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Housing Item Requests

Aug 09, 2009
I think the statues in Colossus Boulevard would make great housing items.

Jul 16, 2012
I think it would be really cool if there were more stained glass hanging decorations we could buy (for gold!) and put in our houses. I don't have a specific design in mind, but I like the big stained glass windows in wolfminster abbey and it would be cool if we could buy smaller versions for ourselves.

also maybe an interactive ladder? so we could do the "press x to climb" and put it between housing levels

im not really sure where to put this, but it is about housing: interactive customizable signs. I know we have all the regular customizable ones, but it would be cool if we could do castle magic on them, and if you pull a level or something the message would change

Jul 16, 2012
some different hedge shapes so we could make our own mazes would be awesome! (especially if we have a tall hedge so you can't see your way out and you really have to wander through to find it)

Jul 16, 2012
AlexandriaNightblo... on Feb 20, 2020 wrote:
This might no quite fit the question but I would really like to see teleporters to your most frequented areas in the spiral. For example I go to the bazar and Loremaster often so it would be cool if I could teleport to those areas from my home. I would also enjoy having a team up kiosk at my home.
if you do 100 team ups, you can buy a kiosk from darren (i forget what his last name is, but he's right next to the entrance of the bazaar)

Jan 12, 2010
There was this anchor in Azteca when you went inside the ship and fought the monkey boss. I really wish I could have collected that

Nov 22, 2009
Maybe trees that are a lot more mystical? Like a crystal tree? A ancient tree with glowing bark? Even a tree that interacts! I believe the plant life of the spiral deserve some new add-on's!

Dec 23, 2011
Hello, I have many houses and would love to put my water pets into the water so they could jump up and out of the water when visiting the houses. Is there a way to do this?

Dec 23, 2011
Indagare on Jan 7, 2016 wrote:
I was thinking it would be nice to have the types of trees like you find in the Commons, Ravenwood, etc that look like elm trees but are all green instead (the screen shot I'm sending is of the one next to the fire school.
That is an awesome idea.... Love the lively trees.

Dec 23, 2011
dayerider on Jan 8, 2016 wrote:
I want a Spiral Door that we can walk into and teleport out of. Not a simple doorway, I'm talking about one like Bartleby or like the image of the Spiral from Gamma's room. Like it is in our house, I DONT want it to need to load a new screen, just a room we walk into to port out of.
Bartleby would be a perfect tree to present the doorway to the spiral.

Feb 12, 2010
I feel as if we should have the option to disable photomancy in houses. Creators take pride in their work and don't want people taking ideas.

Jun 13, 2010
I noticed that all the schools have the Plaque, Shield, and Sconce wall hangings. EXCEPT for Balance. Why does balance seems to miss a lot on the items made for homes.

Would also like to see School fish tanks.

A pet Storage like the ones you made for seeds, clothing, gems. Would be nice. Not just for regular pets but would be nice to be able to get a Battle pets one too so we can keep them seperate.

School rugs, Rugs you can put text on like the signs, and rugs with ARROWS.

I also noticed that the paintings for the Balance and Death professors are not made. can we get this as well please?

I would like the Dressing dummies you have in the bazaar as well as the Cabinet with the floating flothing. It would be nice to have places to Display our gear! It would also help us if you had a quick change option. where you walk up to the dummy and click it and that gear gets transfered onto your character and the gear on your character goes onto the dummy.

Would be fund to have fish tanks that are Zone related as well.

thank you!

Dec 26, 2011
I would like the giant platform in Baobab Crossroads located in Zafaria that balance wizards summon sabertooth on during their sabertooth spell quest.
I just like platforms.

Sep 29, 2008
I want a set of chandeliers of different types to swing from for different housing themes.
If i want to feel like Sia you cannot deny me this.

Oct 18, 2009
Can we retro-actively add the ability to sit in chairs, I know we can have sit-able items because we can sit at the friendship table. Maybe have a pose similar to the mander palanquin for thrones and a standard sit for everything else. It would be good for group pictures.

Also could we have some more writable sign options themed off of the newer worlds, or recolored versions of the old ones (I'd love a bronze lamppost sign or a mirage sign that has the fancy lanterns hanging off one side.)

Feb 10, 2012

Could we get a portrait of Alhazred? He doesn’t have one.

Also, I know we have a portrait of Ambrose in the oval frame, but could we get the one that is in his office behind his desk?

And maybe something similar to the spiral display in Ambrose’s tower? It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be that large, but maybe a smaller model that can be put on a desk.

Also, what about more balance-related housing items. We have the crown shop furniture sets, but not much actual balance furniture.

Thank you, Professor!

Oct 05, 2018
I love using all the great pets of the Spiral in various decorating themes. Many times, I'd like to keep the pets enclosed in an area (a room or pen) but still allow visitors to walk in and view them. I would love to see a pet gate that allows a wizard and their pet to walk in and out, but keeps dropped pets in the enclosure!

I'd also like to add my name to all the folks who have asked for a special pack that gives you 7 NPCS from the various packs and worlds. I think that would be a great seller!

Thanks for all the fun decorating items!!

Jun 13, 2010
I really love the gardening in the game. It would be nice to have a Special planting pot or Garden where we can place a plant for Visual only aka not picking to gather the resources.

It also would be nice if instead of the plants costing two spaces because of pot/soil being one object then plant as other that it would just be one object.

Also wanted to request on the signs have them display armor sets by name as well as fish and plant names.

Requesting New signs. Like a rug would be nice to place portal on and on the rug it says the portal goes to wherever you have it going to..

I like the picture frame sign but its WAY too big. Can we get one half its size?

Also requesting a street sign type of sign where it has one, two or three arrows off a streetlight and you can select what EACH side says. So when you make fun games in your house you can have the sign saying this way to gardens, this way to fish, etc.

Last but not least DISPLAY signs. like a sign you can place on the fish tank like a placard.

Jun 13, 2010
Question - Will you guys be making the Mounts more useful? It would be nice to have an area where we can RACE the mounts against each other. like a Wizard101 raceway. Have different mounts give special powers like speed boosts or oil slicks or traps to drop on the track. Or make the mounts where you level them like the pets in-game and they gain powers and speed as you race. Just idea I had and thought it would be fun in the game.

Oct 08, 2018
Not sure if anyone has suggested this before, but I think it would be cool to have a housing item I could place at any house that would give it the "like" bonus for gardening. Make it cost the same as Red Barn Farm (RBF) so it's like buying that house for the benefit, only you aren't locked into the RBF design options. Maybe a "Tropical Gardening RBF" to go with our gnomes!

Also, I think it would be SUPER COOL if we could trade treasure cards within our wizards through the shared bank like we do reagents for crafting. OH! And a slot for GOLD in the shared bank! It's such a pita to move TC and pet food over for bazaar sales. I don't know how these changes to the shared bank would affect game play, but I know it would make "housekeeping" for my wizards a lot more efficient!

Also, when I am cleaning up pets, I have to be on the pet page to see which one I want to trash. But then I have to go to my bag and find it again to trash it. Couldn't we have a "trash" button on the pet page at the bottom next to the equip, tome, jewel, snacks, and attributes icons?

Just my two cents :) (okay, maybe a nickel's worth)

Aug 08, 2010
I'm one of those folks who'd rather be decorating...

And so I love, love, love, love the new advanced housing feature.. that plus castle magic makes a universe of possibilities open up!

But, I think since there's so much possible, folks are now draining the bazaar even faster than before.

Plus, you have many species of plant life throughout the spiral that you can't actually find anywhere.

So, might I suggest you make something like "Seasonal foliage pack".. with 7 from the collection for each season. And put a selection of seasonal plant/outdoor items in each. Plus maybe add some new ones.

You could sell them with the seasonal event event folks if you want to make it more scarce.


Dec 25, 2010
I would like to see portraits in Crown Shop of ALL the professors...I would also like a portrait of Malistaire, like the one on the wall in Pigswick Academy!

Mar 09, 2012
Spilled Milk from Great Ben clock tower in Marleybone

Sep 05, 2009
I would really appreciate a statue of Judgement! Then I can finally make a nice courtroom based on Balance and Justice!

A heartfelt plead,
Rogan Light

May 14, 2020
1st request: "Cloud of Candles"

I'm not sure this would be possible, but if it is:

You know those Tallow Candles? Could we have a group of 20-40 of those handles, bobbing up and down in the air? Maybe call it a "Cloud of Candles" ?

2nd request: "Red Candle"

In the Death School House, there are skeletal hands popping out of the side-rail supports next to the stairs. On top of each skeletal hand there is a red candle, burning.

Not only would larger Red Candle items be cool, but I'd love to see Black Candle, White Candle, Silver Candle, etc. Also, a group of thinner, taller candles with a different outside colors would be awesome. (Like the "Tallow Candles", but red. Maybe some would be black, white, and other colors might become available later on too.)

Aug 19, 2011
Wow! Housing is probably my favorite thing in the game! Housing decor that I think would be an amazing addition would be the green sofas and furniture in the palace in empyrea, more paintings in general. More furniture sets for the crown shop, such as a Polaris one, Empyrea, Mirage, or even ones for the astral schools.
Thank you,