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spell ideas

Mar 15, 2009
sparkle10203 wrote:
There should be a spell for death where a goul comes out of the grave
and throws dirt in the enemys faces and then theyre accuary goes down
30% for 3 rounds.
Eh thats more of a knock off to the original goul that steals people spirit

Mar 15, 2009
gargon789 wrote:
KanBatsu wrote:
gargon789 wrote:
KanBatsu wrote:
Hello, i'm bennjamin stormrunner I,II,III

I am searching for some new spell ideas, i'm not going to take your ideas.
In fact i have my own

here it is.

Storm spell
6 pip/mana
450-500 Dmg to all enemies

A cute puppy who loves chasing it's tail, resulting in a massive hurricane!

Maybe for a death spell you could use an alien?
An alien seems like a Myth spell, unless your thinking of one of those evil, blow-up-a-planet aliens.

Yeah an alien would be myth-like maybe a......Werewolf!
no Werewolf is a creature of night which means it might be a death pet

Mar 15, 2009
In fact i have an idea for death wolf rank 7 does 500 to all enemies and acts as a beguile (since the person bit turns INTO a wolf) and gives you half the damage from all as health. it IS pretty high end though might have to rethink either the beguile to all or health transfer

Jun 11, 2009
I got one! it's called blazzen hoofs . What happens is that a heard of horses with fire hoofes and breethes fire with a dark red coat with a flowing fire mane and tail. will run to you with full spead then suddenly stop to cause all the fire on the horse to flow off them to hit you that's what i got. :-)

Jan 30, 2010
I have an idea for all six schools! Here they are: ( These are 8 pip attacks possible of celestia)
Death: Cerberus 8 pips does 850-990 damage to all. A hole with briar vines crawling out appears, Cerberus climbs out, looks around, and pounces on enemies. Acc. 85%
Fire: Volcano 8 pips does 705-800 to all A giant volcano appers, shakes, lava erupts on everybody. Acc. 85%
Ice: Avalanche 8 pips 600-750 one enemy. Giant mountain covered in snow rises out of ground, rumbles, and snow stockpiles on top of enemy, melting away. Acc. 85%??
Storm: Thunderbird 8 pips 1000-1200 one enemy. Giant black bird with a glowing blue lighting bolt on chest circles above in thunderstorm, then flies in through the enemy like sunbird and electrocutes wizard.
Balance: Balaur 8 pips (Seven headed dragon) 150 damage ea. of fire ice storm death life myth and balance to one enemy. The golden apple tree sprouts up, Balaur crawls up it, looks at enemy, and shoots beam out mouth of each head like hydra (each head color corresponding to magic type) acc. 85%
Life: Bigfoot 8 pips 550-700 damage to one enemy. Forest appears. Bigfoot crawls out, grunts, and bites and scratches enemy. Acc. 90%
Myth: Anubis Warrior 8 pips 75 & 700 to one enemy. Pyramid appears. Anubis warrior treads out from the corridor in front. Stabs air, gold beam like hydra rushed through body. (75 dmg.) Then, gold rush turns to ball and implodes inside enemy. (700 dmg.) Acc. 80% THAT'S ALL! Credit to fces2 for some ideas. His current character: Jacob Dragonrider

Apr 04, 2010
keybladeweilder wrote:
Has anyone heard of kingdom hearts the videogame and heard something called am heartless

well heres an idea

Class: Death
Dmge: half of monsters life
pip 4
After Effect: It would steal the monsters heart and take half of its life and adds it to yours.

Lvl to use:54

This card would be useful for when the level cap is increased

Only 4 pips?? I think it should be 7 or 8 pips cause it steals HALF the health

May 30, 2009
I have a good one for death.

NAME: Hades
EFFECT: 1000 damage over 3 rounds to all enemies.
LOOKS: he pops out of the gourd on a rock that raises up to about the height of the wizards in the game. and one the ground there is a slowly spinning green fog with souls going around in it. then all at once, every one on the enemy team gets the little spinning thing around them!

i think it has a releasable amount of damage for its pips.

Dec 26, 2009
Since there are already spells with several weapons, such as a bow for Centaur, a sword for Skeletal Pirate , hamme rfor Cyclops and axe for Minotaur...
I wonder when there will be a spell with a rifle or shotgun.
Whoah ha ha ha! Pang! Pang! Pang! Pang! 4 opponents damaged.

Dec 26, 2009
drewgon11 wrote:
Okay, i'm new here but i have great plans for this place.

My idea is is simple death magic: a large chained demon!

It will look like this: a huge black demon rises from a burning pit and then stands there struggling with his bonds. Then it pauses for shields and swords. And then the demon breaks his bonds and his fistshe to each enemy and hits them each with a killer death smash that deals an fraction of 1000 attack to all of them.(like to 1:1000, 2:500, 4:250.) and then deals half of the damage done as healing evenly among your comrades.

Draining all targets and then healing to comrades that oppose those targets would be ace. Like Scarecrow from death school, but he only heals his master. It would be nice to have a spell alike, but that it heals the whole group for half (or a quarter) of the damage done.

Apr 18, 2010
I got a few for fire:
9 pips
700 damage to all enemies plus storm and ice dis spell on everyone
Get it at lvl 63
Forest fire:
10 pips
1500 damage to all and fire trap after
get it at lvl 66
2 Headed Fire Dog:
11 pips
888+2590 over time
get it at lvl 69

So what do you think???????? I made them high damage because people are gonna have a lot more health.

Aug 14, 2010
spell=neptune school=storm damage=2000-2500 description=smoke goes every where neptune comes out in an angry mood and uses his staff to blow your opponent up while if does not die it gives traps. im a storm lvl 38 luis storm stalker and i like this idea.

Apr 03, 2009
Spell: Ninja School: Death? (Maybe Myth? I'm not totally sure.)
Description: The field would get covered in smoke, and after a few seconds, a ninja would appear out of the smoke, attacking the target. He would disappear again, and appear besides who summoned him. He would then dig in his bags and throw all buffs (Blades, Shields, etc.) onto the target. Not sure about the damage.

Dec 06, 2008
my idea . cost: 8 pips name: advantage type: balance. affect is: YOU get +100% damage boost and acuracy for the rest of the battle and health and mana boost. ENEMY gets -99% damage and acuracy,90% lower defense, and 300 damage to weakness every round. exp: storm would get 300 myth damage.

Feb 16, 2009
School: Balance

Pips: 6

Name: Soul Hydra

Effect: 220 Life, Death, and Myth damage

Description: Similar to regular Hydra attack, only the Hydra heads are green, black, and yellow.

This is something that I've pondered over for a while. Why hasn't this card been made yet?

Feb 16, 2009
School: Myth

Pips: 9

Name: Cronus

Effect: 100 damage, then 755-845 damage to all enemies and removes all positives charms and buffs.

Description: The sky becomes illuminated and an angelic choir begins to sing. Then, all of a sudden, the sky darkens and the music suddenly becomes super-ominous. Cronus comes down, a clock hanging from a chain in his right hand. Cronus swings the clock like a flail at the enemies, dealing the initial 100 damage, then he raises the clock in the air and fires a thick white beam from it at the enemies, dealing the remaining 755-845 damage.

School: Life

Pips: X (treated as a Level 9 spell)

Name: Gaea

Effect: Heals all friends 450 HP per Pip, then deals 450 damage per Pip to all enemies.

Description: Similar to the Humongofrog, the Earth rises out of the ground, but a beautiful woman's face appears on the Earth, breathing the light green healing power onto each ally (self included). Gaea then turns on the opponents, breathing potent dark green power onto each enemy, dealing to each one the same amount that you and your allies were healed by.

Ex: Me vs. four enemies (Me: 4 Pips)

Gaea heals me 1800, then deals 1800 to each of the enemies.

School: Ice

Pips: 9

Name: Ice Age

Effect: 860 damage to each enemy, adds one Tower Shield to the caster for each enemy affected, and Taunts each enemy affected.

Description: The field turns to ice. All of a sudden, a humongous glacier begins to rise out of the ground, piercing the clouds. The glacier rumbled, then explodes, delivering an avalanche of snow and chilly winds onto each enemy.

These are just some ideas of mine for a new batch of spells.

Feb 16, 2009
School: Fire

Pips: 9

Name: Solar Flare

Effect: Deal 950-1255 damage to each enemy, stunning the enemies as well.

Description: The Sun rises out of the field in the same manner as a Humungofrog. Screeching power can be seen gathering on the Sun's surface, in the form of arcing waves of visible heat energy. One of these flares shoots out of the Sun, curving into the enemy, then looping back into the Sun.

School: Storm:

Pips: 9

Name: Maelstrom

Effect: Deals 1250 damage to each enemy, then adding a 75% Weakness charm to each enemy affected.

Description: The field turns into an ocean, with a terribly stormy sky looming above. Suddenly, the center of the ocean dips into a massive sinkhole of a Maelstrom. For each enemy, a torrent of water and a bolt of lightning both strike at the same time.

School: Death

Pips: 9

Name: Archangel

Effect: Drains 2150 from one enemy, giving half of that amount to the caster.

Description: The field and sky darkens as bells toll. Then out of the sky, the Archangel descends and stabs her targeted enemy with her blade, pulling it out and absorbing the target's soul. The Archangel then turns to the caster and swings her sword at him/her, healing him/her half of the amount delivered.

School: Balance

Pips: 9

Name: Power of Seven

Effect: Deals 250 Fire, Storm, Ice, Life, Death, and Myth damage, then deals 500 Balance damage.

Description: Seven columns of different colored energies rise from the ground and disappear into the sky. A couple of seconds later, each column drops from the sky onto the targeted enemy.

Jan 25, 2010
Jan 25, 2010
P.S. Werewolf was Death.

Volcano. Fire. 8 Pip.
Fire trap 50% to all enemies. Weakness 30% to all enemies. Fireblade 60% to user.
Animation: There is a huge rocky field with lava flowing. Suddenly, a huge black smoking volcano rises from the ash. Then it erupts and traps fly out. Then it erupts and weaknesses fly out. Then it turns to the user, grows a face and blows out a blade.

Jan 25, 2010
Abominable Snowman. Ice. 9 pip.
Animation: There are three big icy pine trees. Suddenly, a huge white monster with fangs jumps out. It attacks the opponent. It buffs the user using claps. Then it jumps into the sky and turns into snow.
Moves: Attacks opponent 850 Ice damage. Then it turns to the user and gives the user an Ice Blade 50%. Then it also gives the user a tower shield.

Jan 25, 2010
Nymph. Life. 9 pip.
Animation: There is a grassy field full of flowers. There in the middle is a brunette nymph in a loose fitting white robe. It stands up and looks at the enemy. Then it gets out a pocket knife and swipes. The air from the knife hits the enemy. Then the nymph turns to the user and heals everyone on the users team. Then it sinks into the ground.
Attack: 865 Life damage to opponent. Heals users team by 800.

Jan 25, 2010
Pharaoh. Balance. 9 pips.
Animation: There is a mummy case. It slowly opens and a mummy in gold jelewry sits up. Then it gets up and slowly unravels itself. Underneath is a Pharaoh from ancient times. It flicks the opponents team with the wrapping. Then it gives the user a shield. When done, it jumps back into the case and it slams shut.
Move: Attacks opponents team 1000 damage. Gives user 50% shield, all schools.

May 05, 2009
Heres my ideas :)

Life: Grasshopper Does 700 - 800 damage to all enemies. Hits with legs. 7 pips

Balance: Jesus Does 600 - 800 damage to an enemy and doubles damage then igves that amount of health to you. 8 pips.

Fire: Flamethrower Fire elemental comes out and shoots fire at enemies. Does 700 - 750 damage. 6 pips.

Thats all my ideas for now...

Jan 25, 2010
Mermaid. Storm. 9 Pips.
Animation: You are under the water. There is a clam. It opens up and a mermaid zooms out. It then throws the pearl that was inside the clam at the target. Then it gives the user some shields and it leaves.
Moves: 1000 damage to target. Gives user 2 50% shields.

Jan 25, 2010
Cerberus. Myth. 9 pip.
Cerberus is sleeping. Then one head wakes up and growls at the target. The other heads wake up and growl at the target. Then Cerberus leaps up and walks over. The first head bites and does 300 damage. The next does 500 damage. Then the last does 600 damage. Then Cerberus runs away.
Total damage: 1300.

May 30, 2009
KanBatsu wrote:
Thanks everybody. Any more spells made up by you guys? Balance spells? Fire? Ice?

I have another one:

For myth, Typhon. Not Triton Typhon
455-565myth damage to all enemies

description: A gigantic beast with wind, claws, a mane and 2 snakes for legs. All three heads suck in air and attack all enemies with myth damage.

dude, you do realize that typhon is a beast from the SEA so since storm is water and lightning(kracken, lisghning bats, storm sharks and tempest are a few) it would be a storm!