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You decide on a new world!

Jun 02, 2009
Theres a lot of great ideas on here! I didn't read them all and I don't know if its been mentioned but it would cool to have a world that was like a board game. You would be like a piece in the game and you would have to play your way through to finish the world. Different parts of the world could be like different games. Part of the world could be good and evil candy people like candyland and one part could be all mice like mousetrap., there could be aristocrats like monpoly, chess pieces come to life, ect. ect.

Also my favorite ideas already posted were the underwater themed world, the world where you play through a book, the space theme, and the world where us wizards came from.

Aug 07, 2009
There is a dog world where the cats are the bad guys, Marleybone. How about a CAT world where the dogs and mice are the bad guys? And lakes with fish. Rewards could be spa time for pampering, brushing, nails done, petting, etc. I am a cat lover and would like to see the cats get equal good time!! Plus, a Meowieland, Purrsville, or Purrsperfect would be really neat to be in and give all sorts of intricate story lines and quests. Costumes/outfits could be purchased that would have cat themes, and of course pets available in this world would be cats (not like the dog looking cat for Halloween! Get a cat lover to design and draw the cats! Characters and pets!).

Jun 11, 2009
atlantis world would be nice or like a computer robot sort of thing world

Jun 12, 2009
Maybe a storm world beacuse each world is a kind of magic.Like Krokatopia is Balance,Moo Shu is life, and Dragonspyre is fireThat's all I can think of. bye! :-o :-) :D :) 8)

Jun 11, 2009
LafChill wrote:
I think there should be a swamp/jungle type of world so that the storm professor, sweepers and the misshapen frog people have a world representing them in the spiral.

Also I'd love to experience what the home worlds of Professors Falmea and Greyrose are like.
dalia falmia = dragonspyre lydia greyrose= wizard city

May 28, 2009
stormadelphia it'll be awesome i had an idea its name is (new world STORM
ADEPHIA!!!) GO LOOK FOR IT i hope they didnt take it off!!

this is an idea from JOSEPH NIGHTFLAME!!!

Dec 13, 2008
Dec 13, 2008
I think thata a new world in the spiral should be
To get to here you must finish Mb main quest and be lvl 30. Headmaster Ambrose will call you to his office and ask to check up on Bartelby. When you do he tells you that he has seen dark creatures fighting beings of good. You tell Ambrose this and he ask you to gather 3 items for him across Wc, Kt, and Mb. After you finish he makes the items into a spiral key .
when you enter Dreamrealm you first see a lavish area floating on colored clouds and Greek style buildings. You are greeted by Lady NightChant and she asks you to speak with the leader of the "dreamlings" Lady DreamLove.
She asks for your assistance to fend off the nightmares that are fighting the good dreams and learn the identity of who is leading the nightmares.
Location Info: Good; A vivid colored area with greek stylr homes and seraphs and students like you for the population. Bad; A dark area with grey clouds and a blackend sky with everything scary from dreams come to life.
Items; The gear here is simple from robes with wings to hoods with horns coming out the side ( I'm not trying to comcast good and evil in the sense of faith so dont bug me about that.)
Wands; The styles that I have thought of so far are these; a wand with a skull at the end with glowing gems for eyes based on school, a wand with wings at the end cradeling a gem based on school, and a wand that spyres up to a cloud at the top with glowing specs comeing out of it.
Bosses I hope to see in the world; Banshee Matriarch, (you guessed) the Boogyman, and cthulhu ( readers of Lovecraft will know who this is).
those are my ideas for this new world but post your ideas for Dr.
I will be posting my ideas soon so keep dreaming Wizards of the world :D.

Dec 13, 2008
i think a sky world that you walk on clouds and defeat cloud airplane and bird bad guys

Feb 07, 2009
keeperwife76 wrote:
I have an idea just off the top of my head. You know how every pet has something its based off of, and worlds it comes from. One pet I see on here that has no background,or no story is the piggle. What is it's history, where does it come from. Why not base a world with piggles in it. So we can see what is behind them. It is a cute game in a way, based on lots of animals, and I think the kids would enjoy a place like that as well. Besides after Dragonspyre, we need a small break world where we can see a little joyful place, battle a few piggles, and other creatures that would fit right in, maybe the unicorn would fit in there as well. Lots could be added in this kind of candy land world lol. Any one like this idea? or am I just losing it. lol !

I understand that the abracadoodle comic strip is not that long, so not that many people know why on the cover the guy and the girl and the piggle are there. This is a cool idea for gameplay. And maybe have different types of piggle pets like undead piggle, big piggle small piggle, etc.. So I DO LIKE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!

hogan227 8)

Talon Ironwalker pyromancer

May 20, 2009
well these are all great ideas!

how bout world: flowers and bugs- allhuge like a view from an ant? with butterflys/ants/treants/ladybugs/grasshoppers

world: i like the underwater one ALOT! maybe add sirens to that list? they are MYTH school since they are a mythical water dweller that sings captains and crews to their death, maybe call the world DAVY JONES LOCKER?

but how bout becoming those creatures when you master so many of their moves (like if its a mermaid) storm school and you have shark,snake,etc then you may become the creture at will. OR you craft a "body" and you wear it like the "body" mermaid is impervious to storm attacks.or a ice crab "body" thats impervious to any ice move- like whereing the "body"-like becoming that creature and you wearit like its a robe? or you have all three pieces (hat/robe/shoes) that creates that impervios effect?? or like -50% to all spells from ( 1 school)

i think that would be fun- like BAM your in a pvp and i am wearing a tempist (hat/robe/shoes) and i look cool, stand out, and people know what school i am impervios to... just an idea?

world: vampires,gouls,monsters,(a world full of the things that go bump in the night) and they all live together to get away from all the people that are scraed of them--because they are nice haha--

make an AULSTRAILA world with blue kangaroos, fire-life snakes, take reality and make those charicters fun and unique-- maybe meer cats and lions, hogs, can can be dessert/watering holes world

JUNGLE wold monkeys/gorrilla bosses/ zebras/lions/jaguiersss/ huge birds very colorful

ANTARTICOPIA?? panguins,whales, walris, fish, fire cat that mutates to water cat?

new schools too? AIR-attacks can be wisp,air wave? air blanket-stunns people, school color (white yellow?)? WATER-rain?typhone?watter lily(shild from ice and storm)? light, speedof light(attack),blind(flash that stuns all opponents) sunshine(heals),super nova(attack)?

Jan 05, 2009
How about a world where Malistaire's teacher is! We have to fight all the undead, and chase down Malistaire's master.

How about a world where it's a jungle thing. Battle swamp creatures and everything.

That's my ideas :)

Jul 25, 2009
mikells wrote:
I'd like to see an Atlantis-type underwater world in which Tritons and Krakens walk around and the boss is a Neptune-like figure. I think that would be cool.

I like the sound of this! After the current storyline is done, the underwater world could ask for help with a new bad guy. It would be a really cool looking world! :D


Mar 18, 2009
Well I think there is some world out there with a magic school of wind. It would be a world atop a cloud with large castles, some beautiful, and when you get the key (like at level 20) there is a plauge there turning the white clouds into wicked storm clouds. There is this giant castle with dark clouds and a moat around it. You walk in and fight a giant raven, her spells are storm and death ( about rank three ) and at first she beats you, then you get up and she gets nervous and cries. Her eyes all the sudden become red and your dragged in battle again, this time she is stronger, this time you have to try to beat her, when you beat her all the darkness on her vanishes leaving a beautiful blue bird. She gets up and gives you a tresure card called Summon Waterwing ( basically were you summon her ) and the clous world is good again. :D

Jun 05, 2009
Feb 08, 2009
maybe a world that they will have a world that will have zemas and lauts

Jan 28, 2009
who is new boss after mailstar i wanna know malistair is till dragonspires who is next

Feb 16, 2009
Being someone that love farm animals why not a world based on the theme of a farm? The good guys could be various animals such as horses, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, etc. The bad guys could be foxes, coyotes, weasels, and other such animals that would get after your farm animals.

Another idea would be a Safari based world. I've often wondered what part Sir Reginald Baxby (Zebra guy) plays in the grand scheme of things and where in the Spiral does he come from? It could be the obvious predetar vs. prey type theme. The predetars (lions, hyenas, leopards, chetahs, vultures, etc. ) being the bad guys and the prey animals (rhinos, girrafes, elephants, zebras, wildebeast, antelopes, ostrich, etc. ) being the good guys.

Crazy idea but how about a world where you actually play as your pet! Personally I'd love to run aroud... well fly around... as one of my pets. As for the world itself it could be something like Wizard City where there are different areas that are all different (to somewhat account for the many different pets). Quest ideas could be the pet actually trying to convince the other animals that being a wizard's companion isn't all that bad. Therefore some of the bad guys could be pet animals that are rebelling against the wizards because they are convinced that they are trying to make the animals their slaves.
As an addition to those that suggested the Ancient Greek or Rome theme. The outfits could either be togas and the like or gladiator uniforms. It would be interesting to say the least.

I love the idea of having a dragon themed world where the wizards get to meet the different dragon races. Storm Dragons, Fire Dragons, Ice Dragons, Death Dragons, Life Dragons, Balance Dragons, not real sure how you'd do Myth Dragon since dragons are supposed to be a "mythical creature" to begin with. LOL

I think having a world somehow set all in the mountains would be neat. Not real sure how you would set it up, but it would be interesting.

One thing I can say... if the "Tundra World" idea gets used... pets should definately include penguins! Silly I know... LOL

With Mooshu being themed after a Japenese style place it opens up the idea to world themed after different countries. I think having one themed after Australia/New Zealand would be pretty neat.

That's about all I got for now. If I think of more I'll be sure to get them in here.

I think the pet idea is amazing!!!!!!! :D

Jul 08, 2009
I like the idea of another world that is in the sky. You could walk on clouds and stuff like that. There could be new spell trainers there and they would give really rare spells. The bosses would be dragons and birds. But they would be easy and hard.

Dec 17, 2008
BlackIce wrote:
How about an Atlantis themed world. All under water with mermaids and mermen, fish, sharks, coral, and more.

How about a Futuristic World. Or based on a kind of old sci-fi idea of futuristic. Robots, flashing lights, teleporter's, sleek building, etc.

How about a Moon Base world.

As a Piers Anthony fan how about a world of fantasy with pun speaking players. :-)

Along same line above say some World that speaks in riddles.

Of course their is always the classic knights, castles, dragons, and maidens in distress; medieval world idea.

Maybe a racing themed world.
Or an Amusement park themed world.

Then there is always the idea of worlds with individual school themes.

Thats just some ideas off top of my head.
WOW!! THAT IS ALOT OF IDEAS! But i love the Atlantis theme the best. Oh and about the Moon base one, there can be aliens, shooting stars, ans even spacemen with poles and laser guns! 8)

Jun 04, 2009
Hmmm... well, there's:
Wizard city -original
krokotopia -desert world
marlybone -'englandish', not sure how to explain, havn't been there as much.
mooshu -japanese
dragonspyre -haunted/hot place ya know, like REALLY warm?!

how about a place....wait......ooh! a place where everyone is powerful, and will help YOU with some sertain quests!

Nov 23, 2008
I would love to see that atlantis world come out with storm sharks and fish swimming around :-)

Sep 07, 2009
I can see myself in a world of dead trees, gloomy looking and mutilated brick roads, a huge black sun in the background with black rays, broken gates and run down houses everywhere. There'd be graveyards filled with death monsters and axes stained with blood on the ground etc.
It'd be a world of death and the story would be something like: "Malistare came here and took our life away. He sucked out our souls and turned us into his minions. The ones who survived became vampires (the NPCs) and wraiths and other death creatures. We seek only to destroy life now. We used to be a world of life and we made trees and we use to be a race of honor. Now we seek only to destroy everything."

Sep 07, 2009
another world could be the world Bartleby made good. Where the are the three original gods: the storm god, the fir god, and the ice god. All the elements are at war and the world is actually the one Bartleby "ended." It'll be something like the door portal thing had a malfunction when you wanted to go someplace and were sent deep inside Bartleby's roots or something. And there is where the world of the three original elements remain. There you'd not be clearing up the quarrel but instead just helping each side be more victorious until they see that one of Malistare's first ancestor was actually messing with the world making them think it was each others' fault that the world had gone bad etc.

Dec 23, 2008
If I am remembering correctly Bartelby had said something about a sister.Couldnt there be more detail into what happened with her and her adventures.There could be worlds upon worlds and quests and adventures abounding