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You decide on a new world!

Jan 04, 2009
If you did the book quest in Marleybone you would know about a world that use to be part of Marleybone but they had a big fight and broke apart so we should see that world in the near future.

Feb 07, 2009
driftblim275 wrote:

A World full of wolverines, wolves, and Werewolfs

I think that sounds kind of cool because it kind of goes with the kind of "thing" wizard101 does. I mean, Collouses Boulavard, all gobblers and evil snowmen. If I were an administrater, I would consider this as an idea!!!!

Talon Ironwalker, level 27 adept pyromancer, Order of the Fang

Feb 07, 2009
Maybe a life-Themed world because Death's world is Dragonsprye and life barley has anyone resistant to life. Maybe after Malistaire is defeated Sylvia will become evil? Then they go to a world full of life wizards. It should be called Unicorn Mania

Mar 07, 2009
A balance world that has a temple that is slanted and you have to beat bad guys until it is balanced, then you find out that you balanced it too much, and it is leaning toward good, then you have to convince the enlightened bad guys to turn bad again and then defeat good guys until you THINK that the world is balanced, and you have to defeat your specific amount of ranked street people which is randomized at the beginning then you check again, and again until you get it spot on. Side quests could be balancing peoples houses, and maybe even fung shue games.

Dec 22, 2008
Well here's my idea of new worlds. Sorry it's so long
Myth- A ancient Rome type world with Spartan Trolls, Chemerias, Minotaurs, Athenian Cyclopses, and a new style of fighting is introduced in each world. Like for this myth world I'd say you'd learn Gladiator style spell casting which makes you able to summon minions and make them brawl an enemy you face. You will have a Skill Bar which will drain every time you loose a round in combat. There are 3 rounds in all. So imagine you are fighting a Rank 6 enemy.
Jessica Windblade
Skill Bar: * * *
Minion Health: 1400

Enraged Chimeria
Rank: 6
Skill Bar: * * *
Health: 1800

It's basically a battling style that is more fast paced to keep the excitement up it's like how you would fight in a game like Super Smash Brothers game. And you can buy minion buffs like armors and weapons.

Armor: Obsidian Plate
Weapon: Mythic Battleaxe
Special Ability: Warhorn Rush

You can level up minions and with every few levels you gain you are able to get your minon some new armor or other things and get new powerful attacks.

Now for a Balance world
It will be a sort of demention that was hidden by (insert new bad guy's name here). When you enter you will find that you are split into two ghostly forms of yourself. One of them is the casual good you and the other is a daredevil form of yourself. The demention has light blue shattered glass for floors and stars decorate the sky. A new battle called Ghoststriker style is introduced you then get a new spell called Calamity Combo. It is where you and you're alternate self fight at the same time but the amount of enimies you face in the ring is doubled like for instance if it's just you and you're alternate self you have to face for enimies. And instead of a skill bar you get a Phantom Finish bar which is when you and your double use a combination attack. Now since you're alternate is your oppisite he or she is your oppisite school. If you are balance then you have to work with the other balance.

Like if you are Fire your oppisite is Ice. So you're Phantom Finish Will be Balefire which is a 6 hit combo (three fire and three ice damage) which does 1600 damage in total. The only downside is that it takes awhile to get the Phantom Finish bar up. Now with Calamity Combos(it's 130 per pip) you may mix attacks. Like say if you were a myth wizard you could cast a Duel Combo and do a Heroic Storm move and it does half myth and half storm damage resistance and boosts apply.

Anyways getting back to the world the balance world...
You have to solve puzzles sort of like how Zeet put it with balancing objects.
Yet this is unique and a bit comlplicated. You will have one of those Judgment NPCs named Justice Balanceblade who will keep you from entering a temple unless you balance out you and your double also known as your good and bad side. Your bad side then acts like a know-it-all and when the scale shifts to the bad side the world turns upside down and it is dark and the glass turns green. The balance enimies use death magic and use spirit blades, shields, and traps. When the scale shifts to the good side the world is right side up the glass turns orange and there is a sunset sort of setting. The balance enimies then use fire magic and use elemental blades, traps, and shields. Be careful the enimies become EXTREMELY powerful once you balance out the scale and enimies will use every attack they've got.

Apr 19, 2009
Every Single One of you that has posted something have some seriously Awesome Ideas! But What I think is that they should make one world for like every type. Like For fire maybe a world full of fire things or for thunder maybe like Atlantice or something with Krakkens everywhere. And Maybe an extra type of school for that world. And also they should increse the Grandmaster lvl to 100 so that you could keep going to new Worlds. And maybe a world where every good guy you have seen becomes evil! :D

Apr 17, 2009
First off, let me say I love the idea of a boss rush world or dungeon. Now that would be cool. Especially if you were to persevere and manage to solo it. But on a side note, how bout a futuristic space theme world. maby called something like say, cosmos or steller or the like. With the art they add to each world currently used, I think the land scape would be quite a sight to see.

Just my two cents.

Dec 31, 2008
i think there should be a underworld/hell world were the good guys are malistare(after dying he came back to help undo what he did wrong)and maeoiarty(wants to undo everything wrong)and all the oni's and helephant bosses(all wanting to help)and thats all i can think of for now.

Feb 14, 2009
I feel that after dragonspyre should be an under water theme or tropical theme. By the good idea i also think the grandmaster lvl should be 100. I think they should have up to nine or ten pips but sometimes there should be 2 pips after one turn. There should be bigger and better spells. Also i think wizards should be allowed to sit down on a chair or sleep in their bed.
Tell me if any ideas are a or a

Jan 11, 2009
ok heres one how about a world for every school not llike a real world but like an INSTANCE world for each school and you can gain exes to like one place the main place (the commons) of that tworld (because thats all there is ) and you have your schools masters and the best stuff for your school there but you have to gain interance from an instance

also how baout a Necromancer world... roling hils and black silloeted.

Mar 23, 2009

how about a jello world or a candy world were you fight candy monsters and what not i just think a candy land theme would be sweet

Mar 23, 2009
how about a world with snake people and the theme i just snakes like death snakes storm snakes fire,life,etc. i think that would be neat and there would be a snake way like in dbz

a bubble world like maybe a huge bath tub with bubbles and stuff soap and what not the monsters would be germs

a world with ware wolves frankenstine and vampires and all the creatures from the classic horror films

candy land world omg that would be cool candy everywere candy monsters

umm hmm that is all i have for now comment on my ideas please

Mar 23, 2009
candy land a world made of candy with candy monsters

a world that is on fire everything is in flames with evil monsters

bubble world

snake world lots of snakes and snake bosses they could be all differn't classes death,life,myth,storm,fire etc.

a rap world were there are famous people and you fight them omg

rock world lots of rock monsters and rock theme

fruity world fruit theme with fruit monsters

tell me what you think?

Mar 02, 2009
I have an idea for a new world. There should be this world that's all underwater, except for a really tiny island. thats where the entrance to the underwater cities are. A player enters there, then goes onto an elevator which takes them down into the city. The city is surrounded in a crystal bubble, allow the people to live there. Some monsters could be an evil water pixie, a sea serpent or stuff like that. some of the quests you get there make you go out into the water (with maybe a breathing device or maybe a spell to let the person breath) and retrieve something like maybe treasure or a special book or something like that. The people of the city itself a merpeople. They can have legs and walk upright, but when they touch water, their legs turn to a tail and they grow gills and can swim. I think the world would be a really good idea.

Apr 29, 2009
i think there should be a world like sunken city which has all the final bosses (like nightshade) and there is only one realm so lots of people can go there. You can only get there by a secret teleporter hidden in every world. I hope you like the idea i think it is very good. :D
please ask to be my friend i am usually in krocatopia on drake and my name is Alex silverblood.

Sep 15, 2008
hogan227 wrote:
driftblim275 wrote:

A World full of wolverines, wolves, and Werewolfs

I think that sounds kind of cool because it kind of goes with the kind of "thing" wizard101 does. I mean, Collouses Boulavard, all gobblers and evil snowmen. If I were an administrater, I would consider this as an idea!!!!

Talon Ironwalker, level 27 adept pyromancer, Order of the Fang

Gladly finally someone who agrees this world would be fun. I don't mind if they use it don't even care if they don't put my name down i just want to play on this. I made a freewebs page about it it's Freewebs.com/Wolfworld1

-Mark Thundersword
Level 49, Diviner

Dec 13, 2008
SandMaster001 wrote:
. Ithink wizards should be allowed to sit down on a chair or sleep in their bed.
I agree on this matter very much so! We should be able to sit and sleep in our house if we want to!

Feb 01, 2009
I dunno. i think there should a storm place. there's not a lot of em. somthing like Stormalot. to me it sounded cool.

But then it hit me. a place that looks like Greece :D
i've got to admit. it will be kinda like mooshu. Another one is Future Wizard City.

Thats all i have today. ty.

Apr 25, 2009
Love the idea of new worlds and really do hope they expand that way. Another idea however would be to also expand the worlds that already exist. I haven't completed the main quest story yet, but if Bartleby ever gets his eye back he would be able to remember the worlds before the Spiral allowing one to access the homes of the Tritons, Ice Giants and Dragons .

Also with the worlds working together, perhaps due in large part to a young wizard hero, they began to pull there worlds together as they were before they were split apart (Seeing as most of the worlds are floating islands =P) This would allow KI to not only make new stories and worlds, but to expand the others and create even deeper stories for those places.

Also they could add in new spell schools tied directly to new worlds. Anyone else find it funny that there is no Earth or Wind school (Although it seems like the overlaid water and wind together, Ice giants in the Sky, water creatures using lightning...)

Dec 28, 2008
i think there should be a world base on DEATH magic with a underworld theme with graveyards and zombies and other death things

Dec 24, 2008
mikells wrote:
I'd like to see an Atlantis-type underwater world in which Tritons and Krakens walk around and the boss is a Neptune-like figure. I think that would be cool.

this idea is a bad idea. how do think storm wizards would feel if that happened 'cause i am a storm wizard. thats just

Aug 29, 2008
SherlockBones wrote:
What new and imaginative worlds do you think are out there along The Spiral? Are there any areas in the current worlds that you wish you could have seen and explored? Remember a good detective is always asking questions, : "What is behind that door?" "I wonder where this leads?"

Keep up the good work my young sleuths!

Now that I reread the first post, I see that Sherlock also asks us if there are any areas in the current worlds that we would wish we had seen and explored... Well I have a perfect area that has always attracted my attention. In Marelybone there is this place called Barkingham Palace. This place is accessible as of now and I have always wondered what is there behind those doors. When looking at the map, it seems as if Henry Wellingbrook's name is covering a small figure with a cape, I wonder if that is the NPC that lives in Barkingham Palace. This area has always struck my attention since September when I started playing.

Aug 02, 2008
Items have a chance of being destroyed (drained) so don't wear your best.

Task: Collecting various magical 'parts' to create some useful item (a new slot perhaps that grants a card?), finding an egg/newborn to bring back and raise in the higher magical areas, etc.

Bad side: The school forbids the students from going there, so no advances in your school work for doing so (ie, no XP), and detention if you are caught.

Thats one of the best ideas I've read.
AND along with the above,

I would like to see more in 'game machanics' example; Krokatopia where
instead of the boring repatishous 'Grind' you actualy have some puzzles
to figure out. How about a world that has an ancient machine or device
that is broken, this device will cause sertain things to happen in the world
as you find the missing pieces then you have to put them in the right place
to fix part of the machine, if put in the wrong place something bad will happen, this world would be more of the adventure 'Myst' type world.
it will still have grinding but in a differant way.

IMO this is what Wizard101 NEEDS alot more of and badly

And Please No more worlds like Marleybone way way too much grinding.

Jul 07, 2008
i really like the idea of the undersea world. An Atlantian world that focuses on Storm and Ice Monters, with a destroyed roman type of format.

this seems to be a popular theme on this message board, so I'm sure the addition of a Undersea world, (Mersica, maybe?) Would have a very positive responce by all players, and a great change of sceanery, if it imeditly followed DragonSpyre.

Feb 01, 2009
I have an idea just off the top of my head. You know how every pet has something its based off of, and worlds it comes from. One pet I see on here that has no background,or no story is the piggle. What is it's history, where does it come from. Why not base a world with piggles in it. So we can see what is behind them. It is a cute game in a way, based on lots of animals, and I think the kids would enjoy a place like that as well. Besides after Dragonspyre, we need a small break world where we can see a little joyful place, battle a few piggles, and other creatures that would fit right in, maybe the unicorn would fit in there as well. Lots could be added in this kind of candy land world lol. Any one like this idea? or am I just losing it. lol !