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Housing Item Requests

Jan 11, 2009
I don't know if this has been asked for before, but I think adding in terrain pieces would be super useful. Just random bits of terrain that we can place down. Like a grassy plain piece, or a sandy piece, or a cobble street piece. In essence, they'd just be flat circles, rectangles, and squares that are covered in a texture of ground. Additionally, there could be hills and divots to match that type of terrain. Like a small, medium, or large grassy hill, dune, or rocky piece. This would give players the freedom to create many new environments we've never seen before! Some sidewalk pieces would also be nice, as well as more building items. Like the tents, huts, and what not. But in different styles such as Marlybone, Mushoo, Krokatopia, or Khrysalis.

Aug 28, 2009
I would love to be able to expand the limit for housing items.

I used the max number of bric-a-brac elixirs turning my botanical gardens house into a museum and by the time I crafted all of the castle blocks to make a second floor, I didn't have any more space to add my furniture :( I am willing to buy as many elixirs as needed, but I wish it wasn't maxed out at 350 items

Sep 05, 2009
I didn't have time to read the entirety of this chain so I don't know if it's been asked yet, but seeing that we now have a babbage basset craftable housing npc vendor I would love it if we got a faction merchant associated with the bazaar who could sell crafting recipes for different vendors linked to the bazaar's different categories. like a craftable "Equipment Auctioneer" , "Housing Auctioneer", "Treasure Card Auctioneer", and "Hobby Auctioneer". The Badges for the faction merchant should be something like "Spend X gold at the bazaar" or "Earn X gold selling items to the bazaar" another Wizard City NPC I would love to see this happen with is Kathrine Rockhammer.

Ever since I got the Nomad's camp house I always loved the Idea of setting up little shops in each of the tents, and if this were to happen It would make my day. I already have one of the tents set up as a castle magic shop since I was able to make Babbage basset. And it gave me hope that we may see vendors as house guests for other important shopkeepers around the spiral.

Jun 05, 2009
Hi I would love to see the unavailable items come back. like the 10 year anniversary statutes and the housing items that are no longer available. Sorry I did not write them down when I was on the castle tours. Also when will we get new furniture and household items? Wallpaper and flooring. Also can we get snow flooring for the outside of our houses. That would be so cool

Jun 07, 2021
With the release of the Empyrean Airship, it's now a possibility for further houses to have different-looking Spiral Doors. Could some new Spiral Doors be put in as recipes like how Banks had different looks as well? I think some cool ideas would be a broken Spiral Door (like the one in Bastion, Khrysalis), a Spiral Teleporter, a Telegraph Box, and maybe even a magical wardrobe that takes you far, far away...

Jul 03, 2012
we have pictures of most school teachers, but haven't found any for death and balance. would be nice to add those to collection.

Jul 29, 2011
I was hopping maybe we could get some packs in the crown shop that has characters like the prospecting spike horn(tried giving a screenshot but wouldnt allow me) but from each realm like we have the furniture packs for zafaria ,dragonspyre, Krokotopia...ect. These character packs would have variants of some of the characters we would find in the realms to place in our home i find they make the house seem more lively and gives a chance to be more creative. For example the Zafarian would have a veriaty of zebras, lions, monkeys...ect(also there would be both male and female characters included).Not sure what the packs would be called maybe something like Zafaria Characters Pack idk not good with coming up with names. Anyway i would love to get more characters from realms to put in my homes hopefully we can get that. Thank you for taking the time to read my idea and have a great day.

Feb 03, 2012
I would like some more Grandmother Raven themed items inspired by her giant spirit form(rather than her smaller caged form.)

Nov 17, 2013
I think that having a mannequin like in the Wizard City Bazaar or Dye shop for the house would be great, to be able to display all the clothing sets that look cool but wizards don't necessarily want to wear day to day... just to look at in houses like a showcase

May 28, 2012
nessamichelle on Oct 14, 2021 wrote:
I think that having a mannequin like in the Wizard City Bazaar or Dye shop for the house would be great, to be able to display all the clothing sets that look cool but wizards don't necessarily want to wear day to day... just to look at in houses like a showcase
Felicia Worthington is Marleybone’s crafting trainer, located at the northwest area of Regent's Square, just outside the Digmoore Station entrance. Felicia provides the quests for the Initiate Crafter Badgand has recipes for sell as the following:

Female Mannequin purchased for 5,000 Gold. Requiring the following reagents: 10 Seraphs, 4 Shadow Oil, 1 Crystal Vial, 80 Ore, 30 Fossils, 25 Scrap Iron, 15 Black Pearl, 48 Leather Straps.

Male Mannequin purchased for 5,000 Gold. Requiring the following reagents: 10 Vampires, 4 Shadow Oil, 1 Crystal Vial, 80 Stone Blocks, 30 Diamonds, 25 Black Lotus, 15 Springs 48 Bronze Gear.

You need to use the housing crafting table; also, there is a limit for how many you may have in an area, which is #14.

If someone decides to sell theirs, you may find them in the Bazaar.

Jun 06, 2009
Not an in-game item (that I've seen at least), but it'd be really cool to have wallpaper with flames on it!

Jun 06, 2009
The Fire Buccaneer on Jan 29, 2022 wrote:
Not an in-game item (that I've seen at least), but it'd be really cool to have wallpaper with flames on it!
Turns out this actually is an in-game item: the pattern around the lower-level outdoor columns in the Fire House!

Dec 09, 2012
Something I'd want is a world tree sized plot in which i could plan my schools trees seed. We could get this along with the scion spell. idk the idea of us being the scion and growing our own schools tree, even if its just a sapling or something sounds really cool.

May 14, 2020
You know that holographic view of the Spiral inside of the Panopticon, inside the Arcanum? Where all of the little world spheres are just floating about?

That! I want to be able to put that inside of the Arcanum Apartment. And I'd like to have it be something you could walk through, please. So it could fill the space, give a cool ambience, without making the space unusable.

Thanks. Cheers. :)

Aug 14, 2012
It would be really cool to have the "Statue of Ares", "Statue of Poseidon", "Statue of Hades", "Statue of Apollo", and "Statue of Hephaestus" from Pirate101, as the Statue of Zeus already exists in both Pirate101 and Wizard101 already. It would be wonderful to have a variety of aquilan statues to decorate with!

Dec 23, 2011

Hello I know something that would be all around cool since we have pet and mounts even items for the water why not allow us to actually put our pet or mount or item like canoe or boat on the water have the pets and mounts dive in and out of it!!! That would be awesome.

Jun 05, 2010
I think I've made this request before, but at the time I didn't know where it was. The laboratory equipment in the Caterwaul Canyons Monastery would make for a really cool Marleybone or Halloween inspired theme.

May 22, 2012
Can we see more flooring and wallpapers/paint added for gold instead of in packs? Also added to certain parts not in houses already. Please add paint to the outsides of houses.

Dec 27, 2014
Jun 07, 2009
I was playing Pirate101 over the recent free membership week, and I saw in the crowns shop these housing items called room dividers and I think that they'd be a wonderful addition to Wiz! Some of them would probably need to be re-textured, but I do think that they'd add a lot of possible innovation when it comes to both dividing spaces inside rooms and creating areas with castle blocks.

Jun 17, 2010
I think more furniture sets would be cool and other items that match!

Feb 16, 2021
Professor Greyrose on Jan 7, 2016 wrote:

In your travels throughout the Spiral, have you ever seen something neat and thought "I want that for my house"?

If so, please post your requests here for items in game that you'd like to see converted to housing items.

When you make your request, please be as specific as possible. Describe the item clearly and include the world and area location where you saw it in game.

It is also very helpful if you take a screenshot of the item and also of where you are standing on the map when you are looking at it. You can send those screenshots attached to an email titled "Housing Item Request" to community@wizard101.com.

While we cannot guarantee your requests will make it in to the game, we will absolutely review each request.

You should add the astral school trainers as a housing item such as the ones in celestia, zafaria, azteca, and more!

Feb 15, 2009
Hello! I’m not sure where else to post this but could we please get more item slots in our houses? I maxed out my tranquil cottage house so I bought the Lemuria one hoping that a bigger house would have more room and it did not. I think with the advanced item movement system houses can easily fit 600+ items outside and 500 inside

When I got the Lemuria house I was really bummed to find out that all the houses and the lab basement don’t have their own counts and instead share with other parts of the house This leaves many rooms undecorated and the house is left feeling unfinished.. Pls pls pls increase the count of items per area and if possible consider changing the Lemuria house so that each area has its own count

May 18, 2012
Professor Greyrose, I hope this is the right thread, it's about castle magic cards. Specifically the grow 25% and shrink 25%. I wish there was more variety, sometimes I need 8 grow 25% cards for 1 item. My wizards go through a lot of gold on these cards. It would be helpful to have variety like the move forward or move back, and the up and down cards.

Mar 02, 2014
Ive been wanting some new housing items for the longest time! I spend hours decorating my castles and ive been wanting some new furniture. So first of all, Thanks for asking the community.

- Patches of different terrain types like puddles of mud, dirt, dried grass, dark or light grass you can place to modify the outdoor area of your castle kind of like the flooring inside of rooms.
- Pet, TC and furniture vaults.

- Beds you can interact with, like your character can lay on it.

- Simple carpets not to many details but available in a variety of colours.

- More kitchen furniture like counters, shelves, pantry cabinets and cooking stations.

- More types of trees, flowers, bushes, potted plants... Maybe some hanging/wall plants like vines or flowers.

And i know its not furniture but like, being able to rotate items upside down or give them different angles would be an awesome feature to add in the advance movement feature.