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The First Five Levels of Wizard101

We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd known in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
May 15, 2010
i think in the tutorial you should help each wizard by letting them know what the weakness is to each school 'cause i had trouble figuring that out until kroktopia.

Aug 25, 2009
Hmmm great question and I'm up for helping other wizards. Let's see...OH I think this wasn't in the tutorial but the Pips. Lets say I have 6 POWER pips and I'm Life and Fire (Life being my first) and so I have 6 POWER pips; I can use Centaur but NOT Helephant. In order to use Helephant I have to have 6 pips period, power pips or regular it doesn't matter I HAVE to have 6. That's it I hope it helps those young wizards out there. Good Luck!!!

Oct 18, 2009
Hey zeke, i think in the first fifth levels of the game it dont really explain much about how pips work, such as when i first played i did the tutorial but still did not understand, i think when you go to the dulling arena to learn how to attack and get 150 xp at the end should be near the start but like less xp, it really explains it more the second time, as the first time in the tutorial people kinda rush it just to play the game for their first time.
Also You could explain why there is skeletons and fairys loose on Unicorn way you can achive this by adding more people to talk to involving malistares plan so you know at a low lvl, I have had many people ask me, Whats this game about? Also i think there should be clip seens in the game, dont have to be big, like when in the tutorial malistare appears in the golem court window it could be some thing like that.
Hope this helped, Many Thanks ~Ryan Nightstalker~
Lvl 50 pyromancer.

Mar 30, 2009
I agree with many other people, the pips are really confusing, and I think that the combat skills lesson you learn at level 7, I think? Well I think you should learn it when you first start a Wizard, other than that, I think there is not much I didn't understand that much.

Mar 01, 2009
The questions about the pips are all explained quite clearly when to go to
the duel master Diego. Re-cap you need pips to cast spells. The yellow pips are called power pips, these pips are worth 2 for your chosen first school. They are only worth 1 for any other spell you cast, for example if you are Fire and you want to cast a fire elf spell. Say, you only have 1 power pip you can cast the spell because you are Fire. If you are Ice and you have 1 power pip and wanted to cast the fire elf spell you would need 1 more pip because you are not a fire wizard. I hope this explains it good enough.

Jun 12, 2009
I would suggest the following:

1 - Move the "Advanced Combat" tutorial provided by Diego to a lower level.
2 - Provide more detail on the various schools to all students, to help with choosing your primary school and your secondary schools. I would do this in two parts:
A) During creation when you you select your school, some more detail, perhaps a paragraph on strengths and weaknesses of each school.
B) During the "Ravenwood Tour" the professors could go into more detail about the strengths and weaknesses of their schools.
3 - Mention the other worlds so players know how many there are, and how they fit into the overall storyline.
4 - Provide another advanced training that includes school specific attack/defense strategies (perhaps after level 10) for non-PvP combat.

Jul 25, 2009
I think in the tutorial there should be somthing that explains the mana mark.

Feb 14, 2009
PRISMS! Too many people use prisms without knowing what they do, as well as boosts and resists

May 15, 2010
I think they should tell you what clothes and stuff do because i had a lot of trouble understanding. I had a different thing for every school

Dec 17, 2008
I think the power pips tutorial thingy comes at a good time already. Most players don't even get the power pip chance until they are level 10, unless they are wearing some crowns armor that gives it.

Prisms are something that should be taught earlier. I've seen so many lower levels just casting prisms as if they are traps, and when I try to explain what they do, they don't seem to understand.

Apr 24, 2009
ProspectorZeke wrote:
We want to know if there's anything you know about Wizard101 now, that you wish you'd know in those first five levels of the game.

Is there anything missing from the tutorial or the first five levels that you feel is important information?

Let us know by replying to this post!

ok mr. zeke

there are LOTS of problems going on between those first five levels.

what was not added:
''you can change clothes, some give you health, some give you accuracy, some give you strength''

the reason i put that was because i see people wearing their clothes that they first get when they go to wizard city, in krokotopia!!!

and because you added the new pet system, and automatically get a piggle,

i cant say that you should say where they can get pets!!!
and let them know what the pet store looks like, cause i was look for a sign with a dog for days until i asked someone.

tell them about the bazaar

them them about housing items.

i first got a housing item when i was lvl 7
and i think the house item selling guy's portrait showed up.
let them know that they have a dorm!!!
i didnt know i had a dorm until lvl 10!!!!
but of course, that little housing icon on the compass must let you know you have one, but mr. lincoln told me when i was lvl 10

thats all i have for now, but ill make a balance and see what else later
___________________________________________________ __

here is more:
explain how many pips they REALLY need for their secondary school. i almost bugged the game cause i thought it was tweakin' when i tried to use kraken.
:x :x :x
also tell them about high hits. will do more later!!!!

Jan 13, 2009
I think it's important to explain some basic in game manners. While it's good to encourage players to help each other it's equally important to stress the need to "ask before you jump" into another person's battles. That person could be very near to dying and getting 1 more enemy makes them have to start over on their task. And if you do enter you should be prepared to help that person, look at their health and shield etc if needed. The trading treasure cards for items should be addressed as well. Let them know it is most likely a scam. Never to expect something that costs real world money for a in game free item. The basics of chat and reportable offenses. Some one mentioned prisms, yes that needs to be part of the tutorial. Many people at higher levels still don't know when and how to use for best effect.

Jul 04, 2009
AlecVolterra wrote:
PRISMS! Too many people use prisms without knowing what they do, as well as boosts and resists

Absolutely need to add something about Prisms during the toturial. Either that, or have the teacher explain what prisms are for when they are awarded the card from their teacher.

Oct 05, 2008
Just like everyone else is saying, I didn't understand the whole power pip vs. normal pip. A friend finally told me that the yellow pip was worth two pips, and I thought I understood. Then, when I had two pips and a power pip, I could cast Ice Wyvern, but not Kraken? I thought it was a bug because they both cost four pips. I finally started to understand power pips at a higher level, but there was a while I didn't get it.

Also, stuff about fizzling. Throughout all of Unicorn Way, I thought Fizzle was an actual spell that the enemies used, but I was still confused, because it didn't do any damage.

Mar 12, 2010
When I first started playing and reached a dungeon, when I stepped on the sigil and it explained how long it would take and it said something like "only four at a time may enter the dungeon", I mis-understood what it meant. I thought it meant that you had to have four people to go in at the same time.

I think it should say something like "the maximum or most number of people that may enter at one time is four."

Apr 28, 2009
I'm not sure if this was in the tutorial or not... but it actually took me awhile to figure out that you could delete cards when you right click on them :P

Oh, and also, I think that extra damage hits need to be explained more...
Example: I use a storm card on a myth monster.

Mar 12, 2010
Change "Dueling Diego's" encouragement where he says something about "Remember, when you see others dueling, jump right in there and help out. There's power in numbers (or whatever he says)."

Maybe he could say "when you see someone in a duel, ask if they would like some help. Sometimes they do but sometimes they don't."

Jun 30, 2009
May be just me, but I didn't figure out how to discard cards until I got to DS on my first character. That would be handy information or if it's already given, perhaps highlight it a bit more?

Apr 17, 2010
How about explaining how to mutate spells. I have a level 26 myth wizard and I still can't figure out how to use those treasure cards. :( An explanation would be nice.

Jul 08, 2009
I think that prisms should be explained better, and how to use them to your advantage when certain shields are cast. Example: when a monster casts a Fire Shield, should you cast a Fire Prism before or after the shield is cast.

May 11, 2009
I think mentioning that you can have a second school bye using your training points all in one school because i messed up with that. I got like the rank spell from all the schools so i don't have a second school.

Ryan DragonFlame
Level 41 life wizard

Jun 21, 2009
The whisp are going the wrong direction in some of the levels, red should be going counter-clockwise and the blue clockwise. As a fire charater, the blue whisp seem to be on the right side and red left, which is backwards. Fire needs mana and Ice needs health.

There needs to be more aimming clothing for fire. I realize there are treasure cards for aimming, but would like to see it in clothing.

I agree the treasure card lesson could be better. The part on discard, draw, and how to access them.

Sep 27, 2008
Well i really think that it would help to know how to use treasure cards because most of the time when i am in arena i help low level wizards to use treasure cards how you need to discard to pick a treasure also it would help if you teach them how to equip items most of the time they never use it until they are in triton avenue

Jul 21, 2009
In the malistaire dungeon, I had a hard time figuring out how to use the crystal stands and where to go. I think they should have some instruction books around the dungeon that say to activate the crystal stands at the same time or a view of all the maps together and a line which tells you which direction to take. The only way I found out was when someone else told me who had been told by someone else. If you can't put books, you should have more quests. Some could be to find the crystals you put on the stand, in the crystal grove. It could be as simple as just collecting them, but you would at least know what to do.