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You decide on a new world!

Oct 10, 2010
In Zafaria an elephant merchant mentions the world Polaris as one of the places she would like to go to maybe work with that.

Apr 01, 2009
bhodgkins on Dec 31, 2012 wrote:
I think they should have a Greek Mythology World after Azteca. It would be awesome to be with all the greek gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades.

All schools should have their own mythology spell like Storm and Myth schools have. I love greek mythology and think these could be some ideas for a new world before OR after Azteca!

Aphroditte- Life Spell - Goddess of Love
Zeus- Storm Spell - King of Gods and the Sky
Poseidon- Storm or Ice? - God of the Sea
Hades- Death Spell - God of the Dead or Underworld
Artemis- Life or Myth? - Goddess of the Moon and War
Athena- Balance - Goddess of the Hunt

Examples of Bosses - Medusa, (Maybe Hades? - Just an idea), Sea Monsters, Minotaur, Loki, Cyclops, and The Titans.

This world should be called Olympus. ;)
Actually, Artemis is the Goddess of the Moon AND the Hunt. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom.

Storm has Storm Lord already..that's basically Zeus.

Poseidon- Sorta though that was what Triton was for.

Hades- Surprised he isn't already a spell. I also think Ares could work for Death.

I think for Myth, they should have Hermes or Hephaestus.

Sep 27, 2009
Oct 21, 2010
The Weirwood Is A Place In Avalon. The Fairies There Even Look Like Beatrice.
I Still Would Like To See Mirage Though

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 87 Ice

Megan DragonLeaf-Level 26 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Feb 16, 2013
i think the new world should be icy and cold

good guys: polar bears,white rabbits

bad guys: seals with weapons,walrus with sharp tusks

new spells:

ice-polar bear with sword: does 1100-1265 and stun

fire-seal(s) of fire-does 1200-1350 and black mantle

storm-giant walrus (like the bad guy)-1300-1495 and puts storm spear on self

balance-white/light brown rabbit-1150-1300 and hex on target

death-dark hand-does 1200 dmg swap half to health

life-a giant flost flower that turns green: +800 to team and guiding light ( 20% )

myth-white puma-does 1100-1295 and spirit blade ( 20%) on random team mate

hope you like the idea ( this is a story line world) it is about morgathane and her web she wears on her bck is on fire and she wants revenge! reagents- frost flower-ore-( and in final area ) ghost flame

Hope you guys like the idea!

Feb 22, 2009
personally i think a good idea is a little something called the elements of harmony... (get my reference?)

Oct 31, 2009
Lol no let me catch up first! I'm in Azteca!

Mar 12, 2013
KI already has the "low-hanging fruit" of fantasy destinations pretty much accounted for.

The only obvious omissions are:

--an Arabian Nights-style theme (to go with the mega bundle)

--a Wild West themed world, or an American colonial times world. Probably avoiding this for a whole raft of possible political, copyright, etc. types of conflicts.

Places we would love to see but have only heard about:

--Nalia's homeworld of Mirage, an ice world or perhaps one bogged down by a burdensome bureaucracy skilled in the use of dispelling magic to slowly crush the souls of its citizens. You go there to help her band of nomad resistance fighters. Could be a Mongol steppe themed world

--The gobblers' home world, a veritable land of milk and honey and cookies that grow on trees, but their gingerbread houses have been taken over by wicked witches in the style of Central European folk and fairy tales.

--A giant catacombs where the hapless undead citizens of Necropolis are being enslaved (by you-know-who). You need to help them fight back and stay free. Consists of "good" undead and "bad" undead, and bad Life/Fire mobs and bosses. Your NPC allies are vampires, zombies, skeletal troopers, and pumpkin heads. Think back to the old 80's Saturday morning cartoon series "The Drac Pack" where a team of crime-busting undead sleuths use their eerie powers to solve mysteries and fight crime.

--A Greek, Mesopotamian, or Sumerian world populated by gods, heroes, and fantastic winged lions and centaurs

Oct 13, 2012
i want a new world badly i am half way done with azteca and want to see new worlds in w101

Feb 14, 2012
Maybe a dead world named something like Dead Realm like where the death
school is but bigger and full of death people and where
we finally get to defeat Morganthe or something. Or
someplace like a giant iceberg named Frostica with new schools
like Celestia does with the Celestial Spells where Morganthe
does what she does in Celestia then maybe the Dead Realm.

Wolf DragonFlame Lvl 64
Ice Wizard

Mar 10, 2010
to all the people that said sea world, is'nt celestia a sea world basically? They have marleybone that is based of the UK so why not another european country like france? maybe spain and deigo could be a guide of some sort?

Apr 20, 2010
I had guessed this a year ago and am now almost positive that level 100 and a new world would either hit the test realm or live realm in May of 2013 I had guessed this because Wizard101 has been releasing worlds at about a 6 month time span since Celestia. And if I had to choose the name of this world, I would say Polaris. I have heard a lot about this name and I really have no idea about the world's name nor its characteristics. Kingsisle hasn't let me down before in the past, and I know they won't let us down with the upcoming world.

Dec 11, 2009
No. Just no. We already have a fizzlebot school. Anyway, it sounds like an overpowered, low accuracy Life school. We have the needed schools.

Amber Nightblossom, level 76 Storm

Jul 24, 2012
cool things but they should make a world that have all the greek gods as school teachers like zeus for storm and medusa for myth poseidon for ice ect. and new spells and new pets like a levy for storm and a medusa pet for myth ya ect. that would be awesome

Jan 29, 2010
I'm gonna continue on sticking to life ^_^

May 06, 2009
Here are the themes for all worlds in Wizard101 and Pirate101 (the two games will be sharing worlds. I did say Spiral Wide in the title):

Wizard Ctiy- the Wizardy-Age of Medival times (Humans Varies)
Krokotopia- Ancient Egypt (Kroks and Manders)
Marleybone- 18th-19th Century London (W101); Colonial Exploration Age (P101) Both with a steampunk twist (Dogs)
MooShu- Ancient China and Ancient Japan thrown in a blender (Farm Animals)
Dragonspyre- Themed after the volcano incident in Pompeii. This world is also Greek-themed with a dragon twist and Russian Accented NPCs (Humans and Dragons)
Grizzlehiem & Wintertusk- Based off of Norse Mythology (Bears, Wolves, Ravens)
Wysteria- Spanish themes with English and Irish accented inhabitants thrown in a blender (Pigs and Bunnies)
Celestia- Based off Atlantis with an Alien twist (Celestians)
Zafaria- Ancient African Kingdoms (Lions, Zebras, Gorrillas, Elephants)
Avalon- Medival Age, Celtic-inspired, and the Arthurian Age with Scotish, Irish, and British styles thrown in a blender (Forest Animals)
Azteca- Based around the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas (Aztecasaurs, Avians, Jaguars)
Empyrea- Our Sky world, yet the overall theme is yet to be determined. Looking up "empyreal" and "empyrean" help get a feeling for the looks of this world (TBA)
Yago- Has star-fields thus is up in the Sky. Like Weirwood, this could be a region to another world, such as Empyrea. (TBA)
Mirage- An Arabian styled world. (Lynx TBA)
Candy World- A candy inspired world and Lydia Greyrose's homeland (TBA)
Gobblerton- Any detail on the climate, architecture etc. of this world have yet to be determined. Since Gobblers' like the cold, it can be assumed this world is cold (Gobblers, Witches)
Nodor- A brisk land based off of the Ice Age (I wonder what the hub would look like) (Wooly Mammoths)
Alissar- A subzone of Zafaria similar to Wintertusk. I currently place it to be Carthaginian inspired but otherwise, TBA (TBA)
Skull Island- The colonization of Mesoamerica by the Spanish and British (in this case Monquista and Marleybone) as well as the stereotypical Pirate themes (Humans, Varies)
Monquista- Has 16th Century Spain influences (Monkeys)
Valencia- Based around the Italian Reniassance (Crabs, Unicorns, Guinea Pigs)
Cool Ranch- Western inspired world with Cowboy, Native American, and Mexican attributes
Aquila- This is our Roman-inspired worlds (the Roman's based a lot of their culture off of the Greeks causing for some confusion). (Stallions, Chickens, Buffalo)
Darkmoor- The name of this world is a pun of the area Dartmoor, creating the overall night look of this world. It can be assumed that this land has many bogs, moors (low-lands), tors (hills topped with bedrock), and Irish influences (Lagoonies; Wizard101 Water Lurkers)
Polaris- A frozen world with themes ofImperial Russia and Imperial France thrown into a blender (Penguins, Polar Bears, Walrus)
El Dorado- A Golden World with a powerful secret (TBA)

Nov 17, 2012
hehe i think the new world should be dark and creepy, like morganthe. the name of the new world should be named thee celestial choir (lol).the world should have spiders everywhere and ghouls too and should be mostly death monsters to fight since it's morganthe we're talking about.the forces of light should be there too XD. (Blaze Moonmender lvl 90 necromancer)

Jul 02, 2011
Ok, there are enough schools. That would mess everything up if there was another school. I think that the idea of a life and storm hybrid is not a good idea, pvp would we ruined. I like the schools that kingsisle came up with.

Jul 03, 2012
Not a bad idea, but also there are some down sides. If they made a world for only myth, then they would have to make other worlds for every other school... Then everybody would have to get to level 100 something... But people wouldn't want too then people would quit. I do like the idea though!

Jan 07, 2012
I have a idea for the next world, One called: Storm fall island. Good guys would be: Wizards of storm. The enemies would be: Krakens,storm snakes, and storm sharks (Underwater). In the final dungeon ( The waterfalls of stormfall ) the Bosses are: Mayor stormfall, President stormfall, The ghost of Mr. Stormfall, and Morganthe. The good guys inside that dungeon are: The ghost of Mr. Stormfall (after defeat), The ghost of Malistaire, Merle Ambrose, and The forces of light. Places: Storm city, Ocean of lightning, Storm fall mountain, Lightning bat cave, Lightning clouds, and The waterfalls of stormfall. More idea's coming soon!

Jun 27, 2009
I know there is like Krokotopia which is based on Egypt, and Marleybone on Europe(?) and Mooshu on Asia, but could there be like an Indian based world? There could be elephants and a person who looks like Gandhi who acts like Merle Ambrose? idk maybe maybe not...... I really like the sky idea and atlantis one somewhat, but celestia is kinda underwater so.... maybe a world that is like an old video game? that would be so confuzing XD but yeah it could be cool

Jan 11, 2013
i could've sworn that someone in zafaria mentioned a world called polaris while i was questing. I'm thinking it'd be some sort of world based on the astral schools and only them. (no balance mobs like celestia!)

Feb 22, 2009
babysav on Apr 21, 2013 wrote:
I think that KI should make a new world that is based on the future, for example: Everything is chrome (metallic), flying enemies, and everything is futuristic.

The last boss could be Malistare, Meowiarty, Krokopatra, and the spider lady from Celestia but way stronger. Malistare would be fire, Meowiarty myth, spider lady storm, and Krok could be life.

Anyone that has any ideas please reply and hopefully KI will make this world reality

- Brandon BattleRider, lvl 70 ice
um, if anyone here knows, malistare was resurrected, and morganthe- okay. i'm there. but what if there was like this whole world made up of floating platforms in a vast nothing and we got to use jumping as a real ability. or maybe a fusion of all worlds.

Mar 12, 2013
dr6g0n on Apr 18, 2013 wrote:
I love the idea of Greek Myths! I was thinking that Balance should have Hermes, but maybe I'm just jealous (I love Athena!) But maybe this:

Life: Demeter
Death: Hades
Fire: Apollo
Ice: Artemis maybe?
Myth: Zeus? No idea really
Storm: Poseidon
Balance: Hermes or Athena

But I don't really understand how Athena goes with Balance
Wow, I hope KI is listening - a classical Greek world seems like a hands-down winner in terms of popularity.

Dec 05, 2012
i think there should be a new world after Azteca because its 2013 they should be a new world
call the dorm.

lvl 80 fire avalon.