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spell ideas

Sep 28, 2008
Has anyone heard of kingdom hearts the videogame and heard something called am heartless

well heres an idea

Class: Death
Dmge: half of monsters life
pip 4
After Effect: It would steal the monsters heart and take half of its life and adds it to yours.

Lvl to use:54

This card would be useful for when the level cap is increased

Jun 24, 2008
I have been gone for three days and all these great...no...AWESOME ideas come up in that time! Everybody here has an awesome imagination. If only the Wizard 101 staff would take them, then everyone will see your AWESOME ideas.

Here are more spell i have come up with.

Depends on school: The Seven sins
8 pip/mana
(bad part)150 damage (good part) doubles the damage for seven hits(150x2=300x2 etc.) for a total of a whomping... 9600 damage!
Effects: stun (1 turn)

Six statues emerge from the darkness.of the pits of the underworld. Then a seveneth statue appears in the middle of the six. The statues then become real and jump for the attack. All attack. First Greed, then Gluttony, then Lust, then Envy, then Pride. Sloth is next and that is when he stuns you. Then Wrath is there to do the final blow. Big explosion and everything is gone except the arena and you.

Yes i know it's over kill but monsters will become uber powerful and you will need powerful spells.

How to get it: defeat the Seven sins! Malistaire has taken the Sins as his henchmen and you will have to save them by defeating them. In return, they will assist you in battle.

Depends on your school: The seven Virtues
Heals 2400 to everyone

All the virtues appear from the sky. All sacrifice a small, microscopic part of themselves. There souls come out and enter into you and your allies.

Not a big description but its the spell's effect that makes it awesome.

How to get it: This is different. To defeat Malistaire you will need the help of the Virtues. You do a total of 21 quests, 3 from each. After you finish the quests you will have to go through the Test. To test your alignment. Of course you'll suceed and of course you'll fight. This test is to fight the seven sins! You will fight them one by one, not all at once.
The virtues are the complete opposite of the Sins so after you finish the three quests from one virtue, you will have to defeat his or her sin.

After you finish defeating the sins, you will talk to the leader, Wrath. He will thank you and give you a spell, the Seven sins spell. Then you go back to the virtues and they give you the even virtues.

Two awesome spells for the price of one quest.

Note: The Seven sins will do more damage for the Death school
The Seven virtues spell will heal more for the Life school

Hope you like it, and hope you will make more AWESOME! spells.

Dec 13, 2008
Ok i have a death spell idea

Name: Dark Spirits
Class: death

damage 1545
does: Dark spirits rise from the dead and spin around your enemy. Then they all disapear and the enemy gets 1545 damage when they leave.

Feb 07, 2009
I have a good spell idea.

Spell Name: Army Of The Dead

Pips and Mana: 7

Damage: 120 Death damage per pip.

Animation: A graveyard appears. Then, a bunch of skelotons appear, and of course, it pauses for sheilds, traps, and swords, and the skelotons soon form a wave of skelotons(like tempest) and when they hit the enemy, they bite the enemy and explode for the damage effect.

I hope you like this idea.

-Jacob ThunderSong

Oct 19, 2008
Here is mine.

Life: Pegasus
heal +400 to everybody
flys in and heals everybody.

Myth: Cerberus
attacks -400
Three headed dog tied to the ground with chains and then connects the three beams coming from it's mouth and attack it's enemy.

Death: Hades (ruler of the underworld)
attacks -1000 to everybody (treasure card only, and 10 pips)
Giant skull guy comes out of ground with roman stuff in background, then takes a giant skull chain with a bone spike ball at the end and wraps it around all of the enemies and then slashes it.

Death: Iron Maiden
attacks -300 to enemy
a giant iron maiden cage comes up from the ground and opens, there are 2 red eyes looking and it moves forward and then slams closed and then turns to ashes.

Fire:Titan ( dragonspyre dragon )
automattically destroys opponents( takes like 20 pips and accuracy 15%)
a volcano rises from the ground, then a dragon, titan, comes out of the volcano, destroys dragonspyre and then breathes fire into the enemy and destroys them.

Ice: ?

storm: ?

Balance: spiral
Automattically destroys opponent
A spiral forms, shows all the worlds, then sprals around enemy and destroys them

this is Michael Lotusblade signing off.

Feb 07, 2009
here is mine

class:all this spell is in all schools LOL
Dam.: takes 400 and deals 2000
pips.: 8
mana: 10
a crack comes from behind you and gose under you it takes 400 health
then it gose right in front of the enemy and a crater comes out depeneing on what school (fire=dragon ,storm=triton , ice = father winter , life=walking flower, death = zombie ,blance = krok , myth= cyclops ) and jumps on the enemy then falls backward into the crack and it closes

like it :D :D :D :D :D :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Jan 05, 2009
I Got a good one.

Title: Griffon

Pips: 6

Type: Myth

Level: 40

Damage: 700

Description: a griffon swoops in on the screen, screeches, and flies right through the Wizard.

Sep 28, 2008
Name: Storm Ape

Description:A Giant Ape with fists that shoot lightning beaming purple eyes and spikes on its back appears out of a whirpool and smashes his fists into the water creating a tsunami


Type: Storm


Dec 20, 2008
o i got one


Sep 28, 2008

Description: a cute little bunny that turns into a giant beast and smashing everything in its way


Pips/Mana 10

Lvl 50

Damage KO to all opponents

accuracy: 50%

Dec 14, 2008
Spell: Cerberus
Type: Myth
Pips: 5
Damage: 550-620
Description: A huge hole appears in the ground and the three headed cerberus comes out of it.

Feb 04, 2009
so here's an idea i thought was really cool, you know how balance traps are for like everything, well when you get to level 45 or 50 get this spell.

5 pips/mana

Trap Of awesomeness :D :D ( not really just cant think of name for a trap :PP )

2x to any type of damage

considering life and death damage have such low attack as secondary schools this would help.

Sep 11, 2008
Ok I got some pretty good spell ideas too. Well here they are:
Pip cost: three
accuracy: 90%
spell type: manipulation
description: target helps you for one round
cache:There is a possibility that there is a better chance of a rare pet drop you would normally get in some boss battles as the name of the spell implies.It's almost like the death spell, "Beguile", except more friendlier. You recive Befriend after clearing Golem tower if you're a life wizard.
But I only made up the name of the spell so I guess it is a good topic to read about with all these great spell ideas. Don't ya think?
Update: I just came up with more spell ideas.
Here they are:
Snow hound
school: ice
accuracy: 80%
pips: X(all)
info: does 540 damage for over three rounds per pip (some attack!)
Just like the heckhound and storm hound, the snow hound appears in his/her dog house and its eyes glow a light blue flare, then it pops out, makes a demonous howl and breaths a very chilly breath from its mouth at the enemy.(almost like some kind of snow blast)
school: fire
accuracy: 100%
pips: 1
description: Generates threat on target to all enemies. Looks just like taunt and distract, except the face is red and angry and the entire creature is on fire but feels no pain! Cool huh? :-D
Final spell(for now )
The Edge Of Time
school: Myth
accuracy: 1%
pips: 10
damage: you don't wanna know
description: destroys all enemies and friends (except you ) and destroys all other enemies in the area( except for other wizards, phew!)Ok... uh... I'm not sure what the universe looks like when it... "collaspes", but it's almost like crumpling up a newspaper in that sort of way. Well that's it!(I think... :?)
Final Update: Ok maybe just one more...
Re-Animated Krokomummy
school: death or fire school at level 25
pips: 4
accuracy: 85%(death)75%(fire)
name of minion: Reincarnated Krokomummy
minion's HP: 700
minion's spells: Deathblade, Deathtrap, Spirit Armor, Distract, Fire Natural Attack, Ghoul, Weakness, Sand Storm, Tower Shield, Ice Armor,
Fireblade, Heckhound, Kraken, Golem Minion, Curse, Plague, Infection, Poison, Sacrafice, Beguile, and Power Play. (That's alot of spells!)
Well that's it!

Mar 08, 2009
Mine is like crissywissy's but i think it should be a myth spell and its name king kong!

name: King Kong

ok so king kong stands on the empire state building with airplanes flying around him, he grabs one and then throws the airplane at the target!

Mar 08, 2009
I thought of another one Mammoth!

name:Tar Pits

ok so a giant mammoth comes out of a cave covered in tar, so it runs at the target and stops really fast spraying a bunch of tar on you doing damage and
stunning you for 1 round pretty cool huh

Sep 28, 2008
I've got a couple enjoy

School: Death
Pips: 8
Attack: 750- 825

Spell Name: The Grim Reaper

Ok A graveyard appears and all of a sudden The Grim Reaper comes out of the ground and takes half of the attack and heals you and takes half of the health of the attack but he is the catch in the next 2 turns you will get hit with half of the health the grim stole from the monster

School: Storm

Spell Name: Electrode

A few lightning bolts appear and a ball of thunder appears out of those bolts and out of that ball of thunder a monster shows up: half man half wolf
Well electricity comes from his hand giving everyone on your team storm blades and the opponent storm shields and it Disappears by a few ore bolts of lightning

Sep 25, 2008
I say fusion cards like where you can fuse one card and another and out comes like just about anything. Or and this my big idea it could be like where you and your pet fuse and you get armor and if you had a sword on or own one but dont wear it then you get handel of your petwith a blade that is coming out of its mouth.

Feb 07, 2009
I got one:

School: All

Name: Redemption Or Retribution, Which ever is better.

Effect: You go to the center of the Duel Circle and you jump to the air and lunge your wand or sword to the ground and you make a earth quake and then you jump back, and it heals 100 health. Accuracy: 90
Damage: 600 - 860 Level: 26 From: Dworgyn

Death Hound:
Same as Storm Hound and Heck hound, But its Black coloured and the Dog House is black with vines growing from the side, And it does 100 damage per pip. From: N/A Level: Any 8) :) :-) :D :(

Mar 20, 2009
I think there should be a spell called ice rath

description:You have to be at least lvl 50.You have to be ice.Also one more recriorment is you have to have beaten malistare some time in the past weither it was 1 second or 2 years ago.Ok it cost 16 pips.You do 2 super novas with your sword/wand (i prefer sword for this spell).Then your ice wizard sticks its sword in the ground or if it is a wand you raise it in the air then a HUGE blue icey orb covers the whole entier world then it does around 3 thousand damage to 3 thousand and 99 damage.

so far lvl 14. Talon Jadehunter.

So many misteries in the world.

Sep 15, 2008
Ok i have 7 spells all for completing DS Final Countdown, if you did it already you would get the spell

"Orthous Minion"
Pips: X
Descript: A giant dog appears out of nowhere and guides you
Effect: Will let spells up to KI, HP's

1 pip, 350HP
2 pip, 500HP
3 pips, 650HP
4 pips, 750HP
5 pips, 900HP
6 pips, 1200HP
7 pips, 1400HP

"Kraken Minion"
Pips: 6
Descript: Using the power of Lumina Crystals a Kraken appears
Effect: All Storm spells except Storm Lord, and others like Storm Elf, has 1000HP

"Enraged Dryad"
School: Life
Pips: 5
Descript: For a Dryad, this one has anger issues
Effect: Does 470-525 Life Damage

"Wide Spread Hex"
School: Death
Pips: 1
Descript: A huge trap appears to increase damage to the enemies
Effect: Puts a 25% Hex on all Oppenets

"Magma Boil"
School: Fire
Pips: 6
Descript: A huge magma pillars shoots up and burns the oppenent
Effect: 225 and 350 fire damage over time to one oppenent, Causes 100 fire damage to everyone (friends and enemies)

"Crusting Elements"
School: Balance
Pips: 6
Descript: An Earthquake appears full of the Elements
Effects: 150 fire, storm, and ice to all enemies, and 99 balance damage over time to all enemies

"Icey Pond"
School: Ice
Pips: 4
Descript: Water rains down and then freezes into a pond
Effects: All attacks except ice attacks will attack a random target

My Faves

1st Kraken Minion
2nd Orthous Minion
3rd Crusting Elements
4th Enraged Dryad
5th Wide Spread Hex
6th Magma Boil
7th Icey Pond

-Mark Thundersword
Level 50, Diviner

Feb 16, 2009
not only do i have a spell

why not add a whole new class


Weakest spell= guppies

a swarm of flying fish attack your opponent

80-120 damage

Minions= eel and shark

eel= 1 pip= eel privet
2 pip= eel luteninet
3 pip= eel warrior
4 pip= eel general

shark= 1 pip= shark peasent
2 pip= shark knight
3 pip= shark general
4 pip= great white king

strongest spell= Land Shark

a shark with legs walks out of a wave on to a beach
he charges a beam in his mouth and launches

Teacher= Octo Ocenleg

a Octopus in a tuxeto

World of the spiral= oceanantis

filled with half human-half shark/squid/eel/fish/crab/starfish



weakest= robot

a future city sprouts out of the ground and claws opponent

minion= dinoman

1 pip= Stegosaurus
2 pip= Triceratops
3 pip= pteronadon
4 pip= t-rex

strong= T-rex

a t-rex walks from a dense jungle
bites opponent

teacher= Cavica Pretime

a cavewoman in a lepord skin dress

world= Jurasangolas

a land filled with dinomen

What you think

i wont be offended of people who dont like it

Feb 16, 2009
oh fire idea


name=flape (flame+ape=flape)


a monkey swoops down from a jungle on fire

the monkey is red

he holds up a banana

he shakes it, examines it, and trys to peel it

he holds it in one hand and smashes a fist down on it

a flaming banana flys at targit

Sep 28, 2008
driftblim275 wrote:
Ok i have 7 spells all for completing DS Final Countdown, if you did it already you would get the spell

"Orthous Minion"
Pips: X
Descript: A giant dog appears out of nowhere and guides you
Effect: Will let spells up to KI, HP's

1 pip, 350HP
2 pip, 500HP
3 pips, 650HP
4 pips, 750HP
5 pips, 900HP
6 pips, 1200HP
7 pips, 1400HP

"Kraken Minion"
Pips: 6
Descript: Using the power of Lumina Crystals a Kraken appears
Effect: All Storm spells, and others like Fire Elf, has 1000HP

"Enraged Dryad"
School: Life
Pips: 5
Descript: For a Dryad, this one has anger issues
Effect: Does 470-525 Life Damage

Will do rest later

2 things:

First, I love the kraken minion idea!

Second, It can notbe used becacuse it would make storm over powerful so you could not use him BUT you could get him at level 46 and he could have all attack spells up to level 21 and can have storm elf and storm snowman and or storm beetle as his secodary spells. Also he could have like 1200 HP. But heres the defect he gets skipped for one turn! he could also use defensive spells and taunt just like the water elemental. That is my idea for the kraken minion

Sep 28, 2008
Ok here are some minion ideas!

Evil Snowman
HP: 950
LVL you get him: 46
Has every ice spell up to level 42

Fire Elf
LVL you get him: 11
has ever fire spell up to Level 8

School: Life
LVL you get him: 38
has every life spell up to level 28

Level you get it:42
Has every storm spell up to level 38

HP: 750
Level you get it: 49
has ever balanced spell up to 42

Hope you love my minion Spells!

Apr 12, 2009
Name- pegasus
School- life level 50
pips- 7
Damage- 680-750

a warrior riding a flying horse swoops down and slices you with a sword