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best class to solo the game with

Mar 17, 2011
i think death and life wood be that way you can heal as you hit you enemy and if you low on life then you can just hell with a life spell also you can cast the block that makes you get 0 hits on you and then you can save up for a blast of power from you death side and get healed

Jul 01, 2012
ive tried soloing a few times but i always tend to end up with a few friendies...i just become a friend magnets so i just tend to go with it lol but i have solo a lot of my quests with my necromaster and gained a grandmaster from it...then again i did have some help with the cheating bosses...the ones that have certain rules of their own to defeat them by. those are normally the ones i tend to have trouble with other then that i lvl fast from soloing. its good to have friends sometimes and thats why lol.

Wolf Nighthunter - Grandmaster Necromancer

Oct 06, 2010
its definitely death, because you can get all your health back if you hit hard on a boss, and keep doing that. I have a level 69 death wizard and I have found it easy to solo the game, especially with dr vons monster now i have it.

Nov 04, 2012
I think you need help with your friends is the best way to do it or save up for very high ;spells

Apr 24, 2011
Out of experience, Death. I didn't do well with my fire wizard, but I soloed Katzenstein's lab at only level 27/28 on my Death wizard. Ice with storm as secondary and a mastery amulet would probably come in second.

Dec 24, 2008
i am a lvl 75 balance and i think that no one can solo on wizard 101. all schools have their strengths and weaknesses and when you go against some people you have to have help. if you made it through the whole game by yourself, you had to be cheating. if their was a class that you could solo with, i would say balance. it can do everything all the other schools can do (except drain life like death). Note: when you have friends to help you, youll always have someone watching your back. BALANCE RULES

Sep 11, 2011
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
balance would probably be your best bet.

Mar 20, 2010
I have almost completely soloed the game on my Storm/Life wizard. All of the ending dungeons I have soloed, including Temple of Storms. I don't really talk, and the only places where I don't solo are mob battles. I have completed MooShoo and am now in The Crucible in Dragonspyre. I do not use my pet's spells.

If you have the right deck organization and make smart training point choices, I'd say Storm is rather effective.

Jun 19, 2010
Headmaster Ambrose on Aug 20, 2008 wrote:
Myth is pretty effective, I believe, given that you can use your Minions to augment the strength of your one-wizard "team."

yes i agree with that but i'm myth and i don't use minions i would have to say death because you do damage and heal yourself at the same time so i say myth and death are about equal

Feb 19, 2010
Ive found just in my experience that fire is the easiest to solo the game with, Or at least it was for me.

Sep 16, 2011
gamemaster on Aug 19, 2008 wrote:
It's impossible to solo everything due to Kenningston Park,it's impossible to solo,but for the rest of the game,Death,it has the best wards and charms.
Kenningston Park isn't impossible, you just need to be a hight lvl and know your junk XD

Jul 26, 2011
Either Myth cause you can get minions or death cause you can heal yourself while you attack the opponent

Sep 30, 2011
I believe that this is a very controversial topic, and relies heavily upon one's preferred playing style. I have three wizards that I typically use; balance, ice, and storm, and I have soloed the majority of the game with each.

Playing my ice wizard, I was a heavy shielder, and would shield until I managed to buff up for a large attack. Playing storm, I rarely shielded - my goal was to defeat the enemies before they could defeat me. At level 25, I recall having my accuracy at 85%, very decent if you ask me. I really have no description for balance, but in my opinion, it was the easiest to solo.

If you set your deck correctly and discover a playing style that suits you, I believe that every school can solo the game. Quite frankly though, I don't understand why one would want to solo the entire game anyway. I certainly value my friends I have made on this game and enjoy questing with them when possible.

Jan 07, 2009
I think any class can solo the game, you just have to know the best way to play it, and what stats to boost. For instance, in storm they have lower health and lower accuracy, so it is a good idea to have equipment that gives you good accuracy and health and/or shielding. In ice, some of the spells are weaker so it is a good idea to have clothes that boost your damage percent, and when you're high enough lvl, you should have a good critical chance.
For a specific class to solo, Balance is pretty good because it has a little bit of everything. They get a minion early on, they have pretty good attacks, they get a healing spell pretty early on, and they have a lot of blades/traps. Death is also pretty good with the drains and sacrifice.
If you do a school like ice that doesn't have any heals other than pixie, I recommend having Life as your secondary school, or at least your third school. There are also amulets that give healing spells, I have a good one that gives satyr and regenerate.
If you solo and want to get through battles fast, I recommend using a smaller deck or a large one and only stocking it about half-way. Pick about 3 or 4 good attacks, 1 or 2 good blades, 1 good trap, 1 good shield, ad 1 or 2 good healing spells, and put in 2 or 3 of each spell.

Apr 03, 2009
i truly belive storm is a good soloing class because it gets a lot of damage and there is a lot of gear to give more accuracy and when you get the skyscream armor and good rings and athams it can get damage even more ( i have 90 percent damage to storm with my best gear on) i am lvl 80 storm

Sep 11, 2011
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
storm does awsome damage but fire is cool

Aug 25, 2012
This is mine, I think life because there are so many death bosses in the game and they don't put up any life shields to protect themselves from the attack. They have good charms and traps to make their spells more powerful. Also Life is good because you got the health, you got the healing, and you got spirit armor. I don't have a secondary school because I used to have a lvl 65 Life wizard and I got to Celestia and was exited about getting some astral spells but I didin't have enough training points so I was backfired. Another thing that I like about Life is that they plainly have guardian spirit so if I die with 5 pips it will do guardian spirit. Thats also good for pvp. I like life also because you can basically never die and I also breezed through DS with my 65 because everyone their is fire or death.

On my other wizard currently lvl 41 so close to 42 got to DS at 40. The only thing where I asked for help was the Jade Oni because he was life and when I tried to convert him he had a death shield so it was just small attack after small attack until my friend who was a storm lvl 88 came in and destroyed him I mean destroyed him

Liam LifeHunter currently at the plaza of conquest area troll i'm out

Jun 27, 2012
all of them; if you don't do side worlds.

Dec 03, 2010
Idk either i think ice might be the best solo class cas all the health and resist but then again i think it relies on the skill your wiz has

Mar 18, 2010
I am balance, but I think death is the best to solo with. :D

Dec 01, 2008
I have yet to try every single class on this game, but based on my experience, I'd say ice with a storm secondary is good for soloing the game with. Ice gives very high health points as well as sheilds, and because the damage is lower than most classes, I suppliment it with storm attack spells, and if they fizz, well, I can always rely on my ice spells.

Jun 14, 2009
I'm a level 64 Storm and I don't recall ever doing ANY dungeons solo. Storm is horrible to solo with. But it's still a good school

Feb 19, 2011
fire is the best
you have high attack good health damage critical
you may have a high fizzle rate but that is why i use plus accuracy
and you if you have a life mastery amulet you can use a spell (dragon scald serpent link etc

Jul 17, 2011
I've basically soloed most of the game on my fire, i know, CRAZY right?!? She's level 86 at the moment.
My first character was my life, and I never knew how to keep good gear on her, I had allot of help from friends with her, and she is level 80 at the moment.

But obviously, you can't just solo the game all by yourself, everyone needs help every once in a while.

But, from the looks of other people's comments, it sounds like death could be the clear winner for soloing the game. I've decided not to make a death character, but i made that decision long ago, i've never really liked the death school, mostly because it's just death, and dead sounding... I'm pretty weird about that.

Mar 10, 2012
There is no school that can solo the whole game, all have strengths and weaknesses, and this game is meant for people helping each other through the entire game.

Ethan Thunderspear level 81 fire
Ethan legendspear level 7 balance( pvp veteran)