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You decide on a new world!

Feb 07, 2011
Try reading all the greek themed world ideas. They're AWESOME!

Jun 04, 2012
But what do you get at the end? A badge or something?

Sep 12, 2009
Guys. Ive seen some strange worlds in pirate101 stormgates.

When I was traveling through the cool ranch stormgate I saw this world orb that had a lighthouse sitting on rocks

That lighthouse world could be a w101 world or p101 world

Feb 24, 2009
Oct 04, 2009
I would like to see a worl filled with skyscrapers like our society, and the people who live their are the people like us who dont believe in wizards or magic, then something magicall happens to their world and the wizards of wizard city have to save them.

Jan 19, 2009
minecraftcutiegirl... on Mar 10, 2013 wrote:
But what do you get at the end? A badge or something?
Yeah. Every world you finish has a badge when you finish it. You know, like "Hero of So-And-So". Also there should be like badges when you defeat a specific amount of monsters there like Revived Help-Bots which gone rogue.

Jan 19, 2009
Jason Lifesword on Mar 2, 2013 wrote:
This Sounds like your making a myth world.
Ikr. Especially when there has been more than enough of them.

Sep 27, 2009
I think the level 100 world after Azteca should be called Wizardtopolis. It can be kind of like a city. I think a lot of the level 90 wizards are getting bored of wizard101 because there is no level 100 increase. Reply on how u think this would be a good world name.

Sep 21, 2011
I think it would be very cool if there was a world where there are geckos, toads and frogs, maybe even snakes, and you would defeat the evil snake king and then the gecko and toad people are going to make you there king and then, morganthe bursts into the room and you fight her, and then when you defeat her she's all like " NOOOOOOO THIS CANT BE!!!!!!!!!!!" and then she explodes into thousands of tiny spiders, and then a specter like figure appears who turns out to be malistaires father who is the most evil and powerful necromancer ever. so you fight him but then he escapes, which leads to the next world.
i hope you like my idea, KI please consider my idea and make it the next world

Sep 27, 2009
You know what I think

I think Professor Greyrose or someone should come on here and actually take these into consideration. There are a lot of great ideas on here and my favorite is the Greek myths. I just think Kingsisle should really take these in to mind

Bailey Skullvault
Sword Saint

Jun 17, 2011
maybe kingsisle should make a new world like polaris, mirage or weirwood or whatever here's the spells I THINK that kingsisle should make:

ice:abominable snowman : 795-1095 to all enemies over 3 rounds and give 40% iceblade

storm: lightning pegasus 11 pips, 1700-1900 and remove 1 positive and 1 negative

fire:demon:11 pips,1225-1625 to all enemies and + 500 to all enemies
life:ent :11 pips, 750-850 (to enemie) and 52-1101 to all friend
death:skeleton guard: 11 pips,1025 to all enemies and swap half to

sorry i can't find myth spell i have tried to but i can't sorry

by:angel stronggem myth lvl 90

Dec 17, 2010
Tyler Legendfriend on Feb 22, 2013 wrote:
Hi guys.I got a new school idea.It is galaxy.Galaxy will have super high damage but low accuracy.It will get 20% boost to all schools.It will use spell name ideas from the elemental schools.It can heal.It will have medium health and gear.The first spell is really good but has bad accuracy.Here is my first idea:

Name:burning ice
Amount if damage:290-330 galaxy damage

If you want to change the name its ok.
Here is apprentice spell:

Amount if damage: 200 galaxy damage plus stun for one round.

The shield is 100% and shield to all schools 20%
I will tell you if I come up with more
well I like your idea for school of galaxy, of how much low accuracy it has and thats all the damage? I think you should chang it, here is some of my ideas for spells

name: commet
Accuracy: 75%
Type: damage
attack: 150-230
pip: 2

Name: Burning star
Accuracy: 75%
type: damage/stun
Attack: 300-390 & stun
Pip: 3

Name: New star
Accuracy: 80%
Type: Heal over time/ sheald
Healing: 600 & -50% to all attack spells
Pip: 4

Name: Black hole
Accuracy: 75%
Type: Steal/ reflect over time
steal: 600 attack and half to heal
Reflect: when a foe casts a spell on you it attacks the foe, not you
Pip: 5

Thats all i got! thanks for your time

Dec 17, 2010
rathrcr527 on Nov 24, 2012 wrote:
My idea for the world after Azteca would be that Ambrose would have you lead the Army of Light against Morganthe, but first he will have you have to undergo a quest to recieve the power to stop Morganthe. It begins when Ambrose calls you into his office, he will tell you that he has assembled the Army of Light to oppose Morganthe, and more importantly, has discovered where Morganthe is hiding. He then tells you that you're professor will prepare you for the war. When you go to you're professor, they will tell you that you must learn the lost spell of the school to recieve the power to lead the Army of Light. They will than send you off to the secret library to find the lost spell. When you get there a pair of Morganthe's goliaths will attempt to stop you. After defeating them you will find the spell and go back to you're professor. Then they will reward you with the legendary wand of you're school to use in battle. When you go back to Ambrose with you're new spell and wand, he will give you the Spiral Key and send you off to war...

The spells are..
Fire: Prometheus 10 pips, 1400 damage to single target and -75% accuracy

Ice: Yeti 10 pips, 775 damage to all, remove 1 positive charm, and stun for 1 turn

Storm: Tiamat 10 pips, 450 + 1250 over time to all and stun for 2 turns

Balance: Libra 10 pips, 800 damage to all, and -55 shield to self

Myth: Valkyries 10 pips, 900 damage to all, and remove 1 positive charm

Life: Ent 10 pips, 200 and 600 damage to all, and +45% life blade to self

Death: Revenant 10 pips, 300 + 900 damage to all, and stun for 1 turn

The Wands are...

Fire: Staff of Dragon Breath

Ice: Staff of Cold Fire

Storm: Storm Lord’s Bolt

Balance: Judgement Scales

Myth: Medusa’s Scimitar

Life: Bartleby’s Branch

Death: Reaper’s Scythe

All wands will have the same stats

25% power pip chance
15% accuracy all
5 cards 150 damage, based on school
2 power pips at start of battle (1 in pvp)
+50 critical chance
+50 block chance
5% armor piercing
25% stun resist

Now obviously the wands will have major nerfs when used in PVP but they will keep these stats when you are fighting monsters they will keep these stats. Feel free to post your ideas below.
As many of you know, before you defeat undead malistar, morganth says she will return to the shadow web, her home. well, this new world could be called, "Shadowweb", or "Shadow lands" and the people you fight are spiders and bugs and ghosts and dark wizards.

Feb 27, 2011
Sep 30, 2009
considering the rain of fire spell dos 1200 damage i think the new spell should be at about 1500 damage or above whatever it is. also i think its about high time that fire got an all hit damage spell that doesnt do over time damage(last time we got one was meteor), now of course it couldnt be 1500 but hey rain does 1200 so at least something like 1350 or more.
i would prefer more since we will be getting to level 100 soon and well need more powerful spells but of course theres pvp in the way so ki would have to make it do less damage in PVP ONLY. of course a lot of stuff would have to be either non pvp or nerfed in pvp like the 2 pip wand.
honestly i dont understand why ki has'nt done this yet as im sure there well aware that pvp is draging pve down.

Jun 17, 2011
i hope it would be an myth, life and death world (i mean krokotopia have 4 school ice,fire,storm and balance so i guess it would be fair)

Nov 07, 2012
rathrcr527 on Nov 26, 2012 wrote:
The wand for storm is a lightning bolt, that's why I put the word "bolt" in the name, but I do understand if you thought I meant the staff a Storm Lord holds when you summon it.
thats caled a trident

Feb 22, 2012
Ok so this is my first post so i hope it goes well. Ok so i think the topic is worlds there could be. This is gonna be a long list.

There should be a world where everything has been burned and fire giants with 965 HP take over. There could also be heck hounds with 875 HP and maybe blazing trolls with 1000 HP or something along the lines of that.

Maybe a world where it is based around weather like there could be hurricane avenue and the monsters there could have 1250 HP. You could be able to go there at level 30 and you only have to battle one monster at a time like at wizard city.

Another idea is a cyber world with cyber bullies ( funny huh) and computer bugs. ( again its funny) it could also show a new school. The school of animation.

By the way my name is Destiny ShadowGlade level 30. My main server is Vampire. Also fire school rocks! ( and the life school too.)

Jan 18, 2013
I like the idea of adding extra worlds to the game to keep players interested. The level cap can keep going up forever for all I care as long as there are new levels I will keep playing them. But I don't like your idea of having all boss fights in a world.

Mar 27, 2010
Hunter Duskcatcher on Feb 17, 2013 wrote:
Hmm..... Well I like the idea of a greek mythology world, but i like kingdom hearts and that sounds beast too.

Anyways, I think the new world should be greek mythology, and is the last world to the morganthe ark.
It should be a large world, and have 8 areas (The final one is a dungeon). Morganthe has the gods possesed, so you need to fight them (One in each area) To free them of the spell. In the last dungeon, you will fight two more gods, plus the final battle being Morganthe, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. After that, you will have defeated Morganthe and finished the world (Named Olympia). I also have an idea for new spells. They are each a god.

All spells are rank 11

Fire: Ares; Deals 1350-1500 damage and gives a fireblade.
Ice: Poseidon; Deals 840+420 over time damage to all.
Storm: Zeus; Deals 1650-1800 damage and gives a -90% accuracy thing on (Sorry can't remember what it's called)

Death: Hades; Deals 1200-1400 damage and gives half of it back and puts a death dispel on.
Life: Apollo; Deals 900-1100 damage and heals 25+300 overtime.
Myth: Hermes; Deals 800-1000 damage to everyone and steels a ward.

Balance: Demeter; Deals 1000-1500 to everyone and gives an elemental blade.

I also thing they should have blades at level 100 for each school that add +30% to critical rating.

Please take this into consideration Kingsisle! I think this world would be great after Azteca!

P.S. At least put in that critical blade for me? I think that would be beast
I don't think that this is a bad idea it's just the spells... Demeter is the godess of gardening.. Shouldn't it be for life not balance? Apollo is the god of the sun and poesie. So I think that Apollo should be a fire spell but Hephaestus is the god of fire so i guess it would be better. So heres how my spells would be. Also Zeus is like Storm Lord so they would have to really change Zeus or put Ouranos cause he's the titan of the sky.

Fire: Hephaestus: 1200-1500 to all enemies.
Ice: Poseidon: 900-1200 to all enemies and stun all enemies.
Storm: Ouranos: 1500-1800 and put a storm trap on all enemies. (Only hits one enemy)

Death: Hades: 1000-1300 and heal half the damage done.
Life: Demeter: Heals all players with 2000 health and puts a 30-400 over time on all players.
Myth: Atlas: 1300-1400 to all enemies.

Balance: Athena: 1150-1350 and stun the enemy.

I think the critical blade would be cool.
And an idea I had was adding new godly polymorphs and some new sun and star spells like maybe velocity that boosts your critical and resist. That would be awesome thanks and I hope you don't take this personal I love your idea by the way it's very very very interesting it's just the spells I don't find right. So have a nice day!
- Tristan Goldgem Currently Level 62 Pyromancer.

Feb 27, 2009
I know the answer and my post is coming up for it. The answer: Frostzort a ice world. More info on my newest post that is the main one that might become popular.

Oct 04, 2009
Stormdrain tower has a tunnel next to it, I am level 53rd and I still have never been told what is through there? Is it just there for show?

Jul 02, 2012
There would be a beautifal castle, in medievial times, where there would be warriors as animals from the spiral we have seen. You take lessons from a guy to become a warrior. You are challenged to fight creatures big and small. To get to missing islands, you would ride a pegasus chariot. This would be "Medivialinsas" or something catchy!!!!

Aug 20, 2010
Moonlighterz1000 on Feb 24, 2013 wrote:
Sorry, no. We have enough schools as it is so i disagree.
Yes, I also disagree. But not only that, I dislike the idea, what you describe is a storm, life,balance hybrid. Can you spell warlord, and the legal owner of pvp?

Nov 24, 2012
you should add a park and free mount in the crowns shop and some free pets too in the crowns shop, please.
by madison blueblossom level 19.