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*~Death Students Club~*

Dec 21, 2008
hey mark here a level 60 death student i LOVE death. the spells are cool and you get to heal while you attack. it is also cool because i love the level 58 spell sekeletal dragon. and if you want a secondary get storm. ya it does fizz a lot, but it does a lot of damage

Jul 12, 2009
I am Dolan Lifebane, currently level 58, with crafted hat and robe for death and life criticals, and just the legendary boots for general defense.

went life to satyr because I like the idea of having a treasure 100 percent accurate satyr heal for emergencies, be it my own or someone else in the group. Also, I get as much enjoyment out of a critical heal as a critical hit.

I wish very much that our 58 spell had been a drain, or barring that, that we had some way to enhance our drain spells, like healing has guidance and the bubble for their heals, and fire and storm, ice etc have the bubbles (whatever you want to call them) to increase their spells damage, whereas ours just inhibits heals, which can hurt us as much as them, unless we use the underpowered drain. Yes, drain can be powerful, just make sure you have plenty of shields to protect you while you build up all those traps and blades, and noone else comes in and wands them.

Having a blade pet would be nice too, since they just came out with blade pets in the last couple months, in gift cards, for just about every class except death. My storm has 3 blades now, including elemental, and with gargantuan on his spells, his damage is absurd.

I still enjoy my death but i think they could do a little more for them, since i think they have done a lot for the other classes in increasing their attack damage.

Jul 30, 2010
My death wizard is Tyler Shadow gem and is an apprentice (level 9) necromancer. I once did a 521 damage ghoul with
.2 dragonblades
.1 deathblade
.1 deathtrap
.1 blanceblade ( my friend gave it to me)
.1 Spirit blade (bought it from harold)
Everyone who was watching acted surprised at how powerful it was

Oct 24, 2010
i'm david redspear magus death. And i think wraith should be stronger than skeletal pirate sense wraith cost one more pip and you learn it 20 levels later.

p.s. death is still the best school ever!

Feb 19, 2009
I would just like to share my best moment that happened to me in a fight

currently i am a 60 necromancer but back then i was a 36

it was me and some apprentice wizards on my team vs an entire family strongest was 30 storm
while the time was counting down before the fight they were saying that they were the best and they could never be beaten and they kept saying stuff like that until i finally defeated the magus diviner with a minotaur

after a while i was the last left vs all four of them because the storm was healed again. the fight took a while until they KNEW they were gonna lose and just started trash talking me. eventually i beat them all ALONE

one of the reasons DEATH IS THE BEST!!!!! Gabriel LifeHunter

May 05, 2010
Well I am a level 33 magus Wolf Deathbringer. Doom and gloom is pretty bad because everyone's heal is cut in half Thats a realy annoying move on my opinion.

Well I can't wait until I get to lvl 48 Scare crow!

Does 400 damage to all enemies and give half

May 05, 2010
I have a Death spell combos

Sacrifice - Put a death shield on yourself (better if you have weakness on you) then cast a guilding light treasure card or pet spell then you would take tiny bits of damage and heal you by lots!!

Skeletal Pirate - put Feint,Curse,Death Trap, Death Blade, and Spirit blade (optional) Then cast a skeletal pirate, You should be causing 2,000+ damage to your enemy!

Nov 14, 2010
IanTheAwesome wrote:
Welcome fellow Death Students. This is a place for you to talk about anything death! Share your thougts, adventures, your best moves, your funniest moments, anything! As long as it's death realated of course.

Please share your name, and your current rank as a Death Wizard. (If you dont know your rank, just give your level. Example of ranks are: Grandmaster, Master, Magus, Adept, ect.)

I hope this will bring the attention of our Death teacher, see what he has to say about being a Death teacher, and other stuff.


Hi my main characher is Kayla DarkDreamer Im a Novicei belive im a lvl 10 but i pvp with lvls 43-45 and stuff

Jun 26, 2009
lollol wrote:
i cant find the graveyard for the quest is there a graveyard if there is tell me were please
ok you can find the graveyard in the back of the hanted cave :) :) :) from jonh green bright,knok hunter

Sep 27, 2009
Rebecca Legendhunter I am Grandmaster lvl 59

there is a riot going on about which is the best class so far the riot is between storm and death but come on yea storm might be strong but death can heal, weaken spells, drain ( which no class can do ), attack ( duh what class doesnt attack ), shield, and summon the strongest minion all storm can do is have strongest attacks reply to me if you agree.

May 17, 2009
slashersword4 wrote:
Rebecca Legendhunter I am Grandmaster lvl 59

there is a riot going on about which is the best class so far the riot is between storm and death but come on yea storm might be strong but death can heal, weaken spells, drain ( which no class can do ), attack ( duh what class doesnt attack ), shield, and summon the strongest minion all storm can do is have strongest attacks reply to me if you agree.

Well, having the strongest attacks isn't a "just" it's an impressive thing. I have a death but I also have a storm who did 6000+ with a storm bladed critical leviathan. Still, death rocks!

Nov 11, 2009

I think that death is the best school. I wish my first wizard had been death, but i already spent like 5000000 crowns in helpers on it :)

Myrna Windgem, lvl 38 sorcerer,

Caitlin Willowtalon, lvl 7 necromancer

Aug 16, 2010
Wolf Darksword, Master Necromancer(level 42 :D), Oni Slayer,Secon School is Storm, And I have All Level 45 And Up Friends(yeah!!!!). Please friend me if you are over level 45.


Feb 15, 2010
i want to be on levle 20 and to have stronger magic ok pleces need it know pleaces. :) :-) :D :(

Mar 28, 2009
Hey peoples! I do have one thing to say about 2nd schools. I have to tell ya the truth if you really wanna be a awesome death make you secondary ice. I know what your all saying ice is horrible. But there is a reason. train in ice intill you learn tower shield. Then STOP and train in whatever you want to.

Level 60
Death Legendary

Nov 26, 2009
Hey um I'm level 38 magus necromancer and theres no more quest in marleybone for me to do but i know I still need to do the dungeons Like Big Ben and Ironworks but they won't give me quests! Help me!

Sep 03, 2008
dude i death lvl 46 and it awsome the only bad thing about death wizards is that malistaire is death and we HAVE TO use prisons

Nov 26, 2010
Hey Death Wizards!!!!
My name is Taylor Darkstrider Death of couse. I am level 38 right now . And have to do the Crimson Fields,AGAIN to get a new spell!!!!! I am wearing all pink. I don't look death at all!

Dec 14, 2008
Jul 06, 2009
:D Sweet Club!

I"m a two-time death legendary 8). One has all of the badges and most of the statues. (I've had him for a very long time.) My other death just got legendary a few weeks ago, so he's not quite as far along as my other death.

Long Live Death! If that's possible.

P.S. If you're looking for the best school compliments, here are some tips for death:
Learn life until satyr
Learn ice until tower shield
Learn Spirit blade and trap from the balance school tree, Niles
Learn star spells (lvl 50+ minimum) but don't learn the accuracy one, you won't need it
If you need more healing, learn the treant polymorph (from the secret trainer in Stormriven)

Good luck all!

Jun 05, 2010
Hi I'm Connor Drake - lvl 60 Necromancer

The boosts in death are BRILLIANT!

Once I used a Wraith that hit over 150,000 on a cyclops
I used:

Wraith - from pet
Deathblade - from pet
Deathblade - treasure
Spiritblade - treasure
Balanceblade - treasure
Death Trap
Death Trap - treasure
Spirit Trap
Spirit Trap - treasure
Curse - treasure
Feint - treasure
Feint - amulet
+ 55% boost thanks to armour and pet

It was a lot of time before I got to attack!!!

Jul 17, 2010
Hey, this is John shadowblade, lvl 51 Grandmaster of death . This funny things happens on my computer sometimes after i use wraith. When i go first in a match and i use wraith, then my enemy uses natural attack, the wraith is still there facing me sometimes . Whenever that happens i yell GLITCH! with text chat. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Regards, John shadowblade.

Aug 22, 2009
honestly although im a storm wizard it would be epic to choose death as a secondary school but sadly i chose ice cause nightside and death tree freak me out

May 16, 2010
My name is Angus Drake, a level 26 pyromancer, so technically I'm not a death student, but death is my secondary school. Am I allowed to join the club if it's just my secondary school? :) :) :) :D

Oct 17, 2010
hello everyone i'm blaze i don't know why i chose that name but i'm a level 46 death wizard i love this school i'm also life started out fire but didn't like it as much life i can heal my friends when needed. Death school is great cause you have youre offense and defense in one. Little tip for the lower levels when dealing with a death boss make sure you use a coverting spell that you should get i think around level 8 don't remember but it boost your attack by changing it to a life spell also works well go pvp when someone uses a death shield. I can't wait to get scarcrow