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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Dec 18, 2009
My idea for a new ice spell would be THE ICE DRAGON. the ice dragon would appear out of the ground and the shake from its landing would be 100 then the dragon blows its ice breath that would be 800 after the attack then it would be stun for one round :)

By : Thomas IceBreath

May 17, 2010
Great question. For life, since it is a weaker class, I wish we could have a spell called hurricane. It is just like windstorm but 20% trap on each enemy. Thanks for reading! :)

~Andrew EmeraldBlood

Lvl 59 Theurgist

Feb 10, 2009
FurryIceCream wrote:
Spell Name: Body Guard

School: Ice

Description: Caster places a ward upon an ally to receive the next physical (not lifesteal) damage that the target receives. Resistance of the caster will be applied when calculating the received damage.

**Or, for a balanced alternative, the ward will transfer 75% of the next incoming damage to the Caster (reduced by Caster's resistances), while the target receives the remaining 25% (reduced by target's resistances).**

Cost: 2 or 3 Pips.

Hi keeevviiin, I dunno. me myself am Ice and I think it should be the other way around the person who gets the body guard should get -75% damage and the caster should get the -25%.

For Ice though I would like something where you could tower shield all of your allys Maybe -25% to everyone?

That would be nice for dueling and for hard bosses. I say for 1 pip.

Dec 29, 2010
I think it would be cool if we could have a spell that would convert regular pips into power pips
for those of us who still have a low power pip chance

Oct 12, 2010
The negative to healing in the death school is nice and all, but honestly not usually that useful. what would make it more useful is if it also worked on the enemy spells such as vampire and wraith. Also i would not mind seeing doom & gloom replaced with a +25% to death. The only time i even put D&G in my deck is when I am playing with at least two other people. Also the spell to burn 500 health to get 3 pips could be redone. In reality you only get one pip, you have to burn a turn, 1 pip, then next turn you would get a pip anyways, thats two pips. also if you take the time to use death shield, there is a waste of a turn and a DS that could be used on a sacrifice.

Aug 17, 2009
Being a Balance wizard, we need an prism or something like it. We can't cast our bubbles, we don't have a convert, since we are made of many schools, and we are supposed to level the playing field, I think it is time to take a closer look at balance and some of the issues we have. I see Storm, Death, Fire and even Life have huge hits, with their traps blades prisms and bubbles. It would be nice to not always die in combat I have wizards in every school, have played them all, each has their issues. Balance is my favorite by far.

Jan 27, 2009
YAY ok i think for myth there should be like a windstorm from storm so we an use all attack spell like humongofrog and earthquake a lot faster if we have to use them. Would also help them do more damage since there not exactly very strong without blading O_O just an idea

Jul 25, 2010
Death only gets two natural shields, the death shield and the dream shield.
All the other schools are so powerful, our health drains dont do much anymore, we need something to give us an advantage. My idea is to have a group traping death spell, like a group feint spell, that costs 0 oe 1 pip.
:DPvp would be much easier then. Please take heed to my idea.

-Suri Spellriver, Legendary Necormancer

Nov 21, 2010
I think ice should have something like their own healing spell? I mean life has regular healing spells, death has sacrifice, fire has link and etc. Ice should have a spell like this

Healing Frost-flower.
Pip cost: 3
lvl: 20
Chance of cast: 80%
Healing power: 85 - 900 health for over 3 rounds

Thanks, Tabitha Moonblood
lvl 59 Thaumaturge

Aug 24, 2010
I would love to see a life equivalent of gargantuan. Add 225 to any heal spell, etc. If the spells can be more powerful, why not the heals as well?

I would allso ove for storm to have the ability to (for a fair number of additional pips) convert any spell into DoT.

Sep 11, 2010
I'd like to see the Balance school get a "Random Prism" that would change the damage done by a Balance-damage spell to any of the other six schools.

A 0-pip "Random Shield" spell that would randomly cast any of the existing shield-spells would be fun as well - or maybe give it a random effect between 10 and 95% for a selected damage-type?

Going in the same vein, I'd also like to see a "reverse effect" spell, where, when cast on an enemy, any trap or shield or blade or weakness added to said enemy for one-three rounds will instead be given to whoever cast the spell. Or, heck, a "reverse shield" spell, where all shields casts on the battlefield becomes traps, and vice versa with all traps cast becoming shields.

Oct 21, 2009
I would like a new spell for each school for lvl 56 that is almost as strong as there lvl 58 spells. so if they are having trouble with there quest then they can use that spell for it. oh and each account at that lvl or higher gets a training point.

Jul 04, 2009
I would say a healing trap like put on a trap on your friend that will boost the heal used on them idk just thinkin'

Jun 18, 2009
Hmm, maybe a new type of astral spell.
It would be interesting if you came up with a critical blocking shield. Understanding that conviction is not up every round, maybe a critical shield could be an immediate block to the next crit.

I had an idea for balance as well, even though I don't have one. Maybe a spell like elemental weakness/spritual weakness? Just like the blades, it casts weaknesses according to the schools, making them harder to get rid of.

Fire, maybe a spell like eruption, which summons a volcano of some sort and equips all friends with a 35% fire blade, and puts up a 35% wyldfire.

Storm, hurricane? A spell that casts 30% blades to all friends, and uses windstorm, 20% traps to all.

Ice, icepick? Puts a 35% ice trap to one foe, and casts the user a 40% ice blade.

Life, eco-friendly, gives a 40% guiding light to all friends.

Myth-Mt. Olympus,35% myth bubble, and two 25% traps to one foe.

Death- Grudge, equip user with a 40% deathblade, and put one life dispel on target.

Like them Professor?

Nov 03, 2008
I am a storm level 55 and i think that there should be a storm spell that does 585 damage over 3 rounds and gives half the health to you or something like that. thanks Destiny Duskflame :D

Jul 03, 2009
I say that all the Elementals should have things like Wyldfire or whatever the other ones are, but instead of increasing our damage, should decrease theirs. I think Embrace of the (Elemental name here) would be a cool name, but instead of +25% damage to all (Elemental school here), it does -25% accuracy to the other 2 schools and -25% damage to the other 2 schools. Obviously this wouldnt be a high level spell, but i think it would help a LOT in places like Celestia or Dragonspyre where places are generally elemental controlled.


Blaze Skullhead,
Legendary Pyromancer

Aug 29, 2008
I think you guys should not release any more simple buffs like blades and traps. It will make it too easy to just have to use all blades, etc. and one hit kill anyone that comes in your way. I feel the same way for debuffs, we already have enough on the form of weakness and all treasure forms of it, not to mention plague.

I do however agree that instead of damage spells, our next new spells should be utility spells. The problem now is thinking of what utility spells to have that would not make the school broken and that are new and unique. I have an idea for each school, and I have put a lot of thought into them.

Name: "Deceased"
Info: 3 pips, Death spell, Manipulation, 90% accuracy
Description: For the following two turns, your opponent is unable to target you with any spell. It basically makes it so the caster is "dead", meaning the opponent can't target him/her. However, the opponent could still heal, shield, or blade. The caster can still target the opponent but he/she can not target himself/herself either, so the caster would not be able to blade, shield, or heal.

Name: "Traitor"
Info: 3 pips, Myth spell, Manipulation, 90% accuracy
Description: It will make it so the opponent's minion switches sides. Meaning that the minion the opponent has on the field will now be the caster's minion. It only works if the caster has no minion on the field and the opponent has his/her minion on the field.

Name: "Miracle"
Info: 3 pips, Life spell, Manipulation, 75% accuracy
Description: Basically another Pierce, except it removes two positive wards on the opponent and replaces them with two Life traps. Its only fair for Life wizards as they are the only school with no way to efficiently remove shields other than hitting, ruining their blades.

Name: "Gamble"
Info: 3 pips, Balance spell, Manipulation, 70% accuracy
Description: Makes your opponent's next spell selection completely random. So when your opponent's turn comes up, his/her next spell will already be chosen and he/she can't change it. Could be helpful to you, or could be harmful. Is all a big gamble.

Name: "River"
Info: 4 pips, Storm spell, Manipulation, 75% accuracy
Description: Clears the field. Meaning, it removes every positive and negative ward and charm from the field. It also removes star school Auras, as well as school Bubbles if possible. Affects caster, opponents, and teammates.

Name: "Ice Fortress"
Info: 3 pips, Ice spell, Ward, 80% accuracy
Description: Gives a 40% tower shield to caster and all team mates.

Name: "Fuel"
Info: 3 pips, Fire spell, Charm, 85% accuracy
Description: Makes the next DoT spell last one less round. If a Heckhound would do 100 damage for the next 3 turns, meaning 33 damage every turn, the Heckhound with this charm would instead do 100 damage for next 2 turns, so 50 damage every turn.

Dec 29, 2008
Hey, One spell would be like a -70 tower to all friends, or a balance shield that does -70 to balance, -70 to death -70 life and -70 myth 8)

Nov 14, 2010
I think Balance needs a shield too and i think that Balance needs a better boost spell because we only get plus 25% and other schools get +40%.Also balance needs more healing spells

Aug 08, 2009
I have a few simple ideas as far as utility spells go for Death School.

First. Enchantments (Sun School) spells that buff Life Drain cards like Wraith, Scarecrow, Ghoul, and Vampire.

Growth - Star - 0 - +50 damage to life drain spell.

Second. Utility spells that can turn other spells into life drain cards either through a trap, charm, star, or sun school.

(Name) (School) (Cost) (Effect)
Justify - Star - 0 - Gain 1/4 life for all damage spells

Blood Trap - Death - 0 - Convert the next death damage into life drain damage

hope you like the ideas

Jun 10, 2010
I think that a prism CHARM would be great. I am an ice wizard, and I find it really annoying that I have to put up prism after prism to make my spells worth casting.

Apr 24, 2009
I would like to see some kind of ward for storm that protects you like spirit armor does. That would help us storm wizards a lot in the future. :D :D

Cameron Dune Storm Level 52

Apr 09, 2010
I know this is off the topic of "buff" spells, but

How about a life polymorph that is more focused on attacks?
How about a stronger balance (more attack beased) polymorph than mander?
Why are there no myth polymorphs?

As for the utility spells, they pretty much already exist.

I am not certain how it would work if you created a utility school where wizards could get all the spells like curse, feint, shields, blades, etc.

Creating such a class of spells available to all wizards regardless of school would take a lot out of the "goodness" out of balance wizards, and make useless a vast majority of sun and star school spells.

The way things are, you really have to think about how you are going to use training points.

I would defiantely not like to see that once a certain level was reached, you could obtain one of these utility spells. Just like all of the other schools, a progression table would have to be created.

Oct 04, 2009
Well, I would like to see ice have a better absorb because if your battling a boss in Celestia that is ice, they take off your absorb in like one or two rounds. So, you could either raise the absorb to like 200 per pip and then it gives tower shield of -20% to all friends so that it effects everyone and not just you. Another idea for ice is that you could have something where it gives all enemies -25% of attack.

Olivia IceCloud
Lvl. 57 Grandmaster
School of Ice

Dec 13, 2010
Honestly you probably wont receive many of these, but I don't think any of the buff/ debuffs for Death should be changed. Of course we all want more shields and more damage! But if we had more, the bosses would need to increase in the same things, and we'd be right back to square one! Or the game would be incredibly easy and therefore boring.

I hate that I need to buy treasure cards for shields against ice, fire, and storm, but that is was happens when your a death/life wizard!

BTW I don't have an ice wizard so maybe I'm missing that this has to be integral to their game play, but I don't think its very fair that they get a 50% shield for all spells.

Thanks so much for the great game!

Morgan Willowhaven __Necromancer