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You decide on a new world!

Nov 20, 2008
Jul 10, 2008
A world based in Plauge-Era France during a major Masquerade party.
Harliquin Clowns
Jack in the Boxes
Plauge Doctors and quest to get medicine.
Party Halls and related quests.
Animated Paintings as Instance Levels. (Not my idea, thanks to anyone on this thread who mentioned painting worlds.)
Crazy Dolls/Stuffed Animals and Statutes
Angry Legless Frogs and Runaway Escargo
... and the Cheifs looking for them.
Clean up after revelers quests
If this is "France" then why not juxtapose it with the existing "England" Foxes as NPCs and such.
Marie Antionette, and others.
I think a lot of forensic identification techniques were developed there, maybe they've got a personal competition going with Sherlock Bones.
Party costume contests. Or ballroom dancing.
Collect ingredients for the restaurant quest.
Inventors quests, building newer machinery.

A subterranean world, completely cave systems and underground features like waterways and magma channels. It would be a great way to incorporate many peoples ideas, such as fighting fossilized or extinct animals, lost pirate ships, magma creatures, mutant insects, cavemen or creatures like bats as NPCs, exploring and excavation quests for Marleybone Museum,talk with Hades and Persephone and help them with souls on Strike.

I haven't heard much about Gristelheim (?Gristelholm?) which sounds like a kind of Nordic or German based world. Its been mentioned in-game so some spoilers would be nice (hint hint).

Dec 13, 2008
hmmmk wrote:
BlackIce had some really great ideas that I'd be interested in seeing! :)

I'd also like to see those that Firlan suggested.

What about some worlds that are stylized, such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picaso, Renoir, Paul Klee, M.C. Escher, George Pierre Seurat, or even more cartoony? Could even be just one world that encompasses running through these artists famous works.

Interesting would be a world of optical illusions.

Underground, such as from the point of view of worms, ants, groundhogs, etc.

Land of entirely plants - orchards, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, meadows, etc.

World of musical instruments or musical objects such as sheet music or victrola's

Ancient Greece or Rome

Nordic Vikings

A world only in the sky

Playground or school building setting

A world in the trees or in a single tree with with things like tree houses, monkeys, flying squirrels, etc.

A gypsy world

Candy or sweets world with gingerbread people

A ghost town or the wild west

A cyber world, encompassed in a computer.

In a typical home, but from the view of a mouse or "The Borrowers"

In a book with a story like Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn or Pippi Longstocking.

World full of crystals, prisms & rainbows - all just color and sparkles

Only soft things, like pillows, marshmallows, clouds, etc. Could include super, sticky sweet, cutesy critters

A mansion or castle with hidden or secret passages.

A mystery world with famous detectives and a mystery to solve. Sherlock Homes, Hercule Poirot, Charlie Chan, Nancy Drew, Sam Spade, Perry Mason, etc.

Silent film or Roaring Twenties world.

Those are all great idea, but the mystery world you metioned is kinda Marleybone, it already has Sherlock Holmes, well actually his name in the game is Sherlock Bones because he is a dog-person

Feb 27, 2009
I cant seem to get in Cyclops lane boss tower i press X and i can't get in?

Sep 16, 2008
how about a normal human world where our pets could be dogs and bosses could be in people's houses ? :)

Feb 05, 2009
this is talking about level cap somewhat. I had another idea. How about keeping the level cap at level 50, but say allow you to keep re-earning leaving fifty (I think it's like 20,000 or 30,000 exp), where you get a talent point, mana and hit points. However, I would think everyone should have a max about limit of say 1000 mana and 10,000 raw hit points, talent points I see no reason to limit.. as your highly restricted with you secondary class anyway, by the means that you can only use your power pips with your primary class, and decks usually allow less of your secondary classes spells.

Sep 20, 2008
wyattavery wrote:
Hi i'm level 31 there should be a word were merle ambrose is evil. Theres is wizards that are evil. and a world were you get to be a gobbler and the prince gives quests

You may have something there... But why not an entire Reverse World like Wizard City, where all the Monsters are the NPCs and the Staff are the Bosses you have to beat....

An idea anyway ....

Sep 16, 2008
What about my imagined world? It is Hearthera, home to the Seraphes!
It is almost like mooshu and wiz city mixed together, since it is life (Of course, from mooshu and the seraphes), and as modern as wiz city, except that its style is more uptodate than wiz city. Also, Hearthera is pronounced like this: Earth-era. I really wish it were real, because Life is like my second favorite type, next to Ice.

So please anounce it over the summer, which is where I heard all of the new moves will come out. (Can't wait!!! )

Dec 14, 2008
Well, i think that there should be a world for each starting race, The Cyclopses, The Tritons, and the Dragons.( dragons is alredy fuffiled, Dragonspyre. ) i think a underwater world ruled by Tritons should be world, and the final instance could be an sunken ship.

Feb 22, 2009
How about a game world? Were like crowns attack and things inside games like pack man and others?

Or how about a durasic theme world. Were there are longnecks which are the good guys and t-rexs that atack you and Tarydacytals to!

Or how about a Lava world? Were everything is lava and there is a volcano and you can go inside of it. And you can fight flame spirits or lava spiders!

And you could do a dark world, were death spirits rome and wearwolfs are! And whitchs fly around and dark dark shadows try to attack you by following you in your shadow!

Feb 16, 2009
i think they should make an atlantis theme place with strom and mabye ice :D creatures ever were

Dec 11, 2008
neodin wrote:
BlackIce wrote:
How about an Atlantis themed world. All under water with mermaids and mermen, fish, sharks, coral, and more.

How about a Futuristic World. Or based on a kind of old sci-fi idea of futuristic. Robots, flashing lights, teleporter's, sleek building, etc.

How about a Moon Base world.

As a Piers Anthony fan how about a world of fantasy with pun speaking players. :-)

Along same line above say some World that speaks in riddles.

Of course their is always the classic knights, castles, dragons, and maidens in distress; medieval world idea.

Maybe a racing themed world.
Or an Amusement park themed world.

Then there is always the idea of worlds with individual school themes.

Thats just some ideas off top of my head.

wow,these are all great ideas!
you are just like me!
I always imagine big.
I would want a Atlantis themed world that would be awesome! I think it should be a Storm world, and there could be bosses like Triton.

Feb 08, 2009
I think worlds just for students in the school its themed on are allowed in
like only myth students enter the myth world :D :-) :)

Mar 07, 2009
What about a world base on story books like brother gimm? Quest where you help the three little pigs built a house and fight the big bad wolf, save hansel and gretal from the evil witch, or jack and the bean stalk where you fight the giant.

Jan 16, 2009
card that did like +1 damage and was only 1 training point to learn, and then there is a shield card that does +20 damage for 1 training point, everyone would learn the better card. The more cards that are created, the more likely there is already a better of its kind, or it is just a duplicate.
Also doing this will just be the same creatures of every card already created, you said we would choose from different animals like snow serpet and fire elf, etc. Those have already been created, why create them again.

No need for this but if you didnt know this tip that is on the basic track of your idea is you can use the cards Keen Eyes or Tough to create your own treasure cards, by using the keen eyes or tough cards on the card you want to be created it will transform the keen eyes/tough treasure card to the one you selected. hi bye

Dec 13, 2008
SherlockBones wrote:
What new and imaginative worlds do you think are out there along The Spiral? Are there any areas in the current worlds that you wish you could have seen and explored? Remember a good detective is always asking questions, : "What is behind that door?" "I wonder where this leads?"

Keep up the good work my young sleuths!
I would like a world where somebody has casted an opposite spell so the bosses were good people and the teachers were bosses like Pops O'leary or Krokopatra

Jan 31, 2009
Not that i know but i think that Celestia, the home of Gamma and Mr. Lincoln, might come this summer. Grizzleheim may come later too.

Dec 14, 2008
Heh, i agree on page 3, 4, or 5, about a big circus world. Clowns, Cursed Costume ghosts, and hypnotized people could be enimies, and Un-Hypnotized people, Ride Managers, and dead victims of the bosses could be good people. Instances could be wax museums, fun houses, and mirror halls. Plus, i think the last boss there should be a Undead Clown.

Also, a puzzle world should be in. there could be enimies like puzzle pieces, evil toys, and mirror people. Good people could be regular wizards that are ghosts that commited suicide after getting rlly mad at the puzzles. ( muahahaha ) :P Instances could be Illusion Mazes and big stair puzzles. a boss could be a cursed wizard ghost, kinda like in dragonspyre.

Mar 04, 2009
sillybi11 wrote:
I think there should be a wizard prison world where you have to free all of the captured wizards. When you walk down the hallways it would be like walking down a prison and there would be hands sticking out of the bars. You would fight guards(types of bad guys from everyplace(Unicorn way, firecat alley, Krokotopia, etc.)) and the bosses would be wizards that have turned evil but they wear black and white prison clothes and there would be one for each school. The students would wear striped clothes(different colors depending on what shool you are).

I also liked the dinosaur world idea.
Great Idea!The guards could have huge three headed dogs,or giant snakes and stuff like that!

Feb 07, 2009
I think that there should be like a copy cat world where a guy called copy cat has made copies of all the teachers for each school and professer ambros. And each school goes on its own path ice goes against the ice teacher, storm goes against the storm teacher ect. And after we finish the teacher for our school we do all the others. Or like we could go to a new world and when we get their it just looks like Ravenwood. Then we go to our school and we talk to our teacher and they attack us. After we defeat them we find a note or something with directions for the clones or they can be monsters turned into our teachers by magic

Dec 31, 2008
How about a library world where you have to get your quests from books. Have different sections in the world based on the different genres of books like mystery, horror, thiller, sci fi.

Lots of great ideas listed here. I would like to see alot of them. I like the idea of the Amusement park world or an underwater world. I also like the idea of having different worlds for each of the schools.

Oct 14, 2008
All these worlds seem to be magical, but what if Malistair went to earth trying to take over? That means you would have to go back and save earth from wolves and all that evil nature stuff in citys and countrys. And then you will have to take away humans memory so they will never know?

Feb 19, 2009
There should be an air world...
and an element to go with it...
behind the books in the Headmaster's Tower...
a teleporter...

That's the short version... I wrote like 2 pages on this yesterday. I clicked preview, then back and it was all gone!!!

Sep 20, 2008
BuckTooth wrote:
There should be an air world...
and an element to go with it...
behind the books in the Headmaster's Tower...
a teleporter...

That's the short version... I wrote like 2 pages on this yesterday. I clicked preview, then back and it was all gone!!!

They log you out if you're not doing something for long; and a glitch (I think its a glitch anyway) causes long Posts to be viewed as "not doing something".

What I do is write my long Posts on Notepad, then copy-paste it to the field. This way, if I get logged out, I just have to log back in, and then nothing's wasted. Hope that helps....

Scarlet SkullHammer (Death 35, Black Cat Pet, "Shadow")

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
My Idea:
A world that has seen massive magical conflicts and partially destroyed the magics of the world. Spells are limited to maybe two or three pips and even those only able to be cast by Masters or Grandmasters. Items have a chance of being destroyed (drained) so don't wear your best.

Task: Collecting various magical 'parts' to create some useful item (a new slot perhaps that grants a card?), finding an egg/newborn to bring back and raise in the higher magical areas, etc.

Bad side: The school forbids the students from going there, so no advances in your school work for doing so (ie, no XP), and detention if you are caught.

Initial quest: Overhear Merle A and another instructor talking about it, but without being seen....