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Housing Item Requests

May 28, 2011
castle magic make interactive and castle magic dont make interactive. i want to be able to turn off active items like the castle magic help tome to use for decoration only. i would also like to let guests use mounts in the house. subsequently let them ride them along a pet crumb path, or let them ride freely if you choose that option.

Aug 29, 2009
Not really adding a new item but improving existing items; being able to equip wands to the mannequins and wand racks would be amazing

Feb 08, 2009
I have several housing item asks for adding into the game and I have taken screenshots cropped them down. I have the shots organized by world area and I will list short descriptions to coincide with each one. Thank you in advance!

PvP Arena:

Beastmoon Arena(Avalon):
•Ambrose Statue
•Morganthe Statue

Black Licorice Forest:imgur.com/a/75kmtPB•Black Licorice Timber Logs(stacked as shown)
•Black Thorny Thicket

Candy Corn Farm:
•Hay Bale(not as a stack of 3 as shown but a single bale so we can decorate selectively)
•Troll Scarecrow
•Pink Cotton Candy Plant(the actual individual plant, not the plants along with the planter as shown)
•Candy Corn Stalks(perhaps in a grouping of 3 similar to the current Azteca Corn Stalk item and a single stalk)
•Candy Corn Pile
•Candy Corn Sacks

•Strawberry Cake(both the whole cake and the slice - as separate items)
•Lemon Basket
•Giant Pumpkin
•Mixed Apple Basket
•Colorful Jellybean Pile(new texture for the existing Pile of Jellybeans asset?)

Gumdrop Forest:
•Berry Shrub
•Huge Green Leaf Gumdrop Shaped Tree
•Dense Boxwood Bush
•Swirl Design Hedges(in various sizes short, medium, long, corner)
•Short Gumdrop Shaped Shrub Tree
•Short Jellybean Shaped Shrub Tree
•Large Teardrop Shaped Shrub Tree
•Sparse Boxwood Shrub
•Short Pine Cone Pine Tree
•Gumdrop Straight Trunk Trees(in each color at actual size - currently only have red that's abnormally tiny)
•Gumdrop Curving Trunk Trees(in each color at actual size)
•Peppermint Starburst Flowers
•S'mores & Toasted Marshmallow Cattails(each kind in it's own separate grouping)

Karamelle City:
•Draping Ledge Ivy
•Street Lamp with Hanging Ivy
•Medium Green Leaf Tree
•Purple Tufted Sofa
•Wintermint Light Topped Candy Cane Column
•Dark Dining Room Furniture Set(in Nana's HQ - as is with animations - great for haunted castle decorating)
•Wintermint Wall Sconce
•Small Potted Round Topiary

•Fat Candy Cane Column
•Rock Candy Cluster
•Gumdrop Post(one in each color)

•Low Ground Flowers(one of each type found throughout Karamelle - especially in the Gumdrop Forest)
•Boxwood Hedges(in various sizes short, medium, long, corner)
•Huge Pine Tree
•Hug Green Leaf Tree
•Large Candy Cane Column
•Candy Apple Kiosk
•Popped Candy Corn Kiosk
•Cotton Candy Kiosk
•Ice Cream Shop Table set
•Double Ice Cream Cone on Plate
•Rainbow Sherbet Sundae
•Ice Cream Sundae(new texture for the existing Ice Cream Sundae asset?)
•Caramel Wall Sconce
•Caramel Ceiling Pendant Light
•Cupcakes(one each of the full assortment of cupcakes shown - individuals; maybe the case display also)
•Candy Cane Fountain(as shown without the statue on top)

Wizard City:
(many of these may just be new textures for already existing assets not yet updated in game)

Colossus Boulevard:
imgur.com/a/kBrMKHE•Snowy Hedge
•Statue & Ice Statue Base(separate items)
•Snow Covered Flowers

Cyclops Lane:
•Cypress Trees(updated texture)
•Olympian Water Fountain
•Cyclops Statue & Myth Statue Base(separate items)

Firecat Alley:
•Fire Statue Base
•Fire Leaf Ground Cover
•Fire Tree
•Fire Shrub
•Red Sofa(updated texture)

•Various Trees Inside Bartleby
•Large Long Wall Ivy(on Towers near Life & Myth Schools)

Sunken City:
•Dead Tree(new tree[would be great new additional dead tree type] or replacing existing Dead Tree asset?)
•Dark Gargoyle Statues on Short Square Base(would be nice to have a color match on all items with this Gargoyle statue)
•Wraith Statue & Death Statue Base(updated statue to replace the existing asset and statue base texture)

The Commons:
•Large Melting Candle(with & without stack of books - Gamma's Room)
•Large Potted Teardrop Topiary
•Small Round Potted Plant
•Red Sofa with Decorative Pillows
•Pink Blossom Tree
•Hanging Ornate Blue Magic Lamps(with rope and post)

Triton Avenue:
•Willow Trees(the 4 different types that are featured)
•Triton Statue & Storm Statue Base(new statue & statue base textures)

Unicorn Way:
•Green Leaf & Fall Leaf Trees(each of the various types)
•Short Low Wall Ivy
•Life Gazebo(stand alone item - great for placing where desired in open plots as well as other castles)
•Unicorn Statue & Life statue Base(new statues in both colors & statue base textures)

Jul 09, 2010
Please give us all the trees, bushes, and other plants from Khrysalis. Especially Bastion and Lost Wood, or is it Last Wood?

The flowers all around the grounds in Karamell.

A tapestry to Roger Shrubber - so we can get to Ant Lion easily.

The pot of yellow flowers behind Roger in Silent Market -

The crystals all over the ground in Karamell.

Mar 31, 2009
Mar 30, 2014
I'd like to second the requests for more plants generally, and add the wonderful hanging vines with white flowers that are on many of the walls in the mirage beastmoon area. It would be nice if they had no hit box because if they are on a wall they don't need one and if they aren't, we may want players to be able to walk through them.

Jul 09, 2010
exp613 on Jan 24, 2021 wrote:
All of Pirate101.

Just like all of it....
LOL ~ agreed ~ but I think that might belong on a different board.

Jul 27, 2011
I would love to see more furniture expanding on both Wysteria and Aquila-- both worlds are absolutely beautiful, and simply by walking around, I can already see so many items with models already in the game that, if made into housing items, would be so great~! For example, in Wysteria, the flag banners for the specific schools, and the architecture overall would be a wonderful addition. Some of the flora and fauna from both Wysteria and Aquila-- the architecture in Aquila as well, beautiful. Just something to think about when coming up with new housing items!

Jul 27, 2011
I would love to see teleporters specific to worlds throughout the spiral! It would be super cute if we would be able to theme our teleporters so they look more aesthetically pleasing to the house they are featured in! This could be added to the new blueprint token feature--crafted themed teleporters. We already have an example of one themed teleporter in Azteca, so coming up with more ideas sounds like a lot of fun!

Jan 14, 2017
I'm still yearning for a way to frame and hang the pictures I take of friends in the darling photomancy items like the swan and sleigh, etc. What's the fun of photomancy if all you can do is file them?

Jul 16, 2010
My item isn't something that I've seen in one of the worlds, It is, however, something i believe would be very beneficial to a lot of people.
Currently we have seed vaults and gear vaults both purchasable for crowns and craftable.
The item i want to suggest is a potions vault of some sort. I have 6-7 characters on my account and they're constantly getting new elixirs whether they be for pets, which i only use in pet emergencies, or for gold boost, leveling up [which doesn't happen when you're max level].
There is no place to put them. I've accrued so many potions they've completely taken over the shared bank of at least one character's bank and some of the shared bank. This causes these characters to essentially be unusable because they've just become a sort of storage.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from and I look forward to hearing any possible plans on this matter.
Best Regards!

Jul 05, 2009
I think it would be amazing if we could have Merle Ambrose and all the school professors as house guests!

Sep 12, 2013
This might have been suggested before, but I would really like to be able to hang more gear on walls. (Hats robes boots ect)