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best class to solo the game with

Jun 20, 2010
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
i am a wizard and i soloed most of the game some worlds were hard others were pretty easy i was origanly gonna be an wizard but my computer went dead so i came back on and i was it was easy to solo the game like this because wizards can take the oppents health and heal

Jun 30, 2013
The best classes to solo the game with in my opinion are Life, Death, and Ice.

-This one is pretty obvious. Life wizards have the ability to heal themselves, which is GREAT for soloing. Plus, at the higher levels, their attack spells get pretty devastating.

-Death wizards have the unique ability to drain their opponent's health, which comes in great handy. I had a Death wizard, and I went solo from Wizard City to end of Marleybone.

-Ice wizards have a huge amount of health and great defenses. If your secondary schools are Life to Satyr and Death to Feint (rest into Astral skills), you can wreck this game.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and experiences (2+ years playing Wizard101).

Sep 15, 2012
The best is because it is very powerful

Jun 20, 2010
i am a wizard i have finished the game i solo half of the game with this school it is pretty easy because death wizards don't need to

Aug 25, 2012
I've had wizards of all the schools (except myth), and so far, I've soloed well on all of them except for my life. He keeps getting low on mana The mana part just might be my fault LOL

If I had to choose one, I would say balance but battles start getting pretty rough when you get to Celestia

Jun 20, 2013
Jun 22, 2013
Honestly, there is no "best" class to play the game with. As the game progresses on to MooShu and Dragonspyre, grouping becomes a priority. As you become a higher level, especially towards the 70's and 80's, solo play becomes easy again, similar to the beginning of the game.

At the moment, I play mostly with my death/storm/partial fire wizard, and it is pretty easy to play as. I suggest choosing the class that you believe best suits your interests and whatever you think will be the easiest to progress through the game as.

Jun 16, 2011
balance because we can heal and hit with several of the schools combined and there is no shield for balance ( besides tower shield.. etc )
death too because the can attack and heal
yet i like balance way more better because its my school..

Aug 24, 2010
Definatly death because it attacks and heals at the same time

Go death

Sep 20, 2008
Truth is you can't solo once you hit Celestia and some parts before that as well.
If you are attempting to solo,i would say go Life since your power pips won't be wasted trying to heal.
There will be times when different classes work better so there will never be a time one class is best to solo.Example you might need a fast kill of 3 enemies,no class is faster than Storm.However if the fight involves battling through many shields then the fight will take a long time and other classes will be better.
That is why i like Life,you always have powerful healing that can overcome two powerful hits.The only thing Life lacks is early on AOE but eventually gets it,i think level 58.

There is no way to enjoy the game solo,so imo you should play whatever you find to be fun and get yourself a Life partner.When you hit Celestia and further and enemies are starting with 3 powper pips,they are going to unleash a lot of damage right away and with 3-4 enemies,you will never recover to mount any attack unless you have a healer.
I will explain what i do for most efficiency.I have a Life player keep the buffs i need including Feints,then i just load a bunch of Tempest and Blades and of course the element switch for mirror fights.I load a ton of the strength cards in my offboard,so when the battle starts i have tempest ready with a 100-200+ buff added to it and by turn 3-4 i have enough damage ready to AOE kill all 4 enemies.The trick is keeping your Storm player alive,being all out DPS he will have low hit points.If the enemy goes first ,that is when it gets tricky,usually there are some fizzles or thje enmy just buffs itself giving me the break to go all in.

Dec 06, 2009
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
I use to play on my balance allot but I kinda slowed down but I soloed everything til malistares lair almost, but with my death it's been easy going soloing

Aug 15, 2012
All schools are capable of soloing. It depends on the player and their strategy to do so.

Aug 16, 2009
To be absolutely honest i think life and thats why i chose it and its's NOT because it can heal. I really think death is the worst to go with because all the main bosses are death like Night Shade, Malistaire, Young Morganthe, Pendragon, Undying Malistaire, ect. So i would go with life cause i soloed most of it with a life and it is a lot easier to fight bosses and solo worlds with a lot of undead. Now of course everyone is going to go with the type they chose but some of us have good reasons for why we chose it. Even so, i think the best in order are Life, Balance, Storm, and Fire. Also almost none of the bosses are life, the only one i can think of is Jade Oni. Though ultimately i think it just depend on how you play the game.

Hope this shines a little light on the topic!

Kevin BattleBreeze Level: 82 Life

Apr 20, 2011
gswift7 on Aug 18, 2008 wrote:
I played nearly all the way through the game solo with a life wizard. It wasn't easy, but I completed the two clock towers and big ben all by myself.

Due to quests that weren't working quite right in Mooshu, I started a storm wizard last week and gave up on the life wizard for now. I'm only about a quarter of the way through Krok with the storm wizard right now, but I'm doing everything just fine solo with storm school as well.

I think you can solo the game with any school, once you figure out how to manage your deck and gear to compliment the school you are using. With life school, the key was using the minion and maximizing the power pip percentage. With storm school, the key seems to be keeping my deck small (just a couple damage spells, a shield spell, and a healing spell, each with max copies) and maximizing my damage output with gear so that I can get one shot victory when I don't fizzle.

I've noticed that my daughter relies heavily on friends to help her do the hard battles, and has adapted her play style and deck setup to compliment group play. I have been playing almost completely solo, so my decks and play style don't work as well in group play.
Liar you did not do Big Ben by yourself shame on you man

Feb 19, 2013
The strongest element tops is Storm. For every spell in its list plus more, it does most damage. The only issue is that Storm has lowest accuracy, so always wear accuracy gear. I chose life and storm to be my elements because life heals and storm is tough. Good luck

Katie Duskleaf, Level 27

Dec 30, 2009
It would have to be either Death or Balance

Jun 08, 2012
In my opinion, storm would be the best class to choose if you want to solo through the game. Compared to the other classes, it has the strongest attacks and boosts (other than the feint boost in the death class). Plus, you can choose a second school to learn with earned training points. That way you can defeat enemies easily storm and at the same time heal yourself with draining spells from death. Good luck in your game!

Mar 23, 2013
they are all great, but if I had to chose, I would go with balance. Not just because I am one, but it gives you the advantage of using storm magic, fire magic, and ice magic along with balance magic. it is also helpful because there are no shields that will protect enemies from balance magic. The school is also great in group fights as well as a solo. Hope this was helpful!

Jan 02, 2012
Like others have said before, the school doesn't really matter. It depends more on the wizard who is playing the game. To solo the entire game, you need a really good strategy, resist, etc. It's actually not impossible to solo the whole game; check out Alexander Lionheart on YouTube. (He beat Malistaire solo at Lvl 30!) If you really want to go that extreme, it will take time. Good luck, though. Have a wonderful day!

Rebecca Shadowbreeze Lvl 66 Megan Sunsong Lvl 51 Ryan Lvl 44 Sophia Rubyflame Lvl 35 Isabella Rose Lvl 32 Haley Stormcloud Lvl 10 Thank you for your time.

Oct 04, 2009
You have two types to solo with.

Non Bosses
Fire is the best here because it does decent damage and you can link you can attack individual enemies with spells that heal you at the same time. Also, you can hit every enemie with group damages. Also the damage over time aspect is useful because then the enemies shields don't protect them fully.

I can not recommend using fire for bosses for one reason, they simply don't do enough damage. I would recommend storm for bosses because you can do a swift strike that kills the boss before he can wreak havoc like he would do if you had to cast multiple fire spells to kill him

Now I know you cannot be both fire and storm at the same time so a good compromise is myth. Not only do they do decent damage, they can stun, and with earthquake there IS a group damage aspect. But most of all, when the going gets tough with hard bosses and minions, you can always summon minions to help you get the job done. I know the fire and storm minions and they aren't that good but myth on the other hand has a level minion for every occasion.

Jun 14, 2009
My wizard is but I have almost all of the spells (I'm at sandstorm currently) and spells (just got the kracken or however you spell it). I think this is a really good combo because I solo all the time and I'm at lvl.30. Sure sometimes things get tough but you just have to pull yourself through! I think it's good to mix different schools so next time I get a training point I'm going to buy some death spells and get a bigger card deck. I don't know what the astral spells are tbh I've never seen them in action or know where to get them. But once I find out I'd like to try them!
Jordan Mistheart lvl.30

Mar 13, 2012
Ice or Death, I've discorved it's easy to solo most things on Death. And ice, well the nickname gives it away; The Tank Class.

Mar 13, 2012
2u664qll on Jul 3, 2013 wrote:
The best is because it is very powerful
  1. She did not ask for the best school, but the best school for soloing
  2. There is no best school. All have there advangtages and disadvantiges. Although I am a fire wizard, you are wrong. All are very powerful, do not think only one is.

Alura Battleheart, lvl 90 , sister #1

Alura Rainheart, lvl 27 , sister #2
Brecken Storytalon, lvl 22 , sister #3
Savannah Darkbane, lvl 15 ,sister #4
Rachel Dragonheart, lvl 11 , sister #5
Krestal Wintergrove, lvl 3 , sister #6

Dec 06, 2009
I think balance is the best to solo the game with, but only if you train in storm and life as well.

Training in life gets you healing spells, while storm does heavy damage.

Balance also has a healing spell, and has helpful shields as well.

Nov 23, 2012
id say the game is too hard to solo but if it were easier id say