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best class to solo the game with

Jul 31, 2011
Apr 17, 2011
mordaki987 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated

In the order of my favor for best school to solo the game:
Death - Weak attack spells, but you can heal yourself and others.
Myth - The minions and special cards
Balance - You have allot of different types of spells
Fire - attack over time (Helps against shields)
Life - you can give strong heals.
Ice - ALLOT of health and you have good protection
Storm - VERY strong attack spells, but VERY low health

Nov 22, 2008
I don't play it but Death seems like the best, it gets through absorbs with ghoul, vampire, crow, frank. It weakens healing. Only thing it dont do is break shields so then you need myth/storm(i think) as a secondary

May 02, 2011
Jun 14, 2009
Guys, to be honest, there isn't a class to solo with throughout the game with EVERYBODY!This should be the best class solo the game with YOU,not a million other people too.Most people might have similar schools, but pick the one YOUR the best at.If you can't handle a certain challenge, don't give up.By all means, you might have to call a friend or 2(Especially against Malistaire unless you have very high spells like Forest lord, Sirens, Etc.).Hope this helps!

William Shadowfriend, lvl 43 Theurgist

May 25, 2009
so as my replay I personally think to go with life.But every school is best in it's own way. death is also pretty good.

Wolf Beargem,
Level 46 Thergiust :-)

Jun 06, 2009
To be truthful, it is almost impossible to solo wizard101. But.....
Death rules! We can get high attack with a low fizzle, have great resist, good health, rock at pvp, and can heal when we attack. It is easy to solo MOST of the game with death, but you can't exatcly solo everything. Death on!

William Deathhead, level 75 necromancer

But storm is also good. It would be better than death for the fact that I die so easily with my low health. Death still rules!

Jason Stormcaller, level 43 diviner

Aug 02, 2009
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Jun 17, 2012
Dec 21, 2010
Wizard101FanWiki wrote:
I find for mostly solo play. Somethings need groups but for most available solo play. I find Life being the best school, lots of healing. Myth is also good with all the minions to help you. Balance is fairly good especially with a high damage but low accuracy school like fire, ice, storm.

gee gee why do you think fire has low accuracy cause i have a fire wizard and he is level 75 and has attacks don't fizz and you are dumb you don't even know about fire wizards

Cody Dragon Hand, level 75 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Aug 07, 2010
Really guys can't solo ! :) . I'm a level 49 life wizard . I soloed almost all thr game. The only time I need help is the end booses like Malistare or Big Ben things like that. And for those low levels out there Celestia is you nightmare . Bosses cheat have to much health, do to much damage and are just annoying. But my point is this game is to easy you can solo the first half easily . Like wizard city, krokotopia , Mooshu and Dragonspyre . Dragonspyre is where it gets very hard. :P

Aug 18, 2009
If your good at the game then you can pretty much solo with any school
Storm can speed through the game epicly lol, fire is like storm but doesnt die as much.., ice is easy to do with if you have heals since its a "tank class," life is a constant healer but can lack in damaging attacks but still can stay alive, myth is awesome with the summoning of minions but with the double hitting it is a pain to use traps/prisms, death is pretty cool since when you attack, you end up gaining health back as well, balance is difficult but if used right, it can do devastating amounts of damage

Talon SpiritWalker
Lvl 80 Storm

Zachary NightPyre
Lvl 70 Fire

Talon Skyrunner
Lvl 75 Balance

Mar 24, 2012
DizzyWiz wrote:
well i think the best class to solo the game with is death cause it have good life draning spells and one of them can heal you and not to mention there are shields to power up your attacks so you can restore more health.
Other schools have their edges as well. I'll throw out some examples Fire: Has a edge in PVP (fire elf takes away shields) with a myth mastery amulet they are unstoppable in quests, efreet and rain of fire finishes the job :) Ice: awesome resist and health! ( i saw one immune to fire and storm when i faced him in arena without prisms ) Storm: Can get the job done with strong spells and advantages in attack (as well as 4v4 tempest spam is so annoying :P) balance has great edges. Only shield that can shield balance is tower shield. Life: This school is pretty much needed in 3v3, 4v4, and sometimes 2v2. As well as guardian spirit in 1v1. Myth: Earthquake, shatter , and talos are AWESOME! And as you said death's edge is draining health. Over all, I think life is sipping the overpowered juice with guardian spirit, in quests and 1v1 pretty much impossible to beat! (By the way Kingsisle, I think we wizards should be able to "steal" the guardian spirit with a spell that cost 1 or 2 pips. (Almost like ice's steal ward and fire's steal charm. Sorry for the long post, i cant stop typing Luke staff level 80 fire wizard

Dec 15, 2011
I am a Death student and I'm the type of player who likes working alone. I have soloed most of the game, with some challenges. I had help from some random people on my list but that's only because they teleport at will.

I was training life as a second school but gave up as there is better schools when you get higher levels to spend your points on.

Death seams to work well, You do damage and heal at the same time. For bosses or other mods that have resistance to Death simply place the spell "Death Prism"on them and your Damage will be converted to Life damage witch gives a natural boost on most Death based foes.

If you need more players in a battle, picking Myth as a second school and using minions should help. (As Ambrose stated.)

Always put your curses and traps on an enemy and try to take it out in one hit. Helps a lot when you gain pips faster and power pip chance is increased.

Mar 21, 2011
death or myth, myth because of minions or death for some damage and some life.

May 22, 2012
I have a balance wizard with fire as it's secondary. I don't do teams unless I am helping others, but my quests, I do solo with power to spare.

Aug 05, 2012
My favorite class to play with has been Death for some time now. I got my first Death wizard to level 25 solo before I took a break from the game. I gave Ice a try next (I liked her name and her design the most) and am now level 21.

I wouldn't be afraid to give any class a shot solo, especially since that is typically how I play. If I can't do it alone, chances are I won't get to do it at all. =/

May 29, 2011
Death, Ice, or Fire. Death can steal & heal, Ice can frost giant, and Fire can Fire Dragon. Maybe Myth too. :)

Feb 23, 2012
Ice.Although our spells don't have the best damage we make up for that with awesome health.

Anna Darkgrove
(Thaumaturge of True Awesomeness)

-The universal symbol for happiness is a smile -

Apr 02, 2011
Maybe ice becuase:

Tower sheilds
A ton of health (like 3000 at level 50)
and verry lood in the arena

Jul 18, 2010
life of cource there is nothing better then healing over and over and over and over and over... on second thought storm

Dec 20, 2011
i have a necromancer lvl 80 and i have needed help pretty much all the way it seems hard for me to solo most bosses and i have hearn many storm and ice people solo things alot i have heard this from my to friends stephen winter who solo everything by ice and steven forgot last name who solo everything by storm but i do find that ever school can solo anything if they put the effort into it and if they get there head right into the game but death is a verry hard school to solo with

Mar 12, 2011
My primary is Life, and secondary Death. I've gotten to almost level 50, mostly by myself, only asking for help very rarely. I think one of the keys to being able to solo is to have a mastery amulet. I got one, and it has been Tremendously helpful. For any schools you should really have your deck set up to solo. If your deck is set in a way that's good for a group, it won't work too well in solo. I think you also have to have a pet that has a good spell for you.

Over all, it's your choice what school you go into. Just make sure your clothes, deck and pet all help you, and you should be golden. 8)

Jun 13, 2012
Storm cant do anything bye its self. So almost evrything i do i have my Ice mom with me. ugh and i hate that. :? :? :(

Nov 26, 2011
I have a level 78 death wizard. It is my first and highest level wizard so I can't really compare. But with the exception of waterworks, mirror lake and tower of the helephant I have mostly soloed the game. I soloed the ravens (at level 58), the four brothers in WT and even the jabberwock! Having full ww gear, a 78% attack boost and a pet with proof and defy kinda helps too. Deaths best asset is the fact that it can deliver damage and heal in one turn. Most of my battles I come out with full health without using a single healing spell in my deck. I keep a sacrifice or two in my deck to help our random wizards who join my duels. But I never need to heal.