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best class to solo the game with

Dec 15, 2012
i think the best class to solo the game with is fire and life use a spell like fire elf then heal then wait then attack then heal then wait......... its long but its also kinda easy

Jun 11, 2010
My main wizard is balance. I got up to celestia in about a few weeks and i solo most of the things there. It isnt extremely easy, per say. At first, i didnt really try to fix my deck, but after a few deaths, i switched over to hard solo mode. Balance/Life with fortify and amplify equals the possibility for many solos. Of course, i dont plan to solo everything, but i believe it is a matter of how you put your deck together

Jun 04, 2012
I don't know that there is any one class that solos better. My main wizard is Life\Storm and I am at level 78. I played solo the entire way, I also have a death\storm level 32 and a storm\ice level 28 I find the key to advancing solo is to learn your wizards streanght and weakness and adjust your gear and deck accordingly. I myself am a fan of the life wizard though, I do play solo but it is nice to be able to help others when they ask.

Jul 20, 2012
Headmaster Ambrose on Aug 20, 2008 wrote:
Myth is pretty effective, I believe, given that you can use your Minions to augment the strength of your one-wizard "team."

  • i beleve the death schools are better even know we dont have one until u are at least a level 15.
  • we death wizards take the power of others to heal ourselfs.
  • im a death and its prity cool.

Feb 17, 2010
idk i mean if you are 2 at a time i think fire might be the best cause of meteor and if you are a higher lvl like rain of fire and dragon but you might need a buff spell

Jun 14, 2009
From further experience, I can say with complete honesty that balance is one of the best, if not the best, to solo with. I have made it to the crucible in Dragonspyre all on my own. I hope to do the same on my death

Sep 19, 2010
Well, best class is a hard definition. Ice or Life are the best ones for not dying (Pretty sure i have never died on either of mine) however, the damage is a massive drawback; i have to use normal blade triple blade pet blade tc triple blade bubble(on life spider spell bubble) aura hit.
Fire and Storm you can kill more than one enemy per day, however, you'll also die about 20 times on that enemy.
Myth is fairly well rounded: but really its a pvp class(especially with the fact that humungofrog is its best hit all).
Death is fairly good, especially once you hit scarecrow, throw a prism on any death enemies and double blade and you back up to full health from whatever you were at.
Balance is personally probably the best school to solo with, you can weakness and shield for whatever enemies have the most pips, and then use a pet blade normal blade bladestorm combo to hit a massive ra that should kill any minions. On top of that availing hands can heal quite a bit with the right gear, and the nice fact that you have hydras chimeras and spectral blasts (Oh My!) To get around that pesky High balance resists out there.

Jun 17, 2012
I think death because it both attacks and heals at the same time. Plus it gets fairly easy once you get the scarecrow spell.

May 12, 2009
I say that the best school to solo with would be Death. I have soloed with my death from Wizard City and into Celestia now. On occasion, I do get some help, but with most quests, dungeons, bosses, et cetera, I work alone and I usually survive. I do not usually use another school in fighting, although my Deaths' true second school is Myth. However, if you do look to solo often, make sure you at least have some friends for back up and even company. It makes the game more enjoyable.
~Shannon Skybreaker

Nov 05, 2012
I am a Balance/Myth and did ok solo until Grizzleheim.

Jan 08, 2011
i say fire in my opinion because i am far and if i have a pet with spritely on i can kill the boss but not very much health left after but i do recomend getting more than just one life spell from the beginning or even try ice but thats just my opinion

Nov 01, 2012
Wow I feel a fail Death Wizard now.....>.<
I haven't bothered to solo anything exclusively on my Death Wizard yet. I usually do all quests on my own, until I find someone that wants to do it with me, or until a Level 70 gets bored and pops in :P
Though I have found all the worlds relatively easy, but I think its mostly because I am considered over leveled in most places.
Which school would be best suited for soloing?
Meh Ice....IMO didn't expect that...
*This is meant as a joke*
You just literally have to sit there and do nothing >.<
While everyone else is constantly getting attacked by Ice Krakens and Storm Lord, Ice is just sitting there, boosting their spells. And whoever said that Ice spells are weak......That person has no idea what they are talking about...They can do 10K easily if they critical.
Everyone automatically picks death for being able to regain life, but honestly to buff up that much and do considerable damage isn't an easy task. Especially when your still fairly low leveled or don't have the best gear like water works yet. ^ Raises hands. I seriously need to get a higher damage boost its like a 12 without critical right now^
Its tough trying to boost to do a good damage as well as survive. I sympathize with the low Death wizards that are starting Celestia and finding it challenging. It would suck so bad....
Maybe I just lack the skill or strategy to play Death right...but that's my intake on death. Though I would never trade my death character for anything. We're seriously OP right now, and I cant wait to reach that point where its just boss :)

But I digress like I usually do........
So as a death Wizard I would pick Ice....though Death you could too..
Level 58 or 59 Necromancer
*Soon to have Water works gear and start Celestia if my luck isn't against me *

Feb 17, 2012
bare1cc on Jan 25, 2013 wrote:
i say fire in my opinion because i am far and if i have a pet with spritely on i can kill the boss but not very much health left after but i do recomend getting more than just one life spell from the beginning or even try ice but thats just my opinion
I haven't completely soloed any world, but I'd say death is the best school to SOLO with. In WC, you have already got deathblade and death trap+ banshee or ghoul which you can easily use to take out the minion while you can buff/hit the bosses easy! By KT, you have curse and Vamp too, which is all the easier for taking out the tricker stuff, and it only gets better from there. And although death has the lowest base damage points, I can hit higher than storm, usually. ( no, on the higher spells like frost giant ice IS more powerful 400 vs 435, 810 vs 810
860 vs 900-1000 etc...

Feb 06, 2012
So what is the best school to solo quest with? Eliminating the fact of school mastery amulets I have to say death. On a school to school basis: Death has the lasting power is the most effective school of delivering damage and healing themselves all with one attack. Any other school must choose to use their pips between healing themselves or to attack. One last comment, I also find that most other schools spend a lot more time hunting for healing wisps as do the other schools after a fight.

Aug 29, 2011
I think death, because you heal in every single spell. My level 83 fire player, Brianna Sparkleblade, has death as a secondary school.

Sep 14, 2011
obviously myth because you can summon minions so it's like having other players to help you.

Jan 26, 2013
MasterForm on Aug 17, 2008 wrote:
Honestly, there is none.

Unity is the key to success in this crazy world f wizards, witches, and magic! It is almost impossible to solo class.
I dissagree. If you'd really want to solo the game, try defence. Defence is the key. I'd purfer ice for it's resistance, and tower shields. Also, life is a good class for absorbs and heals. Mostly, if you use enough shields and block most attacks, they will try to hurt you, but very little. Then, save enough pips for eather a good spam attack (hitting 2+ times in a row) or a trapped, bladded attack. This may kill, and if it doesnt, you eaten down enough health to kill in a few simpal hits without dieing. This works in best in hard areas expecially sence completing the game solo is a tough task. ~Best of luck

May 18, 2012
Myth is good cause you get more turns

Feb 14, 2009
Personally you will first need a lot of experience before even trying to make a solo character. My personal solo class is fire (everyone has there own), but even your solo class need help from friends sometimes. I got though Celestia in about 2-3 months but still i prefer not to try to make a solo class before having another character.

Mar 26, 2011
this might sound fake but it isn't the school it's if you go first and how well you know your moves

Oct 05, 2012
I don't think fire is very useful some times because I need help on everything so I don't know yet

Feb 09, 2013
I think myth is a good bet to use, I'm a level 40 myth class and iv's soloed almost the entire game so far, I'm pretty far into mooshu atm, the only battle I could not solo on my own was meowiarty, the main reason was because he was the same class as me.

Jul 28, 2011
Even though I'm not a fan of Death, It would probably be that if were discussing soloing. Death can attack and heal in one spell. That is most likely to solo

May 05, 2010
i would say fire is the best school to solo quest because of the spells that could hit every opponent like the meteor strike or the fire dragon and also because of some the spells that could do damage over time so it would give time for the wizard to heal while also doing damage

Aug 13, 2009
i think that death would probably be the best to choose. my friend is a death wizard, and she can get up to a very high number in damage with a scarecrow or Von, and she can get back to full health with just one spell that wasn't even meant for healing. i'm a level 80 ice wizard and i didn't really do much solo through out the game. i'd always partner up with someone. for example, my friend and i partnered up to do the entire world of avalon together, him fire, me ice. it was a good pair. but now, i've started azteca, and so far only needed help once otherwise i've been doing it solo.

what i'm trying to say is, (got a little off track) there isn't really just one school you can choose. most of the time it's better to partner up with some people so it ensures you win the battle. all schools are good for different reasons, like i said, you can't really choose just one.