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*~Death Students Club~*

Sep 30, 2010
kwondo1 wrote:
I think that there should be a death based world. I mean like everything is black and white and also my funniest moment is when i got beat by a charmed slave with 803 health. i cant believe that... anyways i just havee 30 crowns even though i train in storm i trained in balance for once and usualy i get 2 things to train for but i only got 1 (which was scarab) and i tried to buy them back but you need at least 700 crowns!

the spiral already IS death based. what is the final boss of wiz city? death. what school are several of the monsters/bosses in krok? death. what school is the agony wraith and other bosses in marleybone? DEATH. and the death oni? DEATH. AND WHAT ABOUT MALISTAIRE? DEATH AGAIN. see, it already IS a death world

Mar 13, 2010
Hi! My favorite wizard is my Death wizard and I have taken her first into Celestia.

I found the early years as a Death wizard to be harder than my Balance, but later on, I was really powerful and ended most battles fully healed.

I chose Life as my second, but found it best not to continue very far in this. Now, in Celestia, I am often glad to have those healing spells to add for the sake of others. I trained up some balance spells next. I also got the fire elf spell as that is often useful (it can keep off things like tower shield).

I usually use only my suck-life spells in my deck now. I rarely use a spell outside my class.

I am finding it hard in Celestia to battle against Ice. Time to bring out the fire elf more I guess.

Sep 26, 2009
Hi, i am Destiny Ashflame lvl 50, grand death.
My second school is life and i have yet to start celestia.
Do you also load slowly? I dont know why but my lvl 50 death loads much slower than my lvl 50 storm......
Anyway have a nice day <(^^,)>

Jul 04, 2010
Would any of the other solo death wizards please share some helpful tips for celetia bosses? Mobs are easy enough to handle though with death blade + death trap + wraith.

Jun 09, 2010
Mark Shadowrider: Lvl. 53 Grandmaster of Death.

I just got the epic gift card, and I have to say, it is EPIC! The house is huge! the gear is amazing, and the pet is phenomenal! It got spritely and death ward talents right away. Still have yet to test them in battle though. I can't wait to see what talents are yet to come. Thank goodness for mega snack packs.
Has anyone else had the same luck with the fierce hound?

Oct 09, 2008
IanTheAwesome wrote:
Welcome fellow Death Students. This is a place for you to talk about anything death! Share your thougts, adventures, your best moves, your funniest moments, anything! As long as it's death realated of course.

Please share your name, and your current rank as a Death Wizard. (If you dont know your rank, just give your level. Example of ranks are: Grandmaster, Master, Magus, Adept, ect.)

I hope this will bring the attention of our Death teacher, see what he has to say about being a Death teacher, and other stuff.


These spells are awesome. Most of my people are death. My name is Ryan Ghost Caller i am level 10 i think.I have a friend that is death. He also is another Ryan Ghost Caller i think he was level 28. He was awesome

Jul 21, 2009
nightofnostars wrote:
Windlilly wrote:
Hey everyone! I have three characters. One doesnt have anything to do with death, but the other two, Laura Darkglen and Sierra Winterbreeze both know death. Laura is death/balance mostly death, and Sierra is ice/death mostly ice. Sierra is Magus lvl 30 and Laura is Apprentice lvl 7. DEATH IS AWESOME!
Oh by the way I was cursed I think by the death school. I used to always get ice, but recently when I tried the quiz I kept getting DEATH! Now I cant get anything other than that. Oh well, death is awesome so I guess its not a bad thing. :)

OH! Sierra Winterbreeze!! i saw your story online here. it... is.... AWESOME!! when are the next parts coming out? i read all of them in one night btw . add an amber nightwraith or autumn nightwraith as a friend thats me! amber is a grand and autumn is an initiate last i checked. there death of course. GO DEATH! ill mostly be in the crowded realms or in scarecrow or unicorn. maybe. idk. o i also have an amy nightwraith on another account but she a novice

Your stories rock! My favorite character is Mark. I was just reading your stories! Put me in if you like! I'm writing Twin Wizardry. It's about twin necromancers and their discovery that they are the grandchildren of Jacquiline Nightsong, Destiny Seagem. Thomas Lionblood and Wolf Shadowgem. I can't wait to finish the first book! :-D :D

-Wolf Shadowgem, Level 50 Necromancer and waiting for the Skeletal Dragon spell!

P.S: I thought Rowan was the life seeker since Hunter and Sydney were seekers and siblings. I woncer who made her Regenerate card attacke her........

Jun 23, 2009
hunter moon spear
im a lvl 46 death

i really love being a death wiz but i think that we the death students need more power. after all we are "DEATH" and i really dont like the thing that tons of the bosses are death class and that makes it harder hor us.

Aug 08, 2009
Jul 17, 2009
Woohoo GO DEATH!!!! We are the awesome ones :D

Zachary Legendstrider
lvl 60 Legendary

Jul 16, 2009
Hello! My name is Jasmine Shadowhunter and I'm a novice Necromancer (obviously) level 2 lol and I roam around Unicorn Way and is always aviliable on weekends and Fridays. Oh and on my Ice wizard idk why my freeze stun spell though it doesn't stun anybody.

May 27, 2009
o my gosh it has been forever since i posted something on the death club! well anyways i just wanted to comment that i posted an idea and i hope that maybe some of you out there will comment on it. CYA! :D

Sophia Dreamblood level 56

May 27, 2009
its sophia dreamblood again and i've began to notice deaths are treated unfairly people call us goth when maybe we are the complete opposite (like me but i'm not a princessy person) and i just wanted to let people know its NOT true i got picked to be death because of how smart i am not because i am goth!

Jun 06, 2009
I just got into Marleybone, and I am a level 27 adept necromancer. My funniest moment was when I was facing Krokopatra and I had one health left but I used skeletal pirate and she died! It was pretty funny! Ok thx!

Nathan bluesinger level 60 legendary thaumaturge

Dustin Nightblade level 27 Adept Necromancer

Apr 04, 2010
Feb 22, 2010
um ok this is my first time chating on the wizard101 website,so i'm not quite to sure how this is gonna work out. But anyway, i'm here to discuss the maters of death. In my opinion, death is the best school, you can inflict damage while you partially heal yourself at the same time. Due to the fact that i can heal myself while damaging my enemy, i usually do quest solo. But sometimes i am really disappointed at how weak death spells are. I mean our strongestspell (without any buffs and stuff like that) only does 500 damage. I mean come on, they caould atleast make it about 650. But besides that matter, death is pretty awesome. For anyone out there who just began the game and there wondering what school to choose, choose death. Seriously, i'm not kidding, i hardly see any death wizards any more...

Find me, i usually play on weekends, but sometimes i'm on during the week.
Seth Silverblade, level 41

Jan 20, 2010
DEATH SCHOOL AWESOME! ok so my main chacter isnt actualy death but their 2nd school is

May 28, 2009
Death is awsome! I like it when you can kill and heal your self at the some time.

grandmaster lv 53

lucas darkwalker

May 23, 2009
Borme wrote:
Colin Soulhunter ~ Magus (30) Necromancer

Whats everyones Second School? Mine is Myth, mainly for good damage.

Myth is awesome :D

Oct 03, 2009
Sheilashiverqueen1... wrote:
Borme wrote:
Colin Soulhunter ~ Magus (30) Necromancer

Whats everyones Second School? Mine is Myth, mainly for good damage.

Myth is awesome :D

Myth isn't the best its fire or storm , they both do a lot of damage and death has some high boost ( feint 70%+ curse 30 % plus ) myth only has a spell that would be good with death would be minotaur.

Hope this helps

Blaine ShadowSword LvL 60 death wizard

Jul 21, 2009
I like Death because of our two way deal:They get damage while we get health. But I love Storm for it's awsome damage!!!! Myth I don't really like because I'm not fond of minions because they use all your traps on weak spells and you can't stop them. Life is sort of just mainly healing and fire is a major damage school. Balance seemed preety cool because first time I took the quiz I was destined for Balance. The next quiz told me I was Fire and the last told me Death so I chose it. Ice is sometimes annyoing because of the tower shields. No offense to thaumagers and conjurers out there!

P.S: I also love the critital idea and the fact that Wizard101 knows about auras! I love the way the aura shapes around me. It's soo shiny!!!!!!!!!!! St

Jul 20, 2010
Valerian WyrmSword
lvl 51 GrandMaster Necromancer.
Thank goodness for Zeke!
Bumming around The Spiral

Jul 13, 2009
Hunter Ghostbreeze Master level 46 Machine Master
Us death students draw on the power of chaos. We feed on life, and take it for ourselves. We sit between ice and storm, we are the most powerful of the 3. We are part of each of the 2 schools surrounding us. Storm represents Death's damage, while Ice represents the cold energy that runs through us. Death is inevitable, not even the power of the life school has the power to face us unafraid of our dark power of nightmares. We see the enemy's worst fear and use it against them.

Aug 28, 2010
Hello....... Dylan DarkBreeze(Adept Necromancer) Lvl 29 so close and my secondary school is Balance whats yours?????????

Oct 23, 2010
Sup.I'm a master wizard,level 50.Death school is sweet so far.(And by "so far.",I mean I finished Dragonspyre.)