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The First Five Levels of Wizard101

May 24, 2009
ProspectorZeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd known in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!

I wish that i would of known that low levels could were high clothes cause for me that ruins the whole game.

Mar 13, 2010
Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I think secondary schools should be explained in the tutorial. I didn't figure out how secondary schools worked until I was Level 40 or so.

Jun 28, 2008
From the begining I just sold all my items at a shop. after i was already past level 20 I found a great new place, the bazaar. I had no idea it even existed till much later in the game and sinse then it has been usful since then by me selling and buying from there. But, when i told my friend about it he had known about it from the begining . so I would like it to be added to the tutorial.

Apr 30, 2010
Rystermagic wrote:
Hey zeke, i think in the first fifth levels of the game it dont really explain much about how pips work, such as when i first played i did the tutorial but still did not understand, i think when you go to the dulling arena to learn how to attack and get 150 xp at the end should be near the start but like less xp, it really explains it more the second time, as the first time in the tutorial people kinda rush it just to play the game for their first time.
Also You could explain why there is skeletons and fairys loose on Unicorn way you can achive this by adding more people to talk to involving malistares plan so you know at a low lvl, I have had many people ask me, Whats this game about? Also i think there should be clip seens in the game, dont have to be big, like when in the tutorial malistare appears in the golem court window it could be some thing like that.
Hope this helped, Many Thanks ~Ryan Nightstalker~
Lvl 50 pyromancer.

i agree. i didn't find out fully how pips worked until i got my first two pip card. i didn't know they went away (as crazy as it seems it's true).

Apr 30, 2010
Magofire233 wrote:
How about explaining how to mutate spells. I have a level 26 myth wizard and I still can't figure out how to use those treasure cards. :( An explanation would be nice.

what you have to do first is equip them like any other card except they show up in the treasure card folder at the back. then you have to get in a battle (duh!). then you discard (right click) a normal card you don't need and click the draw button.

Jun 05, 2010
this might have been mentioned and i just clicked past it but i would have really liked to know that holding left and right mouse button will also allow you to walk.

what is strong against what would be very helpful too.

Mar 11, 2010
It would be a welcome feature to add some sort of tutorial on the 'Rules', as some seem genuinely surprised when they are reported for cursing like a sailor.
Granted, some games are far more loose with their censors, but thankfully this is not one of them and it needs to be known from the start.
There really is nothing beyond the Terms and Conditions which explains what is and is not allowed here, and it could prevent loads of issues to spell out those rules in the game itself with a tutorial.
Something of the Caveat Emptor speech on player scams would work wonders as well, to short-circuit the scammers at the start gate. With the general age of your players, it's easy to see how they could be taken, and this would give them a heads-up to avoid those trust-trades.

Another nice addition would be a short scene in which the professor of your chosen school has an informative little chat with you.
This could go into starter gear that can buff your stats, the strengths and weaknesses, and what you can expect as you progress through your levels. Just a little overview.

Just my two cents. Much more, and it could run as high as a buck and a quarter. :D

Jun 13, 2009
ProspectorZeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd known in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!
i wish they told you about the shared bank, i got crowns gear a long time ago [got none now and doubt i ever will get more] had no idea i could give it to other characters and i sold it

Jun 07, 2010
I agree with alot of these post they have good info in them. The PiPs should of been explained more earlier in the game. I also feel that not many people know how to use Prisms.

Prisms I think Are a little bit more confusing then the PiPs are. I found out how to use Prisms on my own effectively but I was in the low 30's before I understood how they worked properly.

I mean I am all up for giving people some free info and try to explains how the Prisms work with the best outcome. You know, like Turn Fire into Ice, or turn Ice into Fire. Some people use the wrong Prism, and wonder why their School spell did resist damage on the matching NPC.. While some one else use a Prism and why it did boost damage.

See I confuse some of yall already. lol. A beginning Tutorial would be nice of how all the Prisms work. Even though you do not get them until later on.

I remember 1 time on my Grand Diviner with blades up Prisms and traps up, Also a +10% accuracy buff I casted a Wild Bolt on a storm Boss that did over 6000 damage with one hit, All do to the Prisms, Traps, and Blades.

So Yeah Prisms needs a Tutorial early in game

Jun 14, 2009
Yeah... you could point out that your wand is what gives you the lvl 1 spells from all the other schools, cuz i didnt know that, and it totally ruined my ice wizard, colin dragongrove, cuz i thought i didnt need a lvl 1 spell from any of the schools, and i couldnt get lvl 2 spells. so i just wasted my two points on different secondary schools, and couldnt catch up the school i wanted as my secondary school to my primary school. :(

Feb 14, 2010
My biggest problem with the beginning of wizard101 is the quiz. It should be more about whether you like to attack, defend, damage over time, summon minions, steal, heal or all of them. My friend on here is an ice wizard because it's what the quiz gave her yet she's obsessed with high damage, i see a faulty quiz. The only reason i knew to look for myth was because i read up on this game before i joined.

Problem Number Two: Younger wizards need to know how to control their quest tracker, you don't know how many times i told someone to go talk to the headmaster to get enrolled and they say, No I go where my arrow takes me.

Problem Number 3: kind of goes into the last problem. I know an ice wizard who hardly had any spells because he kept ignoring all of his teacher's messages. It should be made so when you accept a quest (i meant read the bubble) to talk to The Headmaster or Mrs. Greyrose in his situation your quest tracker should set it so you go to them.

May 06, 2009
I think that learning about traps and shields and the like, the training that comes about a quarter way through DS, should have come WAY earlier. I understand it was missing entirely before DS came out and was added as a feature at the time, but by that time you've sort of already had to figure out how traps and blades and shields and especially prisms work. I understand that some of the ways of dealing against what they put out (earthquake being a good example) isn't available really until later levels, but the knowledge it imparts is much more important. It would make a good multiperson tower, in an earlier land...Mooshu maybe?

All I'm saying is it's a good lesson, but it's sort of out of place. People can't easilly get to DragonSpyre without learning the lessons it teaches, already.

Mar 21, 2009

I am a Grandmaster Conjurer and i still haev some of my friends in Marlybone or Mooshu asking me what boosts on what and what resists on what. So i believe that you should tell the new wizard what boosts on what and resist on what. That would make them a little more knowlegdable, and wont use a deeath ghoul on Lady Blackhope. Thanks

.:* Blake Goldmancer *:.
Grandmaster Conjurer

May 01, 2010
1. Have the tutorials available at any time
2. Include an advanced tutorial on the following subjects: casting as a team (offensive, defensive, healing, support, etc), discarding (many people don't realize that they can get new cards), power pips (I know, it's already in there, but it should be revisited), proper ettiquette and communication

Sep 30, 2008
yes there is something you should tell the young wizards... the fizzle factor is so bad for wizards that it gets to be annoying after a while once in a while is ok but three times in a row when your about dead is down right mean

May 11, 2010
Magofire233 wrote:
How about explaining how to mutate spells. I have a level 26 myth wizard and I still can't figure out how to use those treasure cards. :( An explanation would be nice.
yeah explaining how to use mutatuion treasure cards would be nice,but btw magofire233,you need to have the card tht it needs to transform into

Feb 15, 2009
In either the beginning tutorial or the advanced combat tutorial with dueling diego, they ought to tell you what fizzling is.

May 11, 2010
Okay. i have one thing to say about the bazarr. A lot of people dont know about the bazarr until they are back in Olde Town for Glorias quest. i think one of those little circle things with the Bazarr owner in it should explain the Bazarr when players go into Olde town for the first time

May 22, 2009
1. Explain about the globals and how they effect both player and enemies. Also how if someone has global up casting another will cancel it.

2. Explain the backpack better. Some wonder why they can't pick up anymore items cause they didn't realize their backpacks are full of furniture items. I have had to tell many people how to switch from equipment to housing.

3. A better explanation of the shops. Many people do not know about switching from equipment to housing.

4. When I first started playing i didn't know the meaning of the symbols for wards, charms, damage, accuracy, and etc. Adding something at beginning may help many people choose the correct items to use.

May 19, 2009
In the malistaire dungeon, I had a hard time figuring out how to use the crystal stands and where to go. I think they should have some instruction books around the dungeon that say to activate the crystal stands at the same time or a view of all the maps together and a line which tells you which direction to take. The only way I found out was when someone else told me who had been told by someone else. If you can't put books, you should have more quests. Some could be to find the crystals you put on the stand, in the crystal grove. It could be as simple as just collecting them, but you would at least know what to do.

usually if your here its word of mouth if you are level enough to b here chances are you know you could never want to try and beat malistair alone.so someone Fighting you would be around to tell you about them,id rather keep it this way it draws wizards together for a common purpose.Everyone in the game is not mean Dont be afraid to ask every now and again.say hey anyone got this mission and would like a second hand? ya know?

Teamwork goes along way .

allot of people i think are not really getting what the traps and blades do i think it needs to be don in more detail.and the pips situation i dont think they Fully understand it explain it just a bit more to them,

Jul 11, 2009
After thinking about it, I would recommend getting them to use the map more. I have found that proper use of the map is more accuate and reliable than the quest helper.

Jun 08, 2009
Something that I didn't figure out untill I was in the mid-30 level range (and only because somebody told me) was that when you cast a spell, the little symbol next to it corresponds to the little symbol in front of the monster you were aiming at (or wizard you were helping). WOW! It was a mind-blowing revelation, because up till then I was having to guess who was shooting at what, or verbally communicating which target we had. There had been absolutely NO explanation of what the symbols on the dueling field meant, or how to watch for the symbols when I or somebody else was spellcasting. Identifying symbols can easily be introduced during the demo duel with Malistare's two Draconian henchmen, and save everyone a lot of headaches later on.

Jul 17, 2009
can you explain treasure cards i didnt get it until i reached kt

emily skystone GM

May 09, 2009
1: suggest to the new player that the life school would be a very nice secondary school to have unless you are death.

2: (i have not done this ever but i would apprecitait it being said to new players) do not got to other worlds that you have not unlocked, because more experianced players do not appreciate it.

3: beware of scammers, (i haven't done any deals that people scam you on but i have seen others fall prey even though i warn them not to)

and 4: adjust your spells in your deck before each and every battle for quick results.

Mar 03, 2009
I'm gonna toss out another vote for explaining training points. It's really hard to tell someone how to spend their points because everyone has a different playing style, but some explanation as to the possibilites should be given to new players.

I think many new players go for a full-on secondary school because it seems like a good idea at the time, only to find out later that those spells are pretty much useless to them once they start getting power pips. It should be explained that there are many spells they can train towards that will help them with their main school, like healing, helping boost the power of their spells, helping shield them, etc. Players should be encouraged to look over the other spells that are available before they spend them, and to keep in mind that off school attack spells may not be as useful to them in the long run as they may think at first.

Something that may help them decide is an overview of their school's strengths and weaknesses. If you're Storm, you won't have as much health as the other schools, so you may want to look into training up to a decent healing card. Life has lots of health and plenty of ways to heal, but would benefit from boosts to help with their low attack power.

It will still probably take people a few run throughs of the game to see what all is available and to know what spells would be good to have, but some sort of explanation on the first run through may speed this up and give new players a better understanding right from the start.


PS. I am also going to vote for more training on prisms. I've seen high level players in DS who still did not know how to use them. How they got there without using prisms properly is beyond me.