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Housing Item Requests

Mar 20, 2015
diggybee on Jun 29, 2019 wrote:
I started playing in 08 and decorating my houses is my favorite part of the game. I wish they would rise the item limits as well. The castle inventory needs to be separated by house items, pets, house guests, garden, magic. They really need new types of house items like holiday besides christmas, new school packs.
Yes it would also be nice if they separate building blocks from the castle inventory. But most of all I hope for a bigger items limit. 500 at least.

Dec 29, 2008
Keira DragonGem on Apr 6, 2019 wrote:
I would love to buy some of the new trees and flowers now decorating the updated wizard city, especially the trees in the test realm.
me to they are cool

Jun 30, 2019
Been working on decorating around my castle recently, and i think it would add a very nice level of customization to be able to adjust the lighting in different rooms. Some of the ideas i have for decorating are a nice work, but when finished it just does not seem right due to some of the harshness of some of the lighting throwing off, or completely negating the look i'm going for.
Some sort of light adjuster in the placing object menu (or anywhere really) would be phenomenal.

Another way to go would be if their was a touch of reality in housing to where the default lighting most places was low and light sources, (such as candles, fires, etc) would provide light depending on where you place it.

Either one or both of those ideas, or maybe even some other idea would be nice to have i think, and just to add another touch of your own personal look to your castle.