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You decide on a new world!

Sep 29, 2012
mkuliani on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
I like the idea of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids theme with big blades of grass and mushrooms, etc.

And conversely, a world where you are a giant.

How about a world that is almost purely flying? Not any kind of jet-fighter z-axis thing, just an environment that makes you feel high in the sky with cloud walls. The whole time, instead of running like normal, you would be flying on a broom/carpet/bird. A large zeppelin city would be a nice touch.

Greek/Roman world, togas ftw!

Fairgrounds world! The different parts are themed after the mini-games that you play to fill your mana. :)
i like your thought. all the worlds in spiral we go on is by running, we need a world high in the sky...

Dec 01, 2011
Way to go.

Thanks to you, you just make it feel like it is going to take forever for the new world. JK.

I'm just so excited to see so now its getting twice as much longer!

Harry Potter couldnt come, because there is the copyright in this. Sorry, but Kingsisle doesnt have the rights to copy something like that.

But I like the Mythology thing. I have watched the movie called the Lightning Thief, and it was awesome.

So yeah, I agree 1100‰ with this!

Jul 11, 2010
eh, polaris,mirage empyrea, umbra, darkmoor, candyworld and ofcourse gobblerton

May 10, 2011
I would pass out and scream if they created a Harry Potter world, but it just seems very unlikely. Though I am obsessed with Harry Potter ( I am going to the theme park in a week SQUEEE) it would take the uniqueness of Wizard101 and its worlds away

Jan 31, 2011
This may sound crazy but i think that a new world idea that would be cool is one that's futuristic. We have already explored worlds based on old culture, why not something new for a change?

Jun 17, 2012
I'm not sure what the name of it will be, but I think it would be cool if there was a world based on The Lord of the Rings series. The names of the characters and locations will be different due to copyright. It will be a long world probobly, like Marleybones length. There will also be new school spells ( haven't thought of any astrals yet). Anyway here are the locations:

Hobbiton (commons area)
Pass of Cahadres
Mines of Moria (dungeon)
Lothorean Village
Amon Hen (dungeon)
Pelenorr Fields
Minas Tirith
Minas Morgul
The Black Gate
Mount Doom ( final dungeon)

Now for the spells:

Fire: Moria demon
Desc: 1200-1300 and -50% accuracy to one target and 600+800 to all enemies
Animation: a rock is shown and the demon swoops down and lands on the rock. It grabs its mace and smashes one target, then it takes its whip and swings it at all enemies, giving them the accuracy and DoT.

Ice: Lord of the mountain
Desc: 1000-1200 and stun to all enemies
Animation: a huge mountain sprouts up, and lines begin to crack in it, a rock giant (like a colossus), walks out from the mountain. It slams the one enemy and then stomps and the force goes in all directions, stunning the others.

Storm: Witch King
Desc:2000-2150 to all enemies and burn three pips.
Animation: The witch king flies down on his nazgul dragon. It roars at the enemies, doing the damage and then the witch king swings his mace at everyone burning the pips.

Life: Old Treebeard
Desc: 300+ 1000 health over three rounds and 1000-1150 damage to all enemies.
Animation: a forest is shown and Treebeard bursts in front. He blows at the caster which gives the health and then turns and and puts his hands up and vines start entangling around each enemy.

Death: King of the Dead
Desc: 2000, convert half to health, to all enemies.
Animation: Ghostly mist is on he ground and the king sprouts up from the mist. He strikes the enemies giving health each time.

Myth: Cave Troll
Desc: 1250 damage, stun for one round and steal two pips.
Animation: Doors to the mines appear and a troll bursts out. It swings its mace and hits the enemy for the damage. It then stomps on the enemy, stealing the pips and stunning.

Balance: Warg Attack
Desc: 1050-1300 and elemental shield
Animation: a grassy bill appears and a Warg hops up tue orc rider blows bis Borneo and wargs charge in swinging weapons.

Leave a comment if you have any ideas for astral spells!

I'll try to put the ideas in more detail on central. Tell me what you think!

In another post I have an idea about an extension on this world, just like GH AND WT. It's like ghost avalon except its an entire world. It will be based on the Hobbit.

Jan 29, 2012
I think the theme of the new world should be greek mythology.i've had a whole unit on greek mythology in my school and it would be perfect for wizard101.Its also very interesting,like the lvl 98 spells should be greek gods. for example:life:demeter:goddess of nature.fire:hades:god of fire,storm:zeusetc....and in the greek mythology the bad guy was kronos he was the father of zeus.you should make a theme of morganthe goes to tartarus and bring kronos back and treis to destroy the 12 olympian gods.and in the world you meet all the gods and you help them and at the end you destroy kronos.you should include all the famus greek heroes like hercules,thesus,perseus etc.....some of the bad guys shouyld be monsters like medusa etc... its just an idea but it makes an awesome theme. by the way the movie and book percy jackson series have gotten very popular because of the greek mythology theme and this world can get popular too!

Sep 22, 2009
btw level 10 spells already came out so even more? anyway, I really like that idea, sounds very adventurous, the wands sound a little (ahem I mean a lot) overkill in power, and the spells are very good and unique.

Jan 08, 2010
Hi, I am in Azteca with all characters and was wondering aprox when a new world will be coming out. I have heard people talking about a new world in the making however I haven't found anything on-line about it yet. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Dec 02, 2012
IxionInc on Dec 29, 2008 wrote:
Mmm... That world idea sounds like Kingdom Hearts to me, plus I don't really like fighting bosses solo, really hard.

I'd like a world that would be the domain where the myth creatures come from. Kinda have it be a Roman themed world, since all of the worlds are based off of the different empires of the Earth, and have it populated with conflicting empires and such, or have a world where magic and technology clash together in constant warfare.
I totally agree that's a great idea

Dec 02, 2012
tanda1 on Apr 5, 2013 wrote:
What I would like to see is a whole different starting story line of worlds. Right now, there's only one path - wizard city to krokatopea to marleybone to mooshu to ...

But maybe Malistair was more far flung than ambrose realized, and there's another set of starting worlds that young wizards could follow that also ended at Dragonspyre.

That would allow people who have played multiple characters up the first story line to do something different as they level their characters and still wind up at Dragonspyre in order to beat Malistair.

There would probably need to be an additional question at character creation, and that question would determine what quests ambrose gave the character, and thus which set of worlds the character would follow to get to dragonspyre.

(just getting very bored with the same stuff over and over and over for each new character I make).
I agree but I think maybe a new storyline not ending in dragonspyre would be nice so that the wizard that did that first storyline would be able to go further in another storyline instead of just random scattered worlds like wysteria and grizzleheim. The scattered worlds are still nice I just think a new storyline after the first one would be nice

May 11, 2009
Jan 01, 2012
the new world should be where you have to beat Professor Ambrose for your rank 100, if there is gonna be another world! and put his life to a million.

Aug 29, 2010
Idea for new world(s). The guy with swamp and frogs is a great idea, I think 12 worlds is enough for a spiral, I think there should be another place called the barred spiral (Like continuing on) It can only be accessed at the end of the swamp world, some new houses will go with the world too and have both doors to each spiral. It will also be inside bartleby's cousin, swamby, the swamp tree.In the barred spiral, i hope ffor there to be 12 worlds as well, please use this idea.

Apr 06, 2011
nullLove the idea
Now, it wouldn't be the Spiral..maybe The Tapestry! And the first new world could be called: Darkness Valley. Here is my little version of starting it:
Girl: Allison WinterBlossom, level 12 Ice
Master Ambrose
Susie GriffonBane
Allison runs around doing quest. A little pop-up from Ambrose pops on the right side of her screen. She clicks it. Ambrose: Hello, Allison! Please come to my office at once! This is dreadful news!
Allison goes to Ambroses office.
Ambrose: Oh Allison, we have a little secret! I have sent Susie GriffonBane, your trusted friend, off on a journey. Morgathe has disappeared! Susie contacted me and a dark marsh. She said:
Ambrose! I found a world! I found Morganthe! There are livi-bre-ki-n u-p..SEND YOUR BE-ST ST-U-DEN-T!
All I heard. Go to this new world! Go to Darkness Valley! Beside the door in Bartlbey, there is a red door with a cloth hanging on it. Your new Spiral, is The Tapestry.
Thats my start! Thank you!

Dec 14, 2008
Now if anyone who's reading this has beaten Azteca, then you know the last words Merle Ambros says before you have to wait for the next update. "go young wizard and perpare yourself while I gather an army of light." we also know that morganthe said "no i shall return to the shadow world to build my celestial choir". this makes me think. what if the new world is the shadow world? and what if thats where all of your defeated enemies go to (only much stronger)? if we fought malistair the undying whats stopping us from going down there and fighting jade oni the unkillable, or rattlebones the unstoppable? then finally (these names are irrelevant btw) we reach the final boss of the world (and the morganthe saga) and fight Morganthe the Magnificent. I know it's probably to late for kingsisle to add these ideas but hey gotta hope right?

next up:the level 98 spells. here's how i think it'll go down. you reach level 94 and get a message from your teacher. you complete some quest and you recieve your rewards like normal. the process repeats every time you level up until reaching level 98 when your teacher says "it's time..." they ask you to meet them in their respective towers and then you have to fight your teacher(cyrus drake will have to be stronger of course) after you win you recive a new spell " fire/ice/life/ect... of light" now for the spell details...

name:fire of light
effect: deals 200 damage to all enemies plus 1300 damage over time
discription: the sky above the field turns red. a light shines upon your oponent. the light soon turns into fire and burns them.

name: ice of light
effect:deals 1200 to all enemies. gives caster a 60% tower shield and gives teamates a 50% tower shield.
discription: the sky above the field turns blue. a light shines upon your oponent. the light soon turns into ice and freezes them.
acuracy: 80%

name:storm of light
effect:deals 2000 damage to your opponents. (nothing else. just plain damage. overkill?)
discription: running out of words. we all know what happens

name: life of light
effect: 1200 damage to all enemies. heals all teamates(and self) by 500

name:death of light (ironic name)
effect:1300 damage to all enemies. converts 1/4 of damage into heath (if it was half then it would be a full heal)

name:balance of light
effect:233 damage for each school (not balance)

name:myth of light
effect: 1200 damage then summons a level 90 minion (to strong?)

And done! tell me what you think. like it? love it? all of the above? feel free to tell me any flaws but my character limit is almost up (which is why i made cuts) if you're confused though i'll try to help you ASAP. while i hope kingsisle uses my ideas i'll understand if its to late.Everything seems balanced out and fair(ice isn't overkill) and it gets us back to the basics of the schools.

Evan Firerider
legendary pyromancer

May 17, 2011
Maybe we should have a world called Arcadia, where everything is based on theme park and faire grounds and other places like that. The inhabitants would be up to KI but I would reccomend probably robots. I would reccomend the storyline be about Morganthe stealing power from the robots power source, 'The Great Eye' that powers all the rides in their land and using it to gain enough power to allow her and her shadow deck to be able to remake the Spiral and it would be up to you to stop her. Plz KI, bring this into consideration. Thanks.

Aug 08, 2012
"I think an Alice/Alex in Wonderland" theme would be kinda cute and fun.

Alice/Alex through the rabbit hole, pursuing "The dream child moving through a land of wonders wild and new." There they encounter the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Mock Turtle, and the Mad Hatter, among a multitude of other characters (extinct, fantastical, and commonplace creatures). Alice/Alex journeys through this Wonderland, trying to fathom the meaning of thier strange experiences. But they turn out to be "curiouser and curiouser," seemingly without moral or sense.

Wouldn't it be funny to shrink/grow and try to make sense out of silly rules?

Oct 21, 2010
I think the next world should be a greek/roman world with the gods and goddesses!! That would be SO AWESOME!! And at the end of the world, you fight Morganthe, but a SPLIT-SECOND before you defeat her, she escapes and fulfills the prophecy, creating her own world where the Council Of Light has to fight her Umbra Armies!! It would be a dark, shadowy world filled with all the creatures Morganthe has rallied together, just with a little more heath, and some of the quests require you to go back to the previous worlds in the Morganthe arch to find clues to solve ONE BIG MYSTERY!! And for the final dungeon, You would see her with all the previous final bosses from the other worlds!! I think that would be EPIC

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 86 Ice

Megan DragonLeaf-Level 25 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Apr 29, 2012
nullThat's it! Alantis! Genius! Greek mythology would be so great! I wrote one about it earlier but can't remember what page :(

Aug 19, 2010
I have an Idea. the new world relsha, the island world and the world that you finaly defeat the evil morganthe and to do that you have to do that with six wizards. The areas are relsha island, conterian islak, interas, lagotha sares, inuet laken, and la carosa.

Feb 26, 2013
Alia Dawn on Feb 9, 2013 wrote:
I think it should be greek mythology, like the spell could be
Storm: Calypso
Ice: Skaldi (A huge giant that is a girl that is ice goddess)
Life: Pan
Death: Hades
Myth: Griffin
Balance: Athena
Fire: Hephaestus

Enemies/Bosses could be the cerberus, medusa, a manticore, differen't kind of mythology animals/creatures.

Ceberus got replaced with Orthurus.

Oct 26, 2010
Tutorial Tip: Young wizard...I've finally found the world Morganthe has fled to.! Her home world, Skullch!

Merle Ambrose: _____! <---- Your Name, I have been researching, spell casting, and contacting former students, and finally found where Morganthe fled to after the tragic event in Azteca. She has fled to the world she was born at, Skullch. She is even more powerful than she was before, I am afraid. She definitely wants to destroy all of the spiral! Go visit Dworgyn, in Nightside for more information.

Dworgyn: Ahhhh, wizard! It's been a long time since I've last seen you! Or anybody...! Besides the point, you're here for logic from me about the land of Skullch. Ahh, lets see if I can remember. No... OH YES! I left a book from my college class there, if you could go find it, it will reveal all of the secrets to the land of Skullch.
The Tower of Nights is in the Death Tower just ahead, go inside!

There is a dungeon in the Death Tower, you enter.

Boss: Crack'l Nutz, 15,000 Health, Class: Death, Minion: Shadowweb Weaver

Boss slogan: You think you can just barge into here and STEAL my book? HAH! I am the last one to hold the secrets to skullch!

After defeating the boss: Narrator: He drops the book. It feels like it holds dark secrets.

Dworgyn: Aha! You found it, you little detective, you! Now lets read it.

Narrator: As Dworgyn reads the book, it fills you up with Skullch knowledge. You think you are ready to enter Skullch and face Morganthe.

Dworgyn: Ooh! It says here that there is a ghost that stands in the center of the Sacred Grounds of Skullch, his name is Zenga. Go find him! Here is the key to Skullch.

In Skullch: The view is of a gold kingdom, when you walk in, guards are at the front gates, and there is a man next to you, walking over to you.

Unknown Character: Wear this suit, it will get you into the Grounds...

Narrator: The man disappeared!

Guards: Hee Yup! Who goes there? Very well! Proceed into the Sacred Grounds.

Zenga: Wizard! Oh thank the lord, THANK THE LORD! Our savior has come! Wizard, you don't know how much that I am relieved that you are here. I've heard great things about you. When Morganthe took over our peaceful home, she kidnapped our king and made his kingdom hers... Then she took her guards and they took over all of Skullch! Please venture into Jak Rouk and talk to Yenga, my brother. He will help you further.

Yenga: Ohh! Will you help me? Can you collect information from the Caspian Scouts over there, and gain an idea where my family is?


Jul 04, 2012
I think there is a world called Embrodia and there is tons of jewels there but they are being stolen by an evil man (the last boss) named Emerald hog. It would be cool! And you mainly defeat things on the streets that are mountain animals cause its in the mountains and it rains a lot and there is palm trees instead of real ones and the streets are mines! that would be so boss!

Oct 30, 2011
Sry but i hate your names.These are my ideas which are better.

Name:burning rampage
Effect:300+990 fire damage
Animation:a volcano appears with a city bellow it rain of fire animation appeared except the lava goes from the ground.

Name:freezing earth
Effect:1300 ice damage plus stun for 2 rounds
Animation:a frozen earth appears and all the ice hits your enemy

Now I am cutting off accruacy and pips.

Effect:1600 storm damage plus windstorm
Animation:a person appears and shoots a ligtning bolt at the enemy.

Name:hero of the dark
Effect 850 death damage to all enemies and sap
Animation:a guy swings on a rope and lands on a mountain and then ra animation but quicker

Effect:150 myth damage then 1050 myth damage
Animation:hades appears and hits you twice

Name:army of humans
Effect:900 life damage to all and 350 to allies
Animation:a bunch of humans appear with weapons and use their weapons on enemies and then they heal allies

Name:Power of schools
Effect:10+140 fire damage 90 ice damage and legion shield 150 storm damage 110 death damage plus 1/2 to your health 100 healing to allies and 10 myth damage and then 100 myth damage
Animation:all school symbols appear except balance and astrals then they weakly attack the opponent

Hope you do not consider his but mine.Btw use your imagination wizard dude.