips or regular it doesn't matter I HAVE to have 6. That's it I hope it helps those young wizards out there. Good Luck!!!

they got that covered when you talk to deigo and fight the puppet with his guidance. merle tells you about diffrent spell types and deigo

Dec 21, 2008
i think you should learn more about the history of raven wood and malistare at level one but its just a thout
at level 3 i think you should get a new spell because from level 2 ta 5 thats kinda far away if you know what im saying :D

my wizards name is kevin nightcacher 8)

Aug 19, 2008
I recommend having as part of the early combat training, something to describe how casting a zero pip spell, and then casting a two pip spell on the next turn, is generally more powerful than casting two 1 pip spells in a row.

Saving up pips and casting a more powerful spell is a vital skill for the early Boss battles.

I would also have liked to have a better idea of what each School spell's are like. I started as Ice, and visited each school to see what spells they have, and by looking at the available secondary spells, I had no idea that Myth specialized in using minions. My most recent Wizard is Myth school, and I quite enjoy the minion tactics.

Aug 21, 2009
I think you should give new players enough crowns to purchase permanent entry into another area, such as firecat alley. The reason for this is that until a player is allowed to gain entry into their first paid area they simply do not know what to expect for their money, and once they have purchased such entry they are more prone to spend actual money on the game to get credits for other such entry area purchases. A new player has no idea exactly how large the game is.

Jun 01, 2010
ProspectorZeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd known in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!

Yes there is something missing in the first few levels. Maybe you should let the players know about pets, and more about cards and stuff they can buy
My mom has started playing the game and she is confused and she says the tutorial is confusing and doesnt say much about Wizard101.

Jun 01, 2010
In the malistaire dungeon, I had a hard time figuring out how to use the crystal stands and where to go. I think they should have some instruction books around the dungeon that say to activate the crystal stands at the same time or a view of all the maps together and a line which tells you which direction to take. The only way I found out was when someone else told me who had been told by someone else. If you can't put books, you should have more quests. Some could be to find the crystals you put on the stand, in the crystal grove. It could be as simple as just collecting them, but you would at least know what to do.

Sorry HarryPotter11 but um Zeke was talking about "FIRST FEW LEVELS UP TO LEVEL 5" Haha, you have to be a higher level to kill Malistaire lol

"With the power of Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance, you will win. Flames apon your eyes, seal the frost, control the sea's, summon creatures by memorizing their true name, healing to victory, stealing health, and blading, with the power...A true Wizard can be.

Feb 21, 2010
debsering wrote:
:-ook i think it should of been pointed out to each wizard what there main quest for there school should be right at the start and that everyone of the wizards end up with the same health by level 50
i have two 50 and there health is totaly differnt one is over 3000 and the other is just above 2000 and they have finished the same amount of quest and have the same level 50 out fit one is a girl te other is a boy there should never be any diffences between eather

i disagree with your post. ( i do know this is off topic sorry) but i personally think the health system is quite fair. for example..

-storm has the strongest spells, but has the least health.
(no offense to current storm wizards)
-ice spells are not that strong but has the most health.
(no offense to current ice wizards)

so really, each schools have their advantages, even health, expecially ice wizards

May 09, 2010
I would have loved to know that you can buy back your training points with crowns at level 12. I didn't know that for awhile.

May 24, 2008
I am a beta player (primary wizard is Life Grandmaster). It's been awhile since I've played the lower levels but I've just started a new Fire wizard. Something I noticed right off was the lack of information at the first three levels. Then, I had to fight Lady Blackhope and couldn't "read" the History of Life magic book as I had not gotten the quest yet (it doesn't happen until level 10 and it is possible to already be through Cyclops before you get it which means repeating at least 2 Boss fights). Then, at level 6, I received the Diego quest which seems far too late to be of use but was more of an "oh bother" exercise.

The first five levels are a bit taxing with a lot of go here, fight that, type of game. I think it would add a lot to those levels and help new young wizards if the Diego quest, Ravenwood History from Boris, and Meet the Professors, all happened in the first three-four levels. For example, after completing the tutorial, have the young wizard go straight to the Meet the Professors quest. This would enable the wizard to see their dorm room and get a feel for the overall charm and spirit of the game. Perhaps, then start with the first "Lost Souls" quest in Unicorn Way. Level 2 would probably be a good place for the Diego quest since by that time the young wizard is beginning to get the feel for magical combat. Level 3 or 4 would probably be a good place to have the Ravenwood History quest. It would give a break to the Unicorn Way quests as well as provide some non-combat experience points to help with the more difficult Unicorn Way foes.

Mar 11, 2010
It would be most helpful to new players if you would tweak the Quest Arrow a bit.

Funny now, but when I was a new player, that thing had me going in all different directions.
It points to the last quest accepted, and each NPC has multiple quests for you, which they'll throw at you one after another. :D

Feb 07, 2010
I think the tutorial should be redone to explain shields, traps, power pips, and aura spells. That way you don't have to see Diego to learn about them in the middle of the "Three Streets".

Apr 29, 2010
I don't remember the tutorial explaining anything about the map; but, it's been a while and I may have just forgotten. You may also want to touch on trading just so a new wizard isn't scammed as easily.

Jun 05, 2009
ProspectorZeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd known in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!

First off, it seems that a lot of replies to your question refer to things that are already in the tutorials at some point (although I can agree that in some cases a better explanation would be helpful), so perhaps one of the first things a new wizard should be warned about is to pay close attention to the tutorials - perhaps Professor Ambrose can let them know from the start that the tutorials will greatly increase game play and close attention should be payed to them.

A full explanation of the Bazaar, the fact that it is more or less a community market place and items are constantly changing due to supply and demand, would be helpful. Like many, it took me a while to even know it was there, let alone what exactly it was.

Helping others should be addressed more as well. Group play is one of the things that make the game great, but can also be one of the biggest annoyances if people jump in (or especially port in) at a bad time. I know that the tutorials cover helping other wizards along the way, but knowing when your help is welcomed is just as important.

Yes, training points also should be better explained. Caution new wizards to spend them sparingly at first (or wisely) would be nice. The fact that you can regain all your training points for free the first time is a big help; maybe the fact that you only get one free "do over" would be good information.

Prisms definitely need to be a part of the tutorial, but since you do not get them within the first five levels, I'm not sure if it should be covered in the first five levels.

The shared bank, and being able to pass a nice boss dropped item that your fire wizard can't use, but your storm wizard can, would be a tremendous help and make the game more enjoyable as well. I will also mention here that my son and I use to think we could go into the homes or dorms of other wizards and open their banks and help ourselves to what they had in them - I told him at first to stop stealing from his friends that it was not nice and he wouldn't want anyone doing it to him. I also had the bright idea that if he could 'lift' items, then I could go into someones dorm or home and 'drop' something in their bank for them to use; and through a little trail and error, this is when I discovered the misconception we had about banks. Kinda funny I know, but maybe that should be explained some too - that you can access your bank while in any dorm room or home, yours or others. We both had a good laugh when I learned and explained to him that he was "stealing" his own stuff.

The global spells need to be fully explained, but, again, not sure if it should be done within the first five levels since it does not come into play that early. The fact that it helps (or hinders in the case of doom and gloom) everyone, friends and foes alike should be explained. The fact that one cancels the other, and not just covers it up, would be helpful as well.

And lastly, WHO is casting WHAT spell and WHERE would be the best ever information. Again, group play is great, but only if the group you are playing with know what they are doing. This is a definite must for the first five levels since lower levels often need more help than higher levels and groups are formed more readily among new wizards.

Hope this helps, and I for one really appreciate your request for our input.


Feb 22, 2009
I think that the tutorial should explian what traning points are and that it costs crowns to reset them. If you could at this to the tutorial it would really help new players. Thanks :-)

Jul 16, 2010
It's sad, I'm learning about things with a level 26 myth that are being mentioned in the prior postings. Some of those could really be helpful. I was wondering why it has 'history of' books in some towers and never have seen that quest.

Yes, put the Diego quest much sooner would be good. Definitely explain the differences in the schools better. Work on 'manners' as I've died so often because people jumping in when I'm all but dead. Would love to have known there was a way to up the effectiveness of the school with clothing.

May 30, 2009
I have made several wizards and it seems that I learn something new from each of them, mostly because of the different schools. Recently I got my sister and brother-in-law into the game and I have a new wizard going up with them. I have tried to explain as much as I can of the basics of the game as we go along but I agree that Diego's training should be moved up a few levels. The only bad thing about this is if you aren't listening to what he is teaching you, it is totally useless at any level.

Another thing I have explained to them is what everything means on their cards. Meaning that the 75% is the accuracy of the card. The school symbol is what type of damage it will do. How many pips it takes to cast each card. I don't think there is anywhere that fully explains what all the information on your cards stand for.

Something else I noticed and they have commented on, they didn't totally get what blades, traps, and shields do. I know Diego goes into this but some traps like feint or hex or curse can be used by any school and in the beginning I was one of those people always taking the trap with a weak wand spell or something.

I didn't know how to discard or even how to access my treasure cards until I was in Kroktopia. Maybe there should be something in the Diego tutorial explaining how to discard and how to get treasure cards to come up.

The bazaar would be something good that's worth explaining. Allot of players don't even know what the bazaar is for or where it is or even that it exists.

How about clothing? I suggested they equip what they got from drops so that it will either increase their health, resistance, or boost their spells. My nephew, who also plays, sold everything he got because he didn't realize he could equip the clothing drops to help him out and when I ported to him and noticed he still had his original clothing on, I explained this and he has now started equipping his drops.

Lastly, how about hot keys? I had to look up on the message boards to find out what most of the hot keys were and still can't remember all of them. Can there be something that explains "T" controls your quest tracker, "P" brings up your deck, "X" takes you to your control panel. Just something small for those who don't know where to look for this type of information.

Nov 01, 2009
yes thats a good question put the school weakness and also put what map is there map for example dragonspyre is the map for all fire students. and put if there good or not in pvp

Jul 01, 2009
Hey Zeke i think it would be nice to let wizards choose their schools after going to a new training facility to see the spells. Although I love my school, which is death, i think it would have been nice to test some spells like fire dragon, and others before i chose it. Thanks and GO NECROMANCERS!
Miguel Legendstalker

Feb 25, 2010
It took me until Krokotopia to figure out two things: 1) various items you pick up and purchase can give you more health and mana and 2) the importance of opposite schools. (By the way did you know that Life and Death spells get a boost on Balance?) I'm sure I could have learned these things on the Forum here, but I didn't know about this until about Grizzleheim!

Jul 23, 2009
Maybe explain about the "hidden" spells.
The Spell vendor that gives all the dispells, and the one that gives blades, and all the others.

I didn't even know there was a hidden spell vendor in krokotopia or other places and i have 3 level 48+ wizards.

Devin GhostStalker
50 Necromancer
Captain - Team Death Menace
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other person die for his."-G.P.

Jun 17, 2010
bubba1997216 wrote:
i think in the tutorial you should help each wizard by letting them know what the weakness is to each school 'cause i had trouble figuring that out until kroktopia.
i agree with bubba on this matter. i had touble finding this out until i got the meowiarty which by the way should be easier to get to but other than that i completely got it! :D :D :D :D :D

Mar 13, 2010
I had a horrible time figuring out what the symbols meant. Therefore, I wasn't able to understand all the information on the spell cards.

This information was not in the basic manual. The most confusing were the symbols for accuracy and power pip chance. While I finally figured out the fist meant damange, etc., these other symbols were not obvious to me.

These things should go in the basic manual.