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Housing Item Requests

Jan 03, 2014
I want my own personal hatcher in my house with dual sigils so I don't need to run all the way to the hatchery and listen to all the nonsense polluting the game in chat these days.

Jun 19, 2013
I'd like to see a statue of judgement ! A version of the ones seen in the balance house that I can place in my castle. That would be really cool

Sep 01, 2014
I'd LOVE anything Celestian. As of late, the only thing that has caught my eye was the little planetarium on the shelf when you are doing the quest to graduate from Ravenwood before starting Polaris.

It's in the room to your left, where you go to put on your graduation attire.

Jun 26, 2016
Jeremy Firestaff on Sep 8, 2018 wrote:
I want all of the art in the spiral available! There is a lot of great art, I'm sick of being limited to the same old things. I want my Winter Wind Tower to have icy, holiday inspired art, not Darkmoor art. Make it all available! I also hope there will be a framing shop so that you can develop and frame all of your photomancy photo's!

Also, I love the animated columns in all of the teachers rooms in Arcanum. For example, the death column has ghosts rising in the middle, those are all really cool.

More furniture in general and bookcases prefilled with books and décor.

I want a wall mounted, flat, BIG screen TV where we could change channels and watch ranked matches and tournaments!

The HUGE spiral in the Arcanum is awesome, I'd love to be able to put one in all of my homes!

A new TC for house magic that allows you to move an item 25 units. So often I can't center something in a specific spot. Having this TC would fix that!

Chandeliers! Our homes need ceiling lights!

More characters for our home. I love the Djinni's in Mirage, I want them all! It would also be nice to have all the original teachers as well as the new!

All of the school trees in Ravenwood!

The blimps in Marleybone, I think it would be cool to have these floating around.
Yes! I really want to be able to frame my photos from photomancy, that's such a cool idea! Yes, kingsisle needs to look at this, I also want chandeliers, ravenwood teachers and trees.

Jun 26, 2016
Emily mythflower on Aug 3, 2018 wrote:
Kingsisle, i absolutely love the creative freedom that castle blocks create, however. I feel that it could be so much cooler if we were able to use wallpaper and flooring housing items on the bricks. I know it would probably be a hassle to add but i think it could be a really amazing opportunity to make housing even cooler!
Yes! I agree. Sometimes the ol' gray and brown blocks are boring, if they can't put wallpaper on them, I'd love to just be able to dye them for my specific needs.

Jul 12, 2016
thankyou for creating this topic, I think there should be a not-just decoration version of the wooden chest housing item. I'd love the ability to be able to use it to reward other players for helping me by giving them somewhere between 100-something like 800 gold. this isn't requesting the ability to player-player item trade; It's requesting the ability to give gratitude prizes without always having to spend crowns. the topic this post is based on is at https://www.wizard101.com/forum/the-dorms/the-wooden-chest-housing-item-update-idea-8ad6a42b6584c0e90165c95602b047c8?page=1 . I'm not demanding for kingsisle to do this update; it will just mean a lot to me, and it would also make my wizard101 experience, and maybe even life ten times happier than it already is if they do

that reminds me of something:
what does it indicate when a handful of coins confuses someone?
it doesn't make cents (sense) to them

Aug 24, 2013
In the Velo City Inn there is a drink station that has a curved countertop and a shelving unit that rotates. I would LOVE to have that for my Aero Plains village. It could be sold in the crown shop.


Nov 17, 2018
Housing Item:

Can we hang things from the ceiling (like mistletoe/chandelier)?

Not a housing item:
Could we have another set of school houses (Like another fire house, life, ice, etc)?
Something a little more grand.

Mar 31, 2015

Being able to apply Wallpaper / Tile onto the ceilings. (Of our Houses). Very often the ceilings just don't match with the theme that you're using.

You don't just paint 3 walls and add floor tiling!


Aug 06, 2015
More tapestries in general, but specifically a tapestry to Walruskberk (Polaris) and Baobab Crossroad (Zafaria) would be nice. There are no tapestries to Polaris at all.

Apr 05, 2010
this came to mind as i was furnishing my fire house.......school themed fish tanks, of course bought with crowns, but if you think about it

Jan 19, 2012
Hello, I really like decorating my houses and I just got the new Aeroplanes House. Now I used the max amount of bric-a-brac elixirs but I gotta be honest, this house is BIG. I was just wondering, how come its only up to 350 and not more?? I mean, i'll pay for it of course, but a house that big should have the chance to buy more elixirs. I was just curious.

Jun 25, 2011
EmptyRiceBowl on Dec 17, 2018 wrote:
Housing Item:

Can we hang things from the ceiling (like mistletoe/chandelier)?

Not a housing item:
Could we have another set of school houses (Like another fire house, life, ice, etc)?
Something a little more grand.
I'd love to see ceiling decorations! That'd be really cool.

Dec 25, 2008
I apologize if this has already been brought up, but I would love to see the newly-textured Wizard City plants and trees sold as housing items! These would be great in addition to the old textures, and would afford us more options when choosing greenery to spruce up our spaces. :)

Kane N.

Apr 25, 2015
I would love to have a fully stocked bookshelves, that you find in towers.

Mar 05, 2012
I personally would like to see limits off of placement of items. I can only hang two tapestries for porting in the dorm room. Tables, chairs, beds have to be away from each other.
Some walls can't have hanging at all..The Ice house entrance.
The Christmas lights can only be hung on large walls. Somehow I have a few smaller lights from their introduction of a new item.
Sultans Palace seems to have a issue. People freeze up and can't stay. I have max allowed but it is a big house.
I would LOVE to see our house with a PVP (?) circle to be used without friends. Can't we enter and just creatures show up and we could fight them? I would love to be able to practice different things but on my time frame.

Aug 03, 2014
I would love a 'hanging wall' that is slim enough that it can be used against other walls to enable things to be hung on them nice and close, with the ability to be rotated on the diagonal instead of only 2 directions like other wall pieces. Also a 'curved hanging wall' for smaller items on curves eg wands

I'd really like the ability to wall paper over castle blocks and flat wooden platforms etc too.

The little tent next to Mirror Lake has a gorgeous interactive candle display...my wizard would love this! Also the beautiful Cauldron in there (also interactive) and the cauldrons from around the Spiral eg from the classrooms

Effects that click to the room would be cool, like the water flowing through the Sunken Palace becoming an item that can be clicked into place in other houses

Crafted PvP rings!

I suspect I am asking far too much, but I do love cool crafting and decorating projects and, of course, interactive items

Nov 26, 2012
While this item does not exist, in the game, I think that it, as a class of items, would be good.
We need items we can "use" like the 'playable' instruments, and games. Chairs in which one can actually sit, tables around which a party can gather, to discuss an upcoming group quest, a meal which can be eaten or even shared, that restores energy or mana, or both, in small amounts. Simply items to make a Castle more of a 'home', where you can invite friends to partake of a meal, or sit by the fire, or even read a book. A lectern with a book that tells some tale of the spiral, that would be nice, with a "press X to read". Then a housing owner could journey all over the spiral, collecting a "library" of reading material, which could fill a room, or even a "personal Library" castle, which was accessible from home, in the usual way. Having an interactive type of castle would give players a chance to build something more in friendships, without having to stand in "the commons" or at another location to chat. This would also prevent groups who are chatting from filling up the chat windows of those who are not involved, since the conversations would be in a less public location. It also allows for an entirely new type of housing, one that is simply a library. There are several castles which contain books, but none can be read, which makes them just decoration. Being able to provide the story of where you've been might add something to the game.

Jul 26, 2013
I would like to get the trees from the world empyrea part 2 at the final three bosses. The trees are so awesome. I would also like to get maybe some trees like in ravenwood. Blossom is my favorite , she is so pretty. The tree would be great to put in my house. Maybe buy them in the crowns shop, rewards, or certain packs.

Nov 23, 2008
I would love to have the trailing vines that you see in the commons on the walls and buildings. I'd love to be able to dress up my houses with trailing vines and some even with flowers like wisteria's. All colors!

Thank you!

Nov 23, 2008
JennaStar827 on Jan 30, 2016 wrote:
Wonderful question! My entire family of 5 plays and I'm going to combine their suggestions with mine below. Some of their ideas were already mentioned.

1. Weather globes like the snow globes. It would be fascinating to control the weather!
2. Actual weapon displays. I get tired of hanging them up on my wall constantly.
3. School trees that you see in Ravenwood.
4. More item vaults. It's a must have! Our back packs fill up quickly.
5. The red telegraph box. It can be turned into a 2 player mount or housing item. My entire family is obsessed with Doctor Who! The reason I suggest a 2 player mount is because the doctor always has a companion. :)
6. Roller coasters! My kids want those.
7. Darkmoor Castle House. I love everything about Darkmoor. ;)
This is what I've been wanting too, control the weather at your house beside bigger and more backpacks and vaults! Being able to have two pets work with you at the same time too!

Jan 18, 2010
Please continue to increase the amounts of interactive furniture items our wizards can use at their leisure.

Allow us to:

  • Sleep in beds.
  • Sit in sofas.
  • Eat Dinner.
  • Pet our pets.
  • Feed our fishes in tanks.
  • Read books.
  • Sit in chairs and around desks.
  • Write on papers.

Aug 11, 2014
Kiosks for pet training games that either look like a small version of their station in the Pet Pavilion or the little kiosk things that the minigames already have. These would be fine additions to our collections of minigame and housing game kiosks, and would eliminate the need to walk all the way to the pet pavilion every day.

Dec 29, 2008
I would love to see furniture sets for all major holidays.

New art work to hang.

School trees we can put in our homes.

New fish.

Nov 17, 2010

I'm a snap happy little wizard and would like to be able to show the pictures that I have taken on frames in my house. Maybe able to add them to different colored, sizes or designed frames so they can be put up to look at and be of interest. eg, Have pictures of friends on the walls or favorite scenes or places.
Hoping this might be possible in the near future.

Many thanks